When you think of Asia continent and driving, what usually comes to thoughts are the high-quality vehicle manufacturers that take control of the entire auto industry. However, Asia is much more than that, there are some extraordinary road trip choices all over Asia that will make your vacation the perfect one. Take a look at these amazing options for a road trip.

Hai Van Pass, Vietnam

Hai Van means ocean clouds, and this amazing drive has much of both romantic endeavor and holiday spirit. With both the gorgeous shoreline and the mountain ranges in view while on this amazing drive, there is much more to take pleasure in, and the highway simply located to the north of Da Nang is considered as one of the best roads for a road trip in the world.

The Northeast Loop, Phuket Thailand

The Northeast Loop in Phuket is the best road for a road trip with your friends. This awesome drive is on the isle of Phuket, located to the north of Thailand, and requires you on a never-ending loop of the eastern coast of the island. The amazing bay views with unique architectural mastery and tiny villages that offers great hospitality that are enough for your amazing journey. Best road trip you can get for your Thailand holiday packages.

Khardung Pass, India

Khardung Pass lies over several miles above sea level also count as one of the highest roads in the world. Many tourists pay their visit to India just for have the amazing views of the Indian beautiful landscapes and on any particular day, you may be riding along the road with camels, horses, sheep, goats or groups of people. Nevertheless, enduring the wild disorganization of this particular location will compensate you with an incredible drive. Experience some of the world's best beautiful mountain passes covered with snow bamboo lay all through the road.

Bintulu-Miri Highway, Malaysia

Providing driving lovers two unique options to explore the nation, the Bintulu-Miri highway is an incredible drive that slices by means of lush green rainforest where you can explore plenty of unique flora and fauna. Also, the entire road is more than a hundred miles long and is extremely picturesque, and highly recommended to choose in your Malaysia holiday package from India.

The Karakoram Highway (Pakistan and China)

Generally acclaimed as one of the highest roads in the entire world, this trip is as much an incredible innovation feat as it is a traveler attraction, and there are many tourists who take a long distance trip to have some amazing dangerous road experience. It is not recommended for newbie only experts can hit this amazing road. you can get the professional guide with you to get the best out of this road trip. This pass connects Pakistan to China. There are some amazing picturesque areas with stunning lakes and high mountain views along this highway make some stops in your journey to enjoy the amazing natural beauty of the road. Many tourists also use this route to acquire access to the best mountain hiking locations in the world.

Pack you bags and hit the road, new adventures are waiting for you to explore and have some life time memories of your lifetime.

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Lakes emphasize some of the most fascinating characteristics of water, from mirror-like reflections to enchanting ripples to crystalline clarity. The world has thousands and thousands of them, from small grass-lined lakes to enormous freshwater areas quickly mistaken for oceanic masses, but some lochs lagos, and lacs simply stand out much more than others. A few of these impressive bodies of water have their charm to the environment, others to geologic luck of the attract numbers of tourists from all over the world. These most beautiful lakes must be included in your Europe Honeymoon Package.

Lake Lucerne

Switzerland has a bounteous range of stunning lakes, but Lake Lucerne has characteristics that make it stand out as the most beautiful lake in Switzerland, where water streaming into the lake goes beneath the 13th-century old Chapel Bridge. It offers a fantastic panorama that starts with Mt. Rigi, ranges snow-capped Alps mountains such as Jungfrau and Eiger and indicates with Mt. Pilatus. You can have encountered with vintage steamboats that have been streming in the waters since the Late 18th century. For a soothing visit, absorb the spring-fed area at Spa Rigi-Kaltbad and Mineralbad, atop Mt. Rigi. Lake Lucerne is the best thing one can add in one's Switzerland Honeymoon Packages.


Derwentwater is an irresistible natural beauty. This 3-mile-long awesome blue vista is situated in Cumbria countryside of England, also recognized as The Lake District, and is possibly best identified as the summer play ground of writer Beatrix Potter. Despite the fact that idyllically glassy throughout the warmer months, the lashing gusts of wind of other months can produce uneven waves as snow creates an icing effect on the mountain tops. Enjoy a walk with your partner and have some lovely time. Book your United Kingdom Honeymoon Package to capture the natural beauty of Derwentwater.

Lake Wakatipu

It’s actually a glacial, so without and doubt, it’s magnificent, but what sets Lake Wakatipu aside from all other lakes in New Zealand is the stunning mountain range expanded out behind jagged peaks. They are so gorgeous that they’re known as The Remarkables. For the highest possible scenic impact, rent a helicopter journey. You can also appreciate all this natural wonder from lakeside Queenstown, recognized as much for its all-natural resources as for the insane excursions you can attempt here, from jet-boating to bungee jumping to zorbing. Choose your customized New Zealand Honeymoon Package.

Lake Bratan

You might consider Bali as a beach destination but it is much more then just beaches. Lake Bratan is one of the best destinations in Bali where you can spend a day with your partner. This is the best place to get some pictures clicked. A photo-op not to skip is Lake Bratan, exactly where the multi-tiered thatched rooftop of the temple(Pura Ulun Danu) is demarcated against the Lake Bratan, often bathed in sunlight and other moments shrouded in mist. The best you can choose in your Bali Honeymoon Package.

Add Charm To Your Honeymoon & Visit Some Best Lakes In World

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Many Thailand packages has very popular places included in them but they are overcrowded and you’ll feel congested there. So, here are some of the places you can travel in Thailand to get some quality time with your partner.

Explore Korat

This city is basically known as Nakhon Ratchasima, but it’s much more commonly known as Korat. Thanks to its ease of access from Bangkok, it’s the ideal location to start a journey in the Northeast area of Thailand. Isaan is one of the destinations to check out in Thailand if you’re searching to evade the large numbers of bucket-drinking hikers and walkers and youngster tour groups. You won’t discover many bananas hotcakes here, but you can find some of the most effective food items in Thailand.

Fill up on some spicy minced pork(Pad krapao moo) cooked with basil leaves, which will just cost you about a dollar here. The most visited destination is a sculpture of Thao Suranaree, a regional heroine who assisted conquer a strike from intruding Laotian troops in late 1826. You’ll see residents kneel ahead of the sculpture making offerings of incense and flowers. There’s even a small art gallery and museum here that particulars her famous victory. From here you’ll also have effortless accessibility to locations like Phimai Historical Park and Khao Yai National Park.

Get a ride at Mae Hong Son

One of the best adventure activities you can get in Thailand is riding a bike at Mae Hong Son. Hire a motorcycle in Chiang Mai, select a map, and hit the highway on this legendary never-ending loop around the North of Thailand. This street motorcycle trip is named right after the domain that you invest much of the journey riding through. You’ll certainly end up investing at least an evening right here if you do the loop.

When you’re in this tiny Thai town located in the mountain ranges, be sure to check out the stunning lake and the magnificent temple. It’s lighted at night time and is a wonderful sight you can observe with your partner on your Thailand honeymoon packages. There’s also a tiny night marketplace here where you can experience some delicious and cost-effective Thai street food. Spend a couple of days here, you will get some amazing unforgettable time. You can drive up to a temple located at the hill view for some extraordinary views, relax at a mud spa or see a cave full of fish.

Lopburi-An ancient city

Lopburi is one of the most ancient cities in all of Thailand regions and is a former capital of Thailand. While it has a very long historical past, these days it’s recognized for the amazing ancients remaining and a perfect place to get some pics clicked. The apes are almost everywhere you look in the Old Town. They’re mischievous apes, so keep a sharp eye on your bags and personal belongings like a hat, phone, sunglasses etc.

It’s not all ape business in this place, though. There are various ancient sights worth traveling here, which includes the Phra Kan Shrine and King Narai’s Palace. There is also some good place just outside of the city for hiking, trekking and rock climbing if you’re seeking for some extra excitement. If you’re fascinated by going to Lopburi, an excellent idea is to merge a halt here with a journey to the remains and ruins in Ayutthaya. Both are associated with Bangkok by train.

Experience all these with Thailand honeymoon packages from India. Give your partner a gift of lifetime.  

Get the unique flavor of Thailand on your Honeymoon

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There are several destinations all packed into one little nook of the globe. A group of friends can enjoy an amazing long weekend in Europe. Read the article to get the best out of Europe while you are on a Group Europe holiday tour package. Whether you want to leap over to Italy to sample some delightful pastries, or adhere to the classic bars of France, you’ll never run out of amazing activities to experience with friends in Europe. We’ve put together a list of the leading places for your following Group holiday in Europe, structured on the convenience of traveling there.


A group trip can’t go drastically wrong in a place with one of the most wonderful Old Town Squares enclosed by vibrant building facades, and some of the most affordable and tastiest beer in Europe. The ideal blend of history and celebration for a break from hectic busy life. If you have enough time for a day trip, try to spend some time nearby Cesky Krumlov, as it is one of the best places to have some fun in Europe, and it is just like a mini-Prague with a beautiful Castle and wonderful old structures bounded by a river.


A melting pot of unique tradition and cultures, London has it all. Visit those locations you’ve generally heard about like Piccadilly Circus,  Buckingham Palace, London Eye, and Oxford Street. Bargain for a meal on Brick Lane, stroll around the vibrant Borough or visit Spitalfields, Southbank, and Portobello markets. London is full of hidden gems and exclusive bars of each and every style and concept possible, so there is absolutely something to fulfill everyone in the group. Get the rich flavor of Europe at one of the most visited places in Europe.


Delicious pastries, vibrant macarons, walks across the Pont des Arts, check out Eiffel Tower, enjoy the beautiful aura of France. It is one of the most gorgeous and romantic cities of the world, with huge boulevards and small courtyards as well. Get some mozzarella and some bottle of wine, enjoy a little picnic facing the Eiffel Tower with your group, and forget about the hustle and bustle of the busy life for a while.


Berlin is an amazing city for a group of friends to travel in Europe. Berlin has plenty of places to roam around, visit the many free museums and most popular the remains of the Berlin Wall, and visualize what life might have been there during the divide. Berlin is now well known for its creativity in the arts and substitute scene, Berlin is an excellent place to have some good friend's time. Berlin's iconic attractions and laid-back mind-set make it experience like one big worldwide village. Berlin is a mecca for college students who might want to crack themselves into the technological innovation scene for attempting out some new ideas.


Amsterdam is the masterpiece of God's creation. Spend an entire day just roaming around the place. Amsterdam is an excellent place to check out in any season. With angled structures lining picturesque bridges and canals,  has small town elegance in a big city. No wonder this place is called as the ‘Venice of the North’. Visit the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House to give a historic touch to your group tour.

Europe is the best place one can travel with friends. It has all the essential elements to plan a perfect group holiday.  

Trip With Friends: Get Ready For A Long Weekend In Europe

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If you have ever observed birds flying in the air, twitching and adapting their lean and flight to match wind currents imperceptible to your eye, and considered how it feels to get around the entire world at that height, well then, you must definitely get out of your shell and do some paragliding. It is as near as a troublesome human can get to the sort of free-wheeling, an open-air encounter of a journey that all those living birds do, taken high above grounds and mountain tops by the updrafts, gusts, breezes, and channels of the wind.

Paragliding is achievable in many parts of the world, and the situations needed to make it possible are not in particular specific, unlike its much more specialized cousin hang gliding. You can take instructions over the Ocean in Hawaii and so encounter the relaxing excitement of individual flying, or one can just clamber in front of a trainer on a combination ride over the woodlands of Spain. Here are some of the top places on earth where you can experience some lifetime moments of paragliding.

Soar from lush green forest to the exotic coast of Rio de Janeiro

With its beautiful sun-kissed elegant beaches and vibrant streets surrounded by high tree-covered hills, Rio in Brazil is a perfect city for paragliding. It encounters thousands of tourists every year just for getting some paragliding experience. Gliding usually begins from the peak of the Tijuca rainforest in the crest of Pedra Bonita. From this height among the canopy of the rainforest, paragliders glide above the urban center, looking straight down to get some unique sights such as Christ the Redeemer (one of the seven wonders), the Rocinha favela, Pedra da Gavea, from an absolutely unique perspective. Gradually, the journey comes back to earth on Beach Pepino, where tourists can appreciate a lovely meal and have some cocktail from the seaside bars.

Soar above magnificent sunflowers, wats, and temples in Kamshet, India

Kamshet, a tiny town situated in the hillsides of the Sahyadri range in India, was once a peaceful stop-off place on the commerce route in between Pune and Konkan. It’s enclosed by an undulating scenery of strewn, sunflower fields, paddies, placid lakes, wooded hills, and with the remains of colonial hill stations, ancient Buddhist temples, and medieval forts. And these days the town is mainly known as the best place for Paragliders. It is an amazing experience for gliding over this paradise.

Hover above the endless ocean and hills of Hawaii

The beautiful lush green flatland, craggy cliffs, tropical forests, and Pacific horizons of Hawaii offers some of the best and terrific backdrops for paragliding, and for a little bit more complicated forms of the activity in particular. On the far eastern side of Oahu, the Makapuu Cliffs endure around 200 meters high and with powerful squalls and updrafts striking the area right after coming across fathoms of open ocean, skilled fliers can proceed above the surf and the mountain for hours. But if you’re a newbie, it is recommended to try glide with your trainer.

Pace the clouds above the beautiful Island of Dubai

Get the best view of the amazing man-made island of Dubai and feel like a free bird. Explore the magnificent view of wast ocean and glide after the amazing sensation of free fall. You must include this in your Dubai Holiday package. Don't worry if you are a newbie just stick to your instructor and you can experience some lifetime moments.

Paragliding is one of the best things one can experience and get the amazing flying sensation. The world is full of opportunities, you just need proper exposer.

Paragliding-Live your dreams of flying like a free bird

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Dubai is the achievable city, where creative imagination satisfies reality causing in the most intense experiences and sights of the world. Purely when the entire world is settling down right after the Christmas holiday excitement, Dubai is familiar with how to jump-start the celebrations for the New Year. Dubai specially in the month of January is all about having some quality time and relax in the sun and enjoy the winter season in Dubai without having trouble of warm outfits and stepping in the snow.

The ideal weather in January calls for exciting adventure sports like paragliding or sky jumping and shop till you drop at the Dubai Shopping Festival. From sightseeing to shopping, Dubai in January guarantees to be the most effective vacation destination. Book Dubai honeymoon package in January to experience all this.

Why You Must Plan Your Visit To Dubai In January?

Perfect weather: The weather conditions in Dubai in January can be explained as just suitable. The winter season's sun in Dubai is quite pleasant, and the awe-inspiring crystal clear sky creates a perfect aura of amazing outdoor activity. It is the ideal season to take pleasure in numbers of adventure sports like desert safari, skydiving, and paragliding, as well as sightseeing and tour that needs you to be outdoors.

Lesser vacationer: Most educational institutions across the world open in January after winter vacations, which means lesser kids with family tourists which means that you will experience fewer tourists in Dubai in January.

Sight-seeing opportunities: The Dubai Shopping Festival in some of the biggest malls is the greatest draw in the town and the entire city greets shoppers from all over the world. Most sightseeing and tour attractions update their offers and add some new and exciting elements providing you with a great chance to explore a brand new Dubai in January.

The temperature in January: 24°C to 29°C

Main Attractions in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the modern wonders in Dubai and also the tallest building in the world. Experience a perspective from actually the top of the world at the Burj Khalifa. You can actually see the curvature of the earth from the observation deck. The sunrise and the magnificent crystal clear sky makes it the perfect time for spectacular views. A perfect place to include in your Dubai honeymoon package.

Dubai Frame

The gigantic Dubai Frame stands 150 meters high at the middle of Dubai’s heritage with the ancient city of Deira on one side and the dazzling modern Dubai on other. You can reach to the top of the Dubai frame and look at the spectacular scenery of the magnificent city. It is one of the latest wonder of Dubai architecture, gives this city a more phenomenal look.

Garden Glow

Experience the movie Alice In Wonderland here in Dubai Garden Glow. The event is an amazing mix of music, light, and visual grandeur and has come up with fascinating designs, innovative setups and live entertainment to entertain your throughout the event. Don’t miss the opportunity to have some fun in amazing Garden Glow, one of the most captivating events in the world.

Desert Safari

Dubai tour is incomplete without a desert safari where you can experience some wonderful time. With amazing camel rides and luxurious high-class car ride, Safari is the best highlights of the tour. Bonn fire at night with your friends and family, individual tent, delicious food, all can be experienced under one Dubai holiday package.

Dubai in January: A Complete Guide You Need to Know About This Appealing City

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To call Maldives the beating heart of Asia wouldn’t be an overstatement as the Island nation outlines the nature, lifestyle and tradition of the country within its tiny Islands. Organizing your honeymoon vacation in the Maldives offers you an opportunity to check out some of the best water villas & most iconic water sports on pristine turquoise water of the Indian Ocean, along with a magnificent dose of the wealthy & vibrant culture. From the best Cuisines to the luxurious resorts, Maldives offers a great dose of traveling experiences. Read the article to get the best tips on Maldives Honeymoon Package with your life partner.

Best Time To Visit Maldives

The best time to Plan your honeymoon in the Maldives is somewhere between from November to April. The isle region is mostly bright and warm all around the year but it mainly consists of Three following seasons. There are many pros and cons of each season.

The dry season(November to January):

 It is considered the best time to visit in the Maldives, also it is the busiest time of the year. Hotel rooms are full, beaches are flooded with tourists, long queues for any water sports activity.

The winter season(February to April): 

This is the time when you get some less crowd and you can easily enjoy the things you like or you want to explore and the rates will be cheaper.

The rainy season(May to October): 

This time is considered as the rainy season. With 5 and 10 inches of rainfall per month and frequently strong winds. Tourists will probably find superior deals for this particular time of year.

Ideal Duration In Maldives

A week-long romantic honeymoon in the Maldives enables you to discover its interesting attractions at recreational, while also causing enough time to chill out at your wonderful resorts and take relaxing strolls along the white sand beaches. We highly recommend investing at least 5 to 7 days in case you have less time, to explore the majority of places in Maldives.

Honeymoon In Maldives: Some Of The Best Places To Explore

Maldives is sure to spellbind both you and your partner with its wonderful points of interest, magnificently designed water villas, and awe-inspiring sunset. Here are top selections for amazing places to make your honeymoon even more romantic in the Maldives. Atolls of the Maldives, National Museum, Islamic Centre Mosque, Artificial Beach, Republic Square, Tsunami Monument, Thilafushi, Whale Submarine Maldives, Farukolhufushi, Varunulaa Raalhugandu, Funadhoo etc.

Amazing High-Class Restaurant Ithaa: Dazzle Her With Dinner

Ithaa, which indicates mother-of-pearl in the Maldives. It is an underwater eating place situated 5-meters beneath sea level. It is the best place to have a dinner with your partner at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Ithaa provides one of the most wonderful options and delightful food to sweep her off her feet with your motion. Take pleasure in the culinary arts and say lovely nothings in this flawlessly romantic restaurant.

Essential Packing For Your Comfort Stay In Maldives

No matter what time of the season you make your honeymoon in Maldives. bringing a scarf and wind-sweater always recommended to protect you from the bright sun and strong wind. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are recommended if you want to invest time in open beaches on a sunny day. Portable travel speakers are a really good choice for music lovers. Otherwise pack your suitcase with beachwear, women can have bikinis and men can carry polo t-shirt with suitable wear.

This list of enchanting encounters for your honeymoon vacation in the Maldives hardly scrapes the surface of the pleasures this romantic nation city has in store for married couples. From exploring the amazing interiors of water villas to the pristine beaches, Maldives has something for everyone. So, plan your Maldives honeymoon packages from India and spend some quality time with your partner.

Honeymoon In Maldives: A Complete Guide To Fill Your Life With Love

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The season of joy and gift-giving is just a few weeks away. Arrangements for this joyful time of the season begins as early as December starts. In Asia, Christmas celebration differs among each nation. It basically is a variety of systems by various beliefs and faiths happening during this vacation period. The European influence, although, makes Christmastime much more exciting and thrilling. 

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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When your concept of Christmas holiday season celebration is purchasing, then Hong Kong would be the ideal place for you. Hong Kong is filled with fabulous Christmas decorations, shopping centers, a world-class culinary scene with an endless string of energetic vacation festivities and events. Wander along the pavements of Tsium Sha Tsui to get some finest deals of the newest and most stylish products. If you get a little starving after a prolonged day of wandering then one of the tastiest barbecues on the Long Island. They offer some of the unique kinds of delicious food. Christmas-themed entertainment and amusement options in Hong Kong Disneyland will make your day.

Langkawi, Malaysia

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Want to experience a high dose of enjoyment and pleasure to your perfect vacation getaway? Why not invest your Christmas time in Langkawi, Malaysia? With pretty nice weather conditions, Langkawi features a slew of fun-filled activities for tourists especially in December, which includes diving and snorkeling, cultural pursuits, and adrenaline-charged cable car rides. Moreover, Langkawi hosts the amazing Worldwide Maritime and Aerospace Exhibit events every December. Best time to spend your Christmas in the fun-filled place called Langkawi.


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Singapore was also known as the Lion City treats Christmas as a singing and dancing high energy feast for the eyes and ears. When December sets in, the streets of this amazing city are converted into a mysterious and sparkling candy-like terrain sprinkled with candy canes, gumdrops, and licorice. What’s more to explore in Singapore? Majority places in Singapore are filled with delighted and melodious cheers of Christmas Noels. Singapore provides a variety of fun-loving celebrations and activity in the shop for every tourist throughout the holiday season, such as shopping bargains, art exhibits, EDM concerts, and countdown parties.

Bangkok, Thailand

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While Christmas time isn’t basically a standard holiday in Thailand, but it is getting more and more common, particularly in its capital city called Bangkok. From the Central World to the Paragon Mall, every huge shopping mall will be displayed with vibrant lights and amazing holiday aura. There will be a number of series of Yuletide-related parties, concerts, and events. For shopaholics, this holiday season is the best time to travel with your partner and explore numbers of vivid markets and you can get some great deal with your bargaining skills.

Bali, Indonesia

Despite its unique exotic charm, Christmas seems very much full of life on Bali also known as “Island of the Gods”. Thanks to a reasonably competitive tourism sector and growing expatriate inhabitants, the essence of Christmas has, over the time, crept deep into the amazing Balinese culture. You may possibly witness some multicolored festivities in Ubud and Seminyak Villas or calmly rejoice the season in a stunning suite that fronts the sea in Sanur, Lovina, or Amed. For shopping lover, shopping won’t be an issue as well due to the fact that there’s no lack of great discovers in vibrant Shopping Center. Book your Bali holiday Tour packages to spend your New Year in style.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world and it doesn’t matter what location you choose, you will always end up with something unique. 

Top Asian destinations to experience an outstanding Christmas getaway

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