Thailand is one of the best nations to visit if you really want to explore the actual beauty of Asia. Thailand is a diversified nation with unique traditions and cultures which attracts millions of tourists every year. As a tourist, you need to find out what are the things that absolutely perfect in your nation but not acceptable here in Thailand. Must read the article to have an idea what to do and what not to so in Thailand before you book any Thailand holiday package.

Opt for visa-on-arrival

While it seems like a convenience, it is not nearly as much. Not to mention it is more expensive than the pre-arrival visa. Read more about my experience of on-arrival visa here.

Disrespect the king

The king of Thailand is a very respected figure. Disrespecting him can land you up in jail. You’d be better off avoiding as much as pointing fingers to the King’s photo.

Go to Thailand for a family vacation

This usually happens with a lot of innocent families with little to no knowledge of Thailand. Thailand is known for its Prostitution industry which can create very awkward situations for you and your family. On most occasions, you’d be able to find a better destination for your family trip. Read more tips here.

Fall for the tuk-tuk scam

Most of the tuk-tuk drivers lure you into walking into multiple shops on the way to your original destination. In return, the drivers get fuel and food coupons from the shop owners.

Take a selfie in temples

Standing with you back to the Buddha is considered offensive. Thailand is famous for its temples. There are hundreds of temples with giant statues of Buddha. So if you’re ever tempted to do this in one of the temples, kindly avoid the urge. Visit other temples also on your holiday trip to Thailand.

Not bargaining during shopping

Most malls and markets in Bangkok are great for frugal and shrewd shoppers. Most items are over-priced and you can get a steal in most places by simply putting your bargaining skills to use.

Not carrying enough cash while visiting Krabi

A lot of remote islands of Krabi do not have enough ATMs. If you don’t carry enough cash you could end up with no money while most places there also only accept cash.

These are some of the important factors that must be kept in mind while you are on your Thailand honeymoon package.

Biggest mistakes people make when visiting Thailand

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Mark these largest extravagance spas in Bali for your next Bali holiday vacations and to relax, be it only a peaceful body massage applying aromatic massage oils and fabulous Balinese routines, to fully elongated day packages that empower you to totally loosen up. Bali has advanced into one of the world’s best spa and massage spots in Asia and becomes one of the prime spa regions for tourists, and the rich amenities and wellness hubs accessible on the island indicates they rush to present their best to attract more and more tourists every year.

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Most spa centers are attached to promising five-star quality services resorts with usually remarkable designs and views. Balinese-style therapies continue to be the main highlight, enjoy your honeymoon, or alone. Find out what are the best places for spas to includes in your Bali honeymoon packages.

Thermes Marins & Spa On the Rocks

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This honeymooner's paradise at the Ayana Resort located in the west of Jimbaran offers a flawless spa experience for you and your partner on your honeymoon trip to Bali. This place is one of the largest aqua-tonic seawater pools in the world, bet place to relax your sour muscle and spend some time in utter peacefulness and calmness. This place has voted as the best place in Bali for a couple of massage,  literally established on the summit of a rock at the base of a high-rising limestone hill, blessed with magnificent panoramic views with the waves of the Indian Ocean crashing creating a natural environment for spending a perfect holiday.

Riverside Spa at Maya 

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Situated in the cool Ubud good region, Maya Ubud invests wholeheartedly in its two separate spa edifices, with its riverside spa as the genuine champion component. Strolling to this spa is a piece of the experience, along with wooden riverside promenades to treatment structures where you appreciate the hints of nature and the hurrying Petanu Stream beneath with your medications. Couples and honeymooners can settle on a definitive spa experience, for example, the two-hour Stream Breeze that incorporates an alleviating knead, body cover, and invigorating lord dark body cream. A portion of the bundles incorporate natural and rose showers in copper tubs that fit two, with semi-outdoors yet private settings disregarding the confined woods and stream. The hotel's primary spa complex lies on the eastern side of the retreat's valley grounds.

Royal Kirana 

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Neighboring the iconic Royal Pita Maha located near Ubud, this spa by famous Japanese delicacy care organization Shiseido is set against the gentle and smooth Ayung River Valley. This place is established far away from the city crowd and it has the perfect ambiance for a couple seeking spa in the best place surrounded by lush greenery and having the view of nature. Cobblestoned pathways through lush plantation gardens with river characteristics command over the open spaces, while nursing villas have their own individual swimming pools, dry and herbal mist saunas, showers, hot and cold Jacuzzis,  and a dedicated leisure nook. Choose this amazing place in your Bali holiday package from India to experience this amazing spa and massage on your last day of the journey.

Lembah Spa 

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This gorgeous spa stretches over the northerly plain of Ubud and forms part of the dazzling scenery of The Viceroy Ubud. Lembah Spa offers special packages for pampering both men and women, distinguished by only the fragrant body scrubs used based on skin sensitivity. You can opt for both massage and spa or you can enjoy it separately or individually.  Following a full body massage to relax your contracted muscle, enjoy Jacuzzi and a steam bath together, Isn't is romantic?  Get another round of body massage using essential oils for creating a perfect aroma for relaxation. Plan your itinerary for to get the cheap Bali honeymoon packages which include welcome drinks, three-course feast at the Cascades,  pool, Jacuzzi, steam bath, facials, Balinese massage, and much more.

Wade into hot and cold pools of your private swimming pool enjoy the foot reflexology and experience Bali's signature body massage followed by facial with a rhythmic scalp massage. Experience all this on your Holiday tour to create some amazing memories in your honeymoon tour.

Prime place in Bali where you can relax your sour muscle after a long sightseeing day

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There are nations for which acquiring a Visa is the biggest task for a traveler. There are nations which execute it moderately easy. There are nations which completely welcomes its tourists and offer Visa On Arrival. And some of the nations allow Indians to enter their nations without any visa. Yes, they do really exist. Pack your bags and book Best Holiday Packages from India to experience some of the best places in the world where Indian doesn't require any visa. 


You can sojourn there for travel goals for 30 days. Get ready to witness the beauty of this amazing nation with plenty of temples and pristine beaches. Bali honeymoon packages attract the majority of tourists in Indonesia.


This neighboring nation is blessed with some of the best panoramic landscapes. Situated at the foot of Himalaya. Nepal offers free arrival and even offer Indian currency as a mode of trading. Indians can carry Indian currency in a limit and so all the transaction in Indian domination.


You just need some primary identification documents such as passport, license, addhar card, and voter card etc to get into the country. Just a few essential id cards and you can enjoy Bhutan's stunning valleys, dedicated spiritualism, delicious food, unique culture, religious monasteries, and high mountains.


While there are some primary identification documents required for Indians to enter in Serbia, the formal appellation is Visa Not Required for Indians and it is only applicable for tourism purposes only for not more than 60 days. Get ready to travel some of the most magnificent churches, ancient monasteries, and historical attractions around the world.


If you have a letter of invitation from a host you can stay here for 30 days with that letter and you don't need to apply for any visa. This place is not less than a wonder. Explore pristine beaches, hike, and trek on the mountains, camping around dense rainforests, and locate the magnificent architecture on your honeymoon Tour Packages from India.

Cook Islands 

You can chill in the Cook Islands for 31 days without a Visa. Climb your heart out, enjoy water sports or simply laze around on the shorelines or experience some of the best water sports activities.


Fiji will give you access without such a large number of inquiries and with only a couple of fundamental reports. It's a heaven for water babies. Swimming, rowing, and cruising are only a portion of the things you can do there.

These are the best destination to plan a perfect Honeymoon tour packages and to enjoy the best moments of your lifetime . 

Don’t Need A Visa To Travel To These Countries As An Indian

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The most colorful festival is here. Get excited about this glorious celebration, with all the glowing neon colors, water balloons and have special gujia (Indian sweet snack) and dance around the popular numbers like the Balam Pichkaris and Holi khele Raghuveera and do me a favor let splay Holi etc. Must try out bhang to feel the actual taste of Holi. People chasing each other with water guns and packets of gulal(color) and splattering everybody in colors.

There are different tales for why so we play Holi. Most popular ones are Bhakat Prahlad and Radka Krishna. Are you tired of the same Holi routine? this Holi, plan something new and try to find out different types of Holi around India. Plan a small holiday tour package to experience unique Holi this year.

Gulal Kund- Phoolon Ki Holi

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Iconic Banke Bihari temple hosts a week-long Holi celebration located in Vrindavan. People celebrate this occasion with Flower petals. It is celebrated because according to a story Radha and Krishna first ever played with flowers rather than colors. To continue this tradition Phoolon Ki Holi is played every year at Gulal Kund. This event takes places for a short duration of time. 

Priest shower Radha and Krishna idols with flowers and after that they throw flowers at devotees. The whole atmosphere is filled with freshly picked flowers creating a unique ambiance.

Mathura and Vrindavan- Holi at its best

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To get the real insight into this vibrant festival, one has to visit Mathura and Vrindavan. Signifying the home of Lord Krishna, the entire town arises to live for Holi celebration. It’s a week-long expensive function. Braj ki Holi is packed with vibrant colors, age-old traditions, finger-licking meal, and unlimited entertainment. Be it at the Radha Krishna temple, the Dwarkadesh temple or any of the  Banke Bihari temple celebration is marvelous.

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Holi is played with natural and herbal gulal with colored water, a form of color made using natural materials like different types of flowers and other plants parts. Priests sprinkle color water on devotees and surroundings are lit with dance and music.

Barsana and Nandgaon- Lath Mar Holi

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People at Barsana and Nandgaon celebrate this colorful Holi festival in a somewhat unique manner. All the women if ever had an urge to beat their husband with sticks? This is the place for you and as you can beat your man with sticks on this auspicious festival. This particular Type of Holi is called the Lath Mar Holi. 

In the magnificent compound of the Radha Rani temple in Barsana, more than ten thousands people gather to observe ladies beating up men with sticks and they can only protect themselves and cannot strike back, this is the beauty of this festival. Every wife’s dream, isn’t it?

Anandpur Sahib, Punjab- Celebrate a Warrior Holi

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Let’s take a look at the most unique celebration of Holi. You are going to experience the Sikh traditions. This holy auspicious is known as Hola Mohalla in Punjab where it is celebrated in an unusual unorthodox manner.

They believe in explicating their physical strength and abilities known as gatka specially performed by men. This demonstration happens in the form of several games like turban tying, acrobatic military exercises, mock sword fights, arts, wrestling etc. You will be surprised to see even small kids of 4 to 5 years old are performing these activities.

Choose the Best Holiday Packages from India to experience all these unique elements and unusual activities on this Holi.  

Best Places To Rejoice The Colorful Holi In India

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Searching for the ideal place to spend your honeymoon? If you’re into tropical isle getaways loaded with loads of sunshine, colorful culture, cheap eats, vibrant waterfall chasing and pack your days with as many romantic endeavors and experience as you wish on your Bali honeymoon package. This could be the ideal honeymoon vacation destination to cherish the moments of your new life.

Situated in the center of Indonesia, It is a tropical isle beach destination enclosed by the crystal clear tourquise waters of the Indian Ocean. Marked with rich greenery, and the gorgeous pace of isle life, Bali has long been a preferred romantic destination among tourists all over the world. Read the article to get the best idea of how you can plan your Bali tour itinerary.

About Bali

Bali is the prime tourist destination in Indonesia. Most individuals in Bali speak English, making Bali one of the best place to visit on your holiday tour as there is no language barrier and it will be easy to visit the remote destinations. The Balinese are recognized for their remarkable welcome and hospitality. Plan your honeymoon trip to Bali and experience one of the kindest cultures in the world.

Some parts of Bali, like Seminyak and Kuta, are heavily populated with visitors. This indicates there are lots of residence and other essential infrastructures. But it also means these towns attend most of the Bali tourism and making it a little overcrowded. Bali is traditionally Hindu population and has a lot of awe-inspiring religious and spiritual sites to check out.

Balinese Visa Requirements

Check your country’s visa requirements in Indonesia if you are planning a romantic honeymoon holiday in Bali. Plenty of countries has the ability to visit visa-free in Indonesia for up to maximum 30 days (include your arrival and departure day in those 30 days) e.g. the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India and many more.

If you plan to check out Indonesian cities for more than 30 days, you can apply for a prolonged visa or buy one on your day of arrival for a couple of bucks. This visa allows you the primary 30 days and then following a request to an immigration office for extra 30 days, and this can only be used only once, there will be no further extension of Visa. To have a hassle-free Bali honeymoon journey on your vacation, plan your Indonesian visa beforehand with Visa HQ in advance.

What Is The Best Season To Plan Your Bali Holiday Package?

Bali has that wonderful exotic island weather conditions all year round, but some of the specific months witness less amount of a crowd and less humidity. Bali has mainly two seasons, dry and wet. The wet season has a little lower temperatures and receives more rainfall, and there are less number of tourists. So, if you want your Bali honeymoon with no long lines for attractions and the scorching temperatures then November to March is the best to plan your honeymoon package for Bali.

The best tourist time in Bali is from April to September. This dry season creates wonderful temperatures. This means much better visibility for water sports activities like snorkeling and scuba diving, paragliding, diving, swimming, jet ride, banana boat etc.

Things To Do In Bali

There are plenty of activities for you to get indulge in Bali. Plan these activities according to your itinerary to save your time in Bali. Some of the activities are surfing in Bali, visit the local markets, visit Tanah Lot Temple, experience a couple’s massage, shop anymore on Poppies Lane, Splash Waterpark, Kuta cocktail Safari, Sky garden nightclub, A day trip to Nusa Lembongan, Potato Head Beach Club, Mount Agung trek, and much more.

There are lots of place in Bali to Include in your Bali honeymoon packages from India such as Uluwatu, Ubud, Kuta, Jimbaran Bay, Canggu, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Legian. 


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Traveling is the best therapy for enhancing your mind and soul. It doesn't matter what kind of traveler you are, what matters the most is the memories you make while traveling. Independent solo travel sounds exciting but it needs lots of skills and it involved other elements also. On the other sides, group travel has more privileges over solo travelers. Take a look at these amazing points making a perfect group holiday tour package.

There is always someone to show you the way

When you’re touring solo, you’re the one who’s responsible for getting convenience, getting there by your own, finding accommodation, transport, food, and drink and making sure you get the best from your holiday tour. On tour, your guide will tell you where you’re traveling each day and what kind of activities your are taking a part in, apparently, take you there, and a genuine one will be able to give you all the interesting truths and facts about also. This is surely one of the greatest things about touring in a group trip.

Tried and tested methods
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Whichever tour organization you go with, they have attained experience from many years of tried and tested analysis to put together the best itinerary for you according to your desire. It could take up to several weeks of analysis to be able to put together your ideal itinerary. Good travel organizations will only people with excellent knowledge of the local region and that person will deliver the best insider information which you can't get by yourself. They’ll also be capable to suggest the best restaurants, nightclubs, and pubs visit. Choose the Best Holiday Packages from India to get the best group tour experience.

Make Instant friends

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The fact that there will be all sorts of various characters on your journey, who’ve also participated to make new friends while traveling, means it’s so much smoother to get conversing with people. You can immediately work out who you believe you’d like to speak to, and then over the duration of the journey, others might amaze you. Either way, that it’s much simpler to gain friends on travels than by desiring to strike up a useless discussion in hotel common rooms. Plan your Bali holiday tour packages and make new friends on your way.

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If anything should go wrong there is always a person to help you on a group tour. As on a group tour, you’ll always have a tour guide to recommend if things go wrong. This is just a protection net though, you’re not four years old kid, and they’re not your parent, but at least you have the reassurance in your mind that if anything goes wrong or do not go according to the plan, there is someone to hold your back.

Reassurance for your parents that you are not alone

If your parents are concerned about you traveling out into the big unknown city all by yourself, joining a tour group is the best thing you can do to make your parents believe that you can not travel alone, they can contact someone else in the case of an emergency when you are not reachable.

Group discounts are always there

When you travel in a group your travel company will provide you some group discounts on pursuits, meals, and accommodations etc. Companies will be pleased to offer you their Cheap Holiday Packages from India as by offering some discount they get group travel customers.

Language Barrier

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When you explore a region all by yourself, in a nation where you don’t speak the native language your surviving is difficult, there’s no one to answer the questions you might have while touring. On a tour, no matter how stupid your query, your tour guide is there to help you for sure.   

7 Benefits of Traveling in a Group Tour

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Mauritius, the ideal place for planning a romantic honeymoon tour in Africa. Mauritius is blessed with some of the best beaches with golden sand and pristine crystal clear water and lush greenery. If you are looking for a calm place where you can plan your honeymoon than this is the best option you can get. With so many nationwide attractions and activities, find out what to do and experience in your Mauritius honeymoon packages.

Take A Selfie At Mauritius’ Seven Coloured Earths

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One of the island’s most interesting physical phenomenons is the Seven Coloured Earths. It is a place where a colorful geological formation occurred during the millions of years. Seven Coloured Earths is no less than a wonder. The multi-colored lunar-like landscape consists of gravel dunes in unique seven distinct colors as yellow, purple, blue, green, violet, brown, and red, which never decay in spite of torrential monsoons and unfavorable climatic conditions. You will also find some giant tortoises and a children’s playground if you are looking for a family holiday.

Feast Your Eyes At Maconde

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No holiday is complete Mauritius without exploring the Maconde in your Mauritius honeymoon tour package. Maconde is located on the south-west point of Mauritius, where you can experience remarkable views of the southern coast of the island. This place is one of the best picture perfect places in Mauritius. For perfect photographs of your honeymoon head to Maconde and capture the stunning beauty of this natural wonder.

Go On A Sunset Cruise

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Mauritius overflows extravagance and in case you're searching for the best part of it, why not go on an extraordinary sunset cruise with your partner on your Mauritius honeymoon packages from India? From 6 pm till 8 pm, JPH Contracts offer sailboat sunset travels along the western side of the island. Beginning from the Dark Stream, you'll experience a tropical sunset as you voyage along the coastline down to Tamarin Narrows. 

Find Mauritius' Legacy At The Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne, with a summit of 1,824 ft (586 meters) above ocean level, is a standout amongst the most beautiful sights in Mauritius. The stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site was previously a shelter for rampant slaves, who framed little settlements in the caverns and on the summit of Le Morne. You can eat and toast here with a menu of fish and chicken sticks, wine, soda pops,   rum, lager, olives, hotdogs etc.

Feel Mauritius' Breeze

Mauritius' blustery east coast is a most loved with windsurfers and the selective Club Mistral Distinction at St. Regis Resort Mauritius provides food for all travelers. One Eye on Le Morne Promontory is cast a ballot the third best kite surfing spot on earth and is an installation on the yearly Kite Surfing Star Best on the planet Visit. You can take a stab at kite surfing with Le Morne Kite School.

Explore Its Unique History And Delicious Street Food

My Moris is a social visiting organization established by Maya and Shakti. Their visits help guests see Mauritius 'from within' through its history, religions, dialects, artworks, and food. Their An Investigation Of Port-Louis' Road Sustenance visit is one of the extraordinary approaches to find the cosmopolitan legacy, just as the tasty road nourishment slows down of city. Every area recounts an alternate story, from the powerful fragrance of zest road to the clamoring China Town. At each stop, you'll test commonplace Mauritian road sustenance, incorporating steamed dumplings in soup, broiled stew cakes and gato brinzel, a fiery aubergine misuse.

Choose out the best suitable options in your Mauritius honeymoon packages from India to customize your Best Holiday Packages from India

Top Adorable Things To Experience In Mauritius On Your Honeymoon Trip To Mauritius

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