‘Outstanding isolation' would be the best phrase to describe the Maldives. The epitome of the ocean, white sand and bright sun holiday, guests lap up the exotic island tropical image. But it's very best to be properly informed of your desired destination before winging off. Read the article to get the list of some of the best beaches you can stroll around with your partner. Diving in the Maldives has a couple of commonalities just about anywhere in the world, and the same is applicable to most marine activities.

Maldives Scuba Diving And Snorkeling

Thousands of divers travel here every season, attracted by fantastic marine exposure, glorious coral reefs, and a variety of underwater marine life that's not available even at the best aquariums around the world. Watching some colorful variety of fish with unique corals is truly an amazing experience you can observe on your honeymoon. Afraid of deep waters? Don't worry! Get some snorkeling gear and try to capture the beauty of the ocean in shallow waters. Scuba Diving And Snorkeling are the best things you can include in your Maldive honeymoon packages.

Island Hopping To Explore Unique Elements

Checking the accurate number of isles in the Maldives, which is propagated through 90,000 sq km, is challenging by the simple fact that several of them vanish at high tide and appear at low tide. Accurate estimations are positioned at around 1,195. Island hopping is quite popular among many tourists. Speedboats and seaplanes cover the gaps for anybody stimulated by wanderlust. Note that some hotels accommodation arrange an offshore isle for newly-weds on their honeymoon and all those of an identical state of mind, shipping them out there in the early morning and organizing an early pick-up in the afternoon.

Dolphin Watching Is An Amazing Experience

There are dolphins around the Maldives and watching dolphins is one of the most available marine viewer sport you can experience with your partner. The Spinners generally feed around dawn, enabling major resorts to load up a ferry with visitors and some type of onboard bar. Here you can experience some of the best moments of your life by observing dolphins from a close encounter. Dolphins are friendly and you can actually hand feed them in the presence of their instructor. Visitors particularly eager to watch dolphin should inquire with their vacation resort how far they have to take a trip to the particular place and may wish to book their Maldives honeymoon packages accordingly.

Take Pleasure In A Romantic Massage

Nothing is more relaxing than a romantic massage, you along with your companion will also, appreciate to check out the sandy beaches leading you to amazing aqua blue water where you can ask for a massage. Involving in the refreshing couple massages and rubs is one of the best elements to enjoy in the Maldives. Some of the most rated massage and spas you must try out are, Per Aquum Huvafen Fushi, Six Senses Laamu, One&Only Reethi Rah. Try a calming massage with their indigenous virgin coconut essential oil over wonderful water stand with a spectacular view of the stunning azure waters, sparkling and quietly purring across the ocean.

Spend some time on the beach with your partner

You don't have to take a trip extremely far in the Maldives to occur at the particular beach that you saw in the sales brochure, a postcard, or a calendar then you understand it was not just Photo-shopped. It is the actual beauty with powder white sand, crystal clear azure waters, pristine beaches, one stage short of paradise. There's seldom a scrap of trash to affect the ideal snorkeling. Honeymooners could well be pardoned for investing their whole honeymoon vacation on the beach, although the exotic sun's effects on individual skin are different. It is highly recommended to use a good quality of sunscreen.

Maldives: The Most Beautiful Beach Destination On Earth For Honeymoon

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Malaysia frequently named as a blend of culture, and it is because of this trademark the nation has picked up a great deal of the travel industry potential. This Southeastern nation is packed with a few exercises that can leave a guest dazed. Directly from lavish history to dazzling engineering, both old and present-day; from happening nightlife to flawless and strange shorelines and islands that offer fantastic experience exercises; and from astonishing entertainment meccas to untamed life rich national parks, everything that Malaysia highlights, have some good times and colorfulness and obviously an ordeal that one can always remember. 

Eat at KL Tower 

Spare some cash to motivate this remarkable experience to make your Malaysia visit important. Sitting over Bukit Nanas at a height of 421 m, KL Tower along being city's most well known tourist spots likewise offers a rotating eatery where you can appreciate a 360° perspective on the city's horizon while getting a charge out of a dinner, which in no way, shape or form you should pass up a major opportunity in the event that you truly need to investigate diverse parts of Malaysia.  Best to pre-book your reservations in your Malaysia honeymoon packages to save some time and money.

Scale Mt. Kinabalu 

Experience sweethearts, this can be your movement objective in Malaysia. Roosted at a tallness of 3800 meters, Mt. Kinabalu isn't just Malaysia's most noteworthy pinnacle yet a UNESCO World Legacy Site too, and to climb something as fabulous as this is unquestionably an unmissable affair. It is perfect to design your trip/trek so that you get the chance to observe the dawn from the pinnacle. Additionally, on the way, one should likewise tour the delightful Poring Hot Springs. 

Scuba diving at Sipadan Island 

A scuba diving knowledge at what is known as the bit of craftsmanship positively finishes the Malaysia travel understanding. Arranged at the core of the Indo-Pacific Bowl, Sipadan Island is said to be the comfortable focus of the world's most extravagant marine territory. What makes this spot considerably additionally energizing and restrictive is the Drop off point which is arranged at a tallness of 600 m and one needs to hop in the water which is simply knee-high. In this way, a scuba diving knowledge is worth to recall until the end of time. Explore the underwater marine creatures on your honeymoon trip to Malaysia.

Stream Safari in the Longest Waterway in Sabah 

Kinabatangan Stream is the longest waterway in Sabah and is home to a standout amongst the most different environments on the planet. Accordingly, a waterway safari seems to be one of the most activities in Malaysia. For the individuals who love investigating untamed life, this stream safari offers the opportunity to observe the absolute most outlandish species like Proboscis monkeys, Sumatran rhinos and Asian elephants. A night safari here is in certainty better to get seeing numerous nighttime creatures and their characteristic living space. Book your Malaysia honeymoon packages to experience this amazing water safari in Sabah

Malaysia is genuinely exceptional, a visit here is something that could never be overlooked. These were only few of the things to see and involvement in honeymoon packages for Malaysia, trust us there is bounty that anticipates your entry.

Top things to see and do while you’re In Malaysia

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When you think of the Asia continent and driving, what usually comes to thoughts are the high-quality vehicle manufacturers that take control of the entire auto industry. However, Asia is much more than that, there are some extraordinary road trip choices all over Asia that will make your vacation the perfect one. Take a look at these amazing options for a road trip.

The Karakoram Highway (Pakistan and China)

Generally acclaimed as one of the highest roads in the entire world, this trip is as much an incredible innovation feat as it is a traveler attraction, and there are many tourists who take a long-distance trip to have some amazing dangerous road experience. It is not recommended for newbie only experts can hit this amazing road. you can get the professional guide with you to get the best out of this road trip. This pass connects Pakistan to China. There are some amazing picturesque areas with stunning lakes and high mountain views along this highway make some stops in your journey to enjoying the amazing natural beauty of the road. Many tourists also use this route to acquire access to the best mountain biking locations in the world. 

Hai Van Pass, Vietnam

Hai Van means ocean clouds, and this amazing drive has much of both romantic endeavor and holiday spirit. With both the gorgeous shoreline and the mountain ranges in view while on this amazing drive, there is much more to take pleasure in, and the highway simply located to the north of Da Nang is considered as one of the best roads for a road trip in the world.

The Northeast Loop, Phuket Thailand

The Northeast Loop in Phuket is the best road for a road trip with your friends. This awesome drive is on the isle of Phuket, located to the north of Thailand, and requires you on a never-ending loop of the eastern coast of the island. The amazing bay views with unique architectural mastery and tiny villages that offer great hospitality that is enough for your amazing journey. The best road trip you can get for your Thailand holiday packages.

Khardung Pass, India

Khardung Pass lies over several miles above sea level also counts as one of the highest roads in the world. Many tourists pay their visit to India just to have the amazing views of the Indian beautiful landscapes and on any particular day, you may be riding along the road with camels, horses, sheep, goats or groups of people. Nevertheless, enduring the wild disorganization of this particular location will compensate you with an incredible drive. Experience some of the world's best beautiful mountain passes covered with snow bamboo lay all through the road.

Bintulu-Miri Highway, Malaysia

Providing driving lovers two unique options to explore the nation, the Bintulu-Miri highway is an incredible drive that slices by means of lush green rainforest where you can explore plenty of unique flora and fauna. Also, the entire road is more than a hundred miles long and is extremely picturesque, and highly recommended to choose in your Malaysia holiday package from India.

Pack your bags and hit the road, new adventures are waiting for you to explore and have some lifetime memories of your lifetime.

Find out the best route for a perfect holiday

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As the cold winter comes tapping at your door, taking in the joy of the holiday season, it’s the best time to plan one of the great starts of your new year. While you might have without a doubt prepared your New Year or you might yet to plan, this portion is for either category. A new year is the festival of happiness and joy and there is no superior way to rejoice it than take a trip to some of the ideal destinations in the world. From the mesmerizing canals of Amsterdam to the fascinating alleys of Spain to the marvelous beaches of Thailand and Sri Lanka. Winter season is best to book our Europe honeymoon packages from India.

Jordan, The Actual Land of Cultural Wonders

Jordan has transformed itself all over to be one of the prime tourist vacation spots in the world. Though some countries drop their cultural and traditional identity to grasp the modern-day developments, Jordan has maintained to protect its national heritage and individuality. It’s that what creates Jordan so unique. A land of several natural and man-made wonders, Jordan is a big surprise that is waiting for you. Jordan also has a number of surprises that are disguised to naked eyes but you can easily explore the place on your own. From the famous ancient city of Petra to the rejuvenating Red Sea and to the vast land of Desert, it has something unique for everyone. some of the top places to visit in your journey are Al-Khazneh, Jerash, Ma’in, Jordan Valley, Amman, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Petra, and the Dead Sea.

Sri Lanka, Step Into The Mesmerizing Beauty Of Nature

Sri Lanka quite practically is a town of paradise among the substantial Indian Ocean. Unidentified to many, Sri Lanka is one of the most peaceful and stunning vacation spots in Asia and many thanks to its topographical diverseness and all-natural beauty, Sri Lanka is gradually making its existence felt in the traveling group. An Isle nation sanctified by cultural heritage and breathtaking beaches, Sri Lanka is the best place to be this winter season vacation. Spend the night with your partner on your honeymoon and enjoy the local and vivid culture and together step into a new year. Book your Sri Lanka honeymoon package to explore this calm and peaceful nation this new year.

Thailand, The Picturesque New Year Celebration on Beach

The attractive location of Thailand is an excellent winter vacation destination in Southeast Asia and one of the ideal places to invest your Honeymoon time at the occasion of the New Year. Thailand is blessed with charming scenic attractiveness congratulated by crystal clear blue waters and a wide variety of excursion activities, Thailand is a fantastic way to explore the beaches. You would love to start this new year on a hidden Island with your lover on your honeymoon. Book Thailand honeymoon packages from India and spend this new year to an exotic beach destination of Thailand.

Russia -The Supreme Winter Holiday Celebration

Russia is one of the ideal places to spend your winter holidays in the world. Earlier the nation always enclosed by air of suspicions, but now it attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world. The largest country in the world has a vibrant rich history, loaded with both glory and turmoil. Land of the coolest places on The planet, winter seasons in Russia is a unique experience. From unorthodox methods of welcoming to freezing temperatures. With a rich heritage and a grand fashion in the architectural mastery, Russia is none less than any other country. Some of the best places in Russia are Kaliningrad, Irkutsk, Yakutsk, Oymyakon, Vladivostok, Lake Baikal, Olkhon Island, Sochi, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.

Feel the beauty of the world and explore some of the unseen places on the earth this New Year. Get to know yourself and your partner on your honeymoon. 

World’s Top Most Beautiful Countries You Must Visit on your Honeymoon

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Imagine a romantic nation and what comes to mind? The most romantic place in Europe is France of course. So think of romance and charm up a romantic kiss on your honeymoon trip in France. Where in France is the next issue? Your initial feelings will take you to Paris, most popularly known as the city of love. What are the other places you can explore in your Europe honeymoon packages? Check out this list of places, some of which will be cordial to visitors. Begin with Paris, an incredible spot for sweethearts

Paris is the city of love, the spot for dreamy strolls through the Bois de Boulogne or along the Seine, for delicious meals in little bistros and walks around to your hotel through cobbled boulevards. You'll locate your own specific private spot for that kiss. The Eiffel Tower is one of the extraordinary symbols of France and an absolute necessity to see on a visit to Paris. However, romantic people should make for the Champagne Bar on the second floor for a glass of bubbly. Or then again go straight up to the highest point of the tower during the evening when there's an astounding light demonstrate each hour lasting 5 minutes and you feel the entire world is taking a bow at you. It's in the Spot des Abbesses in Montmartre and it's brimming with kissing couples. Best spot to choose as your Europe honeymoon package.

The Loire Valley has dependably been about affection and enthusiasm

The Loire Valley is an absolute necessity for darlings. The magnificent châteaux remain on the waterway banks like gems on jewelry. Take your pick of spots to kiss at any of them; maybe watching out over the view from the warm stone fortifications, or in a chamber where the huge four-notice bed rules, as much an image of intensity as an image of adoration. All of them could be in this rundown of spots to kiss and all of them have a history that peruses like a novel: love, desire, selling out and penance are covered in the stones of these great structures. Chenonceau on the waterway Cher was the château Henri II provided for his paramour Diane de Poitiers; the château at Blois saw the homicide of the notorious and all-amazing Duc de Pretense by the Lord, an occurrence which you can see amid the sound and light show in the late spring. This is a perfect evening for a honeymoon couple to spend a lovely honeymoon on their France honeymoon package. For the sweet aroma of love, visit Monet's greenery enclosure at Giverny

The patio nursery of the Impressionist painter Claude Monet simply outside Paris at Giverny is a strong one of the most romantic spots. Willow sob quietly into the lakes; extraordinary aromas from the over-rich blooms fill the air and wherever there are shading, light, and life. You're not the first to find this. Woody Allen utilized the greenery enclosure in his film Midnight in Paris which is magnificent respect to romantic Paris. So you need to kiss on the wooden scaffold in precisely the spot utilized in the film. Top Greenery enclosures of France

In the event that your town is called after St Valentine (and is the just one), at that point, you're going to take advantage of it. Furthermore, that is actually what the ambitious civic chairman of St Valentin in the Loire Valley did. In 1980 a Jardin des Amoureux (Sweethearts' Greenery enclosure) was planted and the spot never thought back. You can get hitched here, or simply proceed to recharge your pledges. Kiss your adored one under one of the trees in the patio nursery. In the event that you like, isolation maintains a strategic distance from St Valentine's Day itself and furthermore August ninth which is St Love's day.
St Paul de Vence

The south of France has dependably pulled in sweethearts, both genuine and anecdotal. They want the sun, for the unmistakable light that gradually blurs as the sun sets, the history and the great life. St Paul de Vence is a standout amongst the most sentimental of the medieval braced towns that roost on the slopes past the coast. It has astounding lodgings, for example, Le Holy person Paul and the renowned Colombe d'Or with its dividers shrouded in works of art by the extraordinary craftsmen who came here, and little, reasonable eateries. It was where Simone Signoret and Yves Montand had an occasion home, concealed from the world. It's likewise the town where Marc Chagall is covered. Kiss your partner at one of the most romantic places on the earth. France is home to romantic locations. Choose one perfect spot to create a perfect Honeymoon Tour Packages itinerary and woo your partner with surrounding charm.

Prime Romantic Places in France to kiss your partner

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There are plenty of remarkable things to do in Phuket. This place has a wonderful famous old town, excellent points of view and legendary cultural interesting attractions. It is one of the best bases for checking out the close-by islands and their popular attractions. No journey here can be called complete without ticking off the destinations off your checklist. It is a place of great variety. Take a look below before you book any Thailand holiday packages.

Spend a Day on Phi Phi Island 

Phi Phi Island is the superstar island of Thailand, especially popular for its main role in the 2000 movie The Beach. This Island is the main topic of conversation among tourists all over Thailand. Phi Phi's beauty is a huge amount of elegance. The islands look like a fortress rise from the sea when approached by boat. Sheer cliffs tower is the highlight of the place, It's love at first sight. Any Thailand travel package is incomplete without this place.

Big Buddha

The Big Buddha of Phuket is a revered landmark in Thailand. The huge image of 45 meters tall Buddha situated on the top of the Nakkerd Hills. It offers spectacular views of Kata and Chalong. The grand site features the best panoramic views of the island, making it a perfect site for selfie lovers. Relatively effortlessly reachable by 6-km road. A smaller Buddha statue is situated next to the main Phuket Big Buddha, which is actually made of brass but painted in Gold.

Best way to explore a location is Island-Hopping 

Southern Thailand is blessed with the existence of an unbelievable number of islands. They range from tiny rocks to larger areas arising from the exterior of the Andaman Sea. Island has always been recognized favorably in our imagination. You can avoid the crowd unwanted numbers of travelers by choosing Island hopping. This is a great option for a person who wants to spend some alone time. This is an ideal concept for slave couples. Nevertheless, there are a number of small Islands in Phuket which offer you some amazing panoramic views. Discover the best islands around Phuket but island hopping and explore many islands in one journey.

Give your self a spiritual experience and visit Wat Chalong 

The Grand Pagoda prominent the temple includes an idol of Lord Buddha. It is named Phramahathatchedi-Jomthaibarameepragat. This pagoda is furnished with artwork illustrating the life story of Buddha and it also features a variety of Buddha images. Spend some time in the pagoda and feel the spiritual energy. It attracts thousands of travelers every year. Poh Than Jao Wat is located near the Wat Chalong. It is the most important Buddhist statues. It is situated in the west of the temple, with the other two statues of a popular local who won many lotteries after visiting the Poh Than Jao Wat statue and an elderly gentleman called grandpa Khee-lek. There is another statue in Wat Chalong called Nonsi.

Elephant Sanctuaries 

Elephant Sanctuaries are the best place for an animal lover in Phuket. It becomes very popular among travelers. The focus of these ideologies is on the animal-friendly relationship with these spectacular animals, many of them have been saved or retired from the elephant trekking industries. The first priority of such places is the well being of the inhabitants. If you want to meet elephants from real close then this is the place for you to visit. 

Explore Phuket like never before

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Lakes emphasize some of  the most fascinating characteristics of water, from mirror-like reflections to enchanting ripples to crystalline clarity. The world has thousands and thousands of them, from small grass-lined lakes to enormous freshwater areas quickly mistaken for oceanic masses, but some lochs Lagos, and lacs simply stand out much more than others. A few of these impressive bodies of water have their charm to the environment, others to geologic luck of the attract numbers of tourists from all over the world. These most beautiful lakes must be included in your Europe Honeymoon Package.

Lake Lucerne

Switzerland has a bounteous range of stunning lakes, but Lake Lucerne has characteristics that make it stand out as the most beautiful lake in Switzerland, where water streaming into the lake goes beneath the 13th-century old Chapel Bridge. It offers a fantastic panorama that starts with Mt. Rigi, ranges snow-capped Alps mountains such as Jungfrau and Eiger and indicates with Mt. Pilatus. You can have encountered with vintage steamboats that have been streaming in the waters since the Late 18th century. For a soothing visit, absorb the spring-fed area at Spa Rigi-Kaltbad and Mineralbad, atop Mt. Rigi. Lake Lucerne is the best thing one can add in one's Switzerland Honeymoon Packages.


Derwentwater is an irresistible natural beauty. This 3-mile-long awesome blue vista is situated in the Cumbria countryside of England, also recognized as The Lake District, and is possibly best identified as the summer playground of writer Beatrix Potter. Despite the fact that idyllically glassy throughout the warmer months, the lashing gusts of wind of other months can produce uneven waves as snow creates an icing effect on the mountain tops. Enjoy a walk with your partner and have some lovely time. Book your United Kingdom Honeymoon Package to capture the natural beauty of Derwentwater.

Lake Wakatipu

It’s actually a glacial, so without any doubt, it’s magnificent, but what sets Lake Wakatipu aside from all other lakes in New Zealand is the stunning mountain range expanded out behind jagged peaks. They are so gorgeous that they’re known as The Remarkables. For the highest possible scenic impact, rent a helicopter journey. You can also appreciate all this natural wonder from lakeside Queenstown, recognized as much for its all-natural resources as for the insane excursions you can attempt here, from jet-boating to bungee jumping to zorbing. Choose your customized New Zealand Honeymoon Package.

Lake Bratan

You might consider Bali as a beach destination, but it is much more than just beaches. Lake Bratan is one of the best destinations in Bali where you can spend a day with your partner. This is the best place to get some pictures clicked. A photo-op not to skip is Lake Bratan, exactly where the multi-tiered thatched rooftop of the temple(Pura Ulun Danu) is demarcated against the Lake Bratan, often bathed in sunlight and other moments shrouded in mist. The best you can choose in your Bali Honeymoon Package.

Add Charm To Your Honeymoon with Some Best Lakes in the World

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If you show a person a photograph of a water villa or water bungalow and all of a sudden they have a new purpose in their life. However, most of the water villas resort that feature rooms on waters are very highly-priced, generally well over 500 USD per night, even when you book them in the offseason. Well, there is really good news for honeymooners and travel enthusiast that not all of the water villas are expensive, you can have some good quality of villas under your budget. So, now spending your holiday in water villas is not just the for the super-rich. Choose your favorite resort from below mentioned and book your Malaysia honeymoon package to spend your honeymoon in a way you have always dreamed of.

AVANI Sepang Gold Coast Resort 

It was opened in 2011 and till then it is working all day and night, the AVANI Sepang Gold coast Resort until 2016 has the highest water villas in the world (392 water villas). The water villas variety from huge to massive, with the biggest having 3 bedrooms with as many numbers of balconies. The resort finished its renovation in 2014 but the rates are still lower as they were. These are some of the cheapest water villas with 4-star services and the only drawback of this lace is that it is you cant swim beneath the villas. It's situated near the coast of Kuala Lumpur Airport, so it is really very cheap getaway to book as an accommodation.

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson was opened in 1026 and has over 522 over water holiday villas, each room is designed with its own private splash pool. This is definitely now the biggest over water vacation resort in the world, Likewise, you can't go swimming beneath the water holiday villas Considering the large and lavish rooms with the exclusive splash swimming pools, the room prices here are incredibly low. Almost everything here is new, well designed, and very well equipped with extravagance amenities.

Berjaya Langkawi Resort

There are 47 over water chalets at the Berjaya Langkawi Resort. One amazing and unique thing about this place is that these villas are tightly packed with each other yet each room has ample space with luxurious and impressive architecture. There are 350 rooms including some Rain-forest Chalets that are very similar to the other villas but they are located amongst the trees and shrubs on the one part of a mountain. The problem for most people could be the location nothing else, this resort is located in the north of Malaysia. and it is a little hard to reach there. But once you have reached there, you will be really pleased to watch such amazing accommodation at a cheap price.

Pangkor Laut Resort

The Pangkor Laut is designed as Maldives-style with around 140 total rooms, including 45 over water holiday villas. The critiques here are outstanding so the room rates are very desirable for those who can transfer through Singapore or Kuala Lumpur for the short flight to a nearby island. This resort features a total of 7 different types of restaurants and night clubs and a large list of involved around adventure water sports and other adrenal activities. The spa and massage here have outstanding popularity of its own, it helps to make this place a very well-known vacation destination for the honeymoon crowd from all over Asia. 

5 Cheapest over water bungalow resorts in Malaysia

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Temples in Hong Kong are devoted to various religions along with Confucian shrines. Taoist and Buddhist traditions and customs are both found here. Temples are often dedicated to over one idol. There are religious structures of almost every faith and believe marked all over Hong Kong, due to the immigration of generations after generations to this small island. Read the article and get to know the most popular and favorite temples. Choose your Hong Kong and Macau Holiday Packages according to the temple you want to visit.

Pak Tai Temple 

Pak Tai Temple on Cheung Chau Island is a Colourful and bright place for peace lovers located next to Cheung Chau Ferry Pier. It was build in the 18th century. A visit to Pak Tai Temple in Cheung Chau is a satisfying inclusion to the wonderful pristine beaches and outdoor attractions of the Island. Bun Festival is the main highlights of the place organized in the fourth lunar month each year. which occurs generally in April or May. Thousands of people come down at the Pak Tai Temple on the Cheung Chau Island and take part in lion dancing, a colorful parade and loads of baked snacks. 

Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery 

Man Fat Tsz in Cantonese is known as Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. It is an amazing Buddhist temple situated in the eastern part of the New Territories Sha Tin. It is home to an expansive variety of Buddha images which are all spread out over 8 hectares of land. A devout Buddhist monk builds the temple in 1957 called the Reverend Yuet Kai with the help of his followers. This is the most famous Buddhist temple in Hong Kong. Not only 10000 but around 13,000 Buddha images are on display varying in size, material, pose, and style. There is also a tall pagoda to enjoy. This place must be included in your Macau Holiday Packages.

Man Mo Temple 

Built-in 1847, Man Mo Temple is an ancient marvel that is one of the oldest and undoubtedly the most respected temples in Hong Kong. The fragrance of the lingering smoke produces a spiritual ambiance and captivated most of the people. It is highly advised to visit the Man Mo Temple. From the outside of the temple, It is just a magnificent wooden door, but after you step through, you are carried away by the beauty of the timeless place of worship. It is possible to walk from Central MTR stations or Sheung Wan MTR or, but it is highly recommended that you must take the Mid-Level Escalator to Hollywood Road.

Po Lin Monastery (Big Buddha) 

Any Hong Kong Holiday Package is incomplete without this magnificent temple. This temple is popular for the Tan Tien Buddha, at this place, a large bronze Buddha image can be seen for distance around. In 1970 this Monastery was actually opened to the public but after the completion of the Big Buddha in 1993, this became a major attraction on many guests' tourist itineraries. It is basically home to 3 big golden Buddha statues which are 250-ton in weight and 34-meter high. There are several restaurants that are run by the monks themselves. 

The Most Famous Temples in Hong Kong & Macau

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