Everyone of us wants to take a vacation break from our daily routine, especially in case of unmanageable stress of urban life. On the geographical variation, India has plenty of options, whether you want to relax in the lap of nature or some exciting and romantic places. But, during the time of perfect destination selection, we have to face a confusing stage.

Here the major factors are sorting of top holiday destinations, best time to visit, budget holidays and weather or climatic conditions which consume yours most of the time and energy. So, this informative writing helps to provide the month-wise data for your complete holiday planning from January to December.

You can easily plan your visit according to the suitable climatic conditions and budget limits. You can easily discover the best destination to overcome the boredom, pressure, stress and pace of the routine life. You can easily afford such budget trips with the help of our estimated total expenses over major parts like accommodation, food, attractions and activities.

January (Auli, Uttarakhand):

Welcome the winters with a perfect picturesque location of Auli. The snow covered slopes and breathtaking Himalayan mountain ranges are the major attractions of Auli. Nothing is better than this place where you can enjoy skiing, cable car ride and a real form of winters hill station of India with the proper packing of heavy clothes.

Schedule your holiday in January:
You have two options in the month of January to plan your Auli visit-

Holidays Idea in January

First from 14-17th Jan [14th Jan (Makar Sankranti), 15th Jan (Pongal), 16th Jan (Guru Govind Singh Jayanti) & 17th Jan (Sunday)].

Second, with a pre-planning of one day leave on 25th Jan and enjoy your holidays from 24th Jan (Sunday), 25th Jan (leave) to 26th Jan (Republic Day).

Budget Travel: Rs. 17,475 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

February is a month when there is a unique feel of love and romance in the air. It is a perfect time to select beach destinations. Andaman & Nicobar Islands are on the top in this list which has popularity among international tourists. This nature's blessed location offers you number of water activities, spa treatments, leisure & relaxing time on white sandy beaches and several unforgettable moments along with the picturesque attractions.

Schedule your holiday in February:

Holidays Idea in February

February offers you a well planned vacation in the special event of Valentine with the holiday break on Feb 12th (Vasant Panchami), Feb 13 (Second Saturday) and Feb 14th (Sunday).

Second option is during Feb 20th (Saturday night), Feb 21st (Sunday) and Feb 22nd (Guru Ravidas Birthday).

Budget Travel: Rs. 19,050 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard mode of local transfer).

Shillong is a beautiful part of the pleasant Northeast India. It is completely mysterious world in itself in a form of great wonder. The abudant natural beauty with the pleasant weather during the month of March will be your best rejuvenating time.

Schedule your holiday in March:

Holidays Idea in March

You can plan during Mar 5th (Saturday night), Mar 6th (Sunday) and Mar 6th (Maha Shivaratri).

Second option is from Mar 23rd (Holika Dahana), Mar 24th (Holi), Mar 25th (Good Friday), Mar 26th (Saturday leave) and Mar 27th (Sunday).

Budget Travel: Rs. 16,875 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

In the beautiful Indian state West Bengal, Darjeeling is popular for its tea industry. The place has a long list among the tourist attractions in the majestic backdrop of natural beauty. You'll self feel a dreamlike world with the charismatic views of tea gardens, snow clad mountains, lush greenery, sunset view, the joyful toy train journey and a unique pleasant charm in the air. You'll collect the unmatched experience with the scenic views of this hill town.

Schedule your holiday in April:

Holidays Idea in April

You have the options of Apr 13th (Vaisakhi), Apr 14th (Ambedkar Jayanti), Apr 15th (Rama Navami), Apr 16th (Saturday leave) and Apr 17th (Sunday).

You can also plan your holiday on the other weekend during the holiday of Mahavir Jayanti (Apr 19th, Tuesday).

Budget Travel: Rs. 16,725 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

The undefined beauty of cool and chilly atmosphere makes Manali, a paradise on earth. The mesmerizing views of mountains, astounded natural beauty, spellbinding valleys, lush green pines and several tourist friendly activities creates a magical realm for you.

Schedule your holiday in May:

Holidays Idea in May

You can plan during May 20th (Friday night), May 21st (Buddha Purnima) and May 22nd (Sunday).

Budget Travel: Rs. 14,625 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

Gulmarg is renowned with the several names likes mini Switzerland, Glory of Kashmir and Meadow of Flowers. The journey offers you the wonderful opportunities in a form of postcard perfect pictures click, Gondola cable ride, skiing over the smooth slopes, fresh & cool breeze, bird watching, beautiful lake view and world's largest golf course. This exceptional beauty has enthralling charm that surely leaves you speechless.

Schedule your holiday in June:

Holidays Idea in June

Plan your Gulmarg vacation during Jun 18th (Saturday night), Jun 19th (Sunday) and Jun 20th (Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti).

Budget Travel: Rs. 16,125 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

July (Leh & Ladakh):

Leh is a land of pristine beauty with an extreme number of attractions along the variety in religious sites, architectural wonders, wildlife safaris, adventure sports and unique blend of Indian, Buddhism and Tibetan features. The untouched natural beauty offers you a pleasing treat to your senses. The incomparable and breathtaking attractions of Leh along serene & calm surroundings makes it popular destination among international tourists.

Schedule your holiday in July:

Holidays Idea in July

A happy weekend with a Jamat Ul-Vida vacation on Jul 1st, Jul 2nd (Saturday night) and Jul 3rd (Sunday).

Similarly, in the July second week, you'll also get the chance to spend your holidays in Leh during Jul 7th (Thursday night), Jul 8th (Ramzan Id/ Eid-Ul-Fitar), Jul 9th (Second Saturday) and Jul 10th (Sunday).

Budget Travel: Rs. 14,500 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

In the Aravalli range of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is a must to visit hill station. You'll actually feel a sense of complete holiday with the grand combination of hilly terrains, spiritual significance, scenic beauty, cool climate, rich vegetation and wildlife. It will be your surprising mountain treat with a cool & pleasant weather conditions on the land of Rajasthan.

Schedule your holiday in August:

Holidays Idea in August

You can spend a long holiday in Mount Abu during Aug 14th (Sunday), Aug 15th (Independence Day), Aug 16th (leave), Aug 17th (Parsi New year), Aug 18th (Raksha Bandhan).

Budget Travel: Rs. 14,400 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

September (Udaipur, Rajasthan):

The royal land of Udaipur is one of the prominent tourist attractions with the number of forts, palaces, lakes, natural attractions and spectacular examples of architecture. With the interesting sightseeing, this romantic city is also renowned with the name of 'Venice of the East'. This princely state is also famous for its rich history, culture, royalty and as a wedding destination.

Schedule your holiday in September:

Holidays Idea in September

You can plan your Udaipur visit during the first week of September. Sep 3rd (Saturday night), Sep 4th (Sunday) and Sep 5th (Vinayaka Chaturthi).

Second option during Sep 9th (Friday night), Sep 10th (Second Saturday), Sep 11th (Sunday) and Sep 12th (Bakr Id/ Eid Ul-Adha). If you make it long then you've to pre-plan one day leave on Sept 13th to add Sep 14th (Onam) holiday in your visit.

Budget Travel: Rs. 11,250 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

October (Munnar, Kerala):

Munnar is a popular hill station of South India nestled in the Western Ghats. This picturesque site is perfect for nature lovers where you can enjoy tea plantations, unexplored landscapes, wildlife, waterfalls, valleys and tranquil climate in a form of the majestic beauty of nature. In the delightful atmosphere, you'll yourself as a flying cloud.

Schedule your holiday in October:

Holidays Idea in Octomber

Pre-plan your one day leave on Oct 10th (Monday) and enjoy a long vacation from Oct 8th (Saturday night), Oct 9th (Sunday), Oct 10th (Leave), Oct 11th (Dussehra) and Oct 12th (Muharram).

Second option is Diwali vacations from Oct 28th (Fri night), Oct 29th (Naraka Chaturdasi), Oct 30th (Diwali), Oct 31 (Govardhan Puja) and 1 Nov (Bhai Duj).

Budget Travel: Rs. 14,250 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

November (Coorg, Karnataka):

The flora rich hill station, Coorg surely admires you with an ultimate natural beauty. It is also a highly popular destination among international tourists with one of the best trekking trails, greenery, fresh mountain breeze, waterfalls, coffee, pepper & cardamom fields, peaceful Buddhist regions, wildlife sanctuaries and other interesting sites. In the Konkan region, it will be your rejuvenating experience in the 'Scotland of India'.

Schedule your holiday in November:

Holidays Idea in November

You can plan your holiday to Coorg in Second week of November from Nov 11th (Friday night), Nov 12th (Second Saturday), Nov 13th (Sunday) and Nov 14th (Guru Nanak Birthday).

Budget Travel: Rs. 15,150 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

December (Goa):

Goa is an international tourist destination which lies in the Konkan region of Western Ghats. With the moderate climate throughout the year, you'll get a long list to perform fun activities here. In the rich exotic biodiversity, Goa has a range of attributes for a tourist in a form of beaches, religious places, flea markets, happening nightlife, water sports, amazing landscapes and palm surrounded coastlines.

Schedule your holiday in December:

Holidays Idea in December

If you plan your Dec 12th (Mon) leave in advance then, you'll cover Goa from Dec 9th (Friday night), Dec 10th (Second Saturday), Dec 11th (Sunday), Dec 12th (Leave) and Dec 13th (Milad un-Nabi/ Id-e-Milad).

You can also plan during Christmas or during New Year vacations also.

Budget Travel: Rs. 14,700 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

Schedule your Holiday with a Month-wise Pre-planning in India

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Romantic Gateway - Valentine
Welcome February, you carry a LOVE reminder for love birds. Almost, all of you ready for affection shower on your sweetheart with a range of lovely ideas. But, Have you select a unique way except from the general trend of chocolates, roses and gifts? Guys! Get ready to plan a romantic getaway, you've a great excuse to offer a most lovable and surprising moment to your partner.

Romantic Getaways Around the World

If you really want to get a feel of love in the air then try something BIG this year. Planning of a surprise trip is nothing else than creating a romantic surroundings for your beloved with your own hands. For this romantic break, we have the list of top five worldwide destinations which you can pick according to your favorite country, perfect taste and outstanding scenery.

Romantic Surprising Trip

We are here to advise the most romantic getaways around the world during this Valentine Day. It's not too late- you can surprise your beloved with the last minute planning. Good Luck!

Romantic Gateway - Andaman

Give a perfect turn to your true bonding and loving relationship during your visit to the most romantic site of Andaman Islands. In the idyllic tropical settings, it is a place where you can escape from the stress of your daily lives and get an opportunity to rediscover your love. In the ocean surrounding, it will be your emotional and inspiring journey. For the best experience, you can also select the blissful spa treatments, fishing, cruising or several other sand & sea activities.

Romantic Gateway - Bali

Bring your true love to Bali means you seriously want to spend lovely moments as a couple for your lifelong memories. For a romantic hangout, Bali has several charming options with the Chocolate tour, trail in rice fields, village tour, day out at sea & dolphin watching, romantic dinner, journey to beach or can say an inspiring touch of nature with some unforgettable special experience at sunset hours. It will surely an exceptional site to put a wonderful impression on your partner.

Romantic Gateway - Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for couples and honeymooners. The charming country has romantic landscapes and picturesque backdrops for your lifelong memories. The stunning beaches, couple of romantic locations and friendly environment are the attractive features for every couple. To celebrate this wonderful 'Day of Love', Thailand will surely prove an ideal destination for you.

Romantic Gateway - Santorini Greece

Santorini is a prime destination among honeymooners favorite list. This gorgeous island is well suitable to the reputation of your love. You can cover every dream opportunity in the glittering night sky and romantic sunset of Santorini. The amazing land is blessed with every beautiful color of the nature where you can enjoy a sunset sail, a trek to volcano & hot springs, ancient ruins and much more or even you can plan a most important day of your wedding here.

Romantic Gateway - Singapore Curise

The special night cruising around Singapore is a grand selection during this Valentine. It will be amazing or unique idea to create a romantic atmosphere around your beloved. This on board great opportunity can turn your day into one of the most special ones. With the complete fun and excitement, you'll gain a refreshing perspective on this special day with the combination of exclusive ideas of dine in the sky, Thai massage for relaxation, mesmerized city attractions in pretty night lights, wine toast, couple dance, a song dedication and chill out at the marina.

Secretly plan a romantic getaway to surprise your partner

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Weekend Gateways From Metro Cities in India
After a long schedule of complete busy week, a short break or weekend holiday is a necessity of healthy body and mind. This small excursion of one or two days is an exciting idea to stay young, healthy and energetic away from the stress of routine life. Even the condition is well suitable for the metropolitan citizens from where, you can select a possible getaway to explore the amazing sites.
Best Weekend Gateways in India

For such recreational trips, you don't need long planning or packing. You've to just simply make your mind to treat yourself from a long list of interesting options where you can perform thrilling adventures, exploration of natural attractions, taste the mouth-watering delicacies and shopping of unique specialties.

If you are in Bangalore:

Weekend Gateways from Banglore

Make a perfect utilization of your weekend time with the tour of some exciting weekend getaways. It is a time when you can re-energizes yourself and rejoins your childhood memories. For spending a perfect weekend break in Bangalore, the twin capital city has a wide range of options. You can beautifully appreciate the nature's beauty and historical allures away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Wayanad (6.5 hours, 273 kms)

Wayanad Weekend Gateway from Bangalore

Wayanad is one of the prettiest options for your weekend breakouts from Bangalore. On the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Wayanad offers you a beautiful green surroundings, hilly ranges, spice plantations, trekking options, wildlife and numerous beautiful sceneries to refresh your senses. In the midst of Western Ghats mountains, this popular place is famous for the yield of cash crops.

Hill station & Wildlife Gateway from Bangalore

Type: Hill Station & Wildlife
Not to miss: Wildlife, Rivers & Lakes, Hills & Valleys
Perfect for: Family, Friends & Honeymooners
Best Time: Throughout the year

Coorg (5.5 hours, 267 kms)

Coorg Weekend Gateway from Bangalore

For lush greenery, peace, solitude and best options of adventure activities, Coorg ('Scotland of India') is a perfect destination. The stunning landscapes, fascinating waterfalls, misty mountains and amazing wildlife are perfect to plan a weekend holiday whether you are looking for a visit with your friends or with family. It will be your wonderful weekend idea due to pleasant climatic conditions throughout the year. This nature's blessed location with heavenly beauty is best suitable to forget the entire worries of life.

Hillstation & Wildlife Gateway from Bangalore

Type: Hill Station & Wildlife
Not to miss: Wildlife, Rivers & Lakes, Hills & Valleys
Perfect for: Family, Friends & Honeymooners
Best Time: Throughout the year

Ooty (6 hours, 265 kms)

Ooty Weekend Gateway from Bangalore

Ooty is one of the famous destinations among popular honeymoon spots of India. At a high altitude of 2242 m, this marvelous hill station is highly preferable for enjoying the real benefits of fresh atmosphere. You'll self feel a wonderful change in the clean and clear climate of Ooty. This beautiful city of South India has a pristine set up in the lap of the nature. You'll get the amazing views of nature in a form of dense forest, mountains, tea gardens and sprawling grasslands.

Hill Station Gateway from Bangalore

Type: Hill Station
Not to miss: Hills & Valley, Rivers & Lakes, Trekking
Perfect for: Family, Friends & Honeymooners
Best Time: Throughout the year

Chikmagalur (5.5 hours, 250 kms)

Chikmagalur Weekend Gateway from Bangalore

The beautiful coffee land of Karnataka is one of the perfect weekend destinations from Bangalore. At the foothills of Mullayanagiri hills, the green valleys of Chikmagalur surely attract you along the pleasant weather conditions of the place. The beautiful city ranks at top popular among the searches of trekkers, travellers and tourists. The city has several examples of Dravidian style architecture including, temples, Mosque and Cathedrals. In the serene environment, you'll feel a re-energizing sense with the pleasing treat of natural beauty and relaxing ambiance.

Hill Station Gateway from Bangalore

Type: Hill Station
Not to miss: Wildlife, Hills & Valleys, Trekking
Perfect for: Family, Friends & Honeymooners
Best Time: Throughout the year

Mysore (3.5 hours, 145 kms)

Mysore Weekend Gateway from Bangalore

The royal city, Mysore has the wonderful blend of traditional and modern attractions. At the foothills of Chamundi Hills, it is one of the popular South Indian holiday spots. Mysuru or Mysore is popular due to its rich past, palaces, ornate temples, cultural attractions, gardens, Zoo, galleries, silk, Ayurveda, bustling markets and local delicacies. With the range of multiple attractions, the place has exceptional weather conditions throughout the year.

Historical Gateway from Bangalore

Type: Historical
Not to miss: Heritage
Perfect for: Family & Friends
Best Time: Throughout the year

If you are in Chennai:

Weekend Gateways from Chennai

Chennai is one of the most lovable tourist spots where you'll get the huge options about to pick a favorable one for your weekend fun. If you want to escape from your world, then this city offers you numerous options from its tranquil natural attractions, adventure sports and heritage sites. Surely, it will be your one of the best holidays ever, no matter whether it is for a small span of time.

Yelagiri (5 hours, 229 kms)

Yelagiri Weekend Gateway from Chennai

Feel yourself lost in the charming neighbourhood of the magical Yelagiri. In Vellore district, this hill station has a range of landmarks which offers the relaxing treat along the beauty of tranquility and solitude. In this dreamlike location, you can enjoy boating, walking, sightseeing, thrilling activities and several picturesque attractions.

Romantic Gateway from Chennai

Type: Romantic
Not to miss: Hills & Valley, Rivers & Lakes, Trekking
Perfect for: Family & Friends
Best Time: Nov-Feb

Pondicherry (4 hours, 169 kms)

Pondicherry Weekend Gateway from Chennai

Pondicherry is a quiet and clean city, popular due to the past French colony and peaceful sea attractions. Till the date, the city provides you an international vibe of French culture. This popular weekend getaway has famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram, multitude of Ayurvedic healthcare centres, religious attractions (Notre Dame des Anges, Sacred Heart Basilica, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception) and well known ancient architecture.

Romantic Gateway from Chennai

Type: Romantic
Not to miss: Beaches & Heritage
Perfect for: Family, Friends & Honeymooners
Best Time: Oct-Jan & Apr-Jun

Kanchipuram (3 hours, 74 kms)

Kanchipuram Weekend Gateway from Chennai

Kanchipuram is one of the glorious weekend breakouts which provides a wonderful display of religious and historical sites along with a combination of entertaining activities. This popular silk city is famous for culture and civilization along a large number of ancient temples. This old city along its ancient architecture provides you sightseeing and bird watching like options.

Religious Gateway from Chennai

Type: Religious
Not to miss: Temples, Heritage
Perfect for: Family
Best Time: Oct-May

Mahabalipuram (3 hours, 56 kms)

Mahabalipuram Weekend Gateway from Chennai

World Heritage Listed, Mahabalipuram has a major importance among worldwide tourists. The people come here to closely observe the ancient archaeological wonders. The place has several treasures for you. One can beautifully catch the attractions of religious sights, Sculpture Museum, Cave Temple, Windswept Shore Temple and neighbouring villages for water sports and rejuvenating spa treatments.

Religious Gateway from Chennai

Type: Religious
Not to miss: Heritage, Religious, Beaches
Perfect for: Family & Friends
Best Time: Nov-Mar

Pulicat (2 hours, 60 kms)

Pulicat Weekend Gateway from Chennai

In the Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu, Pulicat is a gorgeous place with Bird Sanctuary, Beach, Fort and Church like attractions. The tourists visit this small seashore town to enjoy the beach activities, water sports and bird watching like prominent activities. The scenic Pulicat lake is considered as a second biggest brackish water lake of India.

Nature Lover Gateway from Chennai

Type: Natural attraction
Not to miss: Beach activities, Flamingos
Perfect for: Family & Friends
Best Time: Oct-Mar

If you are in Delhi:

Weekend Gateways from Delhi

From the pace of this highly populated metropolitan capital city, you surely wants a relaxing break. From this vibrant cultural melting-pot, you can discover the range of popular tourist attractions to enjoy a different taste away from the routine schedule.

Lansdowne (6 hours, 254 kms)

Lansdowne Weekend Gateway from Delhi

If you totally fed-up from the busy life schedule of Delhi then get ready on the route to beautiful hill station Lansdowne. This pristine hill station provides the mystical and breathtaking views under the perfect setup of Indian Army. The selection of Lansdowne for your weekend refreshing break means a step closer to eco-friendly tourism where you can enjoy mountaineering, walk, jungle safaris and trekking. At a high altitude of 1706 m, this unspoiled Himalayan beauty is surrounded by the snow covered peaks, pine and oak trees, away from the human activities.

Romantic Gateway from Delhi

Type: Romantic
Not to miss: Hills & Valleys
Perfect for: Family, Honeymooners, Friends
Best Time: Throughout the year

Jaipur (5 hours, 268 kms)

Jaipur Weekend Gateway from Delhi

Jaipur is a popular attraction for worldwide tourists. This beautiful city has unique shades from hills, lakes, magnificent forts, royal palaces and attractive monuments. With these architectural marvels, the 'Pink City' has the great factors which provides you a proud feel. With Agra and Delhi, Jaipur completes the Golden Triangle of Indian Tourism. During your weekend break, you can explore the rich heritage and culture of Jaipur along the attractive charm of the local sightseeing.

Historical Weekend Gateway from Delhi

Type: Historic
Not to miss: Heritage
Perfect for: Family
Best Time: Oct-Mar

Agra (4 hours, 210 kms)

Agra Weekend Gateway from Delhi

The prideful symbol of 'Taj Mahal' in Agra makes it a popular site. Along with such wonder, Agra includes a list of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites including, Agra Fort & Fatehpur Sikri. With the Mughal art, history, culture and architecture there is a unique romance in the air of Agra. On the bank of the River Yamuna, this Mughal City becomes your perfect weekend getaway. This international holiday destination has amazing progress along with the combination of a glorious past.

Historic & Romantic Gateway from Delhi

Type: Romantic
Not to miss: Heritage
Perfect for: Family & Friends
Best Time: Oct-Mar

Bharatpur (4 hours, 198 kms)

Bharatpur Weekend Gateway from Delhi

Bharatpur is a Royal land of Indian Maharajas in Rajasthan state. This famous getaway has its own significance with the heroic tales of bravery and ancient architectures of forts and palaces. With the wide attractions of Mughal and Rajput architecture, the place has a unique charm of Bharatpur National Park or Keoladeo Ghana National Park. Under UNESCO World Heritage Listed, this Bird Sanctuary is a home of different species of birds, reptiles and amphibians. It will be like a dream location if you are birds or nature lover. Overall, the city has a complete entertainment zone for family and friends.

Wilflife Lover Gateway from Delhi

Type: Wildlife
Not to miss: Heritage, Wildlife
Perfect for: Family
Best Time: Nov-Feb

Mathura & Vrindavan (3 hours, 161 kms)-

Mathura & Vrindavan Weekend Gateway from Delhi

In the attractive ambience of Mathura & Vrindavan, there is a unique charm of bhagti and devotion. On the bank of River Yamuna, both the holy cities have a long list of big and small Lord Krishna & Radha temples, shrines, kunds and ghats. Along with the major sites of pilgrim attractions, the worldwide people visit here on the special occasions of Holi and Janmashtmi (Lord Krishna's birthday). In the vibrant surroundings of Mathura & Vrindavan, you self feels some magical charm away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Religious Gateway from Delhi

Type: Religious
Not to miss: Temples
Perfect for: Family
Best Time: Oct-Mar

If you are in Kolkata:

Weekend Gateways from Kolkata

The appealing attractions of Kolkata and its neighbourhood have an intriguing number of sites to offer a relaxing weekend. With the various blends of cultural and artistic view, you'll feel a poetic sense in the mystical breeze. The place offers you every beautiful shade of natural colors with the combination of sun, sea, sand, historic, cultural and related attractions.

Digha (5 hours, 181 kms)

Digha Weekend Gateway from Kolkata

Digha is a wonderful family spot to enjoy a pleasant weekend. The place has varied tourist attractions with a magnificent range of beaches, temples, museums, sea resorts and research centers. Digha's beautiful scenery is best suitable for all age group members, where you can witness the vast area within a form of pristine or untouched beauty.

Romantic Gateway from Kolkata

Type: Romantic
Not to miss: Beaches, Water activities
Perfect for: Family, Friends
Best Time: Jun-Mar

Talasari Beach (5 hours, 170 kms)

Talasari Beach Weekend Gateway from Kolkata

The pristine, serene and spectacular panorama of Talasari Beach is perfect to get the refreshing senses during a weekend getaway. This virgin beach in Odisha district has a range of options within the surroundings of palm, coconut and cashew trees. Here, you can capture the rhythmic mood of nature with the melodic touch of golden sands, greenery and sea. At this fisherman's paradise, you can enjoy leisure walks, boating and relaxing moments while watching the beautiful scenery of nature.

Romantic Gateway from Kolkata

Type: Romantic
Not to miss: Beaches, Rivers & Lakes
Perfect for: Family, honeymooners
Best Time: Oct-Dec, Feb

Bakkhali (4 hours, 139 kms)

Bakkhali Gateway from Kolkata

Bakkhali is a small beach town on the West Bengal coast, which has the perfect setup for weekend joy. This popular getaway provides you the opportunity to enjoy the beach walk, boat ride, cycling and nature attractions. In Bakkhali, you can experience the beach haven on foot within a company of your friends or beloved one and get the wonderful collection of lifelong memories.

Romantic Gateway from Kolkata

Type: Romantic
Not to miss: Beaches, Water sports
Perfect for: Friends, Honeymooners
Best Time: Oct-Mar

Sundarbans (4 hours, 125 kms)

Sundarbans Weekend Gateway from Kolkata

The beautiful attraction of silent charm which lies under UNESCO World Heritage Site will be your outstanding weekend getaway. A visit to Sundarbans means, you'll get the interaction of nature's simplicity and inspiring flora and fauna. With a great action of ecological balance, this wildlife sanctuary plays a major role in preserving the species of Royal Bengal Tigers and spotted deer.

Type: Nature & Wildlife
Not to miss: Rivers & lakes, Wildlife
Perfect for: Family
Best Time: Sep-Mar

Chandannagar (2 hours, 45 kms)

Chandannagar Weekend Gateway from Kolkata

In the Hoogly District, this significant small town has several historical attractions. While exploring the colorful history of the place, you get the discovery about the foreign influences because, Chandan Nagar was firstly under the rule of Nawabs then after the French Government. In the pretty surroundings, you'll feel a sense of calmness & relax and you can collect the handful knowledge about the bit of past.

Type: Religious
Not to miss: Heritage, Rivers & lakes
Perfect for: Family
Best Time: Oct-Feb

If you are in Mumbai:

Weekend Gateways from Mumbai

Mumbai, a 'City of Dreams' is popular due to its vibrant attractions. With the busy schedule, Mumbai is a city which never sleeps. So, if you want to spend a day out of track, means a couple of hours in the lap of nature then must select a destination from this list of popular weekend getaways.

Mahabaleshwar (6 hours, 229 kms)

Mahabaleshwar Weekend Gateway from Mumbai

To catch the captivating beauty of Mahabaleshwar, you've to visit Satara district. This popular hill station is located in the Western Ghats within the surroundings of waterfalls, dense forests, hills, valleys, serene lakes and ancient temples. Along with such charming view of nature's beauty, the place is renowned for its beautiful strawberry farms. This highest hill station of Western India has a balanced fusion of modernity and old world charm. Don't miss out the enchanting morning and golden sunrise of the place.

Religious Gateway from Mumbai

Type: Romantic
Not to miss: Hills & Valleys
Perfect fr: Family, Friends, Honeymooners
Best Time: Oct-Jun

Kamshet (3 hours, 102 kms)

Adventure Lover Gateway from Mumbai

Are you want to play some exciting and thrilling sports during your weekend break then Kamshet, in Pune district is actual paradise for you. Within the surroundings of Western Ghats, the natural scenery and fresh breeze of Kamshet welcomes every adventure junky. With the world-class Paragliding facilities, the place has endless beauty in a form of sunflower and paddy fields. Here, you can also explore the village attractions, muddy huts, temples, caves and hills.

Kamshet Weekend Gateway from Mumbai

Type: Adventure
Not to miss: Nature, Adventure activities
Perfect for: Friends
Best Time: Oct-Jun

Alibagh (4 hours, 92 kms)

Alibagh Weekend Gateway from Mumbai

Alibagh is a popular weekend getaway due to its mesmerizing weather and dense greenery. In the Raigarh district, Alibagh has a long list of popular spots within the great combination of beaches, temples, forts and forests. It is a famous romantic getaway for Mumbai and Puna folks where you'll get an enchanting and relaxing feel. The sandy beaches, clean water, fresh air and the entire natural settings of this coastal town surely spellbound you.

Romantic Gateway from Mumbai

Type: Romantic
Not to miss: Beaches, Water activities
Perfect for: Friends, Family
Best Time: Nov-Mar

Lonavala / Khandala (3 hours, 84 kms)

Lonavala & Khandala Weekend Gateway from Mumbai

The majestic looks and pleasant ambience of Lonavala / Khandala makes them popular weekend getaways. The glittering lakes, waterfalls and overall bewitching experience must be soulful for you. These nature's gifted attractions have dense greenery, caves, lakes, waterfalls, forts and other charming sites for your memorable visit. Lonavala / Khandala are highly selected hill stations due to appealing hiking and trekking like activities.

Romantic Gateway from Mumbai

Type: Romantic
Not to miss: Hills & Valleys, Trekking, Rivers & lakes
Perfect for: Family, Friends, Honeymooners
Best Time: Throughout the year

Matheran (3 hours, 83 kms)

Matheran Weekend Gateway from Mumbai

Matheran is a wonderful place to enjoy the weekend break away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the Raigad district, Matheran's gorgeous beauty along the pleasant weather is available throughout the year. In the Eco sensitive region, you'll feel a complete tranquility due to the ban of the automobiles entry inside the town. This one of the picturesque location, which offers a relaxing calm to your soul and eyes. In this green surroundings, you can explore the lakes, parks, medicinal herbs and worship areas.

Romantic Gateway from Mumbai

Type: Romantic
Not to miss: Hills & Valleys, Trekking
Perfect for: Family, Friends, Honeymooners
Best Time: Throughout the year

5 Perfect Weekend breaks and holidays getaways of India

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