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Top Curise Rides of  India
Take a break away from the bustling city streets to relaxing rivers and soak yourself into the calm water surroundings. Pour a new excitement in your soul while exploring the ancient heritage and religious attractions. In the vast waterfront, you can explore the hidden mysteries of nature. In this new world, there are several captivating sights which surely intrigue your senses. If you are expecting the same view of ride over glinting waves, then get ready to explore top cruise rides of India during this holiday.


This water rides surely offers you a mesmerizing imagination. You've to just widen your senses and feel yourself in the mid of turquoise blue water within rocky surroundings, where you stand a deck atop with a wine glass in your hand. You can also enjoy the prettiest sunset ever of your life during this time, within the company of your beloved. So, possibilities are huge. You have to simply select your favorite route to discover the hidden part of nature.

Broken Bridge

If you're in India, then there are several cruise holiday options in front of you where you get a complete luxurious experience with your family and friends. With the large number of beautiful lakes, the country provides a unique specialty, whether you cover Rajasthan to Assam or Kashmir to Kerala. Here, we are enlisting the top cruise rides in India which you need to explore.

Andaman is always on the top of the list of nature or beach lovers. If you really want to spend a wonderful cruise holiday then the place has best diving sites and world-renowned beaches to actually discover the pristine beauty of nature. In the case of cruising, you'll enjoy the view of spectacular coral reefs on the glass bottom boats.

It will definitely, your unique and memorable experience where you can witness the strong waves or can capture such exquisite colors of exotic islands.

Udaipur, Pichola lake

The tour to Udaipur- 'city of lakes' is incomplete without the boat ride on Pichola. It is a perfect way to explore the city palaces and gardens. You can capture the best scenic shore-side beauty to collect your long-lasting memories. During this ride, you can also cover the magnificent piece of architecture with the delightful natural beauty.

This picturesque boat provides the amazing views in the backdrop of sunset. The cozy atmosphere and pristine surroundings surely put a soothing impact on you.

Brahmaputra River Cruise

Brahmaputra Rive Cruise India

Discover an enchanting countryside during your sail on Brahmaputra River. This incredible journey offers you several mesmerizing views of the waterfront. The vastness of the sea provides you an adventure like feel where you can witness the birds, Gangetic Dolphins, wildlife and endless scenery.

Brahmaputra River

This luxurious cruise ride covers the Jorhat, Dibrugarh, Guwahati and their surroundings sites.

Sundarbans, Ganges Delta

Boats in Sundarbans Ganges Delta

Sundarbans- a land of Royal Bengal Tigers is placed at the Southern tip of West Bengal. For a nature lover, it will be a majestic journey which offers a galore of activities to make it a complete entertaining visit. With the range of amazing insights, you can catch the glimpses of traditional villages, beauty of islands, pristine beaches and several local flora & fauna of the place.

Sundarbans Ganges Delta

You can also capture the spectacular views of mangrove forests and rivers during your visit in such breathtaking site of tiger reserve. After closely experiencing the culture and traditions of this riverine bliss, you can get a complete feel of adventure tour.

Jammu & Kashmir, Dal Lake

Jammu & Kashmir is a wonderful place to witness the heavenly beauty. The entire place surrounds within a layer of new refreshing charm. Especially, Dal Lake is a worthy place to admire the beauty of Jammu & Kashmir. Here, the Shikara or houseboat ride offers you a similar feel as that of Venice's gondola ride. The stunning decoration of Shikaras offers fabulous look. This wonderful jewel like state has equal popularity among locals and foreign tourists.

It is a place where you can spend amazing time within the surroundings of apple orchards, snow-capped mountain peaks, serene environment and overall paradise like amazing natural beauty.

Goa, River Mandovi

Mandovi River Goa

Cover the beautiful natural scenery and various historical sites during a sail on River Mandovi, Goa. Apart from the sea and sand activities, cruise ride is the major charm which attracts the tourists. You can also relish the music and dance on board to fully enjoy your party mood.

Sunset at Mandovi River Goa

In the relaxed ambiance, you can enjoy your day with sea food, laid back culture, famous beaches and dolphin spotting like activities.

Kerala, Vembanad Lake

Curise Vembanad Lake Kumarakom Kerala

Kerala is a densely forested, well-preserved South Indian state which is beautifully covered within Malabar Coast (at the south end of Western Coast). This hot tourist destination has great value on the international map with the beautiful set up of Vembanad Lake. This beautiful paradise is blessed with golden beaches, fragrant tea gardens, houseboat cruising and a plethora of flora & fauna. The backwaters of Kerala make it a romantic honeymoon destination.

Boating Vembanad Lake Kerala

This popular cruise destination of India offers a chance to sail through picturesque riversides and local traditional villages.

Orissa, Chilika Lake

Baoting in Chilka Lake Orissa

Spend some amazing time in the tranquil surroundings of Asia's largest saltwater lagoon. During your Orissa visit, the boating on Chilika Lake is a way to admire the queen of beautiful lakes on this earth. This gorgeous water surroundings lies among Asia's largest brackish water lakes. This pear-shaped lagoon provides the opportunity to spend some quality time.

Chilka Lake Orissa

During your boat-ride, you'll get the chance to closely appreciate the beauty of nature in a form of migratory birds, peaceful sunset and overall serenity of the place.

Beautiful Sunset

Similarly, you can overflow your bucket with other options of “River Cruising in India” with the names like Cochin, Kolkata, Manipur, Mangalore, Allahabad and many others boating options in Indian rivers. With such a relaxing activity, you'll get the opportunity to explore more and more. So, pack your bags and select your favorite direction where ever you want to go from north to south or east to west.

Explore hidden mysteries of nature with top Cruise Rides of India

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Romantic Gateway - Valentine
Welcome February, you carry a LOVE reminder for love birds. Almost, all of you ready for affection shower on your sweetheart with a range of lovely ideas. But, Have you select a unique way except from the general trend of chocolates, roses and gifts? Guys! Get ready to plan a romantic getaway, you've a great excuse to offer a most lovable and surprising moment to your partner.

Romantic Getaways Around the World

If you really want to get a feel of love in the air then try something BIG this year. Planning of a surprise trip is nothing else than creating a romantic surroundings for your beloved with your own hands. For this romantic break, we have the list of top five worldwide destinations which you can pick according to your favorite country, perfect taste and outstanding scenery.

Romantic Surprising Trip

We are here to advise the most romantic getaways around the world during this Valentine Day. It's not too late- you can surprise your beloved with the last minute planning. Good Luck!

Romantic Gateway - Andaman

Give a perfect turn to your true bonding and loving relationship during your visit to the most romantic site of Andaman Islands. In the idyllic tropical settings, it is a place where you can escape from the stress of your daily lives and get an opportunity to rediscover your love. In the ocean surrounding, it will be your emotional and inspiring journey. For the best experience, you can also select the blissful spa treatments, fishing, cruising or several other sand & sea activities.

Romantic Gateway - Bali

Bring your true love to Bali means you seriously want to spend lovely moments as a couple for your lifelong memories. For a romantic hangout, Bali has several charming options with the Chocolate tour, trail in rice fields, village tour, day out at sea & dolphin watching, romantic dinner, journey to beach or can say an inspiring touch of nature with some unforgettable special experience at sunset hours. It will surely an exceptional site to put a wonderful impression on your partner.

Romantic Gateway - Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for couples and honeymooners. The charming country has romantic landscapes and picturesque backdrops for your lifelong memories. The stunning beaches, couple of romantic locations and friendly environment are the attractive features for every couple. To celebrate this wonderful 'Day of Love', Thailand will surely prove an ideal destination for you.

Romantic Gateway - Santorini Greece

Santorini is a prime destination among honeymooners favorite list. This gorgeous island is well suitable to the reputation of your love. You can cover every dream opportunity in the glittering night sky and romantic sunset of Santorini. The amazing land is blessed with every beautiful color of the nature where you can enjoy a sunset sail, a trek to volcano & hot springs, ancient ruins and much more or even you can plan a most important day of your wedding here.

Romantic Gateway - Singapore Curise

The special night cruising around Singapore is a grand selection during this Valentine. It will be amazing or unique idea to create a romantic atmosphere around your beloved. This on board great opportunity can turn your day into one of the most special ones. With the complete fun and excitement, you'll gain a refreshing perspective on this special day with the combination of exclusive ideas of dine in the sky, Thai massage for relaxation, mesmerized city attractions in pretty night lights, wine toast, couple dance, a song dedication and chill out at the marina.

Secretly plan a romantic getaway to surprise your partner

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Romantic Cruise Ride
Are you planned for an amazing surprise for your special this festival season, then why not do something different in a unique way? Cruise holiday or can say 'romantic sea excursion' is a spectacular idea to collect the unforgettable moments. This exceptional visit provides you a chance of sparking fun away from the city crowd. It will surely be your dream experience for which you want to get one another chance.

Couple on Cruise Ship

You can make your day special on this celebration occasion, with the plenty of sensory delights and a number of special ideas like-

Give a perfect frame to your special moments:

Couple on Cruise

There is a unique energy and love in the air where you can enjoy spectacular views while holding the hand of your beloved. In the middle of the water along the pleasant feel of the cool breeze, you'll get a perfect venue to present her a proposal along lovable gifts.

Apart from any crowded restaurants, you can enjoy your romantic dinner based on love & celebration themes. Within the romantic ambiance, the gorgeous decoration and soul pleasing music makes your day complete.

Strengthen your relation & energize your living:

Cruise Holiday

Cruise holiday and its activities in the beautiful location, on the special day is a grand idea to add extra spark in your relationship. In this entertainment zone, you'll collect several priceless moments with dance, dinner and photography within a complete relaxing beauty.

Precious Moment Cruise

Simply, it is a precious moment where you give your whole time to your partner for a lifelong strength of your relation.

Memorable experience with heartiest feelings:

Romantic dinner cruise is a special way to give memorable dining experience to your beloved companion. It is one of the best form of most elegant dinner date where you can enjoy bountiful dinner along the sips of your favorite beverage.

It is a perfect venue 'under the stars' where you can share your beautiful moments while expressing your heartiest feelings.

Enjoy a relaxed and quality time together:

Spa and Aromatherapy Facilities Cruise

The Spa and Aromatherapy facilities on cruise is a special way to get peaceful treatment for soul and mind. In this passionate celebration season, you can feel energetic with this relaxing spa along with the variety of options.

Such natural processes of sound mind & body provides you a unique charm to hold the hand of your beloved one, to happily capture every unforgettable moment.

Enjoy a romantic cruise ride on this festival season

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