Find Out The Countries That Rely On Tourism

Nature has bestowed with many nations in the world. Unadulterated beauty and unparalleled natural landscapes have been a synonym to these nations. With time, these countries have grown popular with travelers and their earnings have become more and more dependent on travel and tourism as a vital source of income. The resulting list is the nations that mostly or totally rely on tourism in the world.


Travel and Tourism provide a major part of the total GDP of this nation. About more than 25% of the total population in Seychelles are engaged somehow directly or indirectly in tourism activities. This island paradise was quite affected due to the depression in major economies. It serves thousands of tourists every day. Hence, you can count Seychelles as one of the successful countries with a strong tourist-based economy.


The Maldives Islands are 1000 islands located off the west coast of the Indian ocean. A true Asian experience, the Maldives is the excellent place to avoid the hustle and bustle of everyday busy life. It is very safe and secluded islands with some friendly locals. Due to its surrounded by Indian ocean, its economy is 80% based on tourism. At a result some of the Best Holiday Packages from India includes Maldives at the top. You can explore some of the great places with crystal clear blue water and live above the Indian ocean in Some luxury water villas. The perfect place for riding a bike along the beach destination as it is the most common mode of transportation on this islands. If you are planning your trip to the Maldives make sure you must experience Island hopping.


About 30% of the work drive is utilized by the travel industry in the Bahamas. The most loved island escape of Americans, this island town is totally reliant on the travel industry for its prosperity. 22% of its Gross domestic product originates from the travel industry and its unified exercises. The per capita the travel industry pay is $6288. 

St Lucia 

St Lucia invites more than 300,000 guests for every year. In spite of the fact that the monetary lull and regular catastrophes have vigorously affected the economy, this current nation's flawless magnificence can't ward off guests for eternity. The travel industry adds to 13.8% of the complete Gross domestic product of this nation. The most elevated donor after the travel industry is bananas. 


Bermuda has a for each capita the travel industry pay of $5451. A normal visitor spends about $1305 in this nation. With the colossal measure of lodgings here, it is no big surprise that a large portion of the work constrain is utilized by this industry.  Bermuda is a calm and tranquil place perfect to choose in your Honeymoon tour packages

Turks and Caicos 

The per capita the travel industry salary here is $12,420. The all-out number of traveler entries are inclresing day by day. This small nation attracts major Honeymoon Tour Packages from India.


Tanzania saw 1,063,000 voyagers in 2013. Its overflowing untamed life and regular magnificence is the motivation behind why such huge numbers of travelers visit each year. Travel and The travel industry contribute 12.7% to the all-out Gross domestic product. 


Fiji rises from a few hundred tourists to many thousands of tourists, making Fiji's economy a strong economy totally dependent on tourism. The islands are prevalent visitor pullers and are vigorously dependent on the travel industry professionals.


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