Prime Elements You Must Explore In Your Holiday Trip To Switzerland

Switzerland is the paradise for snow lovers. It attracts a large number of tourists every year. If you want to spend your holidays at some cool and energetic spot then Switzerland is one of the best choice for your to choose in your Europe honeymoon Packages. It is blessed with museum holding the ancient history of mankind, snow covered alps perfect for indulging in snow activities, beautiful lakes to spend a lovely night with your partner on your honeymoon.. Find out top spots which you can miss.

A romantic trip to Geneva

It is the home of the United Nations. Geneva is known for its humanitarian heart, it referred to the Capital of Peace by many, this city has a diversified and interesting propensity for tourists to discover. Stroll around the city and explore the chic boutiques, quaint quays, winding streets, and galleries. Also not to be missed on a trip to the iconic fountain in Geneva is a must visit the place. This place erupts from Lake of Geneva and releases water fountain up to 500 feet high in the air. Geneva is home to opera houses and cinemas making it a perfect spot for art lover to plan a Switzerland honeymoon packages. Museums are dedicated entirely too famous timepieces of Switzerland. 

Take a ride in Glacier Express

The Glacier Express provides the magnificent views of the snow covered mountains in this 7-hour journey via some of the most dangerous and stunning mountain ranges in Switzerland. The route first started out in 1928, a 170 miles stretch from St. Moritz to Zermatt. In its journey, it covers around 91 tunnels and 291 bridges. Oberalp Pass is the highlight of the journey. The iconic Glacier Express is equipped with contemporary cuisine compartments with significant windows to give you perspective and spectacular scenery.

Taste the twist of Italian Lugano

It is located in the south of Ticino. It is surrounded with heavy Italian influences. The pavement of the narrow streets is perfect for strolling around the town, as the Town is closed for cars, making it a place to walk and explore. The only way other than walking is either ride a bike or hop on the steamers of the Lake Lugano. Floral Route covered with Palm trees is a popular site for a honeymoon couple. Ciona and Carona's churches feature amazing stucco and frescos work.

Try out Best Swiss Chocolatiers 

Zurich is the chocolate capital of Switzerland. Swiss chocolate is liked by all age category. Zurich’s finest chocolates take more than a year to make and it takes less than a minute to finish it. Although cacao beans and sugar ingredients import to Switzerland from outside the real creation of the final chocolate takes place in here only. Chocolates of Switzerland have gained a worldwide popularity for its rich and high in quality with countless global chocolate brands. Best Holiday Packages from India includes these places in their itinerary.

Indulge yourself in unlimited Snow activity

Switzerland is a land of winters, panoramic views, and snow covered slopes of the mountains. This is a great place to play in the snow and indulges in enormous activities such as sledding, snowball fighting, built a snowman, build your fort of snow, skiing and in the night you can enjoy the campfire with a hot cup of coffee.

Switzerland has some thing to offer its each and every tourist. You will never run out of options to explore in Switzerland.


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