Best Places to Visit in Mauritius for a Relaxing Vacation in April

For as long as people can remember, Mauritius has been compatible with honeymoons wanted for a great destination for honeymoon and explore its ethereal beaches with white sand and warm blue waters. While it does have some of the most impressive and stunning beaches with amazing water activities in the world, there is no shortage of unique things to explore in Mauritius. This place is the best place near or a paradise in Africa. Every year thousands of tourists plan their Mauritius honeymoon packages just to visit the best place in Africa. 

Must Try the Street Food

Mauritian Street Food is one of the main highlights of the nation. Here you can have a large number of different cuisines from all over the world. A unique mix of some of the most delicious cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, African, and Creole etc can be experience here. Spices, flavors, and colors come together to form an appetizing cuisine. Nowhere else would you find this delicious French? Dedicate a day to explore the Street Food of Mauritius. Visit when you are hungry and must try Traditional Creole Curry made with fresh seafood.

Hire A Car and Drive Around the Magnificent Places 

Leasing a vehicle is anything but an extremely mainstream choice in Mauritius. Most travelers like to move around in taxis driven by nearby drivers. Be that as it may, we would recommend leasing a vehicle in case you're even a slight bit bold. Does nothing contrast with finding a mystery shoreline or discovering an astounding eatery isn't that right? Here in Mauritius, you should not depend entirely on your GPS system in the outskirts of Mauritius. English is broadly spoken here so don’t feel shy to ask someone’s help to get to the right direction.

Visit Tea Plantations Is the Best Thing You Can Do Have Some Alone Time

Honeymoon is the best time to know each other and this is the best place you can visit with your partner on your honeymoon trip to Mauritius. Imagine being the only people in the lush greenery, enveloped with fog, and surrounded by tea plantations. If you’re a tea addict, this is the paradise for you. Here, you could take a guided tour with English speaking guides. Make sure you dine at their terrace restaurant to have some amazing dining moments as it offers exceptional panoramic landscapes of inland Mauritius.

Walkthrough Sugarcane Fields in Inland Mauritius 

Get the amazing view of sugarcane fields. They appear to go on miles and offer dazzling scenery to drives on the island. Sugarcane has a long history in Mauritius. It was acquainted with the nation by Dutch colonizers, advanced by the French, and created by the English as the essential harvest in Mauritius amid the nineteenth century. 

It is anything but difficult to lose all sense of direction in the tight ways of sugarcane fields, with several influencing sugarcane plants for the organization. Visit L'Aventure Du Sucre, a sugar historical center with its own sugarcane fields. It gives a far-reaching review of the historical backdrop of sugarcane and its significance for the island. It is conceivable to test an assortment of sugars here.  

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed the amazing things to explore in Mauritius and it may help you to choose the best holiday packages from India.


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