Best Wildlife Experiences around the World to Watch Majestic Animals up Close

Nothing can be more rewarding than having a close encounter with some wild animals in their natural habitat. Be it Bear, panda, elephant, tiger or a whale, is it all about watching these animals to experience the around from their perspective. The trick with wildlife-watching understands where to travel and handling expectations. Close encounters with such animals are quite rare and very hard to come by. But, you can enhance your possibilities of a memorable experience by exploring wildlife hotspots where animals are more liberal of people. Here are the best places to choose on your holiday tour packages to experience wildlife.

Addo Elephant Park, South Africa

African elephants are quite easy to spot but for a truly close encounter with these beasts, head to Addo Elephant Park in South Africa. In Addo Elephant Park, Elephants are everywhere you look: a large herd led by a matriarch to the watering hole, a massive tusker strolling across the savanna, a group of young bachelors cooling off in the shade.

The specifically-constructed hide near a watering hole gives your perfect view of the most majestic sights of nature. Watch a family of elephants combining and caring for their young. Give your family perfect holiday experience. Apart from the elephants, Addo Elephant Park is one of the best places in Africa to observe rare flightless Addo dung beetle, meerkats, many small creatures from mongooses, buffalos, elands, red hartebeests, kudus.

Kanha Tiger Reserve, India

Noticing a tiger in the wild is the best things one can do to check their bucket list of the most iconic wildlife experiences. The best place to witness these big cats in Kanha Tiger Reserve located in the middle of India. Kanha Tiger Reserve is a special reserve region just to improve the endangered special of the tiger. Kanha is the world of Kipling’s Jungle Book and you can observe most of the animals from Jungle Book such as Indian wolves, leopards, jackals, sloth bears, and the royal Bengal tigers  

Visit between March and May as it is the best time for spotting a tiger. In dry season when the forest is dry and tigers usually prefer a cold place to stay mostly near the last remaining watering holes. Kanha is also the only place on the earth where you can witness the endangered hard-ground barasingha. This species can be found in India only. The successful protection struggles of the park have brought this elegant swamp deer back from the verge of extinction.

Kangaroo Island, Australia

Kangaroo Island is located just off the coast of South Australia. It is all about exploring wildlife in a safe and secure environment. It is even named after one of its more diverse inhabitants and national animal of Australia. But the most epic wildlife attraction tourists explore on the island, however, is not the kangaroos, the island is famous for endangered Australian sea lions and it attracts lots of tourists every year.

The National Park’s rangers offer some personal guided tours and they take you to the center of the breeding colony of Sea Lions. Watching such rare animals is definitely the phenomena you will never forget in your entire life. Down on the beach, you can stroll among the mothers suckling their young, young pups learning to swim, and bulls fighting for dominance.

Spotting and observing wildlife from close is the best experience you can get on your holiday tour. Definitely the best places for animal lovers.


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