Mauritius probably is one of the most passionate islands in the entire world to kick-start your newly married life, but the main question is where to stay at your honeymoon. So, read the article to get to know the best places to stay while you are on your Honeymoon trip to Mauritius.

Le Grand Bleu

Le Grand Bleu in one of the best in the list of Mauritius honeymoon beach resorts. Located by the south of the bay, the spectacular resort is one of the prime preference amongst newly weds honeymooners. Le Grand Bleu is among the best Mauritius Honeymoon vacation beach resorts. What makes this place so Special is that it is a place where Honeymooners indulge in some delicacies at their exquisite eating places & treat themselves with a rejuvenating massage at the significantly lauded couple spa. Don’t Miss the opportunity to go sailing with the love of your life into the calm glowing blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Tarisa Resort

Fancy an elegant honeymoon vacation in an amazing resort with a tip of legacy then Tarisa Resort is the place for you. Tarisa Resort & Spa is a traditionally rich yet modern beach resort in Mauritius. What makes is so specials that If you’re a newlywed honeymoon couple which prefers to relax in the lifestyle of a place & really wants a flavor of the exotic island than this destination is for you. It has a perfect blend of ultimate luxury with Mauritian history. Don’t Miss the opportunity to woo your better half by organizing a romantic candlelight dinner with a seaside sleeping sack to observe the bright sky. some of the suggested Rooms having Privacy assured, with beach side views and surrounded by exotic flowers and trees. Get indulge in their incredible couple spa at the ocean view. Adventure seekers could go for a cycle tour or an early morning swim in the beach ride pool make your journey a perfect one.

The Westin Turtle Bay

Nestled in a super exclusive, relaxing spot at the edge of the highway in Turtle Bay, this enchanting Mauritius honeymoon beach resort is an extravagance at its best. The Westin Turtle Bay is known for its unique semi-open washrooms between the newlyweds. What makes this place so special is that the gorgeous hotel combinations effortlessly with its natural environment, while the decorations feature of the bedroom contemporary luxe, perfect for married couples searching for a relax the holiday away from hectic city lifestyle. Don’t Miss the opportunity to woo your better half with a passionate song at the sparkling beaches around the resort where many married couples tryst for a romantic evening hours walk while observing amazing sunset. Treat yourself & your partner with some amazing water activities near your beachfront pool suite. Observe the stunning sunset view with your special someone from your room itself.

Radisson Blu Azuri

One of the most unique Mauritius honeymoon beach resorts is Radisson Blu Azuri. It is blessed to the lovers Virgine and Paul & is an utter paradise for newly married honeymooners. One & Only Radisson Blu Azuri is amongst the most enchanting Mauritius honeymoon beach resorts Located at the North East Coast of Mauritius. What makes this place so special is that If you’re seeking for a disguised escape on the hidden Mauritian white sand beaches, then this is the perfect beach destination for you and your partner to get lost in each other at this amazing and romantic aura of the Radisson Blu Azuri beach resort. Don’t Miss the opportunity for all those exciting trysts with your sweetie and go for an under water sea walking. For a truly romantic meeting, celebrate your new love life at the ocean front suite with a personal swimming pool, huge terrace with magnificent views and get indulge yourself in waterspouts & activities like mountain biking, kite surfing, and para sailing. 

Laguna Beach Hotel And Spa

If you have thoughts of yourself lounging around the hammocks while your servant provides your a freshly make chilled martini, then Laguna Beach Hotel And Spa are where you should be heading. Laguna Beach Hotel And Spa are one of the highest quality beach resort in Mauritius, frequented by newly wedded honeymoon couples. What makes this place so special is that this indulging Mauritius honeymoon beach resort displays chic attractiveness and romance, ideal for married couples searching for a romantic rendezvous. Don’t Miss the opportunity to kiss your love beneath the starlit sky witnessed by the splattering waves at your feet. Unwind at a Luxury Villa or an Elegant Villa or with an exclusive swimming pool & delighted views, spreading romance all over. Walk hand-in-hand along the pristine beaches or find your love in your bedroom with your lover.

Le Surcouf Hotel And Spa

If your concept of a perfect honeymoon is keeping yourself away from the masses and snuggling up with your partner then Le Surcouf Hotel And Spa would be a perfect choice for you. This Le Surcouf Hotel And Spa Resort in Mauritius is the best honeymooners getaway located at the Chemin Grenier in South Mauritius. What makes this place so special is that you get disconnected from the world, away from the muzzle of the city, this stylish property is ideal to hug each other in one of the most alluring honeymoon vacation beach resorts in Mauritius. Don’t Miss the opportunity to observe the spectacular coral & unique marine views, there is nothing more passionate than a marine under water lunch while observing the deep blue sea at the Blue Safari submarine. You have to ask them to arrange it is not complimentary on your Mauritius holiday tour packages. Privacy is assured at the Luxury Suite Villas of Le Surcouf Hotel And Spa. Their Ayurvedic spa is incredible. you must try it. Food lovers should try out their special treats at their BBQ events.

There are some of the personal picks of the best honeymoon beach resorts at Mauritius for couples who are seeking a lovely place to spend their honeymoon. These wonderful resorts have special love nests, magnificent suites, incredible villas, and unusual hideaways to match all your honeymoon desires.

6 Top Best Honeymoon Resorts in Mauritius of 2018

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A honeymoon is the most remarkable time for a newlywed couple after their marriage. It is the time you get to know each other. Singapore has no shortage of places for honeymooners to spend some alone time with each other. From magnificent hotels by the ocean to enchanting landscapes for romantic sunsets, there’s a lot of places to explore in your Singapore Honeymoon Package. Here are some of the top 5 amazing locations to spend your honeymoon in Singapore.

The city offers a huge range of exciting and interesting activities to accommodate the various desire of honeymooners. From Universal Studios on Sentosa, Singapore Flyer, Sands Skypark to Botanic
Gardens, Night Safari, Singapore Zoo there is something for everyone.

Explore the lush green Botanic garden

This the vibrant and peaceful garden has lately been accepted as a UNESCO National Heritage. Its eternal appeal and tranquil aura of this place attract married couples. You can gradually walk hand-in-hand with your lover checking out the magnificence of the garden. You’ll be surprised to observe the extensive range of orchid varieties in the National Orchid Garden. Orchid Garden is so mesmerizing that it is one of the best destinations for pre-wedding photography.

Get lost in the vibrant blend of ancient and contemporary Chinatown

The traditional markets, interesting shops, awesome restaurants make this place a must-visit area. One can easily devote some days discovering the narrow streets of this traditionally rich town. It is a paradise for a foodie person, you can’t neglect the place without tasting satay (barbecued meat skewers) and char kway teow (stir-fried noodles) from street booths. People who like classy and modern locations to eat can find restaurants and cafes on Keong Saik Road, Duxton Road, and Neil Road.

Enjoy Night Safari in the nocturnal zoo very first of its kind

When the sun goes down, the gateways of Night Safari opens up for tourists. Night Safari is the very first nighttime wildlife park in the world which lets you observe a completely unique safari. You’ll be witnessing about 2,500 local animals including some of the endangered species like Malayan tiger, Malayan tapir, and Asian elephant. If you desire to explore the park on wheels, there is a 35-minute long tram ride for you. a tourist should also explore Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, and River Safari.

Experience spectacular views from Gardens By The Bay

The the garden presents awe-inspiring beachfront views. This horticultural fascination is distributed across 101 hectares, and include two main areas Bay South Garden and Bay East Garden. Bay South Garden is the biggest one influenced by the national flower of Singapore, the Singapore orchid. You can notice the huge tall super-trees that make the garden exceptionally stunning. You can stroll on the halted pathway to appreciate a view of the entire garden.

Click incredibly beautiful selfies at The Helix Bridge

The Helix Bridge is the exceptional piece of architecture in the world as it is the first curved double helix bridge. It’s a pedestrian link throughout the Singapore river in between its new Bayfront district and Central Business District (CBD). Tourists really like to capture this beautiful piece of architecture marvel in their cameras. It’s a place where you can stroll around with your partner. Book Singapore Honeymoon Package from India and explore the real beauty of Singapore. 

Top 5 Incredibly Romantic Honeymoon Places in Singapore

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The Netherlands is generally wrongly referred to the much similar country Holland, and it is one of the most vivid and vibrant international locations in Europe. Recognized for its modern capital city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands is much more than only museums and canals, and if you are on your honeymoon with the love of your life then this is the place for you. You will find snapshot postcard attractive cities as well as vibrant places like The Hague and Rotterdam. It is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon in this amazing country of Europe. Explore the silent and peaceful nation on your Netherlands Honeymoon Packages from India.

Explore the Canals of Amsterdam

Identical to several other metropolitan areas that remain over water like Venice, Amsterdam has a vivid canal system. The attractive waterways are one of the most effective beloved attractions in Amsterdam and you can discover the pleasant water channels by acquiring a boat ride tour or a water cab that allows you roam around a variety of different destinations. If you don’t require to get to the water canals then you can just roam around and enjoy the canal views with a peaceful walk along the banks.

Visit Zaanse Schans

Those honeymooners who wish they could take a trip back again in time and check out the actual beauty of the Netherlands of the late 17th and an early 18th centuries have appeared to the correct place. Zaanse Schans has situated approximately 15 km to the northern region of Amsterdam and it is designed as a wide open-air art gallery where you can take a walk around a conventional Nederlander village and discover out how early craftsmen would have previously worked. Just some of the attractions include a range of petite natural wooden houses, a pewter factory, a grocery store, and a shipyard. You will also discover some elegant wind turbines despite the fact that out of the 680 that would have marked the region in the old times but now only 5 are remaining and can be frequently visited by the tourists.

Stroll around the Garden of Europe

Keukenhof is the best place for honeymooners to click their post wedding photos on their Netherland holiday packages. It is also recognized as the Garden of Europe. It is a huge range of vibrant color with flowers of each and every shade as far as the vision can get. Tulips are the trademark blossoms of this nation and the Garden of Europe simply outside of Lisse region. Keukenhof is the biggest general public garden anyplace in the world. Covering up 70 acres of land, tourists will find stunning floral exhibitions as well as dining places to offer you a wide variety of delicious meals.

Admire Grote Kerk

Grote Kerk is identified in The Hague and it is the largest church that is designed in its traditional red brick in Gothic type. The unique building here would have been constructed in the late 13th century despite the fact that it was smashed to the ground in 1539 and reconstructed in the existing composition. The church has a glorious history as the place where many associates of the Dutch royal group in which baptized which includes King Willem-Alexander who had his baptism here. Some of the amazing things to watch near it is dominating bell tower. It is the tallest in the Netherlands and includes total 51 bells as well as the huge pipe organ and decorative timber pulpit.

Netherlands Honeymoon Packages from India

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The land of Greece the birthplace of Portuguese is one filled with historical delusion and a perfect place for art, philosophy, history, and archeology enthusiast. If you are one of these then book Greece holiday package make a trip to this exciting nation. Greece is built up of a sequence of pleasant island destinations that are enclosed by a crystal clear blue ocean and covered in petite white-colored magnificent structures, and you will also discover engaging galleries and museums, crumbling remains of ancient ruins, and pretty seaside towns aplenty.

Tour the Acropolis

Prominent the skyline of the Athens (the capital city of Greece) is the Acropolis. If you are traveling in Greece with your partner then this is almost certainly the prime destination not to skip while you are on your Greece honeymoon package. It is entirely made from shimmering marble stone, used to be the location of the popular sculpture of Athena in white color who was also the demigoddess of Athens city. Anybody slightly fascinated about the ancient architectural mastery can wonder at the Doric columns to feel the ancient beauty of the place and observe the magnificent Acropolis and temples and is covered with walkways that let you stroll around at your leisure time and appreciate the emphasis of this place which is the spectacular Parthenon.

Climb Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is most likely one of the most prominent mountain ranges in the entire world and if you are an admirer and enthusiast of Greek mythology then this place should be on the bucket list of your itinerary. If you want to climb the mountain to reach the top of the hill then you will require to take a trip to Litochoro. It is the place where you can start your trek to get to the top of the mountain. You need proper gears and equipment to climb. It offers some amazing panoramic views of the city. Definitely a perfect place for a selfie lover.

Admire the architecture in Santorini

Santorini is also recognized as the island of Thira. This magnificent place is the destination of newly wedded honeymooners looking to get away and spend some lonely time together on one of the most wonderful locations on earth. Santorini has recognized for its snapshot postcard superior appearance which sees it protected in conventional Cycladic residences which sparkle white beneath the hot Ancient greek sun and distinction fantastically with the deep azure seas and church buildings. Strolling around the aisle gives you the opportunity to acquire in all the magnificent architectural mastery here and due to the fact the landscape designs are established by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, you can expect to have some of the most amazing landscapes views in the area of the local region.

Uncover Lake Plastira

Lake Plastira is a special and most preferred tourists spot in Greece. It is known for being endowed with a wide variety of natural elegance. What tends to make this body of water unique is that it is artificially built to enhance the beauty of Greece to make your honeymoon more special. The lake is enclosed by chestnut and oak trees and you can experience the rafting or canoeing here and you can feel the love in the magnificent trails of the lake. You can horse riding along the lush green jungle with your lover.

Greece Holiday Tour - Best Things to Do in Greece

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Bali is one of the most preferred locations in Indonesia for all the tourists, especially from Asia. It is amazing and has something for everyone. The landscapes are beautiful, the beach locations are just picture perfect an ideal place for a selfie lover. There are wonderful hiking and trekking place, warm and friendly locals, international level cuisines dining, and it is really economical. Bali holiday package is the complete package for a family trip. There is a reason why it is loved and traveled by so many people. Tourist spent many days exploring this isle region and they would gladly come back and travel it again. If you are taking into consideration of going there then you won’t regret it. Read the article to get to know some tiny and major details of the place.

How to reach

Bali is the prime destination for honeymooners, solo travelers, and family trip. There is the number of ways to enter the beautiful place. You can reach Bali for air, water and land mode.


Denpasar International Airport or Ngurah Rai International Airport is situated in the South Kuta area and it in a proximity of Denpasar, the capital of Bali. You can reach Bali by taking flights from major worldwide cities consistently fly to the Denpasar Airport. It is also properly linked to rest of Indonesia and has frequent domestic flights also which connecting it to the main cities inside the nation. From the airport terminal, you can effortlessly book a cab to your desired location. You should note that vehicles might not regularly available from the flight terminal.


You can take a shuttle from the capital of Indonesia (Jakarta) to Bali, but this will cost you 23 hours of your precious vacation.


Bali is really a popular harbor for most of the cruise ships traveling via South East Asia. To reach to Bali by means of a sea route you can take a flight to Java, Sumatra, or Singapore and take a cruise for your onward voyage to Bali. 

Best time to visit Bali

Bali is situated on the 8 degrees south from the equator. For that reason, you can count on a tropical weather which is warm and humid all the year round. There are mainly two kinds of seasons Rainy Season and Dry Season.
Best time to visit Bali relies primarily on the weather conditions and on the tourist season and free season, which have an impact on the entire expense for holiday accommodation. Tourist season is throughout the months from July to August, and during Christmas and New Year mainly from December till the 1st week of January is the busiest time of Bali and it will be costly. May, June, and September are the best time to visit Bali in the cheapest way and at that time Bali is not so crowded.

Best Places to visit in Bali

There are lots of places to visit in Bali. First of all, you have to sort out your priorities and interest. If you are looking for a sacred place then you must visit Batuan, Taban, Tegalalang, Buleleng, Gianyar, Mengwi, Sukawati, Gilimanuk, Baseik, Sepang etc. If your main in watching the main attractions of Bali then plan these places in your itinerary Auman, Ubud, Denpasar, Kintamani, Canggu, Tampaksiring, Singaraja, etc. Water lover can explore some of the amazing water sports activities in Kuta, Jimbaran, Bedugul, Lovina, Padangbai, Amlapura, Tabanan etc.

Things to do in Bali

There are thousands of things to do in Bali. You can take a dip in the hot springs near the Lovina beach or you can visit numbers of temples in the region of Bali. You can take a trip to Nusa Lembongan to explore the white pristine beaches. You can always learn about some Balinese culture in Ubud and Mount Batur is a special place for hikers and trekkers to spend their entire day in climbing the Mount Batur.

Kuta, Ubud is the great place to choose in your Bali honeymoon packages and you will never be disappointed by any moment in your whole trip.

Bali Holiday Tour - A complete Travel guide to Bali

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Chandigarh is the first planned city of India, It is definitely an inspiration when it comes to providing a modern look to Indian cities. This carefully designed city is most likely one of the most effective places to stay in the country. Chandigarh is situated at the Shivalik's foothills. It is the capital city of both Haryana and Punjab and also one of the total seven union territories of India. Chandigarh’s neighboring cities are Panchkula and Mohali . All three are recognized as the Tricity. However, it itself offers numbers of tourist places to visit and fortunately, its position offers easy access to various locations that are in fact ideal for weekend break getaways. The closeness of the area to stunning Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, national capital Delhi and diversified Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan clears the gateways for the individuals of Chandigarh to have unforgettable weekend journeys all year round.

Morni Hills

Morni Hills is blessed with amidst lush greenery and peaceful lakes. Distance from Chandigarh is just 45 km, a drive of just 1 hour and 15 minutes on your vehicle. Morni Hills is situated in the Panchkula district of Haryana, is very common picnic place near Chandigarh. The area is all around the lakes which are regarded as holy by the local natives. The peaceful lakes, the lush green environment, and the enchanting Himalayas jointly make it the recommended and visited tourist locations and picnic spots near Chandigarh. There are lots of things to do in Morni Hills. Walk in the jungles and experience types of flora and fauna. Also, go trekking and hiking and try some boating in the lakes with your friends and family. Tikkar Taal lake is further 10 km ahead of this and it is the main highlighted part of the Morni Hills. Stay options in Morni Hills area also great there are many resorts which offer some 5-star facilities like Tikkar Taal Resort, Mountain Quail, Royal Huts Resort.

Pinjore Gardens, Panchkula

Pinjore Gardens is one of the best examples of the Mughal Gardens, design, and architectural mastery and one of the most popular gardens situated in Panchkula district's Pinjore city. The garden complex was constructed in the foothills of the Shivalik range of Himalayas. It is the major tourist attraction of the Pinjore city. Pinjore garden is just 22 kilometers away from Chandigarh. It is a favorite picnic spot of the local people. It has numbers of varieties of roses and other flowers. It is surrounded by mango and litchi trees. Every year the mango festival is organized by the administration and you can really taste thousands of varieties of Mangoes.

Parwanoo Timble Trail in Himachal Pradesh

Timber Trail is a beautiful hill station ideal for a picnic located in Parwanoo, near Kalka. Parwanoo is an ideal vacation escape from Chandigarh. Distance from Chandigarh to parmanu is 35 km and just 40 minutes drive. It is a place with enchanting picturesque beauty, high-class, bold and daring adventure. The most exciting part of having a picnic spot is that one requires to take a trip of 3.6 km long ropeway to reach the destination. Timber Trail is one particular thing which is not so common in the most of the preferred picnic venues due to the fact of its amenities and accessibility. One can devote his entire day with family in the relaxing and rejuvenating. Adventure lovers will love this place. This little hill station is ornamented with scenic landscape and fruit orchards also the peaceful surrounding makes this place an ideal place for spending a soothing weekend. Some other tourist Attractions and Places in Parwanoo are Kali Mata Temple, Mughal Gardens, Cactus Garden, Timber Trail etc.

Nahan, Himachal Pradesh

Nahan has its own style of attracting tourists. This hill station undoubtedly offers one of the most outstanding panoramas views of landscapes and it also draws the attention of tourists for its prosperous historical past and ancient traditions and cultures. Nahan is positioned just 90 kilometers away from Chandigarh. It is a perfect getaway of a weekend destination for the city. The hill station is also believed to be an area of legends and folklore. Enclosed by peaceful lakes and legacy temples, it displays the beauty of the mountains. This beautiful small hill station is a peaceful place and paradise for peace lover. Here, you can take pleasure in the beauty of nature and being away from the busy schedule of the city life. Other nearby popular tourist places of Nahan is Renuka Ji Lake, Tallon, Shanti Sangam,  Jamta,  Markanda, Kalisthan Temple,  Shivji Temple, The Mall Road, Chaugan,  Sadak, Chakkar.

Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Kasauli is a picture-perfect region of Himachal Pradesh and is a wonderful location for investing your weekend for all those residing in Chandigarh. Located at a small distance of approximately 52 kilometers from Chandigarh, it offers some relaxing ambiance, exactly where one can loosen up and achieve peace of mind. This hill station has an ancient look and British period church buildings which are the major points of interest here. One can simply take a long walk among the Oak and Pine forest here. Silent and attractive, it is certainly one of the finest places for a weekend break getaway from Chandigarh. It is the favorite locations to check out in close proximity to Chandigarh for sports activities enthusiasts and adventure seekers. They primarily visit this particular spot to invest the whole day involved in outdoor games and adventure sports. The camping offers an innovative level of adventure sports, at the same time under appropriate expert guidance. Others tourist Attractions in Kasauli are Monkey Point, Baba Balak Nath Temple, Christ Church, Baptist Church, Kasauli Brewery, Beja State.

The Chhatbir Zoo

The real name of Chhatbir Zoo is Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park. This zoo is located 17 km away from Chandigarh. This is situated near Chandigarh. The Chhatbir Zoo distributes over a wide area. It is an unusual thing how an expansion of simple scrubland has been converted into such an awesome area loaded with wonderful animals. This evaluate has definitely helped in boosting the environmental balance of the area. The creatures are maintained in an open fencing so that they can wander without any restriction. The most eye-catching creature in Zoo is the white Royal Bengal Tiger and the guests can take a really close look at this gigantic animal as they visit in a caged car. The gemstones of this zoo park consist of a wide range of outrageous animals, wonderful lizards, and several vibrant birds. The Chhatbir Zoo is an ideal picnic place for children. The little ones can run all over the park and also learn about unique creatures. The zoo remains open all the 6 days of a week except Mondays.


Solan is a wonderful small hill station enclosed by jungles. You can go sight-seeing there and check out the Kuthar fort and Shoolini Mata temple. You can also experience hiking and trekking around Solan as it provides as the platform for several preferred locations like Chail and Kasauli. The Solan regional festival celebrated in Kasauli is a celebration value of attending. Learn some of the old traditions of Himachal in Solan. Solan is well linked by railway of the Kalka and Shimla which is listed under the UNESCO world heritage. Solan can be reached by road from Chandigarh and Shimla. Common bus services link both the places with Solan. Delhi can be reached in five hours and Chandigarh is just one hour’s drive from Kasauli.

The RDB Fort originally called as Mughal Sarai, Doraha

RDB Fort or Doraha Sarai as it is famously known was constructed as a relaxing place for the ancient Mughal troops by the supreme leader or Mughal empire Jahangir. An excellent monument in his time. It is the fort like design is in a dilapidated situation now. However, individuals from the colleges and universities of North India discover this monument, situated just 20 km from Ludhiana, an incredible weekend getaway with friends. The monument received reputation after being utilized in one of the popular Bollywood motion picture Rang De Basanti, and therefore it is popular as the RDB fort. The distance from Chandigarh to RDB fort is just 86 kilometers. 


Funcity is the biggest Entertainment for Amusement Park and Water Park in the entire region of northern India. It is propagated over approx 43 acres of picturesque land. Merely 20Kms from the center of Chandigarh and located on the Highway of Panchkula – Barwalla near Ramgarh. It is a unique collaboration of Resort, Water Park, and Amusement Park. They provide the most exciting and latest technology hydraulic rides in their Amusement Park. It is the place where all the age group of both children and adults can enjoy. Creatively laid out flora and fauna equivalent in each and every bit to the elegance and magnificence of a unique haunt for fun seekers and adventure lover.

Religious places

Nada Sahib is located on the Shivalik Hills. Nada Sahib is one of the most significant Sikh Gurudwaras visited by countless numbers of devotees every day. It is positioned near the Ghaggar river. It is mentioned to be the stopping place of 10th Guru of Sikh Religion, Guru Gobind Singh while he was visiting from Paonta Sahib to Anandpur Sahib after the Bhangani Battle in 1688. It is a guaranteed way to recover your mental peace and don't miss the Langar. Besides Nada Sahib, Mata Mansa Devi is also situated in Panchkula. Mansa Devi Temple Located in the foothills of the Shivalik mountain range, this amazing complex is propagated through an area of more than 100 acres nearby the area of Mani Majra and the village of Bilaspur, in the Haryana's Panchkula district. The main fascination of the temple is a tree around which followers wrap holy strings to get their wishes answered.

These are all the top 10 amazing places to visit near Chandigarh but they are not the only where you can visit with your family and friends to spend some lovely weekend. They all places are just few hours distance, you can visit and come back on a single day provided you have your personal transportation. 

10 Top Best Places To Visit Near Chandigarh

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Mauritius is truly the paradise island nation. Undoubtedly it is the most romantic and enchanting place to give your married life a kick start. From the peaceful beaches with cozy and glowing blue waters to the exciting adventure activities, Mauritius has a lot to offer. Mauritius is a perfect destination for honeymooners. we had such a great time on our honeymoon. I and my husband both wanted to go to Mauritius on our honeymoon. We came across Antilog Vacations on Instagram and we talked to their agents and the offered us some different Mauritius honeymoon packages and after some alteration, we got our customized package under our budget.

The start point of our journey

Flights are the simplest and the quickest way to reach Mauritius. There are many direct travel arrangements to Mauritius, running from Mumbai Airport, Chhatrapati Shivaji (BOM). The distance between the two places is approx. 4,689 kilometers which on average takes about 4 hours of time to cover. We landed at Port Louis the capital city of Mauritius. Mauritius holiday packages from India has mostly flights from Delhi but customized our trip and got our tickets from Mumbai.


When you are visiting for your honeymoon trip to Mauritius, it is totally obvious that you need a visa permit and you have to apply it on the priority basis to get to the place. But here in Mauritius, you get the visa for 60 days on the day you arrived. You simply need to show them your passport and return tickets.

Our first destination - WILDLIFE SAFARI

Safari Adventures in Mauritius provides to you the first class Lion Come across on the region. This unique activity is accessible all around the year at the Leisure Park and Casela Nature, Mauritius. This is a special moment to experience the supremacy and fame of nature with your lover on your honeymoon.


Mauritius is famous all over the world for its crystal clear turquoise waters, pristine beaches and luxurious resorts that offer ideal seats to delightful landscapes of the coastline. Make sure you invest one night at one of the many high-class hotels that offer remarkable amenities such as soothing massage and spas. We booked our room near the beachside resort and we got the room which has a beach facing balcony. We were lucky to observe some amazing sunrises and sunset from our room.


Mauritius is a place where you can indulge in plenty of water adventure activities. The underwater 35meter submarine ride is the main highlights of our honeymoon. Walking down the beach with my husband is simply the best thing we could do on this vacation. We try some jet ride but I was really scared so my husband didn't push me. We ended up in taking part in the couple parachute water boat ride.

We check out regional food locations to experience the real Mauritius cuisines

There are thousands of fine-dining restaurants, eateries, cafes, five-star resorts in Mauritius that offer delicious & fresh seafood. You should absolutely take your beloved one for a romantic candlelight dinner at La Table du Chateau as we do. We try some fish curry and their local meal of the day and it was amazing. Last day we went out just to try the local street food and we regret we did it on our last day. Local food was so delicious and very cheap.

Thank you Antilog Vacations for making our journey possible and guiding and assisting us at every step.    

Honeymoon Trip to Mauritius - Antilog Vacations

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There are lots of awesome things to watch and experience in Goa. From the beach locations to the church buildings, from the ancient forts to the modern markets and from the national parks and hills to the backwaters. Goa offers you unlimited elements of fun and there are so many places in Goa that it is really very difficult for any tourist to choose a few out of these places. Not just the places there are plenty of activities to do either you like water sports or you want to indulge in those activities which gives you adrenal rush, Goa has all the factors to make your vacation a memorable one. Here is a list of top 10 places to visit in Goa you must include in your itinerary. Many of the holiday places in Goa includes interesting local markets, top beaches, beautiful churches, natural attractions, famous landmarks, water sports, UNESCO World Heritage sites and much more which you cannot miss.


Out of all the beaches of Goa, Agonda beach which is located in the South of Goa definitely stands out the best beach. It is 39.2 kilometers long stretch starts from Margao and lines by symmetrical palm trees. It is a very silent, tranquil, and picture perfect beach destination for friends and family. There is a turtle center in the north of Goa, where you can observe some of the rare and endangered species of turtle, and in the south of Goa, there are rocky outcrops to watch. Goa is developed as the tourist spot so you can easily find many massage center, yoga centers, restaurants, bars, beach shacks, shops, cafes etc. Aguada beach appears to be the perfect location for spending a bright evening. Antilog Vacations offers you some customized Goa packages, especially for group journey.


This is the oldest fort from the 17th-century built and ruled by Portuguese. Sitting down at the junction of the River Mandovi, the Portuguese designed this fort as a protection and defense against the Dutch and the Marathas. There is a large dry canal here, and a 13-meter higher lighthouse which is used to help ships and others boats to sail without smashing to the rocks. Many architectural structures inside the fort are still in quite a great condition. From Aguada, you can get magnificent views of the picturesque coastline of the giant Arabian Sea and the whole city of Panaji.


Experience the rage of nature, in one of the tallest waterfalls in India. Dudhsagar Falls is powerful and spectacular 47 kilometers long waterfall from Margao and it is situated on the border of the Goa and Karnataka. It appears to be the most amazing during the monsoon when there is maximum water. The white-colored water of the waterfall cascades all the way down for 300 meters from a sharp mountain face. You can look at it from a train journey and your train is moved just along it. Here you can also trek to the top of the fall with some proper protective gear. You have to travel through the Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary in your trekking.


Baga beach located in the Northern side of Goa is one of most preferred beaches among tourists in Goa. Baga beach is situated to the north of the River Baga, and to the south of the Beach Calangute. The Baga and Calangute expand are the longest exotic seashores in Goa. You can find everything at Baga beach like shops, Beach shacks, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, water sports. Watersports choices include things like surfboarding, paragliding, paddle boarding, speedboats, banana riding, and more. Britto is a famous shack, you can find in the extreme north end of the beach. Cafe Mambo and Club Tito are the two popular nightclubs of Goa.


This church is also called as the Immaculate Conception Church among native people, this gorgeous church is situated in capital city Panaji in Goa, really very near to the Mandovi Bridge. Earlier in 1541, it used to be a chapel. in 1619, the bigger church building came up at the place of the chapel. Since then, several modifications and upgrades have been done to maintain, but the authentic building remains the same. Devotees have been approaching here for a long time. In ancient time, old Portuguese mariners offered their wishes and prayers just before and soon after sailing. IT is a great place to explore some of the old Portuguese architectural mastery.


Visiting the naval museum is likely to be the best thing in Goa. Explore some of the unique experience which you will never forget. This is the one and the only Naval Aviation Museum in India and moreover, it is unique of its kind in the whole of Asia. There is both an indoor and outdoor display section to demonstrates the air and naval battle vehicles and include outfits of pilots, armaments, protective gears, parachutes, aircraft, rockets, bombs, and much more.


Grande Island is situated in the south of Arabian Sea, off the Vasco da Gama coast. There are ferryboat services to travel from the mainland. This is exactly where you go for dolphin watching, fishing, plenty of water sports activities, swimming, snorkeling, reef diving, scuba diving etc. It is a wonderful position for both starter and professional divers and snorkelers. You can discover some of the shipwrecks as well, which includes the Serge City, Bounty Rock, Turbo Tunnel, the Davy Jones Locker, and the Suzy wreck. Specialist trainers are readily available at many cheap prices to a higher range. There are the bumper boat and banana boat rides too. Just carry your diving and seashore necessities.


Amboli which is located in the Western Ghats is one of the best Eco Hot-Spots in India where you can find much unusual fauna and flora. The Amboli Ghat waterfall is mere 78.2 kilometers from capital Panjim. It is one of the most attractive waterfalls. It actually comes full of life simply after the monsoon seasons. There is plenty of lush greenery and white fog. The drive via the steep roads from Panaji just takes 2 hours.


Goa Science Centre is the most recent fascination of Goa. It is the major component unit of National Council of Science Museums performing under the Ministry of Culture, the Government of India. The administration of Goa has rented 5 hectares of area in Miramar region. It has come into presence since the year 2001. The major purpose of the center is to produce a technological interest among the youthful age group. Science center is an ideal place for enjoyment for the whole family.


As the name suggests, you will find hundreds of Butterfly species in the Butterfly Beach. It is one of the most attractive seasides amongst all the beaches of Goa. The seaside is enchanting. Not recognized by many tourists, the place is an excellent and soothing holiday destination. If one is fortunate, one may see redfish, sea cucumbers and even sea urchins. Dolphins doing acrobats is just a common scene here. You will definitely love this place. It is the place where you can spend your holidays with friends and family and or walk down the beach with hand in the hand of your love of the life while taking selfies is one of the amazing things to do in your honeymoon. 

Goa is the dream destination for many tourists in India and outsides of India. It is the dream of many to visit Goa once in a lifetime with their friends and experience some amazing fun. Taste some local food and local fainy (a local beverage made from cashew). You can reach Goa from Delhi by air and train. It will take roughly 4 hrs via train and just 2 hrs via airplane.


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