5 Cheapest over water bungalow resorts in Malaysia

If you show a person a photograph of a water villa or water bungalow and all of a sudden they have a new purpose in their life. However, most of the water villas resort that feature rooms on waters are very highly-priced, generally well over 500 USD per night, even when you book them in the offseason. Well, there is really good news for honeymooners and travel enthusiast that not all of the water villas are expensive, you can have some good quality of villas under your budget. So, now spending your holiday in water villas is not just the for the super-rich. Choose your favorite resort from below mentioned and book your Malaysia honeymoon package to spend your honeymoon in a way you have always dreamed of.

AVANI Sepang Gold Coast Resort 

It was opened in 2011 and till then it is working all day and night, the AVANI Sepang Gold coast Resort until 2016 has the highest water villas in the world (392 water villas). The water villas variety from huge to massive, with the biggest having 3 bedrooms with as many numbers of balconies. The resort finished its renovation in 2014 but the rates are still lower as they were. These are some of the cheapest water villas with 4-star services and the only drawback of this lace is that it is you cant swim beneath the villas. It's situated near the coast of Kuala Lumpur Airport, so it is really very cheap getaway to book as an accommodation.

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson was opened in 1026 and has over 522 over water holiday villas, each room is designed with its own private splash pool. This is definitely now the biggest over water vacation resort in the world, Likewise, you can't go swimming beneath the water holiday villas Considering the large and lavish rooms with the exclusive splash swimming pools, the room prices here are incredibly low. Almost everything here is new, well designed, and very well equipped with extravagance amenities.

Berjaya Langkawi Resort

There are 47 over water chalets at the Berjaya Langkawi Resort. One amazing and unique thing about this place is that these villas are tightly packed with each other yet each room has ample space with luxurious and impressive architecture. There are 350 rooms including some Rain-forest Chalets that are very similar to the other villas but they are located amongst the trees and shrubs on the one part of a mountain. The problem for most people could be the location nothing else, this resort is located in the north of Malaysia. and it is a little hard to reach there. But once you have reached there, you will be really pleased to watch such amazing accommodation at a cheap price.

Pangkor Laut Resort

The Pangkor Laut is designed as Maldives-style with around 140 total rooms, including 45 over water holiday villas. The critiques here are outstanding so the room rates are very desirable for those who can transfer through Singapore or Kuala Lumpur for the short flight to a nearby island. This resort features a total of 7 different types of restaurants and night clubs and a large list of involved around adventure water sports and other adrenal activities. The spa and massage here have outstanding popularity of its own, it helps to make this place a very well-known vacation destination for the honeymoon crowd from all over Asia. 


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