The Netherlands is the best place in Europe your a romantic endeavor. It is located on the western side of the continent. It doesn’t matter whether you are here for a honeymoon, family trip or solo traveling, this place has all the necessary elements you will desire on your Netherlands holiday package. The Netherlands is a place most suitable for a person who wants to have some alone time away from the city crowd. Here are some of the best locations which are best to plan your trip to the Netherlands.

Have fun at Efteling

Efteling is the greatest and most significant amusement park in the entire Netherlands and it is situated at Kaatsheuvel. The park is separated up into various zones that are recognized as realms and each one particular concentrate on a unique historical myth or legend. Efteling has the state to fame of getting one of the most well-known themes parks in the entire world having first opened its entrance doors in 1952 and has been dealing with tourists and visitors ever since. Its main highlights are its amazing fast rides and lush green gardens. Just some of the shows here include rides like the Python, The Flying Dutchman, the Dragon, the George and the Joris en de Draak. There are also other spots at which you can enjoy the place such as the Raveleijn which is a mysterious world with a daily night performance by some great artists as they narrate the story of 5 brothers and sisters who fight and beat an evil monster. This is a great place for you if you are on your family Netherlands holiday packages.

Take a trip to Madurodam

If you ever desire to explore the whole of the Netherlands but don’t have enough time in your journey then make a visit to Madurodam in The Hague. IT is a place you can visit to explore the city when you have less time. Here you will find a miniature model of the entire Netherlands on a 1:25 size and you can observe all the top locations of the county including decorative features like bridges, main landmarks, and cute windmills. This model town even consists of its own railway system, harbor, and an airport.

Visit the iconic Windmills of Kinderdijk

Enjoying a picturesque location on the Stream Noord and situated between Dordrecht and Rotterdam is the town of Kinderdijk which signifies ‘Children’s Dike’ in Dutch. The major purpose to visit this place on your Netherlands honeymoon packages is that you can take in the beauty of the wonderful windmills that date from the late 18th century and this magnificent iconic windmills are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are total of 19 windmills this is the largest group of these constructions anyplace in the Netherlands. You can check out these on your trip to Netherland from April to October and there are specific instances throughout the 12 months when the sails of the wind turbines rotate and you can observe the full glory.

Take in the attractiveness of art at the Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum located in Amsterdam the capital city of Netherlands is the place where some of the best and the greatest artists ever lived here. The Van Gogh Museum is consistently elected one of the finest art museums in the entire world, so this is the best place for an art lover to spend some time in art galleries. Make sure not to skip it down in your itinerary. A remarkable 1.5 million tourists make their visit here each year and this is the place where you can see the largest collection of Van Gogh pieces one of the great artists. 

Netherlands is a great place to wandered around and there are so many things in Netherlands that you should plan to visit in your Netherlands Honeymoon Package from India.

Netherlands Tour - Travel Netherlands for a tranquil experience

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Scotland is one of the magnificent places in continental Europe. It offers its tourists a rich taste of traditions and cultures and some of the delicious meals such that it attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world. If you are planning a trip to Europe then this is one of the places which should not be missed. Take a look at some of the places in Scotland which is a great spot for a family Scotland holiday package.

Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is also known as the Cloud Island on consideration of the hefty mists that frequently cover the tropical isle, and also popular by the Viking name “Skuyo” which means sky, it is the biggest inner isles of the country. It’s an incredibly well-known vacation destination amongst nature enthusiasts, and the outrageous, passionate mountain landscapes collectively with the lush green forests, sandy beaches, and stunning waterfalls, and which are all stuffed into a single island that is only 80 km in length and 24 km in width. Add to this the charming small villages, the island continues to feature some remains of primeval oak jungles, an add-on to a wide range of wildlife varieties, such as otters, seals, and moreover 200 species of colorful birds.

The Northern Highlands of Scotland

Extending from Thurso at the northern peak to the city of Inverness up to the Scottish landmass are the spectacular Northern Highlands. The historical fault range gave a surge to the formation of the Caledonian Canal, which expands from the Corpach near Fort William located on the west coast to the Inverness on the east coast over. Although much of the tremendous mountain region is completely uninhabited, making it an excellent area for bike riding, trekking, and hiking adventures, the region is marked with many wonderful small areas and towns. Perhaps the most wonderful little shoreline town of Dornoch, which is famous for its cathedral ruins and magnificent castle. This is the great place to plan your travel to Scotland. 

Ayrshire: The Burns Heritage Trail

An amazing way to experience a small perception into the lifestyle and times of Robbie Burns which is an outstanding Scotland’s beloved poet is to take the Burns Culture Trail. Commencing in Alloway on the borders of Ayr, at the Robert Burns Art gallery and museum, you’ll experience a fantastically maintained thatched holiday cottage where the poet was born and where he stayed for most of his youth. Upon traveling to other relevant points of interest, the trip leads to the area of Dumfries in the southern region where he continued to live the final four years of his life till he passed away at a very young age of 36. It was all happened in late 1796. His ultimate resting place is a brief stroll apart at St. Michael’s Churchyard. Art lovers and museums enthusiast will definitely love this place.

Aberdeenshire: The Castle Trail

The Castle Trail primarily concentrates on mansions situated in Aberdeenshire, in which 17 of most extraordinary and most preserved castles remain in Scotland. The itinerary you choose on your Scotland holiday packages will get to these amazing sites. You’ll be escorted to such wonders as the Drum Castle of the 13th century, the fairy-tale looking Crathes Castle from the 16th century, as well as the Craigievar Castle from the 15th century, together with its circular Persian windows, wonderful gables and towers, and its charming conical rooftops.

The trip to Scotland is also an impressive way to appreciate the extraordinary coastlines and spectacular mountains within the Region.

Scotland Holiday - An Amazing Family Holiday Getaway

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As your aircraft reaches the Maldives, you'll observe its 26 atolls dotting along the wide stretch of the Indian Ocean. There are around 1,200 of amazing islands. Out of which only 200 islands are used for the resident purpose and around 100 are dedicated to island resorts. Just imagine yourself on one of these tropical beautiful islands with a private servant to provide you magnificently delicious dishes in the serenity and silent inside your personal villa. The thoughts in your mind begin to loosen up and the entire body helps in reducing into the total relaxation. As you appreciate this awesome treatment, you can observe a rainbow of fish in the ocean. The water is so clear that you can watch till the bottom of the ocean. From luxury to cheap you can get all the accommodation under your budget just pack your bags for your honeymoon trip to the Maldives and book your Maldives holiday packages.

Go Snorkelling

Most of the hotels and major resorts have their own in-house coral reefs, which means you can effortlessly go swimming from your own private villa, float on the water surface and start exploring numbers of fish in the water. Some hotels accommodations will also bring you some of the best places in nearby areas to go snorkeling. Where you can check out various types of coral reefs. No matter where you go, you will always get some of the different variety of fish. It is a perfect spot for a honeymoon couple to do on this Maldives honeymoon packages.

Get Your PADI Certification before you explore the ocean

Most of the resorts have certified divers who can provide you with proper training and certify you. The water is magnificently comfy even at the depth of 30 meters, and the coral faces and caves are impressive. Take some lessons before you hit the water and get certifies by the professionals. For truly committed trained divers it is the ultimate place for you. you can take the most popular water safari. Rent a boat online and they’ll get to you and pick you up from your desired destination mainly directly from the airport. You’ll roam from one site to the other side and making minimum 2 dives a day for about 45 min each. You can also book this as part of your Maldives tour packages. 

Try out Unique Features of Resorts

The main thing in the Maldives is that you can choose from the numbers of resorts on different islands. You wake up on one island at go to another for lunch and finally get dinner at the third one. You can book an entire island hoe honeymoon. It got a small islands with one small villa near the shore and you can have a personal butler to help you out and provides you with all the basic facilities. Karumba Maldives honeymoon packages offers you this types of basic facilities.

A Unique Culinary Experience

Although isolated, the Maldives has some amazing holiday accommodation ranging from a cottage to extravagant villas. Each one offers something unique, from underwater eateries and spas to in-house reefs. their cost varies with each individual or family members. Most resorts have at minimum 2 to 3 restaurants to provide the guests with choices of foods and cocktail. But food is not the only element of the culinary experience. The Hilton resort has an amazing marine theme underwater restaurant where you can watch a variety of marine creatures while having your meal. Get a room which is fully submerged in water just make sure you ask for it when you book your honeymoon packages for the Maldives.

Explore numbers of places in Maldives and choose island hopping. Try some of the amazing delicious food, your taste buds will thank you. Maldives travel packages are one of the top packages you can get when you are planning your trip to Asia.

Maldives Travel - Explore Maldives like never before

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For some of the people who are really very willing to travel around the world and to watch some of the best places on planet earth, it can be very difficult for you to find a buddy who loves to journey with you and also a travel enthusiast. Friends and family members are strapped down with their jobs, having difficulties to save some money for livelihood, and don’t generally want to explore the same places which you want to explore. The solution to this situation is, of course, is to travel alone, in some cases it is a scary prospect, but at the same time it is an opportunity for self-discovery exploration, and adventure. But now the main question arises about where to go? Get your checklist ready, because here you can explore some of the best solo trip destinations.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne City is Australia is the best place for a solo travel. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches and the bustling city life and the main part of the journey is that you don't need any companion. The reason why it’s a great choice for solo traveling is that Australia continent is considered the safest destination especially for international travelers, and because of that, many solo travelers plan their trip to go there. IT is an English-speaking country so you won’t have to be worried about the language and you will not face any language barriers. Melbourne is incredibly city with good and friendly people it is easy to get around because you can take a bike ride or just simply stroll around the place. You can plan your solo trip to Australia.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is a great place for solo travelers. Probably because it is one of the Buddhist ways of thinking, which creates a gender equality among all individual. it is the best place for both male and female solo traveler. Thailand is known for its warm and friendly welcome, and as a travel hot-spot, you are more likely to come across solo travelers like you. It is one of the ideal destinations for traveling because of its amazing scenery and it is really very cheap. It is really a good chose if you want to explore more under low budget. Thailand has a lot to offer, from spiritual wats and temples in Phuket to the party animal Bangkok, From the tropical jungle to the pristine beautiful beaches. Traveling around Thailand is truly easy. You can easily get any Thailand holiday packages.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong despite being an amazing city and one of the biggest cities in China. Hong Kong is a wonderful place to chill out and relax to get some alone time in nature. It is called the vertical city because it has the maximum numbers of skyscrapers in the whole world still has the beautiful gardens to spend some time with yourself. Hong Kong is considered one of the most secure locations in the entire world. If you’re not a professional traveler or an experienced traveler, or probably a bit wary of factors like language boundaries, Hong Kong is an excellent location to begin your solo trip, as it a blend of both Western and Eastern culture at the same time. Because of its British heritage history, but you need not worry about the language barrier because much of people in Hong Kong speak English.

kuala-Lumpur Malaysia

One of the leading solo journey destinations in Asia. With a perfectly deserved popularity for currently being a conservative, secure and safe Muslim country. Malaysia has the key points to be on the top of an ideal exotic location for a single traveler. Malaysia is one of the major technically superior places in Asia, so elements generally perform well and you can enjoy your travel in Malaysia. The place is loaded with multi-colored and thrilling experiences including numerous festivals and occasions. Malaysia is like two nations in one country, You can visit some of the with lush green wild jungles of Borneo as well as the high-class skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia offers some of the best food in the world.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the prime destination for a newly wedded couple who wants to explore the romance on their Bali honeymoon package. But it is the best destination for a newbie who wants to explore an international destination in a cheap budget. You can explore temple at Bedugul, Bali. It is a spiritual place with pristine white beaches, organic eateries, spas and massages, and yoga. The combination of warm and friendly, welcoming individuals and amazingly interesting culture has made Bali the most fascinating place in Indonesia. You pretty much certainly won’t be the single solo visitor in Bali. Everybody is well-known for being incredibly helpful and you’re certain to meet some amazing figures on your journey along your way. Bali is the ideal place for a soothing and religious escape. The Holy Monkey Woodlands in Ubud is superb. if you like monkeys.

Maldives Islands

The Maldives Islands are 1000 islands located off the west coast of the Indian ocean. A true Asian experience, the Maldives is the excellent place to avoid the hustle and bustle of everyday busy life. It is very safe and secluded islands with some friendly locals. You can explore some of the great places with crystal clear blue water and live above the Indian ocean in Some luxury water villas. The perfect place for riding a bike along the beach destination as it is the most common mode of transportation on this islands. If you are planning your trip to the Maldives make sure you must experience Island hopping.

Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland is no stranger when it arrives at pleasing solo tourists. Around 25% of guests to Switzerland travel alone. It is a great choice for a solo travel because you can explore some of the amazing places on a train ride and enjoy the natural wonders, majestic greenery, snow-capped mountains etc. It is the best place for skiing and snow activities. Be the adventurous one get to indulge yourself in some snow activities and experience some adrenal rush like never before on your tour to Switzerland.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh is one of the places in Europe that can be traveled effortlessly. The streets are not too complex, which enables you to discover the city without having any difficulty or getting lost. It is also noticed that the residents of this area are extremely friendly and extremely versatile. Asking them inquiries is not too disturbing simply because they have a bunch of issues to answer. If you want to uncover the real experience in Scotland, you have to go to Edinburgh city first. Here you can experience lots of things. It features a variety of facilities that are ideal for a solo traveler. Even if you are a woman, this is the safe place for you. Crime rates are almost zero, you will never experience that you are having stalked or somebody id following you. The residents are genuinely honest and helpful, creating your experience much less problematic.

Dublin, Ireland

The beauty of Dublin is cant be expressed in words. It is always genuine and worth watching. Solo travelers are motivated to feel the elegance and amazing things of Dublin. While in the area, you will understand that the delighted Irish mindset and custom are all currently being cherished. People there are friendly and they speak English. Dublin is thoroughly clean and accurately preserved. All the traditional compositions and monuments are well preserved by the city to increase their tourism. This place is also free from any hazards for tourists. You can roam at late night with feel worried about your security.

Paris, France

Paris is the most beautiful and amazing place to travel to Europe. Feel the beauty of the place and experience some of the delicious pastries. Witness the aura around the Eiffel tower and get to the top of the place to have some drinks at the bar located at the top of the tower. It is a much great experience for a solo traveler to visit the place without any worry.

Traveling makes a healthy mind and you don’t need a partner all the time to travel every time you want to travel. Pack your bag with essential items and hit the road alone.

Best solo Travel trips destinations around the world

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There is also a powerful motivation for diversity here, and as well as Malays, Chinese, and Indian population in Malaysia. Due to these blend of different type of individuals, you can observe a multicultural environment here which is reflected in the architectural mastery and ethnically relics observed in the country. Guests here can pick out from a large variety of adventure activities from diving to hiking to trekking or eating the local delicious meals. Here is the list of some of the best thing you could do in Malaysia. You must read the article before you book your Malaysia holiday packages from India.

Enjoy the culture in Malacca

Melaka or Malacca is also regarded as The Historic State and is situated next to the Malacca Strait, hence it is named as Malacca. The state is mentioned to have the most fascinating architecture monuments in Malaysia as it was previously established by the Portuguese, so it attributes a large number of red-colored lacquer buildings from the colonial periods such as Christ Church. It also has a high focus of galleries and museums, and locations of ancient interest for a majority of tourists to explore. It is an ideal place for newlywed honeymooners to get the honeymoon package for Malaysia.

Meander around Penang

Penang is an isle located at the west coast of Malaysia, it is named after their British king, the great King George. Penang is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has an emphasis on preservation and conservation and tourists can experience this at Penang. It is also prominent for its Exotic Spice Garden that features the most amazing and some unique flora and fauna such as the Torch Ginger. It is a shrub used in several conventional Malay dishes and gives it an amazing taste to be the trade dish of Malaysia. This dish is one of the reasons many tourists plan their honeymoon trip to Malaysia.

Go trekking in Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara National Park is positioned in the state of Pahang and it states to a recognition that entices a constant stream of guests to visit this place. This Taman Negara National Park is the biggest national park in the whole Malaysian peninsular, IT attracts a great number of tourists from all around the world due to the fact that the park has installed the longest rope walkway. The park also has some significant treks for trekking enthusiast, it is as long as 100km round trip, but worry not it has some small light hikes for rookies. There is a wide range of wild animals and plant life in the park. This is a great place to make a family trip this summer.

Explore the culture in Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu is to be located at the western coast of Malaysia, in the state of Kelantan. It is an exciting transformation of pace and ambiance to the eastern coast and a lot of tourists come to Malaysia just to visit this city. Standards of an outfit are more stringent in Kota Bharu, on the other hand, there are a large variety of mosques, wats, temples, and other spiritual sites to check out such as the most famous old royal palaces. It is not just a tourist place it is still the residence of the present Sultan of Kelantan. Malaysia tour Packages always includes these royal palaces.

Malaysia is a great place to enjoy your vacations. Get some lonely place free from busy city life and explore the real you in some alone time. Choose from hiking, trekking, diving snorkeling etc. and cash the each and every moments of your vacation.

Malaysia Tour- The Best Places to Visit in Malaysia with Family

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Mauritius probably is one of the most passionate islands in the entire world to kick-start your newly married life, but the main question is where to stay at your honeymoon. So, read the article to get to know the best places to stay while you are on your Honeymoon trip to Mauritius.

Le Grand Bleu

Le Grand Bleu in one of the best in the list of Mauritius honeymoon beach resorts. Located by the south of the bay, the spectacular resort is one of the prime preference amongst newly weds honeymooners. Le Grand Bleu is among the best Mauritius Honeymoon vacation beach resorts. What makes this place so Special is that it is a place where Honeymooners indulge in some delicacies at their exquisite eating places & treat themselves with a rejuvenating massage at the significantly lauded couple spa. Don’t Miss the opportunity to go sailing with the love of your life into the calm glowing blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Tarisa Resort

Fancy an elegant honeymoon vacation in an amazing resort with a tip of legacy then Tarisa Resort is the place for you. Tarisa Resort & Spa is a traditionally rich yet modern beach resort in Mauritius. What makes is so specials that If you’re a newlywed honeymoon couple which prefers to relax in the lifestyle of a place & really wants a flavor of the exotic island than this destination is for you. It has a perfect blend of ultimate luxury with Mauritian history. Don’t Miss the opportunity to woo your better half by organizing a romantic candlelight dinner with a seaside sleeping sack to observe the bright sky. some of the suggested Rooms having Privacy assured, with beach side views and surrounded by exotic flowers and trees. Get indulge in their incredible couple spa at the ocean view. Adventure seekers could go for a cycle tour or an early morning swim in the beach ride pool make your journey a perfect one.

The Westin Turtle Bay

Nestled in a super exclusive, relaxing spot at the edge of the highway in Turtle Bay, this enchanting Mauritius honeymoon beach resort is an extravagance at its best. The Westin Turtle Bay is known for its unique semi-open washrooms between the newlyweds. What makes this place so special is that the gorgeous hotel combinations effortlessly with its natural environment, while the decorations feature of the bedroom contemporary luxe, perfect for married couples searching for a relax the holiday away from hectic city lifestyle. Don’t Miss the opportunity to woo your better half with a passionate song at the sparkling beaches around the resort where many married couples tryst for a romantic evening hours walk while observing amazing sunset. Treat yourself & your partner with some amazing water activities near your beachfront pool suite. Observe the stunning sunset view with your special someone from your room itself.

Radisson Blu Azuri

One of the most unique Mauritius honeymoon beach resorts is Radisson Blu Azuri. It is blessed to the lovers Virgine and Paul & is an utter paradise for newly married honeymooners. One & Only Radisson Blu Azuri is amongst the most enchanting Mauritius honeymoon beach resorts Located at the North East Coast of Mauritius. What makes this place so special is that If you’re seeking for a disguised escape on the hidden Mauritian white sand beaches, then this is the perfect beach destination for you and your partner to get lost in each other at this amazing and romantic aura of the Radisson Blu Azuri beach resort. Don’t Miss the opportunity for all those exciting trysts with your sweetie and go for an under water sea walking. For a truly romantic meeting, celebrate your new love life at the ocean front suite with a personal swimming pool, huge terrace with magnificent views and get indulge yourself in waterspouts & activities like mountain biking, kite surfing, and para sailing. 

Laguna Beach Hotel And Spa

If you have thoughts of yourself lounging around the hammocks while your servant provides your a freshly make chilled martini, then Laguna Beach Hotel And Spa are where you should be heading. Laguna Beach Hotel And Spa are one of the highest quality beach resort in Mauritius, frequented by newly wedded honeymoon couples. What makes this place so special is that this indulging Mauritius honeymoon beach resort displays chic attractiveness and romance, ideal for married couples searching for a romantic rendezvous. Don’t Miss the opportunity to kiss your love beneath the starlit sky witnessed by the splattering waves at your feet. Unwind at a Luxury Villa or an Elegant Villa or with an exclusive swimming pool & delighted views, spreading romance all over. Walk hand-in-hand along the pristine beaches or find your love in your bedroom with your lover.

Le Surcouf Hotel And Spa

If your concept of a perfect honeymoon is keeping yourself away from the masses and snuggling up with your partner then Le Surcouf Hotel And Spa would be a perfect choice for you. This Le Surcouf Hotel And Spa Resort in Mauritius is the best honeymooners getaway located at the Chemin Grenier in South Mauritius. What makes this place so special is that you get disconnected from the world, away from the muzzle of the city, this stylish property is ideal to hug each other in one of the most alluring honeymoon vacation beach resorts in Mauritius. Don’t Miss the opportunity to observe the spectacular coral & unique marine views, there is nothing more passionate than a marine under water lunch while observing the deep blue sea at the Blue Safari submarine. You have to ask them to arrange it is not complimentary on your Mauritius holiday tour packages. Privacy is assured at the Luxury Suite Villas of Le Surcouf Hotel And Spa. Their Ayurvedic spa is incredible. you must try it. Food lovers should try out their special treats at their BBQ events.

There are some of the personal picks of the best honeymoon beach resorts at Mauritius for couples who are seeking a lovely place to spend their honeymoon. These wonderful resorts have special love nests, magnificent suites, incredible villas, and unusual hideaways to match all your honeymoon desires.

6 Top Best Honeymoon Resorts in Mauritius of 2018

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A honeymoon is the most remarkable time for a newlywed couple after their marriage. It is the time you get to know each other. Singapore has no shortage of places for honeymooners to spend some alone time with each other. From magnificent hotels by the ocean to enchanting landscapes for romantic sunsets, there’s a lot of places to explore in your Singapore Honeymoon Package. Here are some of the top 5 amazing locations to spend your honeymoon in Singapore.

The city offers a huge range of exciting and interesting activities to accommodate the various desire of honeymooners. From Universal Studios on Sentosa, Singapore Flyer, Sands Skypark to Botanic
Gardens, Night Safari, Singapore Zoo there is something for everyone.

Explore the lush green Botanic garden

This the vibrant and peaceful garden has lately been accepted as a UNESCO National Heritage. Its eternal appeal and tranquil aura of this place attract married couples. You can gradually walk hand-in-hand with your lover checking out the magnificence of the garden. You’ll be surprised to observe the extensive range of orchid varieties in the National Orchid Garden. Orchid Garden is so mesmerizing that it is one of the best destinations for pre-wedding photography.

Get lost in the vibrant blend of ancient and contemporary Chinatown

The traditional markets, interesting shops, awesome restaurants make this place a must-visit area. One can easily devote some days discovering the narrow streets of this traditionally rich town. It is a paradise for a foodie person, you can’t neglect the place without tasting satay (barbecued meat skewers) and char kway teow (stir-fried noodles) from street booths. People who like classy and modern locations to eat can find restaurants and cafes on Keong Saik Road, Duxton Road, and Neil Road.

Enjoy Night Safari in the nocturnal zoo very first of its kind

When the sun goes down, the gateways of Night Safari opens up for tourists. Night Safari is the very first nighttime wildlife park in the world which lets you observe a completely unique safari. You’ll be witnessing about 2,500 local animals including some of the endangered species like Malayan tiger, Malayan tapir, and Asian elephant. If you desire to explore the park on wheels, there is a 35-minute long tram ride for you. a tourist should also explore Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, and River Safari.

Experience spectacular views from Gardens By The Bay

The the garden presents awe-inspiring beachfront views. This horticultural fascination is distributed across 101 hectares, and include two main areas Bay South Garden and Bay East Garden. Bay South Garden is the biggest one influenced by the national flower of Singapore, the Singapore orchid. You can notice the huge tall super-trees that make the garden exceptionally stunning. You can stroll on the halted pathway to appreciate a view of the entire garden.

Click incredibly beautiful selfies at The Helix Bridge

The Helix Bridge is the exceptional piece of architecture in the world as it is the first curved double helix bridge. It’s a pedestrian link throughout the Singapore river in between its new Bayfront district and Central Business District (CBD). Tourists really like to capture this beautiful piece of architecture marvel in their cameras. It’s a place where you can stroll around with your partner. Book Singapore Honeymoon Package from India and explore the real beauty of Singapore. 

Top 5 Incredibly Romantic Honeymoon Places in Singapore

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The Netherlands is generally wrongly referred to the much similar country Holland, and it is one of the most vivid and vibrant international locations in Europe. Recognized for its modern capital city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands is much more than only museums and canals, and if you are on your honeymoon with the love of your life then this is the place for you. You will find snapshot postcard attractive cities as well as vibrant places like The Hague and Rotterdam. It is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon in this amazing country of Europe. Explore the silent and peaceful nation on your Netherlands Honeymoon Packages from India.

Explore the Canals of Amsterdam

Identical to several other metropolitan areas that remain over water like Venice, Amsterdam has a vivid canal system. The attractive waterways are one of the most effective beloved attractions in Amsterdam and you can discover the pleasant water channels by acquiring a boat ride tour or a water cab that allows you roam around a variety of different destinations. If you don’t require to get to the water canals then you can just roam around and enjoy the canal views with a peaceful walk along the banks.

Visit Zaanse Schans

Those honeymooners who wish they could take a trip back again in time and check out the actual beauty of the Netherlands of the late 17th and an early 18th centuries have appeared to the correct place. Zaanse Schans has situated approximately 15 km to the northern region of Amsterdam and it is designed as a wide open-air art gallery where you can take a walk around a conventional Nederlander village and discover out how early craftsmen would have previously worked. Just some of the attractions include a range of petite natural wooden houses, a pewter factory, a grocery store, and a shipyard. You will also discover some elegant wind turbines despite the fact that out of the 680 that would have marked the region in the old times but now only 5 are remaining and can be frequently visited by the tourists.

Stroll around the Garden of Europe

Keukenhof is the best place for honeymooners to click their post wedding photos on their Netherland holiday packages. It is also recognized as the Garden of Europe. It is a huge range of vibrant color with flowers of each and every shade as far as the vision can get. Tulips are the trademark blossoms of this nation and the Garden of Europe simply outside of Lisse region. Keukenhof is the biggest general public garden anyplace in the world. Covering up 70 acres of land, tourists will find stunning floral exhibitions as well as dining places to offer you a wide variety of delicious meals.

Admire Grote Kerk

Grote Kerk is identified in The Hague and it is the largest church that is designed in its traditional red brick in Gothic type. The unique building here would have been constructed in the late 13th century despite the fact that it was smashed to the ground in 1539 and reconstructed in the existing composition. The church has a glorious history as the place where many associates of the Dutch royal group in which baptized which includes King Willem-Alexander who had his baptism here. Some of the amazing things to watch near it is dominating bell tower. It is the tallest in the Netherlands and includes total 51 bells as well as the huge pipe organ and decorative timber pulpit.

Netherlands Honeymoon Packages from India

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The land of Greece the birthplace of Portuguese is one filled with historical delusion and a perfect place for art, philosophy, history, and archeology enthusiast. If you are one of these then book Greece holiday package make a trip to this exciting nation. Greece is built up of a sequence of pleasant island destinations that are enclosed by a crystal clear blue ocean and covered in petite white-colored magnificent structures, and you will also discover engaging galleries and museums, crumbling remains of ancient ruins, and pretty seaside towns aplenty.

Tour the Acropolis

Prominent the skyline of the Athens (the capital city of Greece) is the Acropolis. If you are traveling in Greece with your partner then this is almost certainly the prime destination not to skip while you are on your Greece honeymoon package. It is entirely made from shimmering marble stone, used to be the location of the popular sculpture of Athena in white color who was also the demigoddess of Athens city. Anybody slightly fascinated about the ancient architectural mastery can wonder at the Doric columns to feel the ancient beauty of the place and observe the magnificent Acropolis and temples and is covered with walkways that let you stroll around at your leisure time and appreciate the emphasis of this place which is the spectacular Parthenon.

Climb Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is most likely one of the most prominent mountain ranges in the entire world and if you are an admirer and enthusiast of Greek mythology then this place should be on the bucket list of your itinerary. If you want to climb the mountain to reach the top of the hill then you will require to take a trip to Litochoro. It is the place where you can start your trek to get to the top of the mountain. You need proper gears and equipment to climb. It offers some amazing panoramic views of the city. Definitely a perfect place for a selfie lover.

Admire the architecture in Santorini

Santorini is also recognized as the island of Thira. This magnificent place is the destination of newly wedded honeymooners looking to get away and spend some lonely time together on one of the most wonderful locations on earth. Santorini has recognized for its snapshot postcard superior appearance which sees it protected in conventional Cycladic residences which sparkle white beneath the hot Ancient greek sun and distinction fantastically with the deep azure seas and church buildings. Strolling around the aisle gives you the opportunity to acquire in all the magnificent architectural mastery here and due to the fact the landscape designs are established by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, you can expect to have some of the most amazing landscapes views in the area of the local region.

Uncover Lake Plastira

Lake Plastira is a special and most preferred tourists spot in Greece. It is known for being endowed with a wide variety of natural elegance. What tends to make this body of water unique is that it is artificially built to enhance the beauty of Greece to make your honeymoon more special. The lake is enclosed by chestnut and oak trees and you can experience the rafting or canoeing here and you can feel the love in the magnificent trails of the lake. You can horse riding along the lush green jungle with your lover.

Greece Holiday Tour - Best Things to Do in Greece

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