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For some of the people who are really very willing to travel around the world and to watch some of the best places on planet earth, it can be very difficult for you to find a buddy who loves to journey with you and also a travel enthusiast. Friends and family members are strapped down with their jobs, having difficulties to save some money for livelihood, and don’t generally want to explore the same places which you want to explore. The solution to this situation is, of course, is to travel alone, in some cases it is a scary prospect, but at the same time it is an opportunity for self-discovery exploration, and adventure. But now the main question arises about where to go? Get your checklist ready, because here you can explore some of the best solo trip destinations.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne City is Australia is the best place for a solo travel. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches and the bustling city life and the main part of the journey is that you don't need any companion. The reason why it’s a great choice for solo traveling is that Australia continent is considered the safest destination especially for international travelers, and because of that, many solo travelers plan their trip to go there. IT is an English-speaking country so you won’t have to be worried about the language and you will not face any language barriers. Melbourne is incredibly city with good and friendly people it is easy to get around because you can take a bike ride or just simply stroll around the place. You can plan your solo trip to Australia.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is a great place for solo travelers. Probably because it is one of the Buddhist ways of thinking, which creates a gender equality among all individual. it is the best place for both male and female solo traveler. Thailand is known for its warm and friendly welcome, and as a travel hot-spot, you are more likely to come across solo travelers like you. It is one of the ideal destinations for traveling because of its amazing scenery and it is really very cheap. It is really a good chose if you want to explore more under low budget. Thailand has a lot to offer, from spiritual wats and temples in Phuket to the party animal Bangkok, From the tropical jungle to the pristine beautiful beaches. Traveling around Thailand is truly easy. You can easily get any Thailand holiday packages.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong despite being an amazing city and one of the biggest cities in China. Hong Kong is a wonderful place to chill out and relax to get some alone time in nature. It is called the vertical city because it has the maximum numbers of skyscrapers in the whole world still has the beautiful gardens to spend some time with yourself. Hong Kong is considered one of the most secure locations in the entire world. If you’re not a professional traveler or an experienced traveler, or probably a bit wary of factors like language boundaries, Hong Kong is an excellent location to begin your solo trip, as it a blend of both Western and Eastern culture at the same time. Because of its British heritage history, but you need not worry about the language barrier because much of people in Hong Kong speak English.

kuala-Lumpur Malaysia

One of the leading solo journey destinations in Asia. With a perfectly deserved popularity for currently being a conservative, secure and safe Muslim country. Malaysia has the key points to be on the top of an ideal exotic location for a single traveler. Malaysia is one of the major technically superior places in Asia, so elements generally perform well and you can enjoy your travel in Malaysia. The place is loaded with multi-colored and thrilling experiences including numerous festivals and occasions. Malaysia is like two nations in one country, You can visit some of the with lush green wild jungles of Borneo as well as the high-class skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia offers some of the best food in the world.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the prime destination for a newly wedded couple who wants to explore the romance on their Bali honeymoon package. But it is the best destination for a newbie who wants to explore an international destination in a cheap budget. You can explore temple at Bedugul, Bali. It is a spiritual place with pristine white beaches, organic eateries, spas and massages, and yoga. The combination of warm and friendly, welcoming individuals and amazingly interesting culture has made Bali the most fascinating place in Indonesia. You pretty much certainly won’t be the single solo visitor in Bali. Everybody is well-known for being incredibly helpful and you’re certain to meet some amazing figures on your journey along your way. Bali is the ideal place for a soothing and religious escape. The Holy Monkey Woodlands in Ubud is superb. if you like monkeys.

Maldives Islands

The Maldives Islands are 1000 islands located off the west coast of the Indian ocean. A true Asian experience, the Maldives is the excellent place to avoid the hustle and bustle of everyday busy life. It is very safe and secluded islands with some friendly locals. You can explore some of the great places with crystal clear blue water and live above the Indian ocean in Some luxury water villas. The perfect place for riding a bike along the beach destination as it is the most common mode of transportation on this islands. If you are planning your trip to the Maldives make sure you must experience Island hopping.

Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland is no stranger when it arrives at pleasing solo tourists. Around 25% of guests to Switzerland travel alone. It is a great choice for a solo travel because you can explore some of the amazing places on a train ride and enjoy the natural wonders, majestic greenery, snow-capped mountains etc. It is the best place for skiing and snow activities. Be the adventurous one get to indulge yourself in some snow activities and experience some adrenal rush like never before on your tour to Switzerland.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh is one of the places in Europe that can be traveled effortlessly. The streets are not too complex, which enables you to discover the city without having any difficulty or getting lost. It is also noticed that the residents of this area are extremely friendly and extremely versatile. Asking them inquiries is not too disturbing simply because they have a bunch of issues to answer. If you want to uncover the real experience in Scotland, you have to go to Edinburgh city first. Here you can experience lots of things. It features a variety of facilities that are ideal for a solo traveler. Even if you are a woman, this is the safe place for you. Crime rates are almost zero, you will never experience that you are having stalked or somebody id following you. The residents are genuinely honest and helpful, creating your experience much less problematic.

Dublin, Ireland

The beauty of Dublin is cant be expressed in words. It is always genuine and worth watching. Solo travelers are motivated to feel the elegance and amazing things of Dublin. While in the area, you will understand that the delighted Irish mindset and custom are all currently being cherished. People there are friendly and they speak English. Dublin is thoroughly clean and accurately preserved. All the traditional compositions and monuments are well preserved by the city to increase their tourism. This place is also free from any hazards for tourists. You can roam at late night with feel worried about your security.

Paris, France

Paris is the most beautiful and amazing place to travel to Europe. Feel the beauty of the place and experience some of the delicious pastries. Witness the aura around the Eiffel tower and get to the top of the place to have some drinks at the bar located at the top of the tower. It is a much great experience for a solo traveler to visit the place without any worry.

Traveling makes a healthy mind and you don’t need a partner all the time to travel every time you want to travel. Pack your bag with essential items and hit the road alone.

Best solo Travel trips destinations around the world

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