Seven Best Train Routes In India That Take You Close to Nature

Maharaja Express
Being an Indian, almost all of us have sweet memories about a train journey. There is a special enthusiasm in children with their packing and buying habits. With vast terrain there is common to watch a fight for the window seat among kids.

Indian Railway Food

Apart from all the things, the most witnessed part is scenic landscapes of Indian routes.

Railway Track

For enthusiast travellers, the perfect bag packing is a prior part. If we talk about best luggage then everything is a part of compromise. Firstly, take a look of breathtaking rail paths along the specific packing tips..

Tamil Nadu Tea

Goa Express

Dudhsagar Waterfalls Bridge

It is a source to cover the beautiful path of Vasco Da Gama (Goa) to Londa (Karnataka). This satisfactory path provides a pristine view of Goa villages from your window.

Adventures Rail Jounery

Tip: For the overall relax on this journey, never become a pack animal. If you’re alone on the rail journey then less & necessary luggage is a best solution to avoid any challenging situation.

Jounery in Goa Express

The Island Express
Basically, it is a short train journey from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum. One can obtain the number of sensory ticklers in an eye catching manner to watch coconut trees and Keralite architecture.

The Island Express

Gopurams and decorated temples is like a welcomed locations along the superb train journey.

Superb Train Journey

Tip: Here the amazing tip is new generation cases with light weight and hard sided wheels to simply discover the joy of train route.

Discover the Joy of Train Route

Toy Train Journey
If you want to enjoy some filmy move in your life then surely try the route of toy train from Kalka to Shimla once in your life.

Kalka to Shimla Toy Train

This 96 kms long train is perfect to awaken a sense of kid from your inside along its passage from bridges and tunnels.

Toy Train Journey

You self felt everything in an amazing flow with this pretty little train, pines, oaks, Deodars and Shimla Valley. It is a wonderful route for summers.

Toy Train Shimla

Tip: Here you’ve to select a perfect dimension for your bag to positively enjoy the situation.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
Must try this one of the incredible rail journey from Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling.

Darjeeling Toy Train

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for the delightful tour through tea-plantation and hills scenery.

Darjeeling Beautiful

In this ride a traveler gets the opportunity to cover dream distance through market, fruit stalls, spiral, loop and reverse turns.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Tip: Here the fairly specialist bag is a special tip.

Specialist Bag

The camera-style messenger bag really works for you as a mobile office and offers comfort in carrying process.

Sethu Express

Sethu Express

From Mandapam to Rameswaram, it is a way to explore the magnificence of Indian Ocean. If you want to carve the beautiful memories then surely try the journey over this second largest sea bridge of India.

Sea Bridge of India

The splendid views and sights of Pamban Island in the Gulf of Mannar is a way to obtain serenity around the sparkling azure water of Indian Ocean.


Padded Bag

Here, the extra tip of padded bag which works as a pillow and also offers protection to your valuables.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Have you remember the famous “Chhaiya Chhaiya song” and want to get the same opportunity then it is a toy train journey from plains of Mettupalayam to hills queen Ooty. With this pristine natural beauty you’ll get cherish moments for a long time. 

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway

On this route, the train passes through Nilgiri mountains and covers beautiful tea estates with its twists and turns.


Leather Bag

With the familiarity of crowded situation, one has to prefer durable folding wheeled bag for easily compressed its extra dimensions.

Deccan Odyssey

The Deccan Odyssey

In the count of most exotic Indian rails the Indian Maharaja-Deccan Odyssey is the convenient name.

Luxury Trains in India

This royal path has a route from Rajasthan to gorgeous Taj Mahal along the prestigious tour of Ajanta and Ellora.

Restaurants Deccan Odyssey

There are several highlights with on-board activities to luxury eating, drinking and resting facilities.

Tip: With the final words of security, a traveler has to use a simple portable padlock apart from any integrated lock and zippers.

Portable Padlock Bag

These incredible routes are the lifeline of Indian tourism. If you are new and in the continuous search of new wonders in India then this information really meant to you. 

Indian Trains

Just ready for the words, full of praise after your experience. Good Luck!


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