Assorted Honeymoon Ideas for the Newly-Weds

Honeymoon Dreams
Honeymoon ideas don’t need any expert advice of sorts, does it? I mean, honeymoon is that precise time of your life when you along with your beau would love to spend some private time together, which would, as a matter of fact, help in shaping up your marriage in the long run. If you take my word, I would suggest the place to be anywhere you choose to be. It could be even as simple as your backyard! All that matters is the two of you being together; who cares about wherever you are, anyway. As long as you are having a quality time together, there is nothing that can hold you from living the dream.

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However, there are some of us who would rather prefer to travel to some exotic destination of choice to commemorate this once in a lifetime event. While some are bound by their fetish to travel, others board the flight just so they can make the event memorable. Staying at a luxury hotel in some exotic beach destination has been the prevalent trend among the majority of honeymooners while others choose to relinquish on the city life.

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Types of Honeymoon

Well, there is a good enough reason as to why people maintain to stick with the whole “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” thing— the obvious rationale: doing it the traditional way makes your folks happy. So, if you are not the adventurous kind and can’t risk trying out anything new, here are some classic honeymoon ideas that are beyond doubt great options to chose from.


Fiji has always been a hit among honeymooners. Warm sandy beaches and tropically mild, clear blue waters make the landscape a pleasure to contemplate. With countless water activities like snorkeling, water skiing, glass boat ride and other akin stuff, Fiji has been highly flourishing in its endeavor of rising as the honeymooners’ paradise. This is one great place to soak up the sun and you will know better when you go for the same.

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Next on the list is Hawaii which has long been the newlyweds’ exotic destination of choice. With countless beaches, clear blue waters, beach parties and umpteen outdoor activities for those who are so inclined, it’s a can’t-afford-to-miss good time. Moreover, this precise vacation will put you thousands of miles away from your in-laws which is a chance you won’t want to miss.

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East Coasters will often opt for the shorter jaunt to the Caribbean, where they can enjoy many of the same luxuries offered in Hawaii with less time spent in airplanes. Similarly, Western Europe is also a long-standing honeymoon tradition, with happy couples jetting off to France, Italy, and Spain. All three offer plenty of ways to both relax and explore, which is what the first few weeks of marriage is all about, right?

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Free Thinkers
While there’s nothing wrong with going the traditional route, some people will make the argument that those destinations are cliché. For those independent couples, destinations like Turkey, Croatia, and the Greek Islands beckon.

Honeymoon in Santorini Greece

All three locations offer opportunities to soak up the sun, eat fantastic food, and take in fascinating cultures. The crystal waters of the Dalmatian Coast are just one of the reasons that Croatia is fast becoming a luxury beach destination. Meanwhile, Turkey allows you to say that you honeymooned in both Europe and Asia. The beach town of Izmir is the perfect home base from which you can explore the ruins at Ephesus before heading to Cappadocia for days spent hot air ballooning and hiking the seemingly Martian landscape. The Greek islands allow for days spent at sea and nights eating fresh seafood in Crete and Lesbos.

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The last category of honeymooners can’t sit still. Rather than collapse after months of planning, they prefer to blow off steam by seeking out adrenaline rushes.

Sky Diving on Honeymoon

Safaris are a popular honeymoon activity for couples that want to splurge on a trip that they might never experience again. Seeing huge migrations of wildebeests, prides of lions, and grazing giraffes are the kinds of experiences that you want to share with the most special person in your life. That’s what has so many Americans honeymooning in South Africa and Tanzania.

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South America also offers thrill-seeking honeymooners a chance to bond in exotic locales. The Galapagos Islands are home to animals species found nowhere else in the world, as well as fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving sites.


We would be coming up with more amazing honeymoon ideas shortly. So, stay tuned!

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