Eating Healthy on the Go

You are left with no choice but to eat out while travelling.
Sticking to a diet turns out to be a hard nut to crack, given all the temptations of tasting new food in the city you have just landed in.

I mean, who would want to miss out on those epicurean delicacies that await you at every fast food joint you come across? But… laying stress on ‘but’, you need to know that to eat healthy while travelling should be one of your foremost concerns as you need to stay fit throughout the trip. You can’t afford to fall sick or weak while on a vacation and eventually ruin a long planned get-away, can you?

While it is easy to give up on your diet plan while travelling, it is almost as easy to keep healthy all through the trip, provided you swear by certain tips and tricks to eating healthy that we would like to enlist here.

Whether its business or leisure, you can be sure of maintaining a healthy regime following these eating mantras to the letter. Here you go- 

Let us start with eating on the airplane; this is from where your eating habits start to falter.

The rather expensive typically unhealthy meals offered on the plane are something best avoided. How? All you need to do is pack your own meal from home. Again, most airlines and stringent flight regulations don’t allow you to carry certain types of food. In that case you can easily pack a vegetable salad at one of the several airport eateries.

You have the privilege of bringing protein-dense food such as nuts, protein bars and firm fruits like apples, which won’t leak or get smashed in your bag. Sounds good? This way you will not only eat healthy while travelling but also save yourself of an outrageous food bill on the flight.

Hunger strikes at odd times, agreed!

The fast food joint at the corner of the street will no doubt provide you a quick bite. But all that greasy stuff, are they really worth it? These food, beyond doubt, taste good but are always high on fats and calorie; you will soon end up with flab’s.

And moreover, you travelled all the way to that country to experience the local culture there. Why let these food rob you off of what you have been there for? So, what we suggest is to eat often but in lesser quantities. Eating many times a day in meagre amounts will keep signalling your brain that you have eaten plentiful.

Large and heavy meals will not only force your body to store a huge amount of fat, but will also make you feel heavy and sleepy throughout the day. Also, going for local food that constitutes a large amount of fruits and vegetables will do the trick. It’s a much, much better option than eating carb while on the go.

Another great way to eat healthy on vacations is -

to stock your hotel room with water bottles, granola or other protein bars, fibber cookies and a lot of fresh fruit. This will save you off the trouble of ransacking the mini-bar which is often stuffed with high-calorie food and beverages, and costs you an outrageous amount, as well.

Moreover, this is adequately indispensable to curb your insatiable hunger during business meetings or tourist activities.

Next on the list of tricks to eating healthy on vacations is controlling your fluid intake.

Choosing water over other beverages while on transit is the best thing to go for. Though milk and fresh juices are encouraged, we strongly suggest avoiding aerated drinks and alcoholic beverages.

The latter two will not just leave you dehydrated but will even increase the risks of travel related health conditions, say for instance, jet-lags. Dinging plenty of fresh water will keep you fresh and active all throughout the trip.

Last but not the least; try not to miss your breakfast. Recent studies have proven that those who avoid breakfast tend to gain weight more as compared to those who do.

Breakfast helps mold your system and prepares you for a full day of activities. Thus we can conclude that yet another vital mantra for eating healthy on vacations is to grab your breakfast at the hotel which is often provided complimentary.

Just make sure you choose a high protein-fibber meal that you keep you filled till lunch. Healthy breakfasts include whole grain toasts with peanut butter, eggs, mueslis, milk and juices, just to name a few.


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