Ten Festivals Not to Miss

Dance like mad, splash colors or play with fire, festivals are great way to know about any country’s culture, tradition and custom. The thrill and excitement associated with festival’s can transform any person into free minded spirit. Quite different from routine travels, festival travel is a life changing experience which let you to come out of your cocoons and helps you to discover a new person in you.

Happy People

They are always meant to rejoice your souls, creativity and look beyond your prejudice.

Snow & Ice Festival- Harbin, China

Harbin Ice Festival

If you can tolerate the bone chilling cold, then you should definitely head to the Harbin Snow & Ice festival.

Snow Sculptures

Feast your eyes with exquisite ice and snow moulded into the fine masterpieces decorated with lights and lasers, carving towering over 20 feet in height.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival 2015

Contestants all across the world come here to exhibit the craft of making beautiful sculpture out of ice and snow.

Ice Festival 2015

Organized every year from 5 January to 5 February, it has become the china’s one of the most sought out festival.

Holi- Festival of colors, India

Vrindavan Holi 2015

Whether you’re a kid, teenager or a grown up, I can bet that you will definitely gonna love this festive; such is the charm of Holi.

Holi Festival India

Splash color, beat drums, shake a leg with friends, get drenched and sing songs, celebrating Holi is pure fun.

Holi Festival Dog

Mostly celebrated in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and other Hindu regions, it usually falls in the month of March and April.

Cascamorras- Baza, Spain

Cascamorras Baza Spain

Get dirty! Take off your expensive clothes and cover yourself in grease... To accompany hundreds of Spaniards to reenact the stealing of a famous statue of the “Virgen de la Piedad,” which took place over 500 years ago.


Lasting for three days, Cascamorras takes place in the towns of Guadix and Baza in the province of Granada, Spain, annually on September 6.

Carnival- Venice, Italy

Venice Carnival

Forget your identity for a day and hide yourself behind the elaborated masks.

Venice Carnival Italy

Indeed, one of its kinds, this Carnival has been a Venice tradition since the 13th century and people in different disguises from all over the world gather every year in Venice to ensure their participation in the masked celebration.

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival- Lerwick, Scotland

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival

Fire! Fire! Fire! Don’t be panic! We are talking about the Up Helly Aa fire festival held in Shetland, Scotland. Celebrated annually in the middle of winter to mark the end of the Yule season, it is Europe’s largest fire festival.

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival - Lerwick Scotland

Every year thousand of guizers take a torchlight procession throughout the town which culminated with the burning of a full-scale Viking ship.

La Tomatina- Buñol, Spain

La-Tomatina - Spain

Fight with tomatoes, lot’s of overripe tomatoes. What? Sound crazy, But La Tomatina is all about tomatoes and every year thousands of tourists landed in Spain especially to attend this crazy festival.

La Tomatina- Buñol, Spain

Featured in many films, this festival is pure fun to attend. It is one of the largest food fight festival held on the last Wednesday of August each year in the town of Bunol near to Valencia in Spain.

Carnival- Rio deJaneiro, Brazil

Rio Carnival Costumes

Colorful costumes, Giant parades and Samba Music, made Rio De Janerio Carnival, the most famous Carnival festival of the Brazil held before lent every year. Once you landed in the Carnival Capital of the world, it’s difficult for you to run away from its charm.

Carnival - Rio deJaneiro, Brazil

Its nonstop party here and every day 2 million people hit the streets, making it the biggest Carnival.

Pamplona Bull Running, Spain

Pamplona Bull Running

How it feels when a bull gone mad is chasing you? Might be it make you scared and excited, but for the people of Spain it is a time honored tradition enough to challenge them and raise their adrenaline level.

Pamplona Bull Running Spain

Held every year from July 6th to 14th, this festival is for brave hearted people only.

Lantern Festival- Pingxi, Taiwan

Lantern Festival- Pingxi, Taiwan

Imagine a sky with thousand of floating ablaze Lanterns that light up the sky. Celebrated annual as a mark of the beginning of the Chinese New year in Pingxi, Taiwan it is one of the world’s largest lantern festival.

Yi Peng Festival

It’s amazing to see the sky in ablaze of the luminous glory of thousand Lanterns.

Oktoberfest- Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest Munich

Oktoberfest is all about beer, beer and beer.

German Oktoberfest

Held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It is the world’s largest beer festival that runs for 16 days from late September to the first weekend in October.

Oktober Fest

Beautiful waitresses serving huge glasses of beer for free would definitely a perk.

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