Know your travel interest with your Sun Sign

Somebody has rightly said that the magnificence of the destination will just meet you, if you put steps with the same excitement as you exactly expects.
Frequently, our partner matters more than the destination, even this closest one may not make something special with the site.

Then, is it right to always give positive/negative credit to our partner? Apart from that ‘sun sign’ is a definite factor that surely helps you to find out your interest, what sort of voyager you are and where are you destined to go. Such things are better for pre-arrangements..

The Aries is confident, the Taurean is a good planner..Extravagance explorer, Scorpion needs an awesome friends company while Sagittarians simply like to be allowed to sit unbothered. Whether you trust it or not, your sun sign is directing the sort of the explorer that you are.

Which one would you say you are?

Aries- The pioneer (APRIL 19 – MAY 13)

If you want to get the company of your Aries holiday partner, then firstly take some tips to know about his actual thirst. Such people have a great desire for adventure and exploration. They have the ability to take initiative.

Apart from the shorelines we’ll find them in water with the enjoyment of sports activities. According to their taste they get best satisfactory travel with Manali to Leh, adventurous taste of Rishikesh, Australia, New Zealand and the sightseeing of Meghalaya like beautiful collection.

Taurus- The Artistic Traveler (MAY 14 – JUNE 19)

This preserving sunshine has an unexpectedly patient nature. Taurean has a great feature of continual planning up to the last detail. There is some creative touch in their taste and overall planning especially in the case of travel.

The selection of rarest places, offbeat sights, travel at rocky outcrop sites in a form of magical moments. If we take the example of dinner enjoyment at Havelock Island, cultural significance of the Machu Picchu peaks and world famous skiing destinations then these are on their top list.

Gemini- The Social Traveler ( JUNE 20 – JULY 20)

Such language specialties love to find the customs and heritage rich places in their journey. They are interested in culture, stories and company of local people. Gemini’s give preference to well packaged tour after directing one to another with a great energy.

London, Paris, Rome and New York from International collection and Leh & Manali travel at the domestic level are their satisfactory lands.

Cancer- The water lovers (JULY 21 – AUG 9)

The people of water sign have endless love and emotions. They feel relaxed and satisfy within the surroundings of water. Their great combination of a enjoyment sucker in a calm surroundings makes their travel amazing.

Such love passionate people always want to preserve new memories with their favorite locations in a good vibe. The pristine white beaches and cruise destinations are their dream opportunity in this planet.

Leo- The superfluity traveler (AUGUST 10 – SEPTEMBER 15)

With the peaceful travel sites, there is a specific specialty of luxury touch apart from any normal sense in the Leo sunshine people. The well managed accommodation and satisfactory quality services are their taste just like in a kind identification.

As per their sunshine they love to enjoy the best moments in a relaxed situation. Apart from the wide explanation the historic city of Udaipur is one of their favorite sites. Similarly Lucknow, Agra, Rome, Egypt and Athens are in their dream travel list.

Virgo- The deliberate traveler (SEPTEMBER 16 – OCTOBER 30)

If you want to become a companion of Virgo sunshine then you’ll have to patient or calm by nature. The best part of your journey is ‘Virgos nature’ where there are complete confirmation about the place and related source of travel, staying arrangement and the things we are going to see.

After achieving their main goal, this best company love to openly explore the place with the real feel. If we consider the historical monuments then ruins of Jordan & Petra, Khajuraho and Rajasthan are well satisfactory places for them.

Libra- The Passionate Dreamy Traveler (OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 22)

This balanced sunshine desires a bit of everything during their travel. Such lovable creatures always want to travel within the company of their beloved ones. This sign of weighing scales wishes everything in organized way apart from any time wastage.

On their favorite vacation spot they want well collective activities, gracious accommodation and ideal things in a privacy manner apart from the social scale. Ride on Dal Lake Shikaras, houseboat stay in Kerala, Vegas, Venice and Miami are favorable places of Libra population.

Scorpio- The meditative traveler (NOVEMBER 23 – NOVEMBER 29)

Scorpions are true lover of privacy and smart discussions. Such extreme romantic creatures are always ready to spend on their private moments. Similarly, they love to travel with their better half to discover the mystery of life.

They’ve diverse and rich variation in their travel taste simply to make their understanding behind the basic reason of existence. Most of times their favorite sites are Konkan, Gokarna beaches, thoughtful art of Ajanta, Ellora and walk of the Great Wall of China.

Ophiuchus- The Real Man (NOVEMBER 30 – DECEMBER 17)

Ophiuchus, an interpreter of dreams is happy and humorous people who are honest to any fault. These intellectual and clever people are powerfully passionate about creativity, curiosity and imagination. 

With the strong sense of justice they are nature lovers and always driven to success with a great sense of pride. With the vibrant colors they always like peace and harmony around them.

Sagittarius- The balanced traveler (DECEMBER 18 – JANUARY 18)

Let’s familiar with the mood swings of Sagittarians with their chirpiest people in a group from sudden quiet before to share your journey with them.

They are not too much choosy but they put quick selections as per their own..especially in search of solitude.. Like the exotic places of Himachal, Ireland, Alaska and Norway.

Capricorn- The royal traveler ( JANUARY 19 – FEBRUARY 15)

Such personalties have a true sense just like a king or queen and they always want to travel in a straight up company. They require a complete comfort and luxury terms whether it is their meal, activity or outgoing experience.

With this high class comfort, they love to spend their time in luxurious shopping malls and vibrant local market. Udaipur is perfect for the doubtless royal treatment, Goa for vibrant nightlife and the vivaciousness of Amsterdam and Cape Town.

Aquarius- The Relaxed traveler (FEBRUARY 16 – MARCH 11)

With the luxury lovers, Aquarians are also nature lovers. They always like to discover the rejuvenating and vast nature with their special private time.

They have the great combination of happy thoughts just like a kid after observing the dark blanket of stars. Specific spa of Kerala, Malaysia and activities of Lahaul and Spiti Valley are similar to their taste.

Pisces- The cool & calm Traveler (MARCH 12 – APRIL 18)

Pisceans are well familiar creatures for their kind and warm hearts. There are always happy, fresh and lively with a pleasant smile on their face. They are in the search of inner peace apart from the basic worries of isolation and related ones.

They are target-setters and select their particular direction in a form of simplicity and great embellishment.

Cultural tour of Ladakh, romantic breeze of Uttarakhand, Lakshadweep, Maldives, Scotland and Venice activities would be their top picks.