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Real spirit of India has a live view in small villages apart from the crowd of urbanization. So, better to turn your steps towards villages, native sites, or silent beauty of nature. Mountain regions of Himalayas and Kerala is a perfect way to soothe your senses. Such kind of rejuvenation is always with you for a lifetime. Truly tremendous!

India is a famous culture rich land with its magnificent huge area. The country offers multiple experiences to a first time visitor especially with its variety of cultures, communities and religions. If you want to take an actual tour to India then slow paced villages is a best way to collect whole amazing experience. Here, we mention a few basic tips to fully enjoy your India visit in a comfortable and convenient way.

Precautions to avoid the risks (especially for Female Travelers)
Even India is one of the safest places in the world yet we've to follow some precautions to avoid risks-

  • Always pre-plan with a good research on the small factors related to culture, climate, food habits and dress code of the place before you want to visit.

  • Asian world has different trends with comparison to Western people. So, it is not sure that you'll meet up to your expectation whether it is a part of behavior, late night outing or too much friendliness with males.

  • Stay confident and avoid the strangers, beggars and roadside vendors.

  • Try to avoid going alone at unknown sites and dark streets. Must follow the guidelines of your local guide and person who will assist you at a new place.

  • Positively utilize the technology and install helpful mobile apps which can support you in any emergency situation.

  • Decent dressing is a perfect way to avoid any kind of odd and unwanted attention. Modern and traditional wearing depends on the areas which you select for your visit. Like, you can wear short dresses in metro cities, but in case of small cities and traditional states must try to wear normal fitted, comfortable and covered attires. Long Kurtis, Salwar Kameez, comfortable T-shirts, normal fitted trousers and related stuff are good to wear throughout the country. You can also locally purchase them at reasonable prices and can easily roam around the sites.

  • For healthy and hygienic conditions, be careful about your food and drink.

  • Must ensure about the source of drinking water, if it is not from trusted source then try bottled water, boiled water or use purifying tablets.

  • In India, the roadside local vendors generally sale cut fruits & salads, but you've to use uncut fruits to avoid the contamination.

  • Try to add curd in your meal for better digestion and use less oily & less spicy food.

  • If you select summer time to visit India then must use sunscreen, wear sunglasses and drink plenty of liquids to avoid the negative effect of hot and harsh conditions. Coconut water is healthy and the safest option.

  • Never forget to carry basic medicines, band aids and a mosquito repellent like first aid things with you for your safety.


Tip is basically depend on the quality of services provided to you whether it is a part of hotels, restaurants, driver or any related services.

  • Tip is generally not included in the bill charges and this additional part is near about the 10% of the bill.

  • You can use it, at the time of check out or in some cases it could be the early tip as a reward for good services.

  • A tip to driver varies from 700 to 1000 INR depend on the service. Similarly, you can also give a tip of 50- 100 INR/ Bag to porter, who help to carry your luggage.


Shopping in India will be a complete entertaining part. You've good options for your selection in a form of available variety.
  • In the local markets, you can get the chance to bargain, you can easily compare prices and get the best deals according to money and quality.

  • Try to use convenient and easily acceptable option of cash, instead of card payments in local markets.

  • In case of shipping never forget to collect receipts of shipment and try to buy from reputed names for a suitable arrangement up to your destination.


If we talk about the public toilet facility in India then it is not so reliable till the date. So, try to use the toilets of your hotels and restaurants apart from the public toilets. Never forget to carry toilet paper with you. Apart from such options, if you are in problem then Sit or Squat is a useful app to easily find out the proper nearby toilet facility in your location.

Important Tips during sightseeing:

It must be in everyone's habit for the care and betterment of your own and any other country. So, try to follow such basic guidelines during your visit to India.

  • Don't use photography in the prohibited areas because there are many places in India where photography is not allowed and need permission with specific charges which vary from still, video or mobile.

  • Respect the local people and follow the legal rules.

  • Avoid drinking and smoking in public areas because it may charge high penalties.

  • Save your time with the proper information about the closing days of specific monuments, museums, archaeological sites, historical attractions or any Government Institutions.

  • Don't encourage beggars by showing sympathy and giving money to them.

  • Get the proper confirmation about your entry into religious centers from local tourist information center because some temples are not allowed to enter Non-Hindus.

  • Follow the rules before to enter religious centers because in most of Hindu & Jain temples, leather article such as purses and belts are not allowed.

Some other suggestions

  • For any emergency support, always carry extra copies of your photographs and keep photocopies of your passport and other legal identities with you.

  • For the local transfers, pre-paid taxi services are a better option because in India there is no rule for fixed fares. So, avoid bargaining and rate card issues and try the better option of pre-paid taxi services.

  • Avoid carrying a big amount of cash with you. Use ATMs services or other instant banking favorable options where most of the international cards are accepted and you can easily exchange your amount into Indian currency.

  • Follow the proper VISA formalities, whether you are under Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Student/ Employment Visa, Entry Visa or Transit Visa.


Traveling Tips Before to Visit INDIA

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Are you willing to plan your holidays in a new country? And wanna pick some specific location. Then, it will be a joyful news for all Indians. You've to just fix your plan whether you want to spend your relaxing days in beach sites, capture wildlife attractions or follow the business trends of big cities. Now, you don't need to cancel or postpone your plan in the wait of long Visa processing. Even sometimes most of us are not able to select our dream location with the fear of Visa cancellation.

Here, we discuss about the list of popular countries where everyone has a dream to visit once in a life along with a good news of 'No Need of Visa', 'Visa on Arrival' or 'e-Visa'. Simply, plan your summer trip on your dream site and collect your happy moments.

Easy to go, Visa Formality for Indians

[No Need of Visa]-


Visa Terms: No Need of Visa

Cook Islands

Visa Terms: No Need of Visa
Specific Conditions: For 31 days


Visa Terms: No Need of Visa
Specific Conditions: For 4 months

Hong Kong

Visa Terms: No Need of Visa
Specific Conditions: For 14 days


Visa Terms: No Need of Visa
Specific Conditions: For 30 days


Visa Terms: No Need of Visa
Specific Conditions: For 30 days


Visa Terms: No Need of Visa
Specific Conditions: For 90 days


Visa Terms: No Need of Visa
Specific Conditions: (Freedom of movement) Indians can freely live and work in Nepal, as per the rules of Peace and Friendship treaty.

[Visa On Arrival]-


Visa Terms: On Arrival
Specific Conditions: For 90 days


Visa Terms: On Arrival


Visa Terms: On Arrival


Visa Terms: On Arrival
Specific Conditions: For 90 days


Visa Terms: On Arrival


Visa Terms: On Arrival
Specific Conditions: For 15 days (Visa fee 1000 Thai Baht)


Visa Terms: On Arrival
Specific Conditions: For 1 Month

[Need E-Visa]


Visa Terms: e-visa
Specific Conditions: For 3 months

Sri Lanka

Visa Terms: Electronic Travel Authorization
Specific Conditions: For 30 days

Note: Such Visa related polices & rules are upgraded from time-to-time by the Government of related countries. So, Visa related requirements keep changing. During this writing, we consider the current rules & policies for Indians. Have fun and enjoy this summers!

List of Countries every Indian can visit without a Visa!

Visa On Arrival No Visa E-Visa
Antartica Dominica Bahrain
Cambodia Cambodia Cote d’Ivoire
Cape Verde El Salvador Gabon
Comoros FYRO Macedonia Georgia
Djibouti Grenada Moldova
Ethiopia Haiti Myanmar
Guinea-Bissau Jamaica Rwanda
Guyana Micronesia São Tomé and Príncipe
Laos Montserrat Zambia
Mauritania Saint Kitts and Nevis Zimbabwe
Palau Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Saint Lucia South Korea
Samoa Svalbard
Senegal Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago Turks & Caicos Islands
Togo Vanuatu

Plan your International Visit 'Without Visa' or 'Visa On Arrival'

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Everyone of us wants to take a vacation break from our daily routine, especially in case of unmanageable stress of urban life. On the geographical variation, India has plenty of options, whether you want to relax in the lap of nature or some exciting and romantic places. But, during the time of perfect destination selection, we have to face a confusing stage.

Here the major factors are sorting of top holiday destinations, best time to visit, budget holidays and weather or climatic conditions which consume yours most of the time and energy. So, this informative writing helps to provide the month-wise data for your complete holiday planning from January to December.

You can easily plan your visit according to the suitable climatic conditions and budget limits. You can easily discover the best destination to overcome the boredom, pressure, stress and pace of the routine life. You can easily afford such budget trips with the help of our estimated total expenses over major parts like accommodation, food, attractions and activities.

January (Auli, Uttarakhand):

Welcome the winters with a perfect picturesque location of Auli. The snow covered slopes and breathtaking Himalayan mountain ranges are the major attractions of Auli. Nothing is better than this place where you can enjoy skiing, cable car ride and a real form of winters hill station of India with the proper packing of heavy clothes.

Schedule your holiday in January:
You have two options in the month of January to plan your Auli visit-

Holidays Idea in January

First from 14-17th Jan [14th Jan (Makar Sankranti), 15th Jan (Pongal), 16th Jan (Guru Govind Singh Jayanti) & 17th Jan (Sunday)].

Second, with a pre-planning of one day leave on 25th Jan and enjoy your holidays from 24th Jan (Sunday), 25th Jan (leave) to 26th Jan (Republic Day).

Budget Travel: Rs. 17,475 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

February is a month when there is a unique feel of love and romance in the air. It is a perfect time to select beach destinations. Andaman & Nicobar Islands are on the top in this list which has popularity among international tourists. This nature's blessed location offers you number of water activities, spa treatments, leisure & relaxing time on white sandy beaches and several unforgettable moments along with the picturesque attractions.

Schedule your holiday in February:

Holidays Idea in February

February offers you a well planned vacation in the special event of Valentine with the holiday break on Feb 12th (Vasant Panchami), Feb 13 (Second Saturday) and Feb 14th (Sunday).

Second option is during Feb 20th (Saturday night), Feb 21st (Sunday) and Feb 22nd (Guru Ravidas Birthday).

Budget Travel: Rs. 19,050 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard mode of local transfer).

Shillong is a beautiful part of the pleasant Northeast India. It is completely mysterious world in itself in a form of great wonder. The abudant natural beauty with the pleasant weather during the month of March will be your best rejuvenating time.

Schedule your holiday in March:

Holidays Idea in March

You can plan during Mar 5th (Saturday night), Mar 6th (Sunday) and Mar 6th (Maha Shivaratri).

Second option is from Mar 23rd (Holika Dahana), Mar 24th (Holi), Mar 25th (Good Friday), Mar 26th (Saturday leave) and Mar 27th (Sunday).

Budget Travel: Rs. 16,875 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

In the beautiful Indian state West Bengal, Darjeeling is popular for its tea industry. The place has a long list among the tourist attractions in the majestic backdrop of natural beauty. You'll self feel a dreamlike world with the charismatic views of tea gardens, snow clad mountains, lush greenery, sunset view, the joyful toy train journey and a unique pleasant charm in the air. You'll collect the unmatched experience with the scenic views of this hill town.

Schedule your holiday in April:

Holidays Idea in April

You have the options of Apr 13th (Vaisakhi), Apr 14th (Ambedkar Jayanti), Apr 15th (Rama Navami), Apr 16th (Saturday leave) and Apr 17th (Sunday).

You can also plan your holiday on the other weekend during the holiday of Mahavir Jayanti (Apr 19th, Tuesday).

Budget Travel: Rs. 16,725 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

The undefined beauty of cool and chilly atmosphere makes Manali, a paradise on earth. The mesmerizing views of mountains, astounded natural beauty, spellbinding valleys, lush green pines and several tourist friendly activities creates a magical realm for you.

Schedule your holiday in May:

Holidays Idea in May

You can plan during May 20th (Friday night), May 21st (Buddha Purnima) and May 22nd (Sunday).

Budget Travel: Rs. 14,625 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

Gulmarg is renowned with the several names likes mini Switzerland, Glory of Kashmir and Meadow of Flowers. The journey offers you the wonderful opportunities in a form of postcard perfect pictures click, Gondola cable ride, skiing over the smooth slopes, fresh & cool breeze, bird watching, beautiful lake view and world's largest golf course. This exceptional beauty has enthralling charm that surely leaves you speechless.

Schedule your holiday in June:

Holidays Idea in June

Plan your Gulmarg vacation during Jun 18th (Saturday night), Jun 19th (Sunday) and Jun 20th (Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti).

Budget Travel: Rs. 16,125 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

July (Leh & Ladakh):

Leh is a land of pristine beauty with an extreme number of attractions along the variety in religious sites, architectural wonders, wildlife safaris, adventure sports and unique blend of Indian, Buddhism and Tibetan features. The untouched natural beauty offers you a pleasing treat to your senses. The incomparable and breathtaking attractions of Leh along serene & calm surroundings makes it popular destination among international tourists.

Schedule your holiday in July:

Holidays Idea in July

A happy weekend with a Jamat Ul-Vida vacation on Jul 1st, Jul 2nd (Saturday night) and Jul 3rd (Sunday).

Similarly, in the July second week, you'll also get the chance to spend your holidays in Leh during Jul 7th (Thursday night), Jul 8th (Ramzan Id/ Eid-Ul-Fitar), Jul 9th (Second Saturday) and Jul 10th (Sunday).

Budget Travel: Rs. 14,500 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

In the Aravalli range of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is a must to visit hill station. You'll actually feel a sense of complete holiday with the grand combination of hilly terrains, spiritual significance, scenic beauty, cool climate, rich vegetation and wildlife. It will be your surprising mountain treat with a cool & pleasant weather conditions on the land of Rajasthan.

Schedule your holiday in August:

Holidays Idea in August

You can spend a long holiday in Mount Abu during Aug 14th (Sunday), Aug 15th (Independence Day), Aug 16th (leave), Aug 17th (Parsi New year), Aug 18th (Raksha Bandhan).

Budget Travel: Rs. 14,400 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

September (Udaipur, Rajasthan):

The royal land of Udaipur is one of the prominent tourist attractions with the number of forts, palaces, lakes, natural attractions and spectacular examples of architecture. With the interesting sightseeing, this romantic city is also renowned with the name of 'Venice of the East'. This princely state is also famous for its rich history, culture, royalty and as a wedding destination.

Schedule your holiday in September:

Holidays Idea in September

You can plan your Udaipur visit during the first week of September. Sep 3rd (Saturday night), Sep 4th (Sunday) and Sep 5th (Vinayaka Chaturthi).

Second option during Sep 9th (Friday night), Sep 10th (Second Saturday), Sep 11th (Sunday) and Sep 12th (Bakr Id/ Eid Ul-Adha). If you make it long then you've to pre-plan one day leave on Sept 13th to add Sep 14th (Onam) holiday in your visit.

Budget Travel: Rs. 11,250 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

October (Munnar, Kerala):

Munnar is a popular hill station of South India nestled in the Western Ghats. This picturesque site is perfect for nature lovers where you can enjoy tea plantations, unexplored landscapes, wildlife, waterfalls, valleys and tranquil climate in a form of the majestic beauty of nature. In the delightful atmosphere, you'll yourself as a flying cloud.

Schedule your holiday in October:

Holidays Idea in Octomber

Pre-plan your one day leave on Oct 10th (Monday) and enjoy a long vacation from Oct 8th (Saturday night), Oct 9th (Sunday), Oct 10th (Leave), Oct 11th (Dussehra) and Oct 12th (Muharram).

Second option is Diwali vacations from Oct 28th (Fri night), Oct 29th (Naraka Chaturdasi), Oct 30th (Diwali), Oct 31 (Govardhan Puja) and 1 Nov (Bhai Duj).

Budget Travel: Rs. 14,250 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

November (Coorg, Karnataka):

The flora rich hill station, Coorg surely admires you with an ultimate natural beauty. It is also a highly popular destination among international tourists with one of the best trekking trails, greenery, fresh mountain breeze, waterfalls, coffee, pepper & cardamom fields, peaceful Buddhist regions, wildlife sanctuaries and other interesting sites. In the Konkan region, it will be your rejuvenating experience in the 'Scotland of India'.

Schedule your holiday in November:

Holidays Idea in November

You can plan your holiday to Coorg in Second week of November from Nov 11th (Friday night), Nov 12th (Second Saturday), Nov 13th (Sunday) and Nov 14th (Guru Nanak Birthday).

Budget Travel: Rs. 15,150 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

December (Goa):

Goa is an international tourist destination which lies in the Konkan region of Western Ghats. With the moderate climate throughout the year, you'll get a long list to perform fun activities here. In the rich exotic biodiversity, Goa has a range of attributes for a tourist in a form of beaches, religious places, flea markets, happening nightlife, water sports, amazing landscapes and palm surrounded coastlines.

Schedule your holiday in December:

Holidays Idea in December

If you plan your Dec 12th (Mon) leave in advance then, you'll cover Goa from Dec 9th (Friday night), Dec 10th (Second Saturday), Dec 11th (Sunday), Dec 12th (Leave) and Dec 13th (Milad un-Nabi/ Id-e-Milad).

You can also plan during Christmas or during New Year vacations also.

Budget Travel: Rs. 14,700 per person for 3 days (including Hotel & Standard Car).

Schedule your Holiday with a Month-wise Pre-planning in India

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