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Travel industry has put a great effort to completely upgrade the traveler's experience with the smartphone evolution. As a result, there is the availability of wide range of resourceful apps to make our travel planning easier, joyful and well-informed along with the additional benefit of cheaper prices.
Literally, travel apps are a smart way to get a grand support for all the important and basic travel needs within a quick manner.


Gone are the days while tour arrangement means printing out maps, discovering the path with the help of locals and budgeting on paper. Travel Apps have brought the power on your fingertips, they are a real life saver from managing your finances. So before you pack your bags and explore the world, remember to bring these applications with you. They neither consume any room not at all like your garments and nor do they cost anything.

Travel Apps

So, if you want to get the perfection in this kind of holiday planning & management skills, then these travel apps will support you just like a true friend. Firstly, check out the features of these pretty useful apps before their use:

Trip Advisor

Tripadvisor App

Trip Advisor is a baseline for any tour perfection. Before any planning and booking, you can view the opinion of travelers and the reviews, maps and photos from Trip Advisor app. This smart feature also offers offline city guides. With such kind of helpful guidelines, you can plan a self-guided tour and easily pick the best list of hotels, restaurants, activities and flights within quality and affordability terms.



Hopper App

Become a smart traveler with 'Hopper' like travel app. It is a helpful process within the terms of budget travel. You can save a big part of your money if you are still in the planning stages. Hopper analyzes in the direction of continuous up and down in flight prices and helps to buy the cheapest tickets. With the constant monitoring of prices, Hopper will offer you an instant notification in a form of alert service about the price increase or drop so that you can select a best time of flight booking.


Packing Pro

Organize Travel Package

Just kick away the habit of heavy bag packing to avoid the bitter taste of your vacation. You can use 'Packing Pro' whether you go for a week or a weekend. With this smart app, you've to just enter the travel dates and destination to get the streamlined list about your packing. You can generate your own list whether you're on travel with your family or alone, along the list of complete essentials related to clothes, gadgets or other things.


Flight Track

Track Your Flight

Simplify, the major task of flight tracking with this latest travel app which helps to stay updated with the path of thousands of international flights. This kind of 24/7 flight status helps to notify about the real-time departure and delay information. This kind of updates are useful to save time when you're waiting to pick someone, or during any cancellation and information about the alternative flights.

Antilog Vacations Travel app is like a master key to solve all your travel puzzles within a quick form. You can easily get the tips about the worldwide travel within a benefit of cashless holidays. This smart app offers you a complete relaxing holiday apart from carrying any cash, cards or cheques. You'll get guaranteed lowest prices within your deals whether you are looking for tour, accommodation, nightlife, transport, excursion or activities. Along with this mobile app, you've the huge variety of around 7 billion things to do globally in your pocket, which you can select anytime anywhere in a form of best competitive deal.

Google Translator

Google Translater

Become a global traveler without any language barrier with a great support of Google Translator app. It is like a best creative support of technology through which a person can speak in his language into your phone and this app successfully translated the words for you within one of your selected among 90 available languages. This useful feature also offers the advantage of conversation mode where you can easily explain your point without any confusion.

XE Currency

XE-Currency App

The handy app of XE Currency is pretty useful during your travel in own country or another one where you can easily calculate currencies, access live exchange, calculate prices and view historical charts. Besides the task of using new money, its conversion into home currency is like a challenging task. With XE Currency app, you can easily workout with this kind of important conversion along with an account of total money that you need to change over before your travel. Now conversion is at your fingertips, where you've to just enter an amount and get current exchange with your internet or Wi-Fi access.

Food Spotting

Food Spotting App
Food Spotting app is a wonderful option to get reliable information about the particular dishes. You'll get complete detail more than a usual restaurant review. With the reviews about specific dishes, Food Spotting app will be beneficial for picky eaters where they can easily spot their favorite appetizing food with the help of this technical visual guide.


Trail Wallet

Making Travel Budget

Manage your budget during your travel with a wonderful offline app of Trail Wallet. You've to just enter a numeric data about your expenses per day or for the complete duration of the trip. On daily basics you've to input your expenses in different categories of food, accommodation, transport, etc. So, Trail Wallet helps you to maintain your daily budget with a record of your expenses throughout the day. At the end, you can easily calculate about the percentage of highest or lowest expenditure on a particular category.

Around Me

'Around Me' is one of the coolest technology results which smartly offers the information about the surrounding places. You can fully enjoy your trip with this time saving app that supports you to easily find the best reputable places around you whether it is cinema, ATM, bank, restaurant, hotel or shopping mall. You've to just enter the place to get the information about closest location within few seconds.


Necessary Travel Apps to Make Your Journey Joyful

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Rainy Season
While India enjoys the reputation of being one of the most happening destinations during September through March, when the weather is cool and opportunities are plentiful, there are a few brave ones who tend to gather the guts of traveling to this country during the monsoons- not the best time to travel to India, whatsoever. And this blog is intended precisely for that daring few to update them with tips on how to survive through the harsh yet magical Indian monsoon. Here we go.

Magical Indian Monsoon

But before we proceed with the tips, there are a few things a prospective foreign traveler to India should know. In spite of the fact that Indian monsoons are a pleasure to contemplate, it comes with a price.

Girl Enjoying in Rain

We certainly do remember the delicious hot pakoras and the masala chai from a street tea-stall with the rain battering on the roof above you head, but as you go through a reality-check, the ugly side of the Indian monsoon hits you hard on your groin in the form of flood and epidemic— Landslides, water logging, flood, mosquitoes & flies are just to name a few.

Delicious Hot Pakoras & Chai

So, here is what you need to do if you are a foreigner and happen to be in India to enjoy its exquisite monsoon.

1. Be very careful of what you drink and where you drink

Drinking Water

Most tropical disease like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid is water borne. So, what you can do here is to avoid drinking water from a source that you are not sure about. It is better to carry your own bottled water or better still, boiled water just to be sure. In the absence of both, carry water purifying tablets and dissolve them in water before drinking them. They may not taste good but will save you from falling sick. Another thing to remember is not to add ice to your drink unless it is from a trusted source. You should check if the ice has been made from filtered water. If not, avoid it.

2. Say no to cut fruits

Cut Fruits

In most of the tourist cities in India like Banaras, and Jaipur, you will find that vendors setting up their stall of cut fruits by the roadsides. While you may be tempted to taste them, it is a good idea to resist the temptation as the water used to keep the fruits fresh may not be free from contamination. You can always buy uncut fruits, wash them and eat them after cutting, but anything that has been already cut and raw should be avoided.

3. Book your tickets well in advance

Early Booking

A lot of tourists who come to India want to take things in stride and arrive without tickets booked for further journeys within India. While you should generally avoid this, it becomes more important during monsoons as a lot of trains at times are running late due to heavy rains, and you may not get last minute bookings because of the rush. Also, never buy tickets from unauthorized agents or touts as there is no guarantee those tickets will be genuine.

4. Trekking in the Himalayas

Leh-Ladakh Trekking

Most of the Himalayas during monsoons get heavy rainfall, and there are higher chances of landslides during this season as compared to other times of the year. Consequently, hundreds of tourists get stuck in the landslide prone areas (like Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal) during the monsoons. But if you still want to go for trekking in Himalayas, you should go to Leh in Laddakh. Leh is in the close proximity of the Nubra Valley which falls under the rain shadow area and gets very little rainfall during this period.

5. Best Places to Visit in Monsoon

Indian Monsoon Tourism

So, you still want to experience Indian monsoons? Well, if such is the case then there is no better place than Kerala, Goa or Mumbai (needless to mention, North East India) that has an abundance of monsoon magic for you. All these places are well connected to the rest of the world by air. Goa and Kerala and the North East will give you the magic of monsoon in its natural form while Mumbai will show you how a modern metropolis faces the onslaught of monsoon while the life goes on.

5 Basic Tips for Monsoon Travel in India

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Gadgets have become the indispensable part of our travel life style.  Since there is an upsurge in technology, every day countless applications and gadgets are launched in the market with tall promises of their superiority that make one bewildered which gadget is worth including on the go. From handy gadgets for translation to luggage monitor & chargers to keeping your smart phone powered up during the trip, we have come up with inventory of gadgets worth carrying for frequent expeditors. 

  • Power Drives: Battery life and storage is always a problem with Smartphone user.  Weigh just around 7.5 oz with dual USB output, it has a battery power of 7800 mAH and storage capacity between 16 GB and 128 GB perfect for the people on the travel. Designed especially for IOS platform this power drive can fits in your pocket and offers quick, secure storage for files, music, photos and videos.
Power Drives

  • Trackstick II: Available for just $ 199 this track stick keeps you away from wandering while driving in to the alleys. Slightly larger than a USB thumb drive, it keeps you on the track by copying your driving route to Google earth and  thus avert you to take any wrong turn. 


  • Chargers, Adapters and Cables: Go for universal adapters instead of country specific adaptor. Plenty of super cheap models are available online which are worth investing. Multipart adapters are other good options however they are bit expensive but tend to have more options. Some models alsocome with USB socket. A good USB charger should also be in your bag.
Chargers, Adapters and Cables

  • Luggage monitor: A Luggage tracker is a must to be included in your travel gear to avoid unwanted headache of lost luggage. Work in coordination with your cellular phone it tracks your luggage anywhere in the world wherever a cellular network exist.  This small and extra light weighted mini monitor automatically goes to sleep mode during flight and  as flight landed at its desired location it wakes up to relocate its current destination which you can receive through email and message notification. 

Luggage monitor

  • Gorillapod: Photography is an essential part of traveling and here is a special tripod that will enhance your photography experience. Featured with three legs Joby’s gorillapod tripod is designed in such a flexible way that it  wrap-around almost any object.


  • Super Pen Translator: Franklin’s super pen is a big relief for language-weary people. It can scan a complete line of text andsee a word by word translation. It comes with build in test to speech technology that can dictate the words in English. 

Super Pen Translator

  • The FM Pen: It solves two purposes at the same time  on the travel. 

FM Pen Radio

You can write anything and listen to the radio with the Sharper Image's FM Pen, a sleek, beautiful silver writing device integrated with FM radio.

Seven Travel Gadgets Worth Carrying On The Go

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All Around the World
Travelling is a way to explore the real world from your own eyes. It is an opportunity to come up with better thoughts apart from any trivial home based concepts. It is like an inspiration to cover the fresh perspectives and the latest ideas.

Smoky Mountains Hiking

Actually travelling is a basic need of human life to get alive and energetic feeling. Every single move has the power to offer us an experience. Now, it’s your turn to bring a positive change for whole of the life.

Far Far Better Things Ahead

Firstly select your initial point and get the overall route

Like if we start from Beijing then we can comfortably cover a circle with the next step of Tibet and after that go down to Nepal.

Firstly select your initial point and get the overall route

Now the next step is great opportunity with the name India and pick Mumbai as a way down to catch the flight of South East India where the Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is waiting for you. One can mold the words on the basis of his budget, time and preference.

Organize your flights

For the maximum flexibility you’ve to simply book your flight individually or get the help of a travel agent.

Organize your flights

For the overall advantage you’ve to make sure about the right location firstly to avoid the changes charge. As a good traveler, the person has to start and end his journey at a less affluent country due to cheap ticket prices.

Art of Packing

Art of Packing

Put as light as possible apart from the feel of big need. This fact is also important on the security point of view or your easiness in the actual path.

Best available accommodation

Best available accommodation

If you’re in specific Asian parts where accommodation is easy and cheap then never avoid the chance. Basically, it is a way to meet with new people and share their interesting facts.

Specific Planning & Activities

People having Fun

Prefer a particular holiday package, which have almost all the things. Be flexible and adaptive during the travel and always use guide books apart from the others advice.

Giant Panda

Apart from all the tips, food is also a major part. So, a tourist must try local food to actually enjoy the real taste of his journey for the complete peace of mind.

5 Basic Travel Tips For the Prospective Voyager

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Experience the tonic of life by going to the locations that have the genuine soul of literary works that have impressed you since your young age. The paramount places to experience the literary crux will put you in amazement.

Man Reading Book


The capital city of Scotland has been a big inspiration of huge collection of novels from past times. Even this writing tradition is famous from the 18th century with the great attractions of Robert Burns.


If you get the chance to enjoy the literary environment of Edinburgh then never forget to explore the writer’s museum.


Dublin Writers Museum

The capital city of Ireland has been the ambiance of eminent literary work with the name Irish novelist and poet James Joyce.

Dublin Old Books Library

Here Dublin Writers Museum, the Abbey Theatre, illuminated manuscript of ‘Book of Kells’ and foremost figures of W.B. Yeats is the major attraction of tourists.


London Library

The most amazing city of England has an extremely rich literary heritage record. The place has been featured with the literary work of the names Doyle and Dickens.

London Sherlock Holmes Library

It is a place of World famous British Library, home of Fictional Character Sherlock Holmes in the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Studying Paris

Paris as a capital city of France and one of the most renowned place in the world has devotional museums to big names Honore de Balzac and Victor Hugo.

Paris Hotel

Hotel Le Pavillon des Lettres and cafe Les Deux Magots has their historical relation in a form of dedication to famous writers. A visit to Paris is a simple way to enhance your mythical knowledge 
and its related facts.

St. Petersburg

Pushkin Apartment Museum

St. Petersburg, a place of own rich legendary history is one of the famous cities of Russia. Pushkin Apartment Museum at River Moika is a way to get the touch of Alexander Pushkin’s life and his creativity.

St. Petersburg

Similarly, Literary Cafe (1816) is also a famous destination with the past famous names in its long life history.

The Five Best Literary Destinations For the Bookworm-Traveler

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