The Five Best Literary Destinations For the Bookworm-Traveler

Experience the tonic of life by going to the locations that have the genuine soul of literary works that have impressed you since your young age. The paramount places to experience the literary crux will put you in amazement.

Man Reading Book


The capital city of Scotland has been a big inspiration of huge collection of novels from past times. Even this writing tradition is famous from the 18th century with the great attractions of Robert Burns.


If you get the chance to enjoy the literary environment of Edinburgh then never forget to explore the writer’s museum.


Dublin Writers Museum

The capital city of Ireland has been the ambiance of eminent literary work with the name Irish novelist and poet James Joyce.

Dublin Old Books Library

Here Dublin Writers Museum, the Abbey Theatre, illuminated manuscript of ‘Book of Kells’ and foremost figures of W.B. Yeats is the major attraction of tourists.


London Library

The most amazing city of England has an extremely rich literary heritage record. The place has been featured with the literary work of the names Doyle and Dickens.

London Sherlock Holmes Library

It is a place of World famous British Library, home of Fictional Character Sherlock Holmes in the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Studying Paris

Paris as a capital city of France and one of the most renowned place in the world has devotional museums to big names Honore de Balzac and Victor Hugo.

Paris Hotel

Hotel Le Pavillon des Lettres and cafe Les Deux Magots has their historical relation in a form of dedication to famous writers. A visit to Paris is a simple way to enhance your mythical knowledge 
and its related facts.

St. Petersburg

Pushkin Apartment Museum

St. Petersburg, a place of own rich legendary history is one of the famous cities of Russia. Pushkin Apartment Museum at River Moika is a way to get the touch of Alexander Pushkin’s life and his creativity.

St. Petersburg

Similarly, Literary Cafe (1816) is also a famous destination with the past famous names in its long life history.


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