Seven Travel Gadgets Worth Carrying On The Go

Gadgets have become the indispensable part of our travel life style.  Since there is an upsurge in technology, every day countless applications and gadgets are launched in the market with tall promises of their superiority that make one bewildered which gadget is worth including on the go. From handy gadgets for translation to luggage monitor & chargers to keeping your smart phone powered up during the trip, we have come up with inventory of gadgets worth carrying for frequent expeditors. 

  • Power Drives: Battery life and storage is always a problem with Smartphone user.  Weigh just around 7.5 oz with dual USB output, it has a battery power of 7800 mAH and storage capacity between 16 GB and 128 GB perfect for the people on the travel. Designed especially for IOS platform this power drive can fits in your pocket and offers quick, secure storage for files, music, photos and videos.
Power Drives

  • Trackstick II: Available for just $ 199 this track stick keeps you away from wandering while driving in to the alleys. Slightly larger than a USB thumb drive, it keeps you on the track by copying your driving route to Google earth and  thus avert you to take any wrong turn. 


  • Chargers, Adapters and Cables: Go for universal adapters instead of country specific adaptor. Plenty of super cheap models are available online which are worth investing. Multipart adapters are other good options however they are bit expensive but tend to have more options. Some models alsocome with USB socket. A good USB charger should also be in your bag.
Chargers, Adapters and Cables

  • Luggage monitor: A Luggage tracker is a must to be included in your travel gear to avoid unwanted headache of lost luggage. Work in coordination with your cellular phone it tracks your luggage anywhere in the world wherever a cellular network exist.  This small and extra light weighted mini monitor automatically goes to sleep mode during flight and  as flight landed at its desired location it wakes up to relocate its current destination which you can receive through email and message notification. 

Luggage monitor

  • Gorillapod: Photography is an essential part of traveling and here is a special tripod that will enhance your photography experience. Featured with three legs Joby’s gorillapod tripod is designed in such a flexible way that it  wrap-around almost any object.


  • Super Pen Translator: Franklin’s super pen is a big relief for language-weary people. It can scan a complete line of text andsee a word by word translation. It comes with build in test to speech technology that can dictate the words in English. 

Super Pen Translator

  • The FM Pen: It solves two purposes at the same time  on the travel. 

FM Pen Radio

You can write anything and listen to the radio with the Sharper Image's FM Pen, a sleek, beautiful silver writing device integrated with FM radio.


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