Travel Safety Tips for the Prospective Voyager

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Booking a vacation is easy; concluding it on a safe note is not. One needs to practice common-sense precautions and otherwise in order to return smiling at the end of the day. While some countries have stringent laws to ensure tourists’ safety, others are considered dodgy for the same. While travelling to such precarious destinations, there is set of travelling dos and don’ts you need to follow in order to return home safe. However, the rule of the thumb lays stress on the fact that you need to start blending in as soon as board off the flight. Playing glamorous or extravagant will attract unwanted attention, which might result in spinning your long-anticipated vacation to something you will remember for the rest of your life but as a nightmare. Also, the best way to get out of any uncomfortable situation is to simply apologize and walk away; the sooner the better.

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Now, here is a list of some of the most important travel safety tips which every tourist needs to follow while visiting abroad. Here we go…


·     Read about the country before you board the flight. Getting an idea about the way things work in the country you are travelling to will help you blend in. While there, be aware of the surroundings. Keeping your eyes and ears open for the sinister kind will keep safe, nonetheless.

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·     The best way to handling your finances in a country alien to you is to use credit cards instead of carrying wads of cash. You can exchange your money for the local currency but make sure you have the bills in small denominations and coins. Carrying flashy notes is totally discouraged.
·     Leaving valuables in your hotel room is a very unsafe thing to do. Why not try the hotel locker instead? Also make sure you close all the doors and windows before leaving your hotel room… Keeps you goods safe from thieves and burglars.

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·      Do keep photocopies of your passport. You will need it in case the original booklet gets misplaced or stolen. It’s advised to carry a photocopy of the passport with you while going out, keeping the original locked in the hotel’s safe-deposit vault. International travel safety measures highly encourage this action.
·     Dressing up has got a lot to do with your safety in a foreign country. For instance, roaming about the streets clad in nothing but a bikini, in countries like Vietnam, will attract raised eyebrows, at the least. More is worst. So, make sure you dress up according to your surroundings as this will make you look more like a local and not otherwise. Avoid expensive jewellery of any kind.

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·       Keep vehicle doors locked and windows rolled up in case you have rented a car to go sightseeing.
·    Travelling with companions, rather than travelling solo, will keep you safer. As they say, there is safety in numbers!
·      Stay alert against staged distractions. While you will be engrossed debating with the guy who bumped on you or accidently spilt his drink over you, his accomplice might have stole your money and valuables already in the event of that momentary distraction.

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·      As stated earlier, carrying wads of cash or exchanging money at discreet places will make you prone to theft or robberies. International travel safety measures count this as a high priority blunder. Don’t get engaged in such acts.

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·     Don’t dress up the way it is not customary in the country you are travelling in. Also, try not to look confused or lost, and DON’T take out you map in a public place whatsoever. You don’t want to look like a tourist only to be taken advantage of by the local thugs.
·     Don’t carry large backpacks that look like luggage holders. While walking down the street, it is advisable not to tread with a bag slung loosely as reports of bag snatching by bikes is high on the rise.
·    Don’t leave your bags unattended in a public place, and don’t ever carry cash, valuables such as expensive gadgets or jewelry in your luggage. You hotel’s safe deposit vault is the safest haven for these stuff.

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·     Don’t park you vehicle anywhere you want to. Choose a well lit place. Also, do not give a lift to anyone on the road. Who knows, the person could be a robber in disguise of a tourist.
·     Don’t walk through dark alleys or dangerous looking locations at night. Asking for your way back to the hotel to some stranger is highly discouraged as well. All travel safety tips lists will tell you of the same. To ask your route clearly implies to the fact that you aren’t a local, which makes you more prone to attacks and robbery.

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·     Don’t offend tourists or locals in any way. If you want to avoid trouble, you need to be extra cautious not to offend anyone.
·     Don’t be tempted to solicit prostitutes. Buying illegal drugs is a severely punishable offence in most countries. Also, do not try to smuggle goods out of the country. Breaking international law will land you behind the bars for a major portion of your life.

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So, here are some of the many travelling dos and don’ts which if followed to the letter will keep you safe throughout the trip. We will come up with more tips in the days to come. Hope you have a happy trip! Keep Safe!


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