Tropical Paradises That Will Take Your Breath Away- I

Tropical Paradise
Now, who on earth doesn’t love the tropical sands? I am sure not many hands would be raised. A tropical getaway is something we all look forward to, and there is no way as to why anyone would give it a pass given the chance to relinquish on these tropical heavens. For a beach lover, the sun and the sand go hand in hand, and there’s nothing that would stop him from returning to these paradises over and over again. The main purpose of a beach getaway, besides pure vacationing, is to elude the winters and the warm sandy beaches and balmy ocean waters serve the purpose just right.

Beach Sunset

Below is a list of the top five islands and beaches in the world where people can sit back, relax, enjoy the sun, and wonder if they really should board that flight home. Here we go.


Bali, by far, is a beach lover’s “Mecca”. Voted consecutively as one of the best islands in the world;

Bali Beach

Bali boasts of ample space for any volumes of tourists, and abundant array of activities, dirt-cheap accommodation, and of course, the grandest of beach parties. There also is a volcano you can climb, in addition to the countless temples that you should visit. So as to say, Bali has it all! You would certainly love the weather there which remains pretty constant throughout the year (though the BEST time to visit is November through March).

Bali Sunset

And as you keep moving north, away from the tourist centers, the island gradually transpires to be the most peaceful abodes you will ever dwell in!


Conquering the second place on the list will be none other than the Seychelles. Located off the east coast of Africa, these islands are what you will call pure paradise.

Seychelles Beaches

Perfect white sandy beaches, serene clear blue water, and an archipelago of islands to choose from with all the quiet times you want; Seychelles make your dream vacation come true sans the slightest bit of compromise. Though these islands are likely to break your bank, but that’s the price you would willingly pay for a bite of paradise.

Seychelles Beaches -1024x640

We would recommend visiting Seychelles from May through September which is considered the coolest season in these islands, and when it pours less.


Game for some amazing snorkeling or do you wish to simply soak up the sun? Diving seems a fun idea, as well?

Maldives Beach

Well then, there is no better place to be than the Maldives; these mind-boggling coral islands will leave you smitten with all the fun-filled activities coupled with some of the most exquisite landscapes (or waterscapes, we would rather call it) you will ever come to terms with. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, as many as 1000 islands combine to cluster up the Maldives, of which only 5 sees substantial population.

Maldives Sunset

The friendly locals and the pleasant weather being the best things about these islands, we would recommend travelling during November through May for the best Maldives holiday venture, when the weather is cool and dry. Spoil yourself in the luxury of any of the private resorts that litter across these islands; Bangkok Airways provide cheap flights to and from Thailand.

Ko Lipe

Tired of living the same humdrum everyday life? Well then, time it is for you to pack your bags, throw your cell phone away and fly to this exquisite Thai island of Ko Lipe where life oozes from every nook and corner of this heaven on earth.


Super-friendly locals and some finger-licking good seafood recipes make this island the vacationer’s paradise. But it doesn’t just end here. Even though the accommodation here is pretty basic meanwhile, you will live it off sans the complaint with some amazing snorkeling opportunities, when you might even be able to spot a few reef sharks! Clear, warm water and white sandy beaches will never make you willing to board the flight back home.

Ko-Lipe Beach

All you need to do is to take a boat from Pak Bara and resign yourself to a vacation you will never forget for a lifetime. Best time to visit this island is October through March when the monsoons had passed.


Yet another cluster of some of world’s most beautiful islands is the Fijian Islands (Fiji) located some 1100 nautical miles northeast of New Zealand’s North Island. This island country brings together as many as 322 islands of which only a third are inhabited. While most of the action can be witnessed in western islands, but regardless of where you go, Fiji is sheer heaven.


As it is, just the name is enough to give you a glimpse of beaches and the tropically warm waters of this cerulean paradise- and this comes with a reason, too. Fiji is one of the best beaches you will go to, and with so many islands around, you are bound to find one you will like. Fiji has been the idea destination among young people, honeymooners, and lovebirds since time immemorial, and there is always something for everyone- young or old, alike.

Fiji Beach

The temperature here remains constant throughout the year, making it the perfect island getaway all round the year.

So. We have, in this article, put forth some of the best tropical islands in the world with a view to helping you out in choosing the ideal island getaway. But the list doesn’t end here. Make sure to check the sequel article as we bring in more tropical island holiday ideas for you to savor.


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