Top 7 affordable destinations for a real taste of vacation

Here are the 7 best budget destinations which offer a complete vacation delight. Basically, a sightseer selects the holiday spot with the consideration of factors like jaw-dropping scenery, modern style facilities, culture, food and unrivaled art of the place. Along such major considerations, 'the Budget Travel' is top most thing. There is a long list of beautiful sites on this planet which has a perfect combination with the balance of your pocket. Here, we discuss about top seven heavenly sites which doesn't hardly affect on your bank balance.


Mauritius is considered as the top among hottest honeymoon destinations with its incomparable natural beauty. Mauritius is also renowned as Paradise Island due to its white sandy beaches, peace and tranquility. It is a perfect place to spend quality time with each other along the number of adventure rides, water sports and crystal blue lagoons. As a newly-wed couple, you can easily make an infallible hit in Mauritius with the several discounted offers.


Hong Kong and Macau:

The popular Asian sites Hong Kong and Macau are worldwide renowned for wonderful attractions and sightseeing opportunities. With the budget factor, you can find endless variety of things to see and do here. There are several activities which are free of cost along the specific local colors which add lifelong memories in your Hong Kong and Macau tour.


Maldives is a dream site for nature lovers where you can fulfill your wishes within the relaxing beauty of the place. In the mid of Indian Ocean, this beautiful site is a combination of around thousand islands and in which only five sees substantial population. Here, you'll get a couple of ideas for amazing fun filled games like snorkeling and diving up to pleasant relax with the soak up the sun. The affordable cost of mind-boggling coral islands and exquisite landscapes are like icing to the cake.


If you are a true beach lover and still watch Thai beauty in movies, then it is the right time to get the real feel of the most exciting place. The place welcomes you within an affordable accommodation, cheap airfare and other great stuff at budget prices. There are several attractions and sightseeing options from National Parks, Elephant ride, Zoo tours, temple visit, museums, water activities and underwater world within the reasonable charges.


Bali is a strong competitor among the list of one of the best islands in the world. With the wide range of activities, cheap accommodations and great beachside party locations, Bali attracts a high volume of tourists every year. Bali offers you almost all the favorable conditions with the countless tourist attractions and pleasant weather. Apart from the other factors, a visit to wonderful beaches, adventure tours, volcano hike, temples tour and cultural events make Bali a budget friendly destination.  


Singapore is a hottest holiday destination of Asia in the terms of nature, modern architecture, beaches, culture and cuisine. You'll get a lively feel in the refreshing atmosphere of the place. The place has a huge collection for everyone within budget limits whether you are here as a solo traveler, within a group of friends, newlywed couple or as a complete family.


At the east coast of Africa, Seychelles is known for its pristine beauty in a form of serene blue water, sandy beaches and an archipelago of islands. The best thing is that this exotic beauty is still not commercial. Within the quiet and tranquil surroundings, it is a definite dream vacation spot to spend quality time. If you don't want to break your bank then select the off-season to enjoy at this paradise along with the exciting offers of cheaper rates.


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