The Most Famous Temples in Hong Kong & Macau

Temples in Hong Kong are devoted to various religions along with Confucian shrines. Taoist and Buddhist traditions and customs are both found here. Temples are often dedicated to over one idol. There are religious structures of almost every faith and believe marked all over Hong Kong, due to the immigration of generations after generations to this small island. Read the article and get to know the most popular and favorite temples. Choose your Hong Kong and Macau Holiday Packages according to the temple you want to visit.

Pak Tai Temple 

Pak Tai Temple on Cheung Chau Island is a Colourful and bright place for peace lovers located next to Cheung Chau Ferry Pier. It was build in the 18th century. A visit to Pak Tai Temple in Cheung Chau is a satisfying inclusion to the wonderful pristine beaches and outdoor attractions of the Island. Bun Festival is the main highlights of the place organized in the fourth lunar month each year. which occurs generally in April or May. Thousands of people come down at the Pak Tai Temple on the Cheung Chau Island and take part in lion dancing, a colorful parade and loads of baked snacks. 

Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery 

Man Fat Tsz in Cantonese is known as Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. It is an amazing Buddhist temple situated in the eastern part of the New Territories Sha Tin. It is home to an expansive variety of Buddha images which are all spread out over 8 hectares of land. A devout Buddhist monk builds the temple in 1957 called the Reverend Yuet Kai with the help of his followers. This is the most famous Buddhist temple in Hong Kong. Not only 10000 but around 13,000 Buddha images are on display varying in size, material, pose, and style. There is also a tall pagoda to enjoy. This place must be included in your Macau Holiday Packages.

Man Mo Temple 

Built-in 1847, Man Mo Temple is an ancient marvel that is one of the oldest and undoubtedly the most respected temples in Hong Kong. The fragrance of the lingering smoke produces a spiritual ambiance and captivated most of the people. It is highly advised to visit the Man Mo Temple. From the outside of the temple, It is just a magnificent wooden door, but after you step through, you are carried away by the beauty of the timeless place of worship. It is possible to walk from Central MTR stations or Sheung Wan MTR or, but it is highly recommended that you must take the Mid-Level Escalator to Hollywood Road.

Po Lin Monastery (Big Buddha) 

Any Hong Kong Holiday Package is incomplete without this magnificent temple. This temple is popular for the Tan Tien Buddha, at this place, a large bronze Buddha image can be seen for distance around. In 1970 this Monastery was actually opened to the public but after the completion of the Big Buddha in 1993, this became a major attraction on many guests' tourist itineraries. It is basically home to 3 big golden Buddha statues which are 250-ton in weight and 34-meter high. There are several restaurants that are run by the monks themselves. 


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