Get the Thrilling Experience with Your Family in Singapore

Singapore is a place mainly known for its pristine beaches, spas, massages, iconic skyscrapers, and many points to watch only. But Singapore is much more than that. It has some unique and amazing places, especially for adventure lovers who want to indulge in some unusual activity to get the adrenaline rush. 

Here are few unusual and uncommon activities to do which are rarely being founded at other places. Pack your bags and get the amazing Singapore holiday packages from India to experience the real beauty of vibrant and energetic Singapore.

Believe you can fly in a wind tunnel (I-FLY) 

Here in Singapore, you can try some with tunnel surfing or you can fly (Get the actual feeling of flying). Here in the wind tunnel, there are some big wind turbines that make air flow inside the tube and you can feel the real flying experience. Make sure you get a proper suit and airtight helmet. This can be a solo experience or you can fly with your friends. Singapore offers an alternative to skydiving with no such danger which involves in skydiving. 

This I-FLY is the biggest and the largest vertical themed wind tunnel in the world. This is the best and the safest place where your whole family can enjoy no matter what their age is. All these factors make this place one of the prime destinations for choosing Singapore honeymoon packages.

Surfing even when there is no tide

Singapore’s waters may not be sometimes suitable for surfing even if you are professional, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you miss your surfing desire in Singapore. The most popular surfing spot, the Wave House Sentosa is right here to save your day. 

The whole family can enjoy the place and you can even try some lessons in this water park to get trained in a safe environment before you hit the open waters. 

Tumble downhill in a large bubble

Make your way around the open area by rolling in this large see-through ball called commonly popular as Land ZOVB. There are several ways to endure Land ZOVB. You can roll around with some water trapped inside the ball, this is called as hydro-zovbing or be buckled to a harness while you roll downhill this is called harness-zovbing. You can also make your decision to do it with no harness or water inside the ball, that's called freeform-zovbing

It doesn't matter what ball you choose; you will get an amazing, thrilling experience. Flot on water or you can say walk on water with the Water ZOVB the fourth type of rolling ball. IT is the best place to spend your honeymoon with your partner. Get any Singapore honeymoon package to make your honeymoon thrilling and exciting.

Pretending to be an F1 race driver

Ever imagined of exceeding the speed limit down the highway or expressway in Singapore, in one of the fancy and expensive looking cars? Well, Ultimate Drive is the place where you can live your dream to become the F1 race driver. Take your car from a collection of colorful Super-cars and decide how long you want your ride to be and take your beauty with you on a ride on the official F1 circuit. 

For those of you who don’t have an age to get a driving license or have the driving license but do not feel confident enough to drive such an expensive car by your own, don't feel bad you can enjoy this exceptional experience by hiring a professional as professional drivers are easily available for hire and they drive the whole circuit and you just enjoy the thrilling ride.

Singapore is a place which can you can travel with your friends and family and it is one of the best places to spend your honeymoon with the love of your life.


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