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Mauritius probably is one of the most passionate islands in the entire world to kick-start your newly married life, but the main question is where to stay at your honeymoon. So, read the article to get to know the best places to stay while you are on your Honeymoon trip to Mauritius.

Le Grand Bleu

Le Grand Bleu in one of the best in the list of Mauritius honeymoon beach resorts. Located by the south of the bay, the spectacular resort is one of the prime preference amongst newly weds honeymooners. Le Grand Bleu is among the best Mauritius Honeymoon vacation beach resorts. What makes this place so Special is that it is a place where Honeymooners indulge in some delicacies at their exquisite eating places & treat themselves with a rejuvenating massage at the significantly lauded couple spa. Don’t Miss the opportunity to go sailing with the love of your life into the calm glowing blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Tarisa Resort

Fancy an elegant honeymoon vacation in an amazing resort with a tip of legacy then Tarisa Resort is the place for you. Tarisa Resort & Spa is a traditionally rich yet modern beach resort in Mauritius. What makes is so specials that If you’re a newlywed honeymoon couple which prefers to relax in the lifestyle of a place & really wants a flavor of the exotic island than this destination is for you. It has a perfect blend of ultimate luxury with Mauritian history. Don’t Miss the opportunity to woo your better half by organizing a romantic candlelight dinner with a seaside sleeping sack to observe the bright sky. some of the suggested Rooms having Privacy assured, with beach side views and surrounded by exotic flowers and trees. Get indulge in their incredible couple spa at the ocean view. Adventure seekers could go for a cycle tour or an early morning swim in the beach ride pool make your journey a perfect one.

The Westin Turtle Bay

Nestled in a super exclusive, relaxing spot at the edge of the highway in Turtle Bay, this enchanting Mauritius honeymoon beach resort is an extravagance at its best. The Westin Turtle Bay is known for its unique semi-open washrooms between the newlyweds. What makes this place so special is that the gorgeous hotel combinations effortlessly with its natural environment, while the decorations feature of the bedroom contemporary luxe, perfect for married couples searching for a relax the holiday away from hectic city lifestyle. Don’t Miss the opportunity to woo your better half with a passionate song at the sparkling beaches around the resort where many married couples tryst for a romantic evening hours walk while observing amazing sunset. Treat yourself & your partner with some amazing water activities near your beachfront pool suite. Observe the stunning sunset view with your special someone from your room itself.

Radisson Blu Azuri

One of the most unique Mauritius honeymoon beach resorts is Radisson Blu Azuri. It is blessed to the lovers Virgine and Paul & is an utter paradise for newly married honeymooners. One & Only Radisson Blu Azuri is amongst the most enchanting Mauritius honeymoon beach resorts Located at the North East Coast of Mauritius. What makes this place so special is that If you’re seeking for a disguised escape on the hidden Mauritian white sand beaches, then this is the perfect beach destination for you and your partner to get lost in each other at this amazing and romantic aura of the Radisson Blu Azuri beach resort. Don’t Miss the opportunity for all those exciting trysts with your sweetie and go for an under water sea walking. For a truly romantic meeting, celebrate your new love life at the ocean front suite with a personal swimming pool, huge terrace with magnificent views and get indulge yourself in waterspouts & activities like mountain biking, kite surfing, and para sailing. 

Laguna Beach Hotel And Spa

If you have thoughts of yourself lounging around the hammocks while your servant provides your a freshly make chilled martini, then Laguna Beach Hotel And Spa are where you should be heading. Laguna Beach Hotel And Spa are one of the highest quality beach resort in Mauritius, frequented by newly wedded honeymoon couples. What makes this place so special is that this indulging Mauritius honeymoon beach resort displays chic attractiveness and romance, ideal for married couples searching for a romantic rendezvous. Don’t Miss the opportunity to kiss your love beneath the starlit sky witnessed by the splattering waves at your feet. Unwind at a Luxury Villa or an Elegant Villa or with an exclusive swimming pool & delighted views, spreading romance all over. Walk hand-in-hand along the pristine beaches or find your love in your bedroom with your lover.

Le Surcouf Hotel And Spa

If your concept of a perfect honeymoon is keeping yourself away from the masses and snuggling up with your partner then Le Surcouf Hotel And Spa would be a perfect choice for you. This Le Surcouf Hotel And Spa Resort in Mauritius is the best honeymooners getaway located at the Chemin Grenier in South Mauritius. What makes this place so special is that you get disconnected from the world, away from the muzzle of the city, this stylish property is ideal to hug each other in one of the most alluring honeymoon vacation beach resorts in Mauritius. Don’t Miss the opportunity to observe the spectacular coral & unique marine views, there is nothing more passionate than a marine under water lunch while observing the deep blue sea at the Blue Safari submarine. You have to ask them to arrange it is not complimentary on your Mauritius holiday tour packages. Privacy is assured at the Luxury Suite Villas of Le Surcouf Hotel And Spa. Their Ayurvedic spa is incredible. you must try it. Food lovers should try out their special treats at their BBQ events.

There are some of the personal picks of the best honeymoon beach resorts at Mauritius for couples who are seeking a lovely place to spend their honeymoon. These wonderful resorts have special love nests, magnificent suites, incredible villas, and unusual hideaways to match all your honeymoon desires.

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