There are lots of awesome things to watch and experience in Goa. From the beach locations to the church buildings, from the ancient forts to the modern markets and from the national parks and hills to the backwaters. Goa offers you unlimited elements of fun and there are so many places in Goa that it is really very difficult for any tourist to choose a few out of these places. Not just the places there are plenty of activities to do either you like water sports or you want to indulge in those activities which gives you adrenal rush, Goa has all the factors to make your vacation a memorable one. Here is a list of top 10 places to visit in Goa you must include in your itinerary. Many of the holiday places in Goa includes interesting local markets, top beaches, beautiful churches, natural attractions, famous landmarks, water sports, UNESCO World Heritage sites and much more which you cannot miss.


Out of all the beaches of Goa, Agonda beach which is located in the South of Goa definitely stands out the best beach. It is 39.2 kilometers long stretch starts from Margao and lines by symmetrical palm trees. It is a very silent, tranquil, and picture perfect beach destination for friends and family. There is a turtle center in the north of Goa, where you can observe some of the rare and endangered species of turtle, and in the south of Goa, there are rocky outcrops to watch. Goa is developed as the tourist spot so you can easily find many massage center, yoga centers, restaurants, bars, beach shacks, shops, cafes etc. Aguada beach appears to be the perfect location for spending a bright evening. Antilog Vacations offers you some customized Goa packages, especially for group journey.


This is the oldest fort from the 17th-century built and ruled by Portuguese. Sitting down at the junction of the River Mandovi, the Portuguese designed this fort as a protection and defense against the Dutch and the Marathas. There is a large dry canal here, and a 13-meter higher lighthouse which is used to help ships and others boats to sail without smashing to the rocks. Many architectural structures inside the fort are still in quite a great condition. From Aguada, you can get magnificent views of the picturesque coastline of the giant Arabian Sea and the whole city of Panaji.


Experience the rage of nature, in one of the tallest waterfalls in India. Dudhsagar Falls is powerful and spectacular 47 kilometers long waterfall from Margao and it is situated on the border of the Goa and Karnataka. It appears to be the most amazing during the monsoon when there is maximum water. The white-colored water of the waterfall cascades all the way down for 300 meters from a sharp mountain face. You can look at it from a train journey and your train is moved just along it. Here you can also trek to the top of the fall with some proper protective gear. You have to travel through the Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary in your trekking.


Baga beach located in the Northern side of Goa is one of most preferred beaches among tourists in Goa. Baga beach is situated to the north of the River Baga, and to the south of the Beach Calangute. The Baga and Calangute expand are the longest exotic seashores in Goa. You can find everything at Baga beach like shops, Beach shacks, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, water sports. Watersports choices include things like surfboarding, paragliding, paddle boarding, speedboats, banana riding, and more. Britto is a famous shack, you can find in the extreme north end of the beach. Cafe Mambo and Club Tito are the two popular nightclubs of Goa.


This church is also called as the Immaculate Conception Church among native people, this gorgeous church is situated in capital city Panaji in Goa, really very near to the Mandovi Bridge. Earlier in 1541, it used to be a chapel. in 1619, the bigger church building came up at the place of the chapel. Since then, several modifications and upgrades have been done to maintain, but the authentic building remains the same. Devotees have been approaching here for a long time. In ancient time, old Portuguese mariners offered their wishes and prayers just before and soon after sailing. IT is a great place to explore some of the old Portuguese architectural mastery.


Visiting the naval museum is likely to be the best thing in Goa. Explore some of the unique experience which you will never forget. This is the one and the only Naval Aviation Museum in India and moreover, it is unique of its kind in the whole of Asia. There is both an indoor and outdoor display section to demonstrates the air and naval battle vehicles and include outfits of pilots, armaments, protective gears, parachutes, aircraft, rockets, bombs, and much more.


Grande Island is situated in the south of Arabian Sea, off the Vasco da Gama coast. There are ferryboat services to travel from the mainland. This is exactly where you go for dolphin watching, fishing, plenty of water sports activities, swimming, snorkeling, reef diving, scuba diving etc. It is a wonderful position for both starter and professional divers and snorkelers. You can discover some of the shipwrecks as well, which includes the Serge City, Bounty Rock, Turbo Tunnel, the Davy Jones Locker, and the Suzy wreck. Specialist trainers are readily available at many cheap prices to a higher range. There are the bumper boat and banana boat rides too. Just carry your diving and seashore necessities.


Amboli which is located in the Western Ghats is one of the best Eco Hot-Spots in India where you can find much unusual fauna and flora. The Amboli Ghat waterfall is mere 78.2 kilometers from capital Panjim. It is one of the most attractive waterfalls. It actually comes full of life simply after the monsoon seasons. There is plenty of lush greenery and white fog. The drive via the steep roads from Panaji just takes 2 hours.


Goa Science Centre is the most recent fascination of Goa. It is the major component unit of National Council of Science Museums performing under the Ministry of Culture, the Government of India. The administration of Goa has rented 5 hectares of area in Miramar region. It has come into presence since the year 2001. The major purpose of the center is to produce a technological interest among the youthful age group. Science center is an ideal place for enjoyment for the whole family.


As the name suggests, you will find hundreds of Butterfly species in the Butterfly Beach. It is one of the most attractive seasides amongst all the beaches of Goa. The seaside is enchanting. Not recognized by many tourists, the place is an excellent and soothing holiday destination. If one is fortunate, one may see redfish, sea cucumbers and even sea urchins. Dolphins doing acrobats is just a common scene here. You will definitely love this place. It is the place where you can spend your holidays with friends and family and or walk down the beach with hand in the hand of your love of the life while taking selfies is one of the amazing things to do in your honeymoon. 

Goa is the dream destination for many tourists in India and outsides of India. It is the dream of many to visit Goa once in a lifetime with their friends and experience some amazing fun. Taste some local food and local fainy (a local beverage made from cashew). You can reach Goa from Delhi by air and train. It will take roughly 4 hrs via train and just 2 hrs via airplane.

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