Top Exciting Adventure Water Sports in the Maldives

The Maldives is a haven of beaches, it is a really gorgeous location to appreciate the best moments of your life. It features a bunch of amazing and adventurous kicks for travelers. Beaches are known for its beauty and amazing sunrise and sunset but the Maldives is a country with thousands of islands and the most interesting thing to do for adventure lover is indulge themselves in water sports. Read the article to get to know the reasons to book your Maldives holiday packages.

Under-water Walking

Walking particularly in the deep ocean floor with an oxygen mask on and being able to observe coral reefs and amazing and vibrant marine animals from really very close is an amazing experience. Swimming is not required so any person either he is a swimmer of nonswimmer, he can enjoy the underwater walking on the seabed. It is undoubtedly the best water sport in the Maldives. January to April is the best time to travel in the Maldives and indulge in this sports. It cost around 150 to 160 USD.

Banana Boat Rides

You can ride a banana shaped boat which can absolutely not give you any nutrition of the fruit but definitely will fill you with intense excitement and enthusiasm while you wave on the steamy blue waters of the ocean of the Maldives. It is among the most exciting water activities for adventure lover to do in the Maldives. April to October is the best time for this activity. Swimmer and non-swimmer both can enjoy this activity. Get yourself completely tied with harness and always follows advice from your guide. This is an activity which can be enjoyed by the whole age group and it does not cost you more than 70 USD.

Big Game Fishing

Fishing, it may sound a quite ordinary to you? But what do you think about the fishing game that may involve your encounter with the rarest species of fish like Sailfish, swordfish, Tuna, and many more? Certainly, you are unable to expect a relaxed offshore fishing game at a position like the Maldives which is the hub of water sports. November to March is the best time to visit this area because it is the best time for some rare species to get on the surface of the ocean. Fish food and all the necessary types of equipment are provided by the sports staff itself. It may costs you 90 USD.

Scuba Diving

Diving is the prime sports in the Maldives especially Scuba diving and wreck diving. It is the most relaxed and perfect sports for honeymooners. This is the main sports which attract a majority of tourists. Many hotels offer you this as a part of their packages. January to April is the best time to travel and enjoy this activity. Swimming is required if you are doing cliff diving. 100USD to 1000USD is the range you can choose from different types of diving. If you already do not know how to dive into an open water them you must tell your instructor about it. He will assist you to get the ultimate experience.

This was the easy guide to develop an interest in the adventurous water sports in the Maldives. Book your Maldives honeymoon packages and spend your honeymoon in an adventurous way.


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