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It is believed that any trip can guide to an excellent adventure; it is also believed that traveling in a group just does not get adore that it should get. Although group trips can have their unique problems and issues, just like on solo trips, their advantages greatly over-shadow their costs. So in order to talk about our love for a group trip, we’ve made a list of top prime reasons why you must travel in a group rather than solo travel.

You won’t have to be concerned about planning or costs.
Despite the fact that group travel appears to have a popularity for having cost dividing and for getting challenging and complicated, it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, you rarely have to do the entire planning just all by yourself due to the fact there’s generally another person who assists you, no matter if it’s the trip representative or the travel agent you hire to make your customized plan.
This indicates that you have one less factor to be concerned about, and you can concentrate on the vacation. On top of this, team tours or group tours can be comparatively less expensive due to a wide range of marketing promotions and special group discounts. So not only can group tour or team traveling be less complicated on your framework of mind, but they can also be less burden on your pocket.

You will encounter new things.
Any trip can be a chance to encounter new things as you are going to a new unknown place, but group journeys can make this factor of travel a bit less risky. Traveling in a group with your friends and family can offer you a great chance to discover a place with a regional or international professional traveler, which means that you will get some expert opinion and information and you discover more about the region. Along with these, you might even be able to check out some remote locations or try some new things that are quite popular among the residents.
You’ll connect with and discover more about your associates, pals, and family members.
When most individuals make a decision to plan travel into a group, they’re often associated with friends, relatives, or family. Although this can be complicated or annoying, It can also be an excellent experience. Group travel makes it possible for you to share some personal experiences with your family and friends, which can guide healthier relationships. You will learn much more about the individuals in your life, from their preferences of how they behave under stress and your relationships with them.

You’ll make new buddies.
Perhaps you’ve made the decision to be a part of a group trip where you don’t know anybody, well that’s fairly acceptable too. In fact, that’s amazing. Group travel can give you the prospect to meet new people and make new buddies. You will meet people, who are also enthusiastic about journey different parts of the world and may have some amazing encounters and traveling stories that are very much similar to your own experiences.

There’s no higher connection experience other than vacationing with others. And just after the vacation is over, it doesn’t signify that your connection with them has to end. Keeping in contact with your newly found associates can give you an entire community of buddies to pay a visit on your next journey.

You’ll gain new aspects and opinions
Along the exact train of thought, group trips will enable you to gain new viewpoints regarding other people, whether that’s by means of the trip itself or your communications with various tourists you met on a trip. Like any form of travel, group tours allow you to increase your views and outlooks. By means of a group trip, you will get to observe different areas of the world that you’ve never ever seen before in your life or communicate with individuals that you generally wouldn’t meet up with. It's just enjoy planning Singapore holiday packages for limelight or Maldives holiday packages for having a beach destination, group travel is better in most aspects. 

Group traveling is one of the best ways to travel in a secure manner. You will get plenty of benefits other than the mentioned one. Book your group tour packages, and you’ll get to know why it is beneficial for you to travel in a group.

Find out the Benefits of Travelling in a Tour Group

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Maldives is the top attraction among beach lovers and newlywed couples looking for a honeymoon. You can also witness its different amazing endeavors, soft white sandy beaches, amazingly clear waters, and the underwater world experiences.

Here, we share some of the prime locations in the Maldives that will make your honeymoon trip unforgettable one. Maldives honeymoon packages from India is a great way to explore the beautiful Maldives and make your dream comes true.

Get A Couple Spas with Your Partner

Want to get a massage and also don’t want to miss the sea view? In the Maldives, you can choose a spa and massage right by the sea. The soothing surf swooshing on the coast gives you the most healthy spa tunes you can discover on this planet. Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru Resort and Kurumba Maldives have excellent spa choices for your preference. Opt for Balinese style or Maldivian style for a more classic approach to your spoiling. For a unique experience, go to Per Aquum Huvafen Fushi for an indoor marine spa. It is a destination that has luxurious underwater cottages where you can relax in either a rejuvenating spa or a splash.

Watch Turtles Hatching At Kuredu

The Maldives is home to several marine life conversation initiatives. Kuredu in one of them, they lead the way for saving flora and fauna of the place. More frequently than not, baby turtles do not effectively make their way to the sea, but with the help of tourists and the resort staff, they carefully guided them to the waters. During your Maldives honeymoon, choose to be part of the system at Landaa Giraavaru Rehabilitation Centre or at Kuredu. While not only these other resorts are also coordinating to a wide range of preservation programs.

Meet Schools of Dolphins on a Sunset Dolphin Cruise

Everyone knows that dolphins are the nicest and most clever creatures of the ocean. Observe them glide playfully in the ocean on a sunset dolphin cruise. In the Maldives, you can’t swim with dolphins unless you are properly geared and in the company of well professional trainers. They will help you in scuba diving and help you to explore some of the rare marine animals. The best way to explore this is to get a cheap Maldives holiday package.

Go, Resort Hopping To Explore the Entire Group of Island

The Maldives houses some of the best accommodations in the world, and you can always opt for the new islands to stay, there is certainly no reason to remain in one location when you can visit many destinations. Get to the Maafushi Island, and hop on a new holiday resort every day. You also get to save some couple of bucks on holiday accommodation, while most of the resorts start from US$1000/day! Lodging on a regional island starts from US$100/day. Resort hopping tickets start from US$50 and more depending on how many people go. The best part of hopping is that you can just invest the whole day just experiencing the hotel amenities and facilities. Get to scuba diving in new lagoon waters.

Explore Each And Every Water Sports Activities

Maldives is surrounded by Indian Ocean and thus create possibility for plenty of water sports activists. From Snorkeling to scuba diving, jet riding to banana boat riding, swimming to diving, kite surfing to Para gliding, Maldives has it all. Book your water activities in prior to save some time and get some cash back on online transaction.

Choose for a cruise voyage if you’re a sea lover that will have you visiting various atolls and islands. But if you want to explore the more tropical beauty of Maldives, we suggest you check out The Kerudu Island Resort and the Four Seasons Maldives Explorer. There are lots of Maldives holiday packages you can choose from.

Want to Make Your Dream Come True in Maldives. Find Out How?

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Asia, the biggest continent is packed with so many unusual elements that leave you speechless. Asia has amazing beaches, mountain ranges, tropical regions, delicious cuisines. It is loaded with so many amazing traditions and customs with a great number of temples and churches. The best place to plan your holiday trip to enjoy the rich culture of Asia. Read out some of the interesting facts about Asia.

The oldest city in Asia is Jericho in Palestine which is around 9000 BC Old

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Mango is the king of all fruits and India is the king of mango exporting.

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The largest landlocked country Kazakhstan is in Asia. It is surrounded by land only and doesn’t have any access to the sea or ocean.

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The first country in Asia to allowed gay marriages in Nepal

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The Maldives is one of the smallest nation located in Asia.

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The fastest train in the world is in China named CRH380A with a top speed of 486.1 km/h.

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Despite being smaller in area, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong are the three main economic centers of Asia

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Kimigayo, Japan National anthem is only four lines long.

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In Vietnam, everybody celebrates their birthday on New Year.

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Turkey is home to tallest men and women in the world.

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World’s largest religious monument, Angkor Wat is located in Cambodia

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Besides Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam are the biggest coffee produces in the world.

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Assam, India is the largest producer and consumer of Tea in the world

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Burj Khalifa, Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower, Taipei 101, Shanghai Financial Center, four out of the five tallest man-made structures in the world are located in Asia.

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Statue of Unity is a colossal statue of India’s first home minister also known as Iron man of India is the tallest statue in the world.

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Amazing Mind Blowing Facts About Asia That Seems Unreal

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Just to the south of the Northern Male Atoll and linked to the airport terminal sets a gemstone of a region called the Hulhumale. The isle sprawls over 2km of palm trees and magnificent beach locations and is an ideal blend of urban life with the pleasures of isle life. Hulhumale Island is also a significant promoter of Eco-friendly architectural mastery and sustaining the picturesque beauty with a rigid no littering policy followed by all. Read the article to book the Maldives honeymoon packages from India.

What makes this Hulhumale so different

It is a great place to check out with your partner. In fact, Hulhumale is most famous among visitors who show up at The Maldives in the evenings or have an extra day to spare prior to their journey leaves, as it is attached to the airport terminal island by highway, which also makes it incredibly hassle-free. People today halting at this region are confident to get a social experience with a number of activities that will keep you wanting for more.

What makes this Hulhumale so different from the several islands in The Maldives is the simple fact that it was not designed by pushes of nature but unnaturally or artificially by innovative minds. The objective of the isle was to decrease the quantity of over-crowding in Male, the capital city of Maldives. The outcome was a stunning lush green island which in spite of its artificiality, appears to be more natural and spiritual than most island destinations in the Maldives, particularly that of the cement jungle of Male. All these factors making this place the best one to plan a honeymoon trip to the Maldives.

Hulhumale Beach

One of the elements that the Maldives is most popular for is its wonderful beaches that catch the attention of millions of people. Situated on the eastern side of the isle, the Hulhumale Beach is the kind of beach you would believe of when somebody describes the Maldives. The beach's shallow crystal waters and white sand make it an ideal place to wander around, be fascinated by the sun rising or setting sun or engage in various other actions. The amazing beach is also secured by a reef around 90metres deep in the sea, which creates it an incredibly safe place. Hulhumale Beach also provides snorkeling and scuba diving possibilities during which you can observe harmless baby rays, sharks, turtles, and various brilliantly colored coral fishes. Which you can book at the time you book your Maldives honeymoon packages. Water activities are also pretty popular here. If skills sports are not your cup of tea, you can generally engage yourself by having food items by the beachfront on the numerous booths and coffee shops, bookstores near the white-colored sands.

Hulhumale Central Park

The Hulhumale Island Central Park is situated properly in the midsection of the island and is the area to be for some peacefulness and serenity amongst the rich greens of the garden. Hulhumale Central Park is a well-known location for residents to find up and invest their day at, so it is also the excellent location to get an amazing experience of the region lifestyle and the traditions which is significantly unique from other people. The garden also has running, walking and cycling tracks accessible for guests and has a large pond in the center which contributes to its peaceful and relaxing beauty. Get your honeymoon packages for the Maldives and spend some time with your partner.

The best place to relax in Maldives, Hulhumale

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The Maldives is a haven of beaches, it is a really gorgeous location to appreciate the best moments of your life. It features a bunch of amazing and adventurous kicks for travelers. Beaches are known for its beauty and amazing sunrise and sunset but the Maldives is a country with thousands of islands and the most interesting thing to do for adventure lover is indulge themselves in water sports. Read the article to get to know the reasons to book your Maldives holiday packages.

Under-water Walking

Walking particularly in the deep ocean floor with an oxygen mask on and being able to observe coral reefs and amazing and vibrant marine animals from really very close is an amazing experience. Swimming is not required so any person either he is a swimmer of nonswimmer, he can enjoy the underwater walking on the seabed. It is undoubtedly the best water sport in the Maldives. January to April is the best time to travel in the Maldives and indulge in this sports. It cost around 150 to 160 USD.

Banana Boat Rides

You can ride a banana shaped boat which can absolutely not give you any nutrition of the fruit but definitely will fill you with intense excitement and enthusiasm while you wave on the steamy blue waters of the ocean of the Maldives. It is among the most exciting water activities for adventure lover to do in the Maldives. April to October is the best time for this activity. Swimmer and non-swimmer both can enjoy this activity. Get yourself completely tied with harness and always follows advice from your guide. This is an activity which can be enjoyed by the whole age group and it does not cost you more than 70 USD.

Big Game Fishing

Fishing, it may sound a quite ordinary to you? But what do you think about the fishing game that may involve your encounter with the rarest species of fish like Sailfish, swordfish, Tuna, and many more? Certainly, you are unable to expect a relaxed offshore fishing game at a position like the Maldives which is the hub of water sports. November to March is the best time to visit this area because it is the best time for some rare species to get on the surface of the ocean. Fish food and all the necessary types of equipment are provided by the sports staff itself. It may costs you 90 USD.

Scuba Diving

Diving is the prime sports in the Maldives especially Scuba diving and wreck diving. It is the most relaxed and perfect sports for honeymooners. This is the main sports which attract a majority of tourists. Many hotels offer you this as a part of their packages. January to April is the best time to travel and enjoy this activity. Swimming is required if you are doing cliff diving. 100USD to 1000USD is the range you can choose from different types of diving. If you already do not know how to dive into an open water them you must tell your instructor about it. He will assist you to get the ultimate experience.

This was the easy guide to develop an interest in the adventurous water sports in the Maldives. Book your Maldives honeymoon packages and spend your honeymoon in an adventurous way.

Top Exciting Adventure Water Sports in the Maldives

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Drones are the best way to capture the moments from far above. A drone can capture those moments which are impossible to get from a selfie stick. The starting range of a good camera drone is rupees 5000 and it goes up to rupees 10 lakhs. Choose a drone under your budget and take your drone to some of the best aerial photography destinations in the Maldives. 

First of all, you must read all the guidelines regarding drone flying in the Maldives. As there is a proper list of rules provided by govt. of the Maldives. Avoid crowded places and near the military area or anywhere where local authorities can issue a problem. If you are residing in a resort then you must confirm with the hotel staff to get the permission for flying your drone and if you booked your personal island then you are free to use your drone as you want. Here are some of the locations where you can capture the mesmerizing aerial beauty of the Maldives.

EmboodhuFinolhu Island 

One of the most stunning picture perfect destinations of the Maldives is the EmboodhuFinolhu Island. There are 55 water villas arranged in the shape of a flower bud, can be observed the flower shape when you look form a distance or you can capture the actual shape of the water bungalows form the above with your drone. You can stand at the center and take your drone at a higher place to capture all 55 water villas.

Male Island

During your vacation, if you want to capture the most stunning images of some unique architectural marvels designs, then you must visit the capital city Male. As the International Airport of Maldives is located on Male, so you can not miss the opportunity to explore the island.

This island is loaded with tons of tourist attractions, the ancient monument and some of the world-class mouth-watering cuisine. Either you choose the underwater snorkeling or you take your drone to some higher places to capture the beauty from above. You will be happy for choosing the Maldives for your vacations.

The Seagull Café 

Its well-designed decor makes this place a picturesque one, beautiful trees with exquisite gardens makes the Seagull Cafe a must visit place for any tourist who wanted to capture the seafront cafe. This place is a feast to both eyes and taste buds. Here, you can explore the place from a drone like never before and also you can have some locals delicious meals. Your taste buds will thank you. Put your drone in an auto mode and capture yourself with the panoramic view. 

Tsunami Monument

Built to honor those who have either missing or lost their lives in the destructive rage of nature in 2004. Tsunami Monument is located on the western side of the Boduthakurufaanu Magu at the coastline of Male. This iconic monument is a masterpiece of modern architectural design, decorated with spheres surrounded to get a ring-like design. You can capture the hue sunset from the drone and get some perfect photographs of the landscapes. The beach is also famous for surfing spot. Get a board and surf while your partner captures you from drone.

The Maldives has a lot of places to capture the beauty through your drone. All you need is little imagination and perfect hue and you get yourself some amazing shots.

Take your drone to some of the best aerial photography destinations in the Maldives

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The Maldives is composed of 1000s of coral islands. It is known for its magnificent beaches, blue lagoons and reef. The Maldives is famous for its picture-perfect white sand beaches that are quite different from ordinary quartz-based sand. The sand formed from coral does not heat up and remains comfortable to walk on even on the hottest day. It is also the smallest country in South Asia. Let's take a look on the best things to do in the Maldives.

An exotic place for a honeymoon

It is world’s leading honeymoon destination. The Maldives is a popular choice for newly married couples looking for relaxing, to loosen up, and enjoy the memorizing beauty of this paradise. It has some stunning beaches where a couple can perceive the beauty of the spectacular view of the white sand beaches where a couple can rent there a beach house that you can ask for in your Maldives honeymoon package for uninterrupted relaxation and rejuvenation. It is one of the safest travel destinations. This is because of the isolation of its island resorts.

Water Bungalows

The favorite thing about being on a vacation is to wake up each morning to the fresh ocean air. Get into one of the Water Bungalows in the Maldives where breathtaking ocean views are there to intensify your mood. Built on stilts, dipping into the crystal clear waters is an easy going down the steps from your personal sun terrace. There is comfortable outdoor furniture that is plenty for everyone to get some quality time with some fresh air. You can continue enjoying the spectacular Indian Ocean views even from the bathroom and watch the alluring sea-life along with your partner.

Visit the glowing beach

The country has many coral islands and some of them are famous for their bright coral reefs, while others are for deep sea fishing. So you can Spend each day at a different island and explore many new islands. The most famous beach of Maldives is glowing beech of the Vaadhoo Island. Where you can Stand with your partner with hand in hand and capture the experience of a lifetime. The beech lights up at every night due to some rare glowing tides that wash the shore.

Breathtaking views of Scuba diving

As home to many dolphin and whale, you can witness many marine animals while scuba diving also dolphin watching cruises can be arranged. submarine allows you to range over the whole underwater marine while staying perfectly dry. Expect to see schools of some blue and yellow-striped fish, lion-fish, box-fish and sometimes sea turtles. There are regular and deep sea both fishing is available. For adventurous turn you can also choose from one of those Maldives tour packages which includes these followings kayaking, para-sailing, free diving, jet skis surfing, wake boarding, free diving, kite surfing, fly boarding, water skiing, and underwater scooters.

Best things to do on a Maldives trip

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