Netherlands Tour - Travel Netherlands for a tranquil experience

The Netherlands is the best place in Europe your a romantic endeavor. It is located on the western side of the continent. It doesn’t matter whether you are here for a honeymoon, family trip or solo traveling, this place has all the necessary elements you will desire on your Netherlands holiday package. The Netherlands is a place most suitable for a person who wants to have some alone time away from the city crowd. Here are some of the best locations which are best to plan your trip to the Netherlands.

Have fun at Efteling

Efteling is the greatest and most significant amusement park in the entire Netherlands and it is situated at Kaatsheuvel. The park is separated up into various zones that are recognized as realms and each one particular concentrate on a unique historical myth or legend. Efteling has the state to fame of getting one of the most well-known themes parks in the entire world having first opened its entrance doors in 1952 and has been dealing with tourists and visitors ever since. Its main highlights are its amazing fast rides and lush green gardens. Just some of the shows here include rides like the Python, The Flying Dutchman, the Dragon, the George and the Joris en de Draak. There are also other spots at which you can enjoy the place such as the Raveleijn which is a mysterious world with a daily night performance by some great artists as they narrate the story of 5 brothers and sisters who fight and beat an evil monster. This is a great place for you if you are on your family Netherlands holiday packages.

Take a trip to Madurodam

If you ever desire to explore the whole of the Netherlands but don’t have enough time in your journey then make a visit to Madurodam in The Hague. IT is a place you can visit to explore the city when you have less time. Here you will find a miniature model of the entire Netherlands on a 1:25 size and you can observe all the top locations of the county including decorative features like bridges, main landmarks, and cute windmills. This model town even consists of its own railway system, harbor, and an airport.

Visit the iconic Windmills of Kinderdijk

Enjoying a picturesque location on the Stream Noord and situated between Dordrecht and Rotterdam is the town of Kinderdijk which signifies ‘Children’s Dike’ in Dutch. The major purpose to visit this place on your Netherlands honeymoon packages is that you can take in the beauty of the wonderful windmills that date from the late 18th century and this magnificent iconic windmills are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are total of 19 windmills this is the largest group of these constructions anyplace in the Netherlands. You can check out these on your trip to Netherland from April to October and there are specific instances throughout the 12 months when the sails of the wind turbines rotate and you can observe the full glory.

Take in the attractiveness of art at the Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum located in Amsterdam the capital city of Netherlands is the place where some of the best and the greatest artists ever lived here. The Van Gogh Museum is consistently elected one of the finest art museums in the entire world, so this is the best place for an art lover to spend some time in art galleries. Make sure not to skip it down in your itinerary. A remarkable 1.5 million tourists make their visit here each year and this is the place where you can see the largest collection of Van Gogh pieces one of the great artists. 

Netherlands is a great place to wandered around and there are so many things in Netherlands that you should plan to visit in your Netherlands Honeymoon Package from India.

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