Andaman Islands A Romantic Getaway With Your Better Half

Sunny skies, pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and unblemished environments make Andaman islands a perfect and romantic honeymoon destination. But it is not simply the elegance of the archipelago that makes this place an ideal getaway. There are plenty of water activities, adventure sports, and numbers of other activities for the nature lovers. You must check out the sightseeing tours of Andaman on your any Andaman honeymoon packages. Here are some of the things you can experience or do on your journey.

Snorkeling at North Bay & Elephant Beach

For those who haven’t attempted snorkeling still, this is your important chance to experience this. The water sports are one of the best things you could do on your trip to Andaman. Andaman & Nicobar Islands are surrounded with crystal clear turquoise waters making it a perfect place for Snorkeling with your partner and see the beautiful marine life and check out the rarest corals at Elephant Beach at Havelock Island or North Bay Island. We suggest you choose Havelock Island as the water here is much more clear in comparison to North Bay. The most interesting part is that you can experience this in just 500 to 1000 INR depending on your duration of the Snorkeling.

Witnessing Bioluminescence at Havelock Island

Just imagine, little-lighted galaxies and stars floating under the feet of your and your partner instead of the blue sky above. it is the phenomena which can't be described under words. Watching this happen is among the top factors you can experience in Andaman, where water glows This is due to the fact that phytoplankton is present in the sea water, which can glow in the night. Bioluminescence can only be observed on the no moon night. You can ask your tour operator to arrange the Kayak tour in advance to enjoy the amazing natural phenomena.

 Scuba Diving

Scuba doesn’t need you to be expert in swimming. Yes, many individuals do not try this amazing endeavor just because itis necessary for scuba diving, but that’s far from reality. If you want to experience the tour of scuba with your partner on your Andaman holiday package then get certified and experienced trainer. You need to know swimming only if you want to try some tougher levels and want to explore into the open waters. There are many locations to attempt scuba diving in Andaman, just make sure your trainer is PADI certified. If you want to try deep scuba diving you can get some lessons to get your PADI certificate and after then you are legally allowed to try some open water scuba diving. You can save your time by earlier book your scuba gears and equipment in your travel package to Andaman.

Riding a Banana Boat at Port Blair

Riding a Banana Boat with your partner on your honeymoon is another fun-filled and thrilling element to do in Andaman. you can ride with your partner on a banana-shaped inflated boat that is tied behind the speedboat and it is perfectly safe and your boat operator also provide you all necessary factors such as safety jackets, proper gears, etc and all this under the supervision of the lifeguard. Just follow the instructions. It will cost around 500 per person.

Andaman is a great place if you want to explore the real beauty of India. It has the cleanest beaches in India and you can indulge in numbers of water sports activities to spark your honeymoon.