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Scotland is one of the magnificent places in continental Europe. It offers its tourists a rich taste of traditions and cultures and some of the delicious meals such that it attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world. If you are planning a trip to Europe then this is one of the places which should not be missed. Take a look at some of the places in Scotland which is a great spot for a family Scotland holiday package.

Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is also known as the Cloud Island on consideration of the hefty mists that frequently cover the tropical isle, and also popular by the Viking name “Skuyo” which means sky, it is the biggest inner isles of the country. It’s an incredibly well-known vacation destination amongst nature enthusiasts, and the outrageous, passionate mountain landscapes collectively with the lush green forests, sandy beaches, and stunning waterfalls, and which are all stuffed into a single island that is only 80 km in length and 24 km in width. Add to this the charming small villages, the island continues to feature some remains of primeval oak jungles, an add-on to a wide range of wildlife varieties, such as otters, seals, and moreover 200 species of colorful birds.

The Northern Highlands of Scotland

Extending from Thurso at the northern peak to the city of Inverness up to the Scottish landmass are the spectacular Northern Highlands. The historical fault range gave a surge to the formation of the Caledonian Canal, which expands from the Corpach near Fort William located on the west coast to the Inverness on the east coast over. Although much of the tremendous mountain region is completely uninhabited, making it an excellent area for bike riding, trekking, and hiking adventures, the region is marked with many wonderful small areas and towns. Perhaps the most wonderful little shoreline town of Dornoch, which is famous for its cathedral ruins and magnificent castle. This is the great place to plan your travel to Scotland. 

Ayrshire: The Burns Heritage Trail

An amazing way to experience a small perception into the lifestyle and times of Robbie Burns which is an outstanding Scotland’s beloved poet is to take the Burns Culture Trail. Commencing in Alloway on the borders of Ayr, at the Robert Burns Art gallery and museum, you’ll experience a fantastically maintained thatched holiday cottage where the poet was born and where he stayed for most of his youth. Upon traveling to other relevant points of interest, the trip leads to the area of Dumfries in the southern region where he continued to live the final four years of his life till he passed away at a very young age of 36. It was all happened in late 1796. His ultimate resting place is a brief stroll apart at St. Michael’s Churchyard. Art lovers and museums enthusiast will definitely love this place.

Aberdeenshire: The Castle Trail

The Castle Trail primarily concentrates on mansions situated in Aberdeenshire, in which 17 of most extraordinary and most preserved castles remain in Scotland. The itinerary you choose on your Scotland holiday packages will get to these amazing sites. You’ll be escorted to such wonders as the Drum Castle of the 13th century, the fairy-tale looking Crathes Castle from the 16th century, as well as the Craigievar Castle from the 15th century, together with its circular Persian windows, wonderful gables and towers, and its charming conical rooftops.

The trip to Scotland is also an impressive way to appreciate the extraordinary coastlines and spectacular mountains within the Region.

Scotland Holiday - An Amazing Family Holiday Getaway

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