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When you think of the Asia continent and driving, what usually comes to thoughts are the high-quality vehicle manufacturers that take control of the entire auto industry. However, Asia is much more than that, there are some extraordinary road trip choices all over Asia that will make your vacation the perfect one. Take a look at these amazing options for a road trip.

The Karakoram Highway (Pakistan and China)

Generally acclaimed as one of the highest roads in the entire world, this trip is as much an incredible innovation feat as it is a traveler attraction, and there are many tourists who take a long-distance trip to have some amazing dangerous road experience. It is not recommended for newbie only experts can hit this amazing road. you can get the professional guide with you to get the best out of this road trip. This pass connects Pakistan to China. There are some amazing picturesque areas with stunning lakes and high mountain views along this highway make some stops in your journey to enjoying the amazing natural beauty of the road. Many tourists also use this route to acquire access to the best mountain biking locations in the world. 

Hai Van Pass, Vietnam

Hai Van means ocean clouds, and this amazing drive has much of both romantic endeavor and holiday spirit. With both the gorgeous shoreline and the mountain ranges in view while on this amazing drive, there is much more to take pleasure in, and the highway simply located to the north of Da Nang is considered as one of the best roads for a road trip in the world.

The Northeast Loop, Phuket Thailand

The Northeast Loop in Phuket is the best road for a road trip with your friends. This awesome drive is on the isle of Phuket, located to the north of Thailand, and requires you on a never-ending loop of the eastern coast of the island. The amazing bay views with unique architectural mastery and tiny villages that offer great hospitality that is enough for your amazing journey. The best road trip you can get for your Thailand holiday packages.

Khardung Pass, India

Khardung Pass lies over several miles above sea level also counts as one of the highest roads in the world. Many tourists pay their visit to India just to have the amazing views of the Indian beautiful landscapes and on any particular day, you may be riding along the road with camels, horses, sheep, goats or groups of people. Nevertheless, enduring the wild disorganization of this particular location will compensate you with an incredible drive. Experience some of the world's best beautiful mountain passes covered with snow bamboo lay all through the road.

Bintulu-Miri Highway, Malaysia

Providing driving lovers two unique options to explore the nation, the Bintulu-Miri highway is an incredible drive that slices by means of lush green rainforest where you can explore plenty of unique flora and fauna. Also, the entire road is more than a hundred miles long and is extremely picturesque, and highly recommended to choose in your Malaysia holiday package from India.

Pack your bags and hit the road, new adventures are waiting for you to explore and have some lifetime memories of your lifetime.

Find out the best route for a perfect holiday

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There are plenty of remarkable things to do in Phuket. This place has a wonderful famous old town, excellent points of view and legendary cultural interesting attractions. It is one of the best bases for checking out the close-by islands and their popular attractions. No journey here can be called complete without ticking off the destinations off your checklist. It is a place of great variety. Take a look below before you book any Thailand holiday packages.

Spend a Day on Phi Phi Island 

Phi Phi Island is the superstar island of Thailand, especially popular for its main role in the 2000 movie The Beach. This Island is the main topic of conversation among tourists all over Thailand. Phi Phi's beauty is a huge amount of elegance. The islands look like a fortress rise from the sea when approached by boat. Sheer cliffs tower is the highlight of the place, It's love at first sight. Any Thailand travel package is incomplete without this place.

Big Buddha

The Big Buddha of Phuket is a revered landmark in Thailand. The huge image of 45 meters tall Buddha situated on the top of the Nakkerd Hills. It offers spectacular views of Kata and Chalong. The grand site features the best panoramic views of the island, making it a perfect site for selfie lovers. Relatively effortlessly reachable by 6-km road. A smaller Buddha statue is situated next to the main Phuket Big Buddha, which is actually made of brass but painted in Gold.

Best way to explore a location is Island-Hopping 

Southern Thailand is blessed with the existence of an unbelievable number of islands. They range from tiny rocks to larger areas arising from the exterior of the Andaman Sea. Island has always been recognized favorably in our imagination. You can avoid the crowd unwanted numbers of travelers by choosing Island hopping. This is a great option for a person who wants to spend some alone time. This is an ideal concept for slave couples. Nevertheless, there are a number of small Islands in Phuket which offer you some amazing panoramic views. Discover the best islands around Phuket but island hopping and explore many islands in one journey.

Give your self a spiritual experience and visit Wat Chalong 

The Grand Pagoda prominent the temple includes an idol of Lord Buddha. It is named Phramahathatchedi-Jomthaibarameepragat. This pagoda is furnished with artwork illustrating the life story of Buddha and it also features a variety of Buddha images. Spend some time in the pagoda and feel the spiritual energy. It attracts thousands of travelers every year. Poh Than Jao Wat is located near the Wat Chalong. It is the most important Buddhist statues. It is situated in the west of the temple, with the other two statues of a popular local who won many lotteries after visiting the Poh Than Jao Wat statue and an elderly gentleman called grandpa Khee-lek. There is another statue in Wat Chalong called Nonsi.

Elephant Sanctuaries 

Elephant Sanctuaries are the best place for an animal lover in Phuket. It becomes very popular among travelers. The focus of these ideologies is on the animal-friendly relationship with these spectacular animals, many of them have been saved or retired from the elephant trekking industries. The first priority of such places is the well being of the inhabitants. If you want to meet elephants from real close then this is the place for you to visit. 

Explore Phuket like never before

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A bustling city that never sleeps also has many impressive monasteries and Buddhist temples; Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand. As you gradually discover the stuff to do and experience such amazing things in Bangkok, you will understand that it is a captivating city. Marvelous Thai architecture with traditional temple complexes is among the prime attractions for tourists in Bangkok.

Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and Wat Phra Kaew are outstanding examples. Bangkok is also popular for some cheap yet delicious best street food destinations in the world. Bangkok offers so many things that each and everyone with get something from it. Find out why it is considered as the prime spot for tourists to opt-in Best Holiday Packages from India.

Day Outing To Ayutthaya Historical Park 

Take an outing back in time when you see the very much safeguarded remnants at the Ayutthaya Authentic Park, one of the main UNESCO World Heritage Site in Thailand. You can see the remains of sanctuaries and different structures that shed light on the prominence of this Siamese kingdom. At Wat Mahathat, you can notice the striking sight of a Buddha's head encompassed in the parts of a banyan tree.

Other tremendous sanctuaries incorporate the Wat Ratchaburana and Wat Chaiwatthanaram. The scene is brilliant just like all the fantastic structures. Make a multi-day outing to Ayutthaya to see one of the top Bangkok vacation spots situated close to the city.

Plan a Day to Explore Kanchanaburi 

One of the main spots to visit in Bangkok is Kanchanaburi acclaimed for the Scaffold on the Stream Kwai. You can likewise go via train along the railroad. Amid your outing, visit the Kanchanaburi War Burial ground and the intriguing Jeath War Historical Center. Hellfire Pass is somewhere else of enthusiasm close Kanchanaburi. There are such huge numbers of engaging activities with regards to Bangkok for individuals visiting the city. Since you comprehend what to find in Bangkok, you can begin making your movement arrangements. Good karma!

Enjoy the Delicious Street Food

Do you realize what to do in Bangkok when you are starving? Go for a stroll along the avenues, and let your nose control you to probably the best food in the city! With a wide scope of dishes at low costs, the delicious nutrition will make you visit them again and again. Other than the most loved rice noodle dish, there are infinite different dishes including fish, meat and vegetarian options.

Taste the noodles with shrimp just as dishes with scallops, squid, etc. Chicken and rice arrangements, pork dishes or plates of mixed greens, Som Cap are quite popular. Head to Chinatown in the evening time to taste some nibbles or advance toward Khao San Street and Soi Rambuttri. This is the perfect place for food lovers to choose Thailand holiday packages.

Grand Palace

An immense complex with excellent structures, the Grand Palace is an official illustrious living arrangement that keeps on facilitating critical elements of the sovereignty. Situated along the Chao Phraya Waterway, the site contains a few structures in staggering Thai exemplary design with European impacts. Ensure you achieve the royal residence complex when it opens at around 8.30 a.m. on the off chance that you wish to maintain a strategic distance from groups that develop amid the day. All things considered, the Fantastic Royal residence is a standout amongst the most visited Bangkok attractions. Do recall there is a severe clothing regulation to enter. The two people ought to be secured till their lower legs, and shoulders ought not to be uncovered.

Shopping and Nightlife 

While you can without much of a stretch go to the awe-inspiring shopping centers in the city, the roads of Bangkok have incredible shopping at low prices. Visit the Chatuchak Market that is open for the most part of the week. It has a large number of extensive areas selling every possible thing, both normal and particular.

Other fascinating spots with regard to Bangkok for shopping incorporate Chinatown and Pratunam. Appreciate the dynamic nightlife of the city at different clubs and bars including housetop ones. Khao San Street where you can eat, drink and dance like there is no tomorrow. Plan your holiday trip to Thailand to shop till you drop.

Take a Thailand holiday tour package to see the sparkling sights of Bangkok around evening time and have some amazing meal. Roam around the street and bring out the spiritual side by visiting some ancient temples on your journey.

Best Travel Guide for First Time Travelers Visiting Bangkok

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Planning a holiday trip or honeymoon trip to Asia? From wild jungles and exotic tropical islands to delicious cuisines, Asia is one furthermore diverse landmass bursting with joys, magnificent destinations and spectacular spots to visit on your holiday tour. No matter what kind of explorer you are solo, couple, group, or family, Asia surely has something unique and pleasing in reserve for you. As a matter of fact, Asia is one of the best places in the world for shopaholics; they can have the thrill of a lifetime by shopping at such cheap rates. Here are the awe-inspiring places in Asia to book your honeymoon tour packages.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur the capital city, is the most happening, alive and energetic place in Malaysia. It is a cultural melting pot with mouthwatering culinary goodies, great shopping centers, gleaming skyscrapers, and pristine beaches and amazing rainforests. Plan your Malaysia holiday packages to experience all these in your holiday tour.

Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

Japan’s Sagano Bamboo Forests are one of the earth’s most gorgeous groves which offer its visitors a pleasant excursion adventure like no other. As you walk into the dreamlike Sagano bamboo grove, you will feel like entering into a different world. It is a perfect place for honeymooners who wants to spend a lovely time together with each other in a tranquil, calm, peaceful environment. Click unlimited selfies to capture some great memories.

Bali, Indonesia

With its miles of dreamy beaches, ancient temples, glorious sunsets, and cushy extravagance resorts it is no wonder a lot of tourists prefer Bali as compared to the other popular destinations for romantic couples on their honeymoon. But the thing is, Bali is more than just a honeymoon vacation destination. For the naive, Bali also has a rugged inside available for thrill seekers and nature lovers. Not to mention, you can reserve your accommodation under your budget prior to your Bali honeymoon packages.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, appreciated for its striking ocean karst terrain. Ha Long Bay located in the south of Vietnam is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that will offer you a little paradise on earth. It is popularly known as one of the best beach locations in Asia. This Vietnamese spot blessed with countless of gigantic islands, immaculate emerald waters and plenty of water sports activities.

Bokeo Nature Reserve, Laos

Bokeo Nature Reserve is designed to protect some of the last surviving territories of the black-crested gibbon. Bokeo Nature Reserve is the best place for a camping, trekking, hiding place, a paradise for an adventure lover.

Patong, Thailand

Patong is the ultimate place to visit in Asia and the best place for nighttime party animals to enjoy the nightlife in Thailand. This place is popular as the party capital of Asia. Definitely, the best place to choose in your Thailand holiday packages. Patong has a bunch of restaurants, clubs, and bars that guarantee to lit your night.

Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is one of the few holy places in Asia that attracts hundreds of tourists per day. Bagan is the home to thousands of ruins, temples, pagodas, stupas, and monasteries. This is the best place to have a calm and peaceful holiday tour. We recommend that you try out the iconic hot-air balloon ride prior to your Best Holiday Packages from India to get a breathtaking elevated view of the landscape.

Must Visit Awe-Inspiring Places in Asia to Woo Your Partner

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Railay Beach Thailand is one of the most beautiful destinations in the country and perhaps the world. The untouched beaches, the rising cliffs, the relaxed vibe, stunning sunset, and amazing food are what Thailand is all about. You may never want to leave this tropical paradise. The location of Railay Beach is in Krabi Province of Thailand.

It is an isolated peninsula surrounded by tall limestone cliffs, making it only reachable by boat or ferries only. There is no other mode of transport in Railay so you have to travel here on food and enjoy the simplicity and serenity of Railay Beach. This remoteness from mainland Krabi also provides a carefree and relaxed atmosphere in Railay. In fact, the whole ambiance of Railay Beach, which has several Rastafarians, may leave you wondering whether you’re literally in the Caribbean Islands.
Railay Beach is the combination of adventure activities, an affordable luxury, and glorious beauty that make it one of the prime destinations to enjoy your vacations. But before you book your Thailand holiday packages, be sure to go through this Thailand travel guide to know the tiny details of Railay.

Hop on a Long-tail Boat

The 4-islands boat tour you can take from Railay to enjoy the picturesque scenery of its surroundings. It’s an awesome tour on a traditional long-tail boat that whisks guests to some smaller, uninhabited islands that lie off the coast of Railay. This long-tail boat trip from Railay is identical to the long-tail boat tour in Phi Phi Don. But here in Railay, you can do this island hopping trip without ending up surrounded by thousands of tourists. You can enjoy your lovely time with your partner on a really isolated island.

Go Rock Climbing and feel the adrenal rush.

Railay is a rock climber’s utopia and many mountaineers head directly to Ton Sai, where most of the climbing activities are available. There are some great beginner routes here (especially for newbies), even convenient for those who are having their first-ever climb. Railay is building a reputation behind this uncommon style of free climbing that occurs over cliffs slinging over the ocean in the open water. If you miss taking your next hold, you fall down into the ocean below. Deepwater soloing is only for the perfect adventure lover. Book your Thailand holiday packages from India to feel that instant adrenal rush.

Venture to Phra Nang Beach & Pranang Cave (Princess Cave)

Phra Nang Beach is another charming beach in Railay that holds a little more attempt to reach compared to Railay Beach itself. Which beach is better, Phra Nang Beach or Railay Beach? That’s a vivid debate we will not get in the middle of. The fact stands they’re both awesome beaches located right next to each other, and each encompassed with signature limestone cliffs of Railay.

There are many ways to reach Phra Nang Beach such as hire a long-tail boat to whiz you over Phra Nang Beach in a matter of minutes, paddle by kayak from Railay Beach West and it takes 20 minutes to the Phra Nang Beach or walk Southward along Railay East and bypass the viewpoint and continue onward until the trail opens up to Phra Nang Beach.

Trekking to the Railay viewpoint.

It’s not a far hike, less than a kilometer in total. But it’s a vertigo-inducing and intense climb, so just be prepared for that. If you’re afraid of heights, this is not the activity in Railay for you. Hoisting yourself up using nothing but a rope, you may begin to second-guess this idea, but just push yourself and keep going up!
If you felt comfortable with the viewpoint ascent, continue onward and down to the lagoon. You’ll see a sign to point you in the right direction. It’s only another 10 minutes down to the lagoon, but this section of the hike gets steep and treacherous during the descent to the lagoon.

Thailand has always been the first preference of tourists who want to visit Asia. Railay beach attracts thousands of Thailand honeymoon packages and you can observe hundreds of honeymoon couples on their honeymoon.

Thailand Travel Guide-Everything You Need to Know About Railay Beach

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Pattaya is surrounded by plenty of unusual places, as impressive as the city itself. From indulging in a shopping spree to swimming at mesmerizing beaches, relaxing at lavish beach resorts to wondering at religious treasures or just savoring some delicious Thai cuisine, you can experience all this in your Thailand holiday packages. So if you ever need a pause from daily day to day hectic life and want some change, then check out these amazing places near Pattaya to ditch the touristiest places.

Coral Island

Most popularly known as Koh Larn, it is situated a little off Pattaya, making it one of the best spot for honeymooners who want to spend some alone time. Its turquoise blue waters and glistening white sand beaches lure hardcore beach bums. Coral Island offers hundreds of water sports to enjoy a lovely day with your loved ones. Coral island is a paradise for adventure seekers as you can indulge in Scuba diving and want to explore the deep ocean and observe vibrant marine animals.

Best time to visit Coral Island: November to February
Average temperature: 23°–29°Celsius
Things to do in Coral Island: parasailing, Jet Ski, hiking, shooting, banana boat, fishing from pier or boat, snorkeling, scuba diving, diving in a water-proof suit or take a tour in a semi-submersible submarine.
Distance from Pattaya: 4.5 miles
How to reach: Plenty of boats transport from Pattaya at fixed intervals that will take you to the coral islands in half an hour.

Koh Samet

The fine sand beaches, the crystal clear blue water, the dynamic nightlife, delicious cuisines, and a great range of amazing water sports activities make Koh Samet a perfect spot for honeymooners to book their Thailand honeymoon packages. It is the best place to enjoy an entire day in a tranquil environment. Enjoy the waves or lie on the beach, take a sip of a local drink and relishing the gourmet seafood. One of the best activities here is getting a beachside massage at a cheap price. The stunning beach view and the mild sound of waves create a perfect aura to relax your sour muscles. For the active ones, there are lots of adventures likes jet skiing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Best time to visit Koh Samet: October to May
The average temperature in Koh Samet: 34° / 27°
Things to do in Koh Samet: parasailing, Jet Ski, hiking, shooting, banana boat, fishing from pier or boat, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.
Distance from Pattaya: 45.9 mi
How to reach: You can take either 40-minute ferry from Ban Phe pier or 2-hour bus ride from Pattaya.

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai national park is a UNESCO declared world heritage site and also Thailand’s third largest national park. One of the biggest surviving monsoon forests, it is home to amazing waterfalls, a wide range of flora and fauna, and with more than 300 bird species. Nature lover and shutterbugs will love this place. You can climb up to the Pa Deo Die cliff to click the perfect selfie, explore picturesque caves, or find wild elephants roaming freely on the roads,

Best time to visit Khao Yai National Park: November – February
The average temperature in Khao Yai National Park: 15°- 20° Celsius
Things to do in Khao Yai National Park: Get artsy fartsy cultural at Khao Yai Art Museum, Feed sheep, alpaca, and donkeys, Get wined and dined at PB Valley Khao Yai Winery, Go glamping ‘African Safari’ style, Calling all Lord of the Rings fans, The Shire awaits.
Distance from Pattaya: 122.4 mi
How to reach: It’s a four hour drive from Pattaya or you can rent a car or bike.

Unusual Places near Pattaya You Need to Visit

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Thailand is one of the best nations to visit if you really want to explore the actual beauty of Asia. Thailand is a diversified nation with unique traditions and cultures which attracts millions of tourists every year. As a tourist, you need to find out what are the things that absolutely perfect in your nation but not acceptable here in Thailand. Must read the article to have an idea what to do and what not to so in Thailand before you book any Thailand holiday package.

Opt for visa-on-arrival

While it seems like a convenience, it is not nearly as much. Not to mention it is more expensive than the pre-arrival visa. Read more about my experience of on-arrival visa here.

Disrespect the king

The king of Thailand is a very respected figure. Disrespecting him can land you up in jail. You’d be better off avoiding as much as pointing fingers to the King’s photo.

Go to Thailand for a family vacation

This usually happens with a lot of innocent families with little to no knowledge of Thailand. Thailand is known for its Prostitution industry which can create very awkward situations for you and your family. On most occasions, you’d be able to find a better destination for your family trip. Read more tips here.

Fall for the tuk-tuk scam

Most of the tuk-tuk drivers lure you into walking into multiple shops on the way to your original destination. In return, the drivers get fuel and food coupons from the shop owners.

Take a selfie in temples

Standing with you back to the Buddha is considered offensive. Thailand is famous for its temples. There are hundreds of temples with giant statues of Buddha. So if you’re ever tempted to do this in one of the temples, kindly avoid the urge. Visit other temples also on your holiday trip to Thailand.

Not bargaining during shopping

Most malls and markets in Bangkok are great for frugal and shrewd shoppers. Most items are over-priced and you can get a steal in most places by simply putting your bargaining skills to use.

Not carrying enough cash while visiting Krabi

A lot of remote islands of Krabi do not have enough ATMs. If you don’t carry enough cash you could end up with no money while most places there also only accept cash.

These are some of the important factors that must be kept in mind while you are on your Thailand honeymoon package.

Biggest mistakes people make when visiting Thailand

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