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Planning a holiday trip or honeymoon trip to Asia? From wild jungles and exotic tropical islands to delicious cuisines, Asia is one furthermore diverse landmass bursting with joys, magnificent destinations and spectacular spots to visit on your holiday tour. No matter what kind of explorer you are solo, couple, group, or family, Asia surely has something unique and pleasing in reserve for you. As a matter of fact, Asia is one of the best places in the world for shopaholics; they can have the thrill of a lifetime by shopping at such cheap rates. Here are the awe-inspiring places in Asia to book your honeymoon tour packages.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur the capital city, is the most happening, alive and energetic place in Malaysia. It is a cultural melting pot with mouthwatering culinary goodies, great shopping centers, gleaming skyscrapers, and pristine beaches and amazing rainforests. Plan your Malaysia holiday packages to experience all these in your holiday tour.

Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

Japan’s Sagano Bamboo Forests are one of the earth’s most gorgeous groves which offer its visitors a pleasant excursion adventure like no other. As you walk into the dreamlike Sagano bamboo grove, you will feel like entering into a different world. It is a perfect place for honeymooners who wants to spend a lovely time together with each other in a tranquil, calm, peaceful environment. Click unlimited selfies to capture some great memories.

Bali, Indonesia

With its miles of dreamy beaches, ancient temples, glorious sunsets, and cushy extravagance resorts it is no wonder a lot of tourists prefer Bali as compared to the other popular destinations for romantic couples on their honeymoon. But the thing is, Bali is more than just a honeymoon vacation destination. For the naive, Bali also has a rugged inside available for thrill seekers and nature lovers. Not to mention, you can reserve your accommodation under your budget prior to your Bali honeymoon packages.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, appreciated for its striking ocean karst terrain. Ha Long Bay located in the south of Vietnam is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that will offer you a little paradise on earth. It is popularly known as one of the best beach locations in Asia. This Vietnamese spot blessed with countless of gigantic islands, immaculate emerald waters and plenty of water sports activities.

Bokeo Nature Reserve, Laos

Bokeo Nature Reserve is designed to protect some of the last surviving territories of the black-crested gibbon. Bokeo Nature Reserve is the best place for a camping, trekking, hiding place, a paradise for an adventure lover.

Patong, Thailand

Patong is the ultimate place to visit in Asia and the best place for nighttime party animals to enjoy the nightlife in Thailand. This place is popular as the party capital of Asia. Definitely, the best place to choose in your Thailand holiday packages. Patong has a bunch of restaurants, clubs, and bars that guarantee to lit your night.

Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is one of the few holy places in Asia that attracts hundreds of tourists per day. Bagan is the home to thousands of ruins, temples, pagodas, stupas, and monasteries. This is the best place to have a calm and peaceful holiday tour. We recommend that you try out the iconic hot-air balloon ride prior to your Best Holiday Packages from India to get a breathtaking elevated view of the landscape.

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