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Thailand is a great place for honeymooners to spend your honeymoon. This is the most preferred destination among honeymooners. With pristine beaches with tons of water activities, lush green jungles to make your honeymoon more romantic. Plan your luxurious honeymoon by grabbing Thailand honeymoon packages from India and enjoy the trip.


This is one of the most favorite places to check out in Thailand, and may just be the master of Thai destinations. Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand and it's most popular among vacationers. Home to world-class beach locations, a large variety of water and land activities, and some amazing alternatives for nightlife, dining, and accommodation, it’s no wonder a lot of people travel to Phuket. The traditional western part of the region is the most developed region for travel and tourism. Here you’ll discover the area of Patong, which is recognized as one of the social gathering capitals of South Asia. If you’re searching for a quality time, you’ll definitely find it here.


Despite the huge amount of travelers, not all of Krabi is loaded with knick-knack outlets and go-go pubs. Once you travel into the insides of the region, you’ll find mangrove woodlands, offshore fishing villages, and also a national park. It’s quite easy to evade the crowds of people if you’re seeking more peacefulness and calm on your trip. While the region itself is wonderful, a significant highlight of going to Krabi is having out in the water. You name it and they have it there for you like fishing, parasailing, yachting, snorkeling, diving you can do it all in Krabi. There are also various smaller sized islands close by that you can check out on a single day trip. With so much to observe, experience and do, you could effortlessly spend a week or even more.

Khao Sok National Park

Many travelers to Thailand like to devote some time to each coast and do a bit of island hopping between Phuket and Krabi. Why not take a break in between all that beach activities and do some trekking in Thailand's national park (Khao Sok National Park)? Khao Sok is very simple to visit for a couple of days when visiting between the shorelines. This Khao Sok National Park is home to the largest virgin forests, a few caves, and plenty of waterfalls of Thailand. There is also a wonderful lake with sailing guesthouses for honeymooners. This is one of the ideal natural habitats to visit in Thailand to get some alone time with your partner. There are lots of trekking trails in Khao Sok National Park that you can stick to on your own. If you’d like to discover more about the surroundings and the wild animals here, you can conveniently hire a guide to take you through the park.

The Ancient City of Sukhothai to live past history

Sukhothai was established in the late 13th century, this was the initial capital of Siam. Sukhothai means Dawn of Happiness, and it is said to symbolize a golden age in the civilization of Thailand. During the Sukhothai empire, the Theravada Buddhism and Thai alphabet were introduced. Artwork and architectural mastery also flourished, as did the trade. After two decades of rule, this excellent empire gradually declined and turned out to be the part of Ayutthaya. Now this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Thailand. A perfect tourist place in Thailand to visit on your Thailand honeymoon packages.

Spend some memorable time in Thailand with your partner on your honeymoon.

The most popular place to visit in Thailand on your Honeymoon

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Traveling is the best therapy for an amazing and healthy mind and soul. You do not need any partner of a companion for a trip, just pack your bags and you are ready to go for experiencing some amazing places like never before. Do read the following article to get to know some of the beach locations where you can get some alone time.

Koh Lipe

Little Koh Lipe is situated in the southern part of Andaman Sea, basically really close to Langkawi Region in Malaysia. This 3 kilometers by 2-kilometer region may be smaller in size, but amazingly there are fairly a few elements to do in Koh Lipe region. Apart from wasting hours on end immersing up the sun on some of the incredible beaches of Koh Lipe, you’ll also discover lots of routines on offer here. For beginners, you can lease a raft and discover the nearby destinations, which are simply a rapid 10-minute paddle away. The water all around Koh Lipe is relaxed, making water-skiing a piece of cake. Experience all these on your Thailand holiday tour packages

Chiang Rai

If you’re going to the northern side of Thailand, then you can’t skip the Chiang Rai region. This tiny city is about a 3 hour or so shuttle ride from the main Chiang Mai and is just cost you the 195 baht. Chiang Rai is most popular for its appropriately titled White Temple also known as Wat Rong Khun, which is extremely white. Even if you believe you’ve observed a lot of Wats or temples, don’t miss this exceptional site. The designs and carvings here are decorative and in-depth, and despite the fact that digital photography isn’t allowed inside, you’ll get more than sufficient remarkable images of the outdoors. There are several other things to do in Chiang Rai such as Khun Korn Waterfall, the bustling night market, Baan Dam Museum, and the clock tower. Chiang Rai is also recognized for its pineapples and lychees, so make sure to check out one of the several farms and towns surrounding the area.

Historic City of Ayutthaya

If you’re fascinated by heritage, traditions, and remains of ruins, this is a site you don't really want to skip throughout your journey in Thailand. Ayutthaya was established in around the 13th century and was demolished by the Burmese in the late 18th century. What you see nowadays are the actual remains, which have been refurbished and are secured by UNESCO. You’ll find sculptures of a Buddha's face that have been soaked up by tree roots, headless Buddhas, seated Buddhas, reclining Buddhas, numerous stupas and much more. The remains here are extraordinary and can be seen on a day trip from Bangkok.

Koh Tao

Koh Tao is also known as the “Turtle Island" and it is absolutely one of the best places to check out in Thailand. It’s also one of the best places not only in Thailand but also in the entire world for scuba diving and it the best palace to get your scuba certification by professionals. There are several dive shops that provide open-water classes at extremely affordable prices. Plus, it’s achievable to actually learn your lesson in the sea instead of an artificial pool. That absolutely gives you a leads up and also help you overcomes your fear once you’re basically ready to dive in the ocean. If you are not interested in diving or swimming? No problems. Plenty of guests visiting Koh Tao neglect the scuba diving process because of many reasons. There’s a lot to experience here, including snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, trekking, beach walking and even playing mini-golf on your Thailand holiday packages

A perfect off destination beaches you can visit solo in Thailand

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Bangkok which is the capital city of Thailand,  also known as the traffic jam capital of the world, It is an amazing, interesting and unbelievable city to check out and explore with your lover. Like many other capital places which never sleep, Bangkok is also a place that never take rests you can always found people roaming around the place, there is always lots of activity is going on the street even in the mid night as the people of Thailand work around the clock 24*7 in their several professions.

With around eight million residents residing within the town, you will find yourself experiencing every move of life, from the extremely poor to the ultra rich they all assemble in the one place and each and everyone feels at home as the other. Thailand gives honeymooners a wide range of varieties to spend their honeymoon in a numerous way and you can chose from thousands of Thailand honeymoon packages.

Visit Wat Pho To See The Reclining Buddha

A visit to Wat Pho is always on the top priority of any honeymooners for seeking some blessing and spend some alone time in the silent garden. It is the property of earlier a monastery and now there is fifteen meters tall and forty-six meters long statue of the Reclining Buddha. The whole statue is coated with gold paint and it looks amazing when you get closer. There are around 108 bowls inside the temple. You can receive the traditional Thai massage at the bottom of the temple and feel the new spirit inside you.

Visit the Grand Palace

Grand Palace is one of the amazing and most visited places in Bangkok. The Grand Palace is one of the most favourite destination in entire Thailand. The palace once in ancient time was the residence of Thailand's king as well as the location where all the government related work carried out in Thailand. A vacation to the Grand Palace can take several hours as there are over 21.4 hectares to cover. Be informed of possible scams just pay the entrance fee only one time and rest all places within the palace can be freely explored.

Ride the Sky Train

There is only one easiest way to get all over Thailand at any speed while keeping you cool and that is to hop on board one of the sky trains which are used as the most common mode of transport. Enjoy the romantic ride on the train and get to your desired destination in a cheap way. With air-conditioned coaches, you can travel in any part of Thailand and there is no superior way to get around. You will get the amazing view as you are high above the never-ending traffic below. With almost every part of Thailand, you could make your travel simple, cheap and less time consuming with the help of the train. 

Take a trip around and bargaining in Chatuchak Market

If you like shopping in the local market and you are really good at bargaining then this is the place for you. With more than 9000 stalls covering 109265 square meters of space, this is one of the biggest markets in the entire world. Open only on every Saturday and Sunday it draws the attention of around 200,000 visitors daily, you will find almost everything you could ever imagine at cheap prices. A purchase of a souvenir is a must on your Thailand Holiday Tour Packages.

Thailand is an amazing country with big heart and you can enjoy your honeymoon by shopping, beach walking, getting massages etc. Surely you won't regret.

Some crazy idea to spice up your honeymoon in Thailand

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