Trip With Friends: Get Ready For A Long Weekend In Europe

There are several destinations all packed into one little nook of the globe. A group of friends can enjoy an amazing long weekend in Europe. Read the article to get the best out of Europe while you are on a Group Europe holiday tour package. Whether you want to leap over to Italy to sample some delightful pastries, or adhere to the classic bars of France, you’ll never run out of amazing activities to experience with friends in Europe. We’ve put together a list of the leading places for your following Group holiday in Europe, structured on the convenience of traveling there.


A group trip can’t go drastically wrong in a place with one of the most wonderful Old Town Squares enclosed by vibrant building facades, and some of the most affordable and tastiest beer in Europe. The ideal blend of history and celebration for a break from hectic busy life. If you have enough time for a day trip, try to spend some time nearby Cesky Krumlov, as it is one of the best places to have some fun in Europe, and it is just like a mini-Prague with a beautiful Castle and wonderful old structures bounded by a river.


A melting pot of unique tradition and cultures, London has it all. Visit those locations you’ve generally heard about like Piccadilly Circus,  Buckingham Palace, London Eye, and Oxford Street. Bargain for a meal on Brick Lane, stroll around the vibrant Borough or visit Spitalfields, Southbank, and Portobello markets. London is full of hidden gems and exclusive bars of each and every style and concept possible, so there is absolutely something to fulfill everyone in the group. Get the rich flavor of Europe at one of the most visited places in Europe.


Delicious pastries, vibrant macarons, walks across the Pont des Arts, check out Eiffel Tower, enjoy the beautiful aura of France. It is one of the most gorgeous and romantic cities of the world, with huge boulevards and small courtyards as well. Get some mozzarella and some bottle of wine, enjoy a little picnic facing the Eiffel Tower with your group, and forget about the hustle and bustle of the busy life for a while.


Berlin is an amazing city for a group of friends to travel in Europe. Berlin has plenty of places to roam around, visit the many free museums and most popular the remains of the Berlin Wall, and visualize what life might have been there during the divide. Berlin is now well known for its creativity in the arts and substitute scene, Berlin is an excellent place to have some good friend's time. Berlin's iconic attractions and laid-back mind-set make it experience like one big worldwide village. Berlin is a mecca for college students who might want to crack themselves into the technological innovation scene for attempting out some new ideas.


Amsterdam is the masterpiece of God's creation. Spend an entire day just roaming around the place. Amsterdam is an excellent place to check out in any season. With angled structures lining picturesque bridges and canals,  has small town elegance in a big city. No wonder this place is called as the ‘Venice of the North’. Visit the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House to give a historic touch to your group tour.

Europe is the best place one can travel with friends. It has all the essential elements to plan a perfect group holiday.  


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