Paragliding-Live your dreams of flying like a free bird

If you have ever observed birds flying in the air, twitching and adapting their lean and flight to match wind currents imperceptible to your eye, and considered how it feels to get around the entire world at that height, well then, you must definitely get out of your shell and do some paragliding. It is as near as a troublesome human can get to the sort of free-wheeling, an open-air encounter of a journey that all those living birds do, taken high above grounds and mountain tops by the updrafts, gusts, breezes, and channels of the wind.

Paragliding is achievable in many parts of the world, and the situations needed to make it possible are not in particular specific, unlike its much more specialized cousin hang gliding. You can take instructions over the Ocean in Hawaii and so encounter the relaxing excitement of individual flying, or one can just clamber in front of a trainer on a combination ride over the woodlands of Spain. Here are some of the top places on earth where you can experience some lifetime moments of paragliding.

Soar from lush green forest to the exotic coast of Rio de Janeiro

With its beautiful sun-kissed elegant beaches and vibrant streets surrounded by high tree-covered hills, Rio in Brazil is a perfect city for paragliding. It encounters thousands of tourists every year just for getting some paragliding experience. Gliding usually begins from the peak of the Tijuca rainforest in the crest of Pedra Bonita. From this height among the canopy of the rainforest, paragliders glide above the urban center, looking straight down to get some unique sights such as Christ the Redeemer (one of the seven wonders), the Rocinha favela, Pedra da Gavea, from an absolutely unique perspective. Gradually, the journey comes back to earth on Beach Pepino, where tourists can appreciate a lovely meal and have some cocktail from the seaside bars.

Soar above magnificent sunflowers, wats, and temples in Kamshet, India

Kamshet, a tiny town situated in the hillsides of the Sahyadri range in India, was once a peaceful stop-off place on the commerce route in between Pune and Konkan. It’s enclosed by an undulating scenery of strewn, sunflower fields, paddies, placid lakes, wooded hills, and with the remains of colonial hill stations, ancient Buddhist temples, and medieval forts. And these days the town is mainly known as the best place for Paragliders. It is an amazing experience for gliding over this paradise.

Hover above the endless ocean and hills of Hawaii

The beautiful lush green flatland, craggy cliffs, tropical forests, and Pacific horizons of Hawaii offers some of the best and terrific backdrops for paragliding, and for a little bit more complicated forms of the activity in particular. On the far eastern side of Oahu, the Makapuu Cliffs endure around 200 meters high and with powerful squalls and updrafts striking the area right after coming across fathoms of open ocean, skilled fliers can proceed above the surf and the mountain for hours. But if you’re a newbie, it is recommended to try glide with your trainer.

Pace the clouds above the beautiful Island of Dubai

Get the best view of the amazing man-made island of Dubai and feel like a free bird. Explore the magnificent view of wast ocean and glide after the amazing sensation of free fall. You must include this in your Dubai Holiday package. Don't worry if you are a newbie just stick to your instructor and you can experience some lifetime moments.

Paragliding is one of the best things one can experience and get the amazing flying sensation. The world is full of opportunities, you just need proper exposer.


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