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Traveling is quite fun but what makes it more interesting is traveling with friends. Plan your visit to some of the cheapest holiday destinations in the world where you can have the blast of fun and indulge in thousands of fun activities with your friends.


Embraced by the amazing elegance of the Persian Gulf, Qatar provides one of the cheapest overseas vacation spots for a group tour with friends amongst all the Arab nations. Situated mostly in the seaside areas of the Arabian Peninsula, this exotic escape has been getting a whole bunch of vacationer’s focus over the past few years. If you are touring with friends around 6-7 people, you can plan your stay in this Zubarah resort located near the coastline. Activities you can indulge in Local Sightseeing, Cultural Tours, Nature Tour, Camel Rides, Dune Bashing, Beaches, Helicopter Rides etc. Visit Zubarah Fort, Katara Cultural Village, Khor Al Adaid Natural Reserves, Ras Abrouq Natural Reserves, Doha, Dhal Al Misfir etc.


When it comes to planning a group trip to international destinations, there are very few nations around the world that can match up tourism ratio of Thailand. The highest visited nation in entire Asia, Thailand is known for its scenic places and prismatic beauty to visit. Explore numbers of water sports activities with your friends such as swimming, diving, boat riding, snorkeling, scuba diving, and para gliding etc. You must include these destinations in your Thailand holiday packages from India Tarutao, Santikhiri, Phuket, Bangkok. Experience Medical Tourism, elephant Tourism, Floating Market Tour, and go for Local Shopping.


Indonesia is mainly known for its flawless beauty, it is surrounded by its wealthy social heritage. Motivating nature travel and leisure, leisure tours, cultural visits, volcano tours, and much more, a 7 days backpacking trip with your friends to the country can be effortlessly organized without any hustle and bustle. Moreover, you get the Visa on arrival. Activities to experience Temple Tours, Local Sightseeing, Volcano Tours, Water Sports, Religious & Cultural Tours, Nature Tour. Visit Batu Secret Zoo, Pangandaran Beach, Wakatobi, Pangandaran, Jakarta, Toba, Derawan Island, and most inportantly Bali. Bali is the beach lover paradise where you can indulge in amazing water sports activities. Bali holiday packages from India includes all these activities.


Presenting its cultural and traditional heritage in the most marvelous form, Cambodia attracts its guests with its spectacular and antique beauty. Cambodia is also recognized as the Kingdom of Wonder. This place is cheap and interesting, you can easily plan an itinerary for a week. Cambodia is a treasure chest for the guests and features its rich traditional values with ancient history and unique culture. Activities to indulge in are Leisure Tours, Recreational tours, Religious Tours, Cultural Visits etc. Must visit Tonle Sap, Sihanoukville, Preah Vihear, Tonle Sap, Bayon Temple, Koh Ker, Silver Pagoda, Angkor Wat etc.


With tourism as one of the growing and flourishing industries, Vietnam draws thousands and thousands of vacationers across the world. Recognized for its amazing charm, the entire country actually believes in Happiness, Freedom, Independence and in fact, it is the main motto of Vietnam. Activities you can indulge in Wildlife Tours, Island Tours, Cultural Tour, Caving, Local Market Tours, Boat Cruises, Yacht ride etc. Must Visit Mekong Delta, Sapa, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Ha Long Bay, Hanoi.  

Top Cheap Holiday Destination You Can Visit With Your Friends

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The season of joy and gift-giving is just a few weeks away. Arrangements for this joyful time of the season begins as early as December starts. In Asia, Christmas celebration differs among each nation. It basically is a variety of systems by various beliefs and faiths happening during this vacation period. The European influence, although, makes Christmastime much more exciting and thrilling. 

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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When your concept of Christmas holiday season celebration is purchasing, then Hong Kong would be the ideal place for you. Hong Kong is filled with fabulous Christmas decorations, shopping centers, a world-class culinary scene with an endless string of energetic vacation festivities and events. Wander along the pavements of Tsium Sha Tsui to get some finest deals of the newest and most stylish products. If you get a little starving after a prolonged day of wandering then one of the tastiest barbecues on the Long Island. They offer some of the unique kinds of delicious food. Christmas-themed entertainment and amusement options in Hong Kong Disneyland will make your day.

Langkawi, Malaysia

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Want to experience a high dose of enjoyment and pleasure to your perfect vacation getaway? Why not invest your Christmas time in Langkawi, Malaysia? With pretty nice weather conditions, Langkawi features a slew of fun-filled activities for tourists especially in December, which includes diving and snorkeling, cultural pursuits, and adrenaline-charged cable car rides. Moreover, Langkawi hosts the amazing Worldwide Maritime and Aerospace Exhibit events every December. Best time to spend your Christmas in the fun-filled place called Langkawi.


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Singapore was also known as the Lion City treats Christmas as a singing and dancing high energy feast for the eyes and ears. When December sets in, the streets of this amazing city are converted into a mysterious and sparkling candy-like terrain sprinkled with candy canes, gumdrops, and licorice. What’s more to explore in Singapore? Majority places in Singapore are filled with delighted and melodious cheers of Christmas Noels. Singapore provides a variety of fun-loving celebrations and activity in the shop for every tourist throughout the holiday season, such as shopping bargains, art exhibits, EDM concerts, and countdown parties.

Bangkok, Thailand

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While Christmas time isn’t basically a standard holiday in Thailand, but it is getting more and more common, particularly in its capital city called Bangkok. From the Central World to the Paragon Mall, every huge shopping mall will be displayed with vibrant lights and amazing holiday aura. There will be a number of series of Yuletide-related parties, concerts, and events. For shopaholics, this holiday season is the best time to travel with your partner and explore numbers of vivid markets and you can get some great deal with your bargaining skills.

Bali, Indonesia

Despite its unique exotic charm, Christmas seems very much full of life on Bali also known as “Island of the Gods”. Thanks to a reasonably competitive tourism sector and growing expatriate inhabitants, the essence of Christmas has, over the time, crept deep into the amazing Balinese culture. You may possibly witness some multicolored festivities in Ubud and Seminyak Villas or calmly rejoice the season in a stunning suite that fronts the sea in Sanur, Lovina, or Amed. For shopping lover, shopping won’t be an issue as well due to the fact that there’s no lack of great discovers in vibrant Shopping Center. Book your Bali holiday Tour packages to spend your New Year in style.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world and it doesn’t matter what location you choose, you will always end up with something unique. 

Top Asian destinations to experience an outstanding Christmas getaway

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Ubud is the most amazing and fantastic place in Bali. It is Bali's cool central upland, is a cherish chest of national landmarks, varying from majestic age-old royal palaces to ancient temples, to amazing panoramas of rice terraces and natural mountain tops. The area and its borders within the Gianyar regency, is your perfect holiday destination if you are also interested in the Balinese arts, crafts, and culture, as it was exactly where some of the notable collectors and artisans and from all around the world have visited, worked, and lived here and compiling or creating some eclectic piece of art that you can discover in local art galleries and museums. While most of the galleries and museums are among the major Jalan Raya Ubud thoroughfare, some km away from the hub are other deserving attractions to observe and invest a day at, such as the Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets, Bali Safari & Marine Park, and the Tegenungan Waterfall. Choose Ubud in your Bali holiday packages from India and explore the beauty of this place.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest is most visited by tourists and it is the most visited sites by honsymooners to watch Bali’s several grey long-tailed macaque, and probably this is the best location known among the rest because of its area-based management, position, and convenience of access. It can be found on the edges of the main center of Ubud and is supervised by the local Padangtegal village. Also known as the Holy Monkey Forest of village Padangtegal. This is a place of medical analysis and research where scientists research as well as it is a locality of religious and social aspects with wats or temples dedicated by the local Padangtegal villagers.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces 

Bali’s hundreds of years old, the traditional accommodating irrigation system known as ‘Subak’. This place is one of the most picturesque terraced landscapes in entire Southeast Asia.  Just a few minutes’ drive from the main Ubud center and is an awesome and amazing upland area of Tegallalang. This is the most visited place in Ubud. It has become popular for its picturesque landscapes where tourists drop by for photo shoots. The latter is offered by the several souvenir booths that line the ledge. A different highlight nearby is the charming town of Pakudui, where you can discover an outstanding variety of decorative woodwork and several designs and carvings. Amongst the many designed mythical statue, the Garuda seems to be wonderfully ever existing amongst the masterpieces.

Goa Gajah 'Elephant Cave' 

Goa Gajah also was known as one of the most outstanding archaeological sites on Bali, situated on the south of the village Bedulu, an area popular for its variety of ancient sites. The temple building is just a  few kilometer drive from te main Ubud and an hour’s drive from own vehicle to the provincial capital of Denpasar. Down a journey of stairs, you are able to find out a relic-filled lawn and the ancient 11th century ‘cave’ known as elephant cave, in which you can get into to the view of rock-wall designs and carvings and a historical site, while out on the border are some amazing Hindu temple with an outstanding swimming pool with water fountains, shoveled back in 1954.

Puri Saren Royal Palace 

Just a few kilometers away from the main Ubud Art Market. This is one of the most spectacular places in Bali. The palace can also be considered as the place where royal family used to reside in the 18th century. The Ubud palace was built during (1800-1823). Puri Saren Royal Palace was built in the region of Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel and till then his inheritors are continuously taking care of this place. A visit to Puri Saren Royal Palace is on the top of many Bali holiday tour packages.

A perfect place to explore nature in Ubud, Bali

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