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The United Arab Emirates is a tiny nation, nevertheless, it's blessed with plenty of energizing spots for it tourists to look at and begin to look all starry eyed at. From modern buildings and structures to social, spiritual and religious areas, there's a blend of everything for everyone. This what makes the UAE one of the most dazzling vacationer goals on the planet. Plan a romantic Dubai honeymoon package or a classy holiday trip to Dubai, UAE will never disappoint you in any way. 

Dubai Mall

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For the person who appreciates shopping, what experience could be more energizing than visiting the greatest shopping center on the planet? The Dubai Shopping center has more than 1,200 retail outlets, from the absolute greatest extravagance stores on the planet like Chanel and Cartier to Everlastingly 21, Zara and other trendier shops. The shopping center likewise has an entire territory committed to adornments stores and many nourishment and refreshment outlets.

Burj Khalifa

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The tallest working on the earth at more than 800 meters, the Burj Khalifa and is a standout amongst the most awe-inspiring sights in Dubai. Shockingly better than seeing the high rise from the outside is to go to At the Best and see what Dubai looks like from 148 stories high. The view extends from ocean to forsake and is a really particular ordeal. Best to book your tickets in advance to reach the top of the observation deck. 

Burj Al Arab

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The Burj Al Arab is the best known for being the main 7-star lodging in Dubai. Be an extravagant and plan a luxurious stay at this modern wonder. Each guest to Dubai needs an image of the sail-watercraft molded auberge. You can take a stroll at the amazing shoreline, book an evening tea at the apartment, or visit amid dusk when the splendid sky crystallizes its outline.

The Palm Jumeirah 

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The Palm Jumeirah is the greatest artificial island on the planet. Each traveler to Dubai certainly needs to see The Palm and visit one of its top of the line eateries and bars. Far and away superior to simply visiting the island it to remain there in one of its 5-star lodgings, as Fairmont The Palm, Atlantis or Anantara. Plan your Dubai holiday packages to visit this modern wonder, one of the first man made island.

Gold and Spice Flavor Souk

The Gold Souk and the Flavor Souk are five minutes separated, and both give an understanding of what Dubai resembled before the city blasted with high rises and the travel industry. These souks (which means showcase in Arabic) are situated by the Dubai Spring, and guests can cross the water in an Abra, a customary water taxi. At the Flavor Souk, guests can locate the best flavors in the locale and at the Gold Souk, stunning gems.

Known for their active ambiance, bizarre variety and for giving a reliable flavor of Arabic culture, and possession of some of the world class structures and the market square of the United Arab Emirates are a must-visit on your holiday tour. 

Prime Attractions In The UAE That You Must Visit On Your Holiday

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Well settled in last few years, Dubai now comes amongst one of the most popular honeymoon destinations across the world. Not far from India, Dubai has a lot much to offer to its visitors. From Burj Khalifa view to the exciting camel safari, it has everything to please a couple with its entertainment options. A handpicked list of Dubai Honeymoon attractions is explained below to plan your honeymoon trip to Dubai.

Club Boudoir – Resort

Those who love to groove on Bollywood songs, this place is a perfect retreat for them as they can also listen to the best Bollywood songs even from 90’s. The combination of disco lights and electrifying music teases you to dance with your sweetheart. It is recommended for the people who love to enjoy dancing together on Bollywood beats.

Dinner Cruise: Dine while enjoying a cruise

An exquisite night awaits a couple on this exciting cruise. A couple gets a perfect romantic atmosphere to propose each other once again. A couple gets a chance to have a delectable food while enjoying the magical vistas of the city.

The Dubai Mall: Everything is available under one roof

One can purchase whatever under the roof of The Dubai Mall as 5000 plus shops are available and 150 restaurants are available for a splendid lunch or dinner. This is one of the most luxurious malls which should not be missed during the Dubai Honeymoon Tour.

Burj Khalifa: The tallest skyscraper

Burj Khalifa is one of the largest buildings existing in the world and offers a mesmerizing aerial view of the city from the t 124th floor. And top of it, the lighting system used under its glasses offers a breathtaking lighting show. It took 6 years to construct this architectural wonder and its standing tall at a height of 2716 feet.

The Dubai Fountain: Awesomely Choreographed Fountain System

The fountain one sees in the front of The Dubai Mall is not an ordinary fountain system. A professional team of reputed engineers designed and programmed this fountain system. And when the fountains jump up in the air, they look like a piano is playing in a constant series.

Wild Wadi Water Park: Water fun paradise

This mesmerizing wonderland is situated right in the front of Burj-Al-Arab. It is themed on a famous character – Juha from the popular Arabian folklore. Around 30 breathtaking rides are available to entertain everybody who comes to visit and enjoy this exciting water park. Plan your Dubai Holiday packages from India.

Palm Islands: One of the best Architectural Wonders

Patterned and Situated by Human efforts, the Palm Islands of Dubai are wonderful enough to dazzle anyone. This is the beautiful group of three Islands scattered on Arabian Gulf. As the name defining itself, the islands are sprinkled in a palm shape.

VIP Room Nightclub: Food and Music under a roof

The place allows a couple to come closer and hold each other from their waist and shoulder and that of course for a romantic dancing scene. The place definitely takes care of couples with adrenaline pumping music and unlimited drinks at a fixed cost.

Mall of the Emirates: A place where all brands exist

This is a perfect shopping resort with an amazing area of 2.4 million square feet. A couple doesn’t get only food and clothing brands under its roof, in fact, a fully enhanced Adventure theme park is also there for entertainment. Entry to a 90-degree standing glass tunnel will be a thrilling experience for a couple as they will see rays and sharks waving around them.

Aquaventure Waterpark

A romantic couple should definitely visit this amazing water park. It’s not an ordinary water park that offers usual and ordinary rides. The breathtaking tunnel ride will offer an exciting experience to the couple during their Dubai honeymoon packages.

Places You Can't Miss On Your Dubai Honeymoon

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Dubai is the achievable city, where creative imagination satisfies reality causing in the most intense experiences and sights of the world. Purely when the entire world is settling down right after the Christmas holiday excitement, Dubai is familiar with how to jump-start the celebrations for the New Year. Dubai specially in the month of January is all about having some quality time and relax in the sun and enjoy the winter season in Dubai without having trouble of warm outfits and stepping in the snow.

The ideal weather in January calls for exciting adventure sports like paragliding or sky jumping and shop till you drop at the Dubai Shopping Festival. From sightseeing to shopping, Dubai in January guarantees to be the most effective vacation destination. Book Dubai honeymoon package in January to experience all this.

Why You Must Plan Your Visit To Dubai In January?

Perfect weather: The weather conditions in Dubai in January can be explained as just suitable. The winter season's sun in Dubai is quite pleasant, and the awe-inspiring crystal clear sky creates a perfect aura of amazing outdoor activity. It is the ideal season to take pleasure in numbers of adventure sports like desert safari, skydiving, and paragliding, as well as sightseeing and tour that needs you to be outdoors.

Lesser vacationer: Most educational institutions across the world open in January after winter vacations, which means lesser kids with family tourists which means that you will experience fewer tourists in Dubai in January.

Sight-seeing opportunities: The Dubai Shopping Festival in some of the biggest malls is the greatest draw in the town and the entire city greets shoppers from all over the world. Most sightseeing and tour attractions update their offers and add some new and exciting elements providing you with a great chance to explore a brand new Dubai in January.

The temperature in January: 24°C to 29°C

Main Attractions in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the modern wonders in Dubai and also the tallest building in the world. Experience a perspective from actually the top of the world at the Burj Khalifa. You can actually see the curvature of the earth from the observation deck. The sunrise and the magnificent crystal clear sky makes it the perfect time for spectacular views. A perfect place to include in your Dubai honeymoon package.

Dubai Frame

The gigantic Dubai Frame stands 150 meters high at the middle of Dubai’s heritage with the ancient city of Deira on one side and the dazzling modern Dubai on other. You can reach to the top of the Dubai frame and look at the spectacular scenery of the magnificent city. It is one of the latest wonder of Dubai architecture, gives this city a more phenomenal look.

Garden Glow

Experience the movie Alice In Wonderland here in Dubai Garden Glow. The event is an amazing mix of music, light, and visual grandeur and has come up with fascinating designs, innovative setups and live entertainment to entertain your throughout the event. Don’t miss the opportunity to have some fun in amazing Garden Glow, one of the most captivating events in the world.

Desert Safari

Dubai tour is incomplete without a desert safari where you can experience some wonderful time. With amazing camel rides and luxurious high-class car ride, Safari is the best highlights of the tour. Bonn fire at night with your friends and family, individual tent, delicious food, all can be experienced under one Dubai holiday package.

Dubai in January: A Complete Guide You Need to Know About This Appealing City

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