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European Destination
The dollar never had more value against the euro as it is of now, which makes it the perfect time to take a trip to Europe right away. There is no better time to take your dream trip to Europe! London, Paris, Rome are commonplace, we know, and this is why we have sourced out some of the under-the-radar destination in the European continent you might not have heard about before, but are definitely must-visits.

These towns and cities are way less crowded and provided ample opportunities to the prospective tourists looking for some peace and calm, and of course, some really amazing food and drinks. Here we go.

Goreme, Turkey

Wonder what’s “even more” exciting than seeing Goreme’s stunning rock formations into which some gargantuan, gorgeous churches have been built? It’s viewing the same, but all abroad a hot-air-balloon from hundreds of feet overhead.

Torun, Poland

Torun - Poland

Torun- the birthplace of the science genius, Copernicus is reason alone to be worth a visit. But Torun, surprisingly, has more to it. Considerably less crowded than the other two major Polish towns (Warsaw and Krakow); this town also has a thriving theater scene and the famous Gingerbread Museum.

Manarola, Italy

Manarola - Italy

Italy always has been a gastronome’s delight, and this under-the-radar Italian town serves no less the purpose. The oldest and the second smallest of the Cinque Terre towns, Manarola is known for fresh seafood from the Ligurian Sea, sweer Sciacchetra wine, and some peace and quiet (no cars are permitted in Manarola). Easy to reach by the Pisa Centrale train, Manarola is a must-visit at least for a day while you are in Italy. 

Ikaria, Greece

Ikaria - Greece

The best time to visit this town is between May to October when the town celebrates Panagiria- religious holidays that take once or twice every week during this season. And also, you might be more interested to know that the people of this town are known to typically live to 100. There is something in the water that gives them the longevity? We feel the same too. 

Hallstaatt, Austria

Hallstaatt - Austria

Austria is well-known for picturesque countryside, fine wine and amazing European food. Hallstaatt simply adds more to the list. Also known as “the pearl of Austria”, Hallstaatt is striking old village surrounded by salt mines; trekkers would love to have a tour of. Also, this village is essentially car-free which makes it a perfect nature escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. 

Alesund, Norway

Alesund - Norway

Think the Northern Lights is not enough reason to visit Norway? Well, Alesund adds a lot more to your trip. The Atlantic Sea Park at Tueneset is the biggest saltwater aquarium in northern Europe! Still want more? Go for advanced-skiing in the Sunnmore Alps in the month of December.

Porto, Portugal

Porto - Portugal

Lisbon is not the only reason you would want to visit Portugal for. Porto, the second largest city in this country provides ample tourists-opportunities; if only you knew about it before. With rich culture and livelier-colored buildings, Porto is hub to a plethora of tourist-activities, including a visit to the massive indoor market of Mercado do Bolhao, where you can pick up culinary delights ranging from freshly-baked breads to delicious servings of lusciously-cooked fish.

Amazing Facts You Never Knew— Europe

Under-the-Radar European Destination You Should Visit Right Away

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Amazing Fact About Europe
Europe is a vacationer’s paradise. Although Europe has seen its share of ups and downs, but the continent has a major role to play in the advancement of most of the technology, culture, and language that dominates the world today. Here we bring to you some of the most amazing facts about Europe that you were unaware of until now-

The Continent that Wasn't a Continent

To start things off with a bang, Europe, as you have always known, is technically not a continent. Surprised? We too were. It's but a separation from Asia which was actually a Greek idea!

The No-Cappuccino after 11am Rule


So, by what time of the day do you love a creamy cup of cappuccino? Preferably by the late afternoon, no? Well then, what would you say about the Italians who don’t drink cappuccino after 11am? Just like you, even we are still trying to figure out the befitting word!

German Doner Kebabs

Doner Kebab

Love to dig on Doner Kebabs? Never knew a soul who doesn’t. So, where should we go for a bite, Istanbul? Tut-tut! There are more Doner Kebab restaurants in Berlin than in Istanbul! Germans have a thing for Kebabs too, eh?!

The Monument that's Still Incomplete

Sagrada Familia Church

How long did it take to build the Egyptian pyramids? An outrageous 20 years? Well, what if we tell you that the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona is taking a bit longer than it took to build the pyramids? It was started in 1882 and no, it is not done yet!

British Museum- The Unknown Side

British Museum London

Did you ever know that only 1% of the items kept at the British Museum are actually on display? What about the remaining 99%? We wish we knew!

Highest Toilet in The World

Mont Blanc Toilet

Ever imagined what it would feel like to go to the loo in the highest toilet in Europe? Guess you should go and find out for yourself. Mont Blanc boasts of the highest toilet in the continent—at a dizzying 4,200 meters!

The Zero-Mosquito Country

Iceland has no mosquitoes at all. Can you believe that? Not even one. Buy it or not, but it’s true!

The Tower Made to Lean for Eternity

Leaning Tower Pisa

Call it a shame or call it an architectural marvel; it took the Leaning Tower of Pisa more than 200 years to build…and it still leans. Or maybe it was built to lean, who knows… whatsoever, we can’t help but appreciate and rejoice on the fact that there is no second “Leaning” building in the world.

The Busiest Escalator

Longest Escalators London

London, the busiest suburb in all of Europe boasts of a very amazing thing to be proud of. No, it’s not a monument or building or some unique scientific invention. It is in fact about the good old escalators in London’s underground that travel two times the circumference of the earth every week. So, the next time you step on one, be sure to proudly get a selfie clicked!

The Chocolate Heaven

Now Brussels is famous for a number of reasons and everyone knows that. But did you ever know that the airport in Brussels sells more chocolate than any other single location on Earth? A heaven for your sweet tooth, yeah?

The Town with the Longest Name

Town Longest Name Town

Lanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. No, this isn’t some gibberish. It is in fact the name of a town in Wales, Europe, which is the longest name of a town in the entire world. Can’t spell the name yet?

Liechtenstein- A less populous European country 


Liechtenstein is a very small country. During its last military engagement in 1866 they sent out 80 soldiers and came back with 81. Apparently they made a friend in Italy.

Amazing Facts You Never Knew— Europe

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Iceland, as we know it, is a remote Nordic European country sparsely visited for a vacation. Besides training astronauts prior to going to the moon for the first time, or that everyone in this country plays chess and reads voraciously, Iceland has more to offer... some of which will simply blow you off your mind. Wonder how? Read on as we reveal some of the most amazing facts about this country.

Glacier Caves Blue

  • This island country has but only one native mammal- the arctic fox. Reindeers were imported as early as in the 1700s. 
Arctic Fox Iceland

  • The Icelanders use a lot of sauce in their food. There are more than 50 types of different sauces in the Icelandic menu most of which you haven’t even tasted before. The yoghurts the Icelanders make looks more like cheese. And you will be surprised to know that there aren’t even one single McDonalds in the country! 
Iceland Sauce

  • Does the sound of the word Volcano gets your heart beating? There is no better place than Iceland for you to go in that case. With over 200 active and dormant volcanoes, Iceland is a volcano lover’s paradise. And you may be impressed to know that more than a quarter of the nation’s energy is generated through these volcanoes. 
Dormant Volcanoes Iceland

  • Iceland is home to how many cities, could you guess? It’s but one with Reykjavik as the one city and the capital of the country. Awed much?
Reykjavik City

  • Iceland, as opposed to the name, is mostly green round the year. Yes, it snows of course, but the Icelanders have solemnly resolved to plant trees, and the planted trees exceed in per capita as compared to any other nation. 
Iceland Green Round the Year

  • Crime is next to none in Iceland. In fact, the first police-related shooting death in the country's history occurred in 2013. For the most part though, the police don't even carry guns. Now, won’t you want to settle down in a country as safe?
Crime Scenes

  • Pestered by mosquitoes? Iceland is the best escape you will ever find. This nation boasts of being a zero-mosquito country, another one being the Faroe Islands. The Icelanders will never have to worry about Malaria and other mosquito-related diseases!
Mosquito Free Zone

  • The sun virtually never sets in Iceland during summers. Of course, the nights are not as bright as the days but you will always get to see the sun in the horizon. Sounds wonderful? 
Virtual Sunset Iceland

  • Icelanders don’t carry a last name. Yes, it’s true. Everybody seems to know everybody here. And because there are no last names, the phone book is organized according to first name. They are also ranked as the fourth happiest nation on Earth.

  • Iceland is a country of the elves! Superstition? Try saying that to any Icelander if you can deal with a severe stare at the least. 
Elves Territory

The majority of the Icelanders believe in elves and in 2013, a highway construction project was canceled only because "elf advocates" protested the destruction of elf territory. Would you still stick to your claims now? I guess not!

10 Reasons to Add Iceland to Your Next Holiday Destination List

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