Our top Best Things to Do in Bali will take you straight to the most famous landscapes, pristine beaches, cultural treasures, and delightful restaurants. There are countless historical sites, temples, and locations of natural charm spread all over Bali. This narrowing-down of alternatives will get you catching the best of Bali on your honeymoon. Go to the heartland where rice paddies offer dramatic picture opportunities or travel to the east to see the imperial 'mother temple' of Besakih.

Bali is rich in culture and traditions, and you will observe it while visiting spiritual places. There are plenty of water sports activities, especially for honeymoon couples. From cultural performances to scenic vistas, there is something for everyone in Bali.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is on the western side of the island's marked isthmus. It's viewed as Bali's most popular beach resort destination. Kuta Shoreline is likewise minutes from the Ngurah Rai Worldwide Air terminal in Tuban. The close-by resorts of Tuban, Seminyak, and Legian are all located nearby. Once a straightforward, rural and calm fishing town, Kuta beach has seen a change over the previous years. This is because of the different accents, convenience accommodation choices, a variety of eating places, and shopping scenes.

Kuta beach is popular for its water activities. You can indulge in Scuba diving, snorkeling, para-gliding, jet riding, swimming, diving, banana boat riding, kite surfing and much more. Kuta beach offers these amazing activities for you to invest a day in fun activities. Must book your favorite activities in prior in your Bali honeymoon package just to make sure your activity will available to you on right time.

Mount Batur Volcano in Kintamani

A Bali volcano can be the best vacation feature on your honeymoon trip to Bali's highland province. The Kintamani volcano, also known as Mount Batur, is a popular trek, especially among tourists. The captivating Mount Batur offers the picturesque view of a 13-square kilometer Batur caldera lake. The adventurous one can take a winding road down to the lakeshore which leads you to a collection of hot springs, Ulun Danu Batur temple, and Toya Bungkah.

The Kintamani region comprises Kintamani, Batur, and Penelokan. There are also many ancient towns and villages around Batur Lake which often called as Bali Aga villages. Penelokan is one of the popular stopovers in Bali. Enjoy the lovely views over the stunning Bali volcano while strolling around with your partner on your honeymoon.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is one of the most iconic landmarks of Bali, renowned for its extraordinary offshore location and picturesque sunset backdrops. An ancient Hindu temple alighted on top of an offshoot amidst constantly tumbling waves. This is definitely one of the most popular spots you can't miss on your honeymoon trip to Bali.

Tanah Lot Temple is one of the most visited icons in Bali. The beach site covered hundreds of leisure facilities for visitors such as shops, cultural parks, restaurants, etc. It is situated in Tabanan Regency (20 KM northwest of Kuta).

Although you cannot enter the temple grounds due to ocean water but the cultural offerings and panoramic views are features to enjoy with your partner.  Large waves near the rocks are unsafe; therefore always take absolute care and observe warning signs to have a safe holiday. Try to reach in the early morning to observe the traditional fire dance performances and after that have a nice lunch with your partner. Spicy saucer grills and seafood with complimentary beer is the most common lunch in all the restaurants.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Bali

Tegallalang Rice Terraces is famous for its charming landscapes of rice paddies. Tegallalang forms the three most remarkable terraced landscapes in the shared region on Ubud, with the others being in the suburbs of Campuhan and Pejeng. The Tegallalang rice terraces alone offer a panoramic viewpoint that extends down before you across the valley. The high roadside region is tranquil and relaxed, and it is a well-known sight for visitors to halt and take selfies. Nature lovers and artists also enjoy seeing this spot, and there are plentiful art kiosks and joints near the berm offering their commodity.

Tegallalang rice terraces provide an ideal Bali photo moment with breathtaking views. There is a great market to buy souvenirs for your friends and family at cheap prices. Take a sip of fresh coconut water and wear traditional woven hats and observe the cultural beauty of Bali. You must choose Tegallalang Rice Terraces in your Bali honeymoon packages from India to enjoy the lovely holiday with your partner.

This is just a pinch of things you can experience in Bali. Pay a visit and witness the beauty of Bali

Best Places to Visit in August in Bali That’ll Enliven Your Soul

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Traveling comes with some great responsibility. All you need is a perfect guide that helps you to survive the travel. It doesn't matter which country you are visiting (Bali, Thailand, Greece, Italy, etc.) or what is your traveling purpose (holiday, honeymoon, solo, and group). These travel hacks are universal and apply to all over the world. Get ready to plan your Europe honeymoon package and save time and money with these amazing travel hacks.

Never pay for water at the airport

Things have got somewhat strict with bottles of liquid recently. It doesn’t matter whether the bottle is sealed or not. Now a day’s any type of liquid is not allowed in plane. Here is the trick, Instead of full bottle try to bring an empty bottle with you as you can refill it anytime at airport after you have passed through the security.

Turn on ‘Private Browsing’ for cheaper flights online

Airlines and travel sites can register your visits by installing cookies on your default browser and they will use them to increase the price and visiting again and again on the same travel portal site to book flight will cost you more than actual price. This will trick you to book quick flights and you end up in paying more. The trick here is to book your flights in private window or incognito mode to avoid cookies and you will get the cheap flight.

Manage your space in bag by rolling your clothes.

One of the most basic but powerful travel hacks is to roll your clothes rather than folding your clothes. Try to roll your clothes into a little cylinder shape. By doing this trick you will save a ton of space and it will also prevents creases and wrinkles. All you get is the perfect rolled clothes which are wrinkle free and you can have lots of space for other things.

Charge your electronic devices through hotel TV

Lost or forgotten your wall plug of your mobile charger and only have the data cable with you? No worries, most latest LED and LCD TVs have built in USB connector placed  either on the back or the side of the TV. Just plug in the device and get the green battery icon popup.

Buy a portable phone power bank

Yeah, all right, this one might seem childish, but it is one of the most useful travel tricks. Essentially, the power bank will act up as the second battery and you can charge your two device at the same time and sometimes you can share three depend upon your power bank. This is the best in the case of emergency when you are away from your hotel and your phone and other electronic device is out of juice.

Use a binder clip to protect razors

This is one is especially for those who likes to travel with their razors and other sharp items. Imagine you put your have in your bag for your charge and somehow you manage to drag  your little pinky finger across the blades of your shaving razor which will cause bleeding and you are in the middle of nowhere you get some medical help or first aid. Nobody wants to be in the situation. Protect your razor with binder clips and protect your fingers.

Mark your baggage as fragile

Even if your bag is not fragile still making it as one will ensure you that your bag will be treated well and you will find your bag on the top of the storage compartment of the plane. This is the best thing to do when you are planning to book Bali holiday packages and traveling in the India flight.

 Email yourself a scan of your passport

It’s also worth taking scan copies of your important documents. If you’ve booked any trains, buses or flights, whether you’re on your tablet, laptop or phone, make sure you screenshot your essential document and you can email to yourself to make sure you have your documents with you all the times and in case you lost your phone wallet, and bag still you can access your email with internet (obviously on someone’s else phone).

It’s only jet lag, go run it off

If you are experiencing some kind of jet lag is just because of the time difference. All you need is to do some exercise and run a mile to stave off the jet lag and feel refreshed.

Use tic-tac containers to carry spices

If you are a foodie person and planning your Thailand honeymoon packages then you will find there lots of spicy food but if you are traveling in European countries you will need some spices with yours. You can easily store your spices in empty tic-tac containers and make sure you clean them thoroughly and get rid of minty aroma out first. You are ready with your spices with you all the time; just pop the cap when you need some spices.

These are the possible travel hacks with some tips and tricks to enhance your traveling experience and avoid any unwanted situations.

Travel Hacks that Will Make You a Better Backpacker and Traveler

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Railay Beach Thailand is one of the most beautiful destinations in the country and perhaps the world. The untouched beaches, the rising cliffs, the relaxed vibe, stunning sunset, and amazing food are what Thailand is all about. You may never want to leave this tropical paradise. The location of Railay Beach is in Krabi Province of Thailand.

It is an isolated peninsula surrounded by tall limestone cliffs, making it only reachable by boat or ferries only. There is no other mode of transport in Railay so you have to travel here on food and enjoy the simplicity and serenity of Railay Beach. This remoteness from mainland Krabi also provides a carefree and relaxed atmosphere in Railay. In fact, the whole ambiance of Railay Beach, which has several Rastafarians, may leave you wondering whether you’re literally in the Caribbean Islands.
Railay Beach is the combination of adventure activities, an affordable luxury, and glorious beauty that make it one of the prime destinations to enjoy your vacations. But before you book your Thailand holiday packages, be sure to go through this Thailand travel guide to know the tiny details of Railay.

Hop on a Long-tail Boat

The 4-islands boat tour you can take from Railay to enjoy the picturesque scenery of its surroundings. It’s an awesome tour on a traditional long-tail boat that whisks guests to some smaller, uninhabited islands that lie off the coast of Railay. This long-tail boat trip from Railay is identical to the long-tail boat tour in Phi Phi Don. But here in Railay, you can do this island hopping trip without ending up surrounded by thousands of tourists. You can enjoy your lovely time with your partner on a really isolated island.

Go Rock Climbing and feel the adrenal rush.

Railay is a rock climber’s utopia and many mountaineers head directly to Ton Sai, where most of the climbing activities are available. There are some great beginner routes here (especially for newbies), even convenient for those who are having their first-ever climb. Railay is building a reputation behind this uncommon style of free climbing that occurs over cliffs slinging over the ocean in the open water. If you miss taking your next hold, you fall down into the ocean below. Deepwater soloing is only for the perfect adventure lover. Book your Thailand holiday packages from India to feel that instant adrenal rush.

Venture to Phra Nang Beach & Pranang Cave (Princess Cave)

Phra Nang Beach is another charming beach in Railay that holds a little more attempt to reach compared to Railay Beach itself. Which beach is better, Phra Nang Beach or Railay Beach? That’s a vivid debate we will not get in the middle of. The fact stands they’re both awesome beaches located right next to each other, and each encompassed with signature limestone cliffs of Railay.

There are many ways to reach Phra Nang Beach such as hire a long-tail boat to whiz you over Phra Nang Beach in a matter of minutes, paddle by kayak from Railay Beach West and it takes 20 minutes to the Phra Nang Beach or walk Southward along Railay East and bypass the viewpoint and continue onward until the trail opens up to Phra Nang Beach.

Trekking to the Railay viewpoint.

It’s not a far hike, less than a kilometer in total. But it’s a vertigo-inducing and intense climb, so just be prepared for that. If you’re afraid of heights, this is not the activity in Railay for you. Hoisting yourself up using nothing but a rope, you may begin to second-guess this idea, but just push yourself and keep going up!
If you felt comfortable with the viewpoint ascent, continue onward and down to the lagoon. You’ll see a sign to point you in the right direction. It’s only another 10 minutes down to the lagoon, but this section of the hike gets steep and treacherous during the descent to the lagoon.

Thailand has always been the first preference of tourists who want to visit Asia. Railay beach attracts thousands of Thailand honeymoon packages and you can observe hundreds of honeymoon couples on their honeymoon.

Thailand Travel Guide-Everything You Need to Know About Railay Beach

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Singapore is a mixture city of western and eastern culture with a diverse range of cuisines, language, culture, tradition, and architecture which creates a distinctive experience hardly replicated anywhere else. Aside from the well-known fact that it stands as one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world it badges the second rank in the world best passport index. Merlion City has some unique surprise elements that make you want to visit again. Book your Singapore holiday package to get an unforgettable experience.

There are numerous amazing elements one can find in Singapore and here we'll uncover the best. Get the idea of what kind of things and places are in Singapore before you plan your holiday tour to Singapore.

The Singapore Breakfast
If you are tired of bacon and eggs than you need to try out Singapore’s national breakfast which is toasted bread filled with kaya (coconut) jam and butter, served with half-boiled eggs and a cup of kopi (local coffee) along with a dash of soy sauce. A  Singapore breakfast is the perfect way to start your day. This is the best combination and one of the healthiest and tastiest breakfasts.

Singaporean love Ice Cream Sandwich
Mention ice cream and you'd usually, picture it in a cup or in a waffle cone. Locals like their Ice Cream served between a slice of bread. Yes! You heard right. Not just any bread though, green and pink just like rainbow bread is the common combo for the ice cream sandwich in Singapore.

There are so many flavors that you can't even taste half on them. You just won’t find such type of variety anywhere else. There are the standard strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, the adventurous can try out the durian flavor, jelly bean, honey and almond, avocado, red bean, yam, and sweet corn. Ice cream sandwiches are the perfect way to beat the sweltering tropical heat. You should try at least one unique flavor and it will be the most memorable moment of your tour.

Singlish Language (a combination of Three languages used as a single)

Singaporeans are quite productive and they do not like to waste time. They are always straight to the point which is especially apparent in their spoken, abbreviated English. For instance, they would say “no link lah” instead of saying “this has no relevance”. Most of the local Singaporeans are bilingual (English and Mandarin/Tamil/Malay), they love to mix up their recognized languages to create the different Singapore slang which is quite popular. But they are very humble and polite when it comes to speaking to any tourist. You can easily communicate in English almost everyone in Singapore can speak English.

Spice up your life
From hot sauce, jalapenos, belacan, to the red cut chili, chili oil, and chili sauce. Your just name the spice and you will find it in the street foods stall in Singapore. Does your dish taste dull? Not to worry, you can choose from hundreds of sauces to enhance your meal.

Singapore is the best place for a gourmet person who likes spicy food. Consider the fact that you need some extra time just to roam around the local street and to taste tasty food besides your sightseeing time. So, plan your Singapore holiday packages from India accordingly.

They reserve their seat in an interesting way
This is the unspoken hawker center rule. Before you queue at your favorite stall to order, remember to reserve a seat first just to make sure you get the seat after having your order. This is not an issue when you are traveling in a group or as a couple. If you are dining alone then you need to reserve a seat just to be on a safer side. You can use a business card, tissue or umbrella to reserve your seat.

You can leave it on the table and locals will understand that that seat is reserved. You can even use your cellphone or personal ID to reserve your seat (don't worry Singapore is safe but don't use your wallet to save your seat).

These are just a glimpse of unique and interesting things which make Singapore a very unique country.  Make sure to include all these elements in your Singapore holiday packages.

The Unique Elements of Singapore you need to explore in your Holiday trip to Singapore

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Malaysia is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. In the year 2013, a total of 25.7 million International Tourists visited to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the country. Find the best spots in Malaysia that are the best one to capture the perfect picture for your Instagram account.

To make your honeymoon more enjoyable and fun, plan your Malaysia honeymoon package earlier just to save yourself from the last moment rush.

Putrajaya is the Federal Administrative Center of Malaysia, which was the prime location got honeymooners. The city houses the Prime Minister’s Office and other government offices. This is the greenest city in Malaysia covered with lush greenery, where you can observe both unique architectural structures and greenery.

A 650 hectares man-made lake is the best spot to capture some lovely moments with your partner on our honeymoon trip to Malaysia. Some of the most popular tourist activities are taking a boat cruise to explore beautiful landscapes across the beautiful water and wetland, Agriculture Heritage Park or Putrajaya Botanical Garden to witness the beautiful tropical plants, fruits trees, cocoa, herbs, and species.

Malacca city is the best place for history lovers as it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site.  The state of Malacca is rich in history and tourist attractions. You can see several ancient places such as Portuguese Settlement, Dutch Fort, St. Paul’s Hill, the Stadthuys, Christ Church, and many more.

It is easily accessible via PLUS Highway. You can rent a vehicle or take a bus but it is comfy to rent, as it will be easy for you to drive as a good network road system connects Malacca with other main cities. It’s advisable for you to book your room and Malaysia honeymoon packages in advance as in peak season Malacca gets a little crowded.

Langkawi is an archipelago situated on the western coast of Malaysia, surrounded by the Andaman Sea is heavily visited by tourists because of its magnificent paddy fields, stunning jungle-clad hills, and beautiful nature with white beaches. Plan a long weekend in Langkawi to capture some of the best natural photographs.

The best way to explore and get the best view of Island is by riding the steepest cable car at Gunung Mat Chingcang, diving at Pulau Payar Marine Park, visiting Handicraft Complex, Laman Padi, Crocodile Farm, and Mahsuri Mausoleum. Mangrove River Cruise and Island Hopping at Dayang Bunting is the best way to spend some amazing time with your partner and surrounded by nature.

Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, the capital city is connected to all over the world via Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Kuala Lumpur is the core of the Malaysian administration and it carries the ancient tradition and culture. They’re many activities and places you can do and visit in your holiday trip to Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is famous for its picturesque landscapes, high sly scrappers, pristine beaches, and delicious Malay, Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisines.

Some of the must visit places which you can't miss on your honeymoon trip to Malaysia are Batu Caves, the largest Hindu Temple in Malaysia, historical Sultan Abdul Samad Building at Dataran Merdeka, Petronas Twin Tower, Menara Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang, Sunway Lagoon Club, KLCC Park, etc.

Best Places in Malaysia to Get the Coolest Photographs of Your Honeymoon

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