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It is believed that any trip can guide to an excellent adventure; it is also believed that traveling in a group just does not get adore that it should get. Although group trips can have their unique problems and issues, just like on solo trips, their advantages greatly over-shadow their costs. So in order to talk about our love for a group trip, we’ve made a list of top prime reasons why you must travel in a group rather than solo travel.

You won’t have to be concerned about planning or costs.
Despite the fact that group travel appears to have a popularity for having cost dividing and for getting challenging and complicated, it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, you rarely have to do the entire planning just all by yourself due to the fact there’s generally another person who assists you, no matter if it’s the trip representative or the travel agent you hire to make your customized plan.
This indicates that you have one less factor to be concerned about, and you can concentrate on the vacation. On top of this, team tours or group tours can be comparatively less expensive due to a wide range of marketing promotions and special group discounts. So not only can group tour or team traveling be less complicated on your framework of mind, but they can also be less burden on your pocket.

You will encounter new things.
Any trip can be a chance to encounter new things as you are going to a new unknown place, but group journeys can make this factor of travel a bit less risky. Traveling in a group with your friends and family can offer you a great chance to discover a place with a regional or international professional traveler, which means that you will get some expert opinion and information and you discover more about the region. Along with these, you might even be able to check out some remote locations or try some new things that are quite popular among the residents.
You’ll connect with and discover more about your associates, pals, and family members.
When most individuals make a decision to plan travel into a group, they’re often associated with friends, relatives, or family. Although this can be complicated or annoying, It can also be an excellent experience. Group travel makes it possible for you to share some personal experiences with your family and friends, which can guide healthier relationships. You will learn much more about the individuals in your life, from their preferences of how they behave under stress and your relationships with them.

You’ll make new buddies.
Perhaps you’ve made the decision to be a part of a group trip where you don’t know anybody, well that’s fairly acceptable too. In fact, that’s amazing. Group travel can give you the prospect to meet new people and make new buddies. You will meet people, who are also enthusiastic about journey different parts of the world and may have some amazing encounters and traveling stories that are very much similar to your own experiences.

There’s no higher connection experience other than vacationing with others. And just after the vacation is over, it doesn’t signify that your connection with them has to end. Keeping in contact with your newly found associates can give you an entire community of buddies to pay a visit on your next journey.

You’ll gain new aspects and opinions
Along the exact train of thought, group trips will enable you to gain new viewpoints regarding other people, whether that’s by means of the trip itself or your communications with various tourists you met on a trip. Like any form of travel, group tours allow you to increase your views and outlooks. By means of a group trip, you will get to observe different areas of the world that you’ve never ever seen before in your life or communicate with individuals that you generally wouldn’t meet up with. It's just enjoy planning Singapore holiday packages for limelight or Maldives holiday packages for having a beach destination, group travel is better in most aspects. 

Group traveling is one of the best ways to travel in a secure manner. You will get plenty of benefits other than the mentioned one. Book your group tour packages, and you’ll get to know why it is beneficial for you to travel in a group.

Find out the Benefits of Travelling in a Tour Group

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The Universal Studio is an overall cure for a boring life for you and your family, friends, and children. The Universal Studio divides into 24 different zones with different tourist attractions. Each zone has a unique theme. Walk through the different zones of New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient City, The Lost World, Madagascar, Hollywood, and Far Away and be hypnotized in this wonderland. Here, you can enjoy many small theaters and cinemas, where it performs different shows that are both in 4D or live. Apart from that, there are various merchandise shops to test your bargain skills and a variety of restaurants to have the real taste of Singapore. Read the article to get the idea of why you should book your Singapore holiday packages from India.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios have a large number of theme rides in each of its zones which leave you surprised. The trips are of various types and the amount of thrill the first zone is the Hollywood zone, with a very positive vibe and glamorous appearance. It has a movie theater that displays musicals. On the right side, there is the New York zone, showcasing two of the best displays.

Sci-Fi City is known for its great roller coasters rides, is an utterly favorite of little ones. Moving ahead your next spot in this region is the Ancient Egypt zone, which includes many Egypt statues and pillars with two rides. The 5th zone is the most popular one, The Lost World followed Madagascar zones and by the Far Far Away zone. Let's watch what's inside these zones.

It named after the actual Hollywood boulevard of the late 70s. This Hollywood zone is renowned for its famous palm trees, amazing architectural monuments, and look-alike production of 'Walk of Fame' in Hollywood It is the main entrance to enter the Universal Studios Park. Some of the main highlights of the place are the legendary Mel's Dinette shows from The Cruisers, A stunning fireworks exhibit occurs every Saturday sharp at 10:00 PM, the Lake Hollywood, the Broadway-style Theater.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame attributes a chance to meet your favorite characters like The Minions, Woody Woodpecker, Marilyn Monroe, and many other prominent stars of Universal Studios motion pictures.

New York

This zone is fashioned after the present modern-day New York City, presenting the iconic points of interest of the prominent city, amazing landmarks, neon lights, and classic sidewalks. The entrance to the zone is noticeable by a copy modal of the Public Library of New York with two lion statues.

Some of the main highlights of the place are, dining at KT's Grill and Louis NY Pizza Parlor, Take pleasure in the genuine experience of B-Boykin by The Rockafellas, etc. You are free to enjoy the iconic rides and have a great time with your friends and family. The New York zone is a perfect spot for you to select in the Singapore holiday package.

Sci-Fi City

This zone considers some of the futuristic themes, modeled after an imaginary town, include with some space-age technological innovation and the best advantages of the contemporary world. One can find lots of fascinating rides in Universal Studios Singapore. A Sci-Fi City zone is the best place for kids to indulge in science fiction theme ride.

This Sci-Fi City includes the tallest pair of a dueling roller coaster in the World. Some of the main highlights of the place are, a swirling ride amongst the teacups is waiting for family and friends at the Accelerator, "The Ride" includes the entire cast of Transformer movies with Autobots and Decepticons, showcasing around display screens with special effects like water sprays, fog, wind, to boost the watching experience.

Ancient Egypt

Adhering to the idea of the cutting-edge discoveries made throughout the Golden Age of ancient Egypt, one can discover spectacular obelisks and the legendary aspects of Egyptian architecture structures in this region. Laze in the fame of the Pharaoh's Tombs and the Pyramids. One can find many resemblances to The Mummy movie series, which have an impact on the basic design and style of this section.

Some of the main highlights of the place are, Influenced by the Mummy movie sequence, The Journey is a high-speed dimly lit ride guaranteed to thrill you're all the senses, The Treasure seekers journey takes visitors through a reconstructed deserted Egyptian excavation place in specially designed vehicles intended to replicate the classic jeeps of the ancient time.

Singapore is the best place for honeymooners to enjoy some quality time together. Also, Singapore is the best spot for a holiday tour and a solo journey.

Things you can't miss in Universal Studio Singapore

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Singapore is a mixture city of western and eastern culture with a diverse range of cuisines, language, culture, tradition, and architecture which creates a distinctive experience hardly replicated anywhere else. Aside from the well-known fact that it stands as one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world it badges the second rank in the world best passport index. Merlion City has some unique surprise elements that make you want to visit again. Book your Singapore holiday package to get an unforgettable experience.

There are numerous amazing elements one can find in Singapore and here we'll uncover the best. Get the idea of what kind of things and places are in Singapore before you plan your holiday tour to Singapore.

The Singapore Breakfast
If you are tired of bacon and eggs than you need to try out Singapore’s national breakfast which is toasted bread filled with kaya (coconut) jam and butter, served with half-boiled eggs and a cup of kopi (local coffee) along with a dash of soy sauce. A  Singapore breakfast is the perfect way to start your day. This is the best combination and one of the healthiest and tastiest breakfasts.

Singaporean love Ice Cream Sandwich
Mention ice cream and you'd usually, picture it in a cup or in a waffle cone. Locals like their Ice Cream served between a slice of bread. Yes! You heard right. Not just any bread though, green and pink just like rainbow bread is the common combo for the ice cream sandwich in Singapore.

There are so many flavors that you can't even taste half on them. You just won’t find such type of variety anywhere else. There are the standard strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, the adventurous can try out the durian flavor, jelly bean, honey and almond, avocado, red bean, yam, and sweet corn. Ice cream sandwiches are the perfect way to beat the sweltering tropical heat. You should try at least one unique flavor and it will be the most memorable moment of your tour.

Singlish Language (a combination of Three languages used as a single)

Singaporeans are quite productive and they do not like to waste time. They are always straight to the point which is especially apparent in their spoken, abbreviated English. For instance, they would say “no link lah” instead of saying “this has no relevance”. Most of the local Singaporeans are bilingual (English and Mandarin/Tamil/Malay), they love to mix up their recognized languages to create the different Singapore slang which is quite popular. But they are very humble and polite when it comes to speaking to any tourist. You can easily communicate in English almost everyone in Singapore can speak English.

Spice up your life
From hot sauce, jalapenos, belacan, to the red cut chili, chili oil, and chili sauce. Your just name the spice and you will find it in the street foods stall in Singapore. Does your dish taste dull? Not to worry, you can choose from hundreds of sauces to enhance your meal.

Singapore is the best place for a gourmet person who likes spicy food. Consider the fact that you need some extra time just to roam around the local street and to taste tasty food besides your sightseeing time. So, plan your Singapore holiday packages from India accordingly.

They reserve their seat in an interesting way
This is the unspoken hawker center rule. Before you queue at your favorite stall to order, remember to reserve a seat first just to make sure you get the seat after having your order. This is not an issue when you are traveling in a group or as a couple. If you are dining alone then you need to reserve a seat just to be on a safer side. You can use a business card, tissue or umbrella to reserve your seat.

You can leave it on the table and locals will understand that that seat is reserved. You can even use your cellphone or personal ID to reserve your seat (don't worry Singapore is safe but don't use your wallet to save your seat).

These are just a glimpse of unique and interesting things which make Singapore a very unique country.  Make sure to include all these elements in your Singapore holiday packages.

The Unique Elements of Singapore you need to explore in your Holiday trip to Singapore

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Singapore is the true gem of Asia when it comes to honeymoon vacations. It offers plethora of activities for honeymooners to get the ultimate fun they are seeking on their honeymoon. Explore these following activities or places to visit and plan your honeymoon package for Singapore.

Merlion Park

The legendary icon of Singapore, the Merlion is a must check out place, symbolizing the country's modest commencing as an offshore fishing village situated at the most southern part of the tip of entire Malaysian Peninsula. Merlion Park is a fictional icon that symbolizes the isle of Singapore. Mainly targeted on One Fullerton Street, the recreation area expands out to the Marina Bay Sands and offering a great view of the city from nearby Central Business District. The main attraction of the Merlion Park is a 2-meter tall centerpiece of attraction Merlion. The 70-tonne cemented statue was initially unveiled in 1972. You can take pleasure in the view of the Merlion through souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, and dining places. Conveniently accessible all around the time, the park is one of the most popular vacation spots of Singapore. Plan to visit this park on your Honeymoon trip to Singapore.

Clarke Quay

Popular as a social gathering hub of Singapore, Clark Quay happens to live throughout the night. Once a hub of business industries in the course of 19th century, nowadays it lives up to its heritage of becoming a busy center, simply with much more polish and shine. Located at the edge of Singapore River, the Clarke Quay is the main tourist fascination flanked by fashionable dining establishments, pushcart vendors with a blend of European and Asian culture, and high-end boutiques. Floating cafes make the place one of the best places to choose as a dining area. Best time to plan your Singapore honeymoon packages is from July to September.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Museum is one of the oldest Temple of Chinese Buddhism found in the Chinatown. It is devoted to the Holy Buddha Tooth Relic, mentioned being the left canine enamel of Lord Buddha which can be observed in the main building of shrine, designed in 2007. The chief attraction of the Tooth Relic Temple lies in its pattern and design, which has been extensively-researched to repeat the structural style with architectural mastery of the Buddhist Mandala and the Tang Dynasty. This four-storeyed structural acts as a comprehensive museum on Buddhism and Lord Buddha, displaying Buddhist artwork and historical past that help viewers gain a superior understanding of Buddhist culture.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

With the most delightful selection of flora and fauna and home to the world's first children garden is definitely worth a visit on your honeymoon. Engraved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this particular garden "the Singapore Botanic Gardens" is known as one of the first tropical botanic gardens listed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List. Having remarkable gardening interesting attractions with a rich history, these gardens have got an amazing selection of plants and flowers that are entitled to throughout the world importance. The botanic gardens also host a number of advancement and fun events that sensitize the guests and inform about plants and flowers by means of its recreational exercises, all in the environment of nature.

Pack your bags are roamed around the world with plenty of sights seen opportunities but the best way to explore Singapore is through Singapore Malaysia cruise honeymoon package. It offers you unlimited views from a single point of destination.

Some Epic Adventures You Can Only Have in Singapore

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New Year in Singapore is generally a joyful event among tourists and locals. Every year, the unique cacophony of cymbals pack the air as dragon and lion dancers in multicolored traditional costumes hypnotize the audience. Countless numbers of brightly-lit lanterns also light up the avenues, and a delicious range of joyful treats sold at neighborhood bazaars always catch the attention of huge crowds. In short: this Lion City or more popularly called as Merlion city simply turns into an ocean of dazzling colors and continual energy. Singapore offers some of the best elements which compel you to book your Singapore honeymoon packages from India.

Gardens by the Bay

With an amazing selection of gardening miracles and otherworldly elegance of the Supertrees, Gardens by the Bay will be the main highlights of your Singapore holiday tour packages. Furthermore, while mainstays like the Supertree Grove and Cloud Forest draw awe and charisma all year round, the seasonally transforming floral displays is a feast to your eyes. Experience a unique display of multicolored flowers at the Flower Dome. It is no less than modern wonder made on the wasteland on Singapore. Observe entire Singapore at the sky bridge linked to the height of supertrees.

Roam Around Marina Bay With Your Partner

As the world’s biggest sailing point, Marina Bay serves some of the most luxurious and substantial worldwide events. It has been the location of choice for many of National Day Parades of Singapore and this was selected as the site for the Opening Ceremony of the initial Youth Olympics in 2010. Every year new year celebration will be provided with regional and international social acts, amusement park, ancient Chinese arts, and crafts market, and fireworks display for 11 continuous days. True enough, to bring you two close on your Honeymoon trip to Singapore together with the thrills and excitement that so attribute of Singapore.

Sentosa Beach For Beach Lover

Sentosa beach is an ideal place for a beach lover. Roam around the warm sand of the beach with water splashing at your feet and holding the hand of your partner while a long walk, sounds so romantic. But this is not the only element you found in Sentosa Island. With endless excitement and thrills with state-of-the-art attractions like Mega Adventure Park and AJ Hackett Bungy you definitely need a whole day to invest here. Book your Singapore Honeymoon packages visit Sentosa and explore Tiger Sky Tower, and give yourself a treat of luxury Spa.

Universal Studios Singapore

Despite the fact that it is the actually a small part of Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore purely stands out on its own as an individual identity. No matter if you’re preventing the evil Decepticons collectively with kids favorite Bumblebee and Optimus Prime or enrolling in Shrek and his bunch of cute misfits on a journey along the Empire, or surviving a giant and enormous T-rex rampage and feel like you are in actual Jurassic Park, Universal Studios Singapore will give you thousands of options that keep you busy and entertained. You can choose Universal Studios Singapore tickets online in advance on your Singapore holiday packages just to save some time.

Get the Amazing View of F1 Pit Building

Singapore holds the title of a tiny nation but it organizes one of the highest numbers of F1 races in the world. Singapore’s annual F1 nighttime race may be the main showcase event you can observe. Get some unique experience of the sound of F1 cars chasing air with a speed of more than 280 Kmph. Every year from 23rd to 24th February, this spot also host the annual Chingay Parade of Singapore. The Chingay Parade is the biggest scene of display performances and traditional culture in Asia.

Singapore is elegant enough to attract a number of tourists from all around the world but the occasion of the new year add additional charm to its beauty. 

5 Place to Celebrate Your New Year’s Eve in Singapore

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