Drones are the best way to capture the moments from far above. A drone can capture those moments which are impossible to get from a selfie stick. The starting range of a good camera drone is rupees 5000 and it goes up to rupees 10 lakhs. Choose a drone under your budget and take your drone to some of the best aerial photography destinations in the Maldives. 

First of all, you must read all the guidelines regarding drone flying in the Maldives. As there is a proper list of rules provided by govt. of the Maldives. Avoid crowded places and near the military area or anywhere where local authorities can issue a problem. If you are residing in a resort then you must confirm with the hotel staff to get the permission for flying your drone and if you booked your personal island then you are free to use your drone as you want. Here are some of the locations where you can capture the mesmerizing aerial beauty of the Maldives.

EmboodhuFinolhu Island 

One of the most stunning picture perfect destinations of the Maldives is the EmboodhuFinolhu Island. There are 55 water villas arranged in the shape of a flower bud, can be observed the flower shape when you look form a distance or you can capture the actual shape of the water bungalows form the above with your drone. You can stand at the center and take your drone at a higher place to capture all 55 water villas.

Male Island

During your vacation, if you want to capture the most stunning images of some unique architectural marvels designs, then you must visit the capital city Male. As the International Airport of Maldives is located on Male, so you can not miss the opportunity to explore the island.

This island is loaded with tons of tourist attractions, the ancient monument and some of the world-class mouth-watering cuisine. Either you choose the underwater snorkeling or you take your drone to some higher places to capture the beauty from above. You will be happy for choosing the Maldives for your vacations.

The Seagull Café 

Its well-designed decor makes this place a picturesque one, beautiful trees with exquisite gardens makes the Seagull Cafe a must visit place for any tourist who wanted to capture the seafront cafe. This place is a feast to both eyes and taste buds. Here, you can explore the place from a drone like never before and also you can have some locals delicious meals. Your taste buds will thank you. Put your drone in an auto mode and capture yourself with the panoramic view. 

Tsunami Monument

Built to honor those who have either missing or lost their lives in the destructive rage of nature in 2004. Tsunami Monument is located on the western side of the Boduthakurufaanu Magu at the coastline of Male. This iconic monument is a masterpiece of modern architectural design, decorated with spheres surrounded to get a ring-like design. You can capture the hue sunset from the drone and get some perfect photographs of the landscapes. The beach is also famous for surfing spot. Get a board and surf while your partner captures you from drone.

The Maldives has a lot of places to capture the beauty through your drone. All you need is little imagination and perfect hue and you get yourself some amazing shots.

Take your drone to some of the best aerial photography destinations in the Maldives

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Maybe you endure for relishing life on the edge. Leave your comfort zone and indulge yourself in an adventurous activity like Whitewater rafting. It is one of the most preferred sports which provide you an Adrenalin rush. It allows tourists to check out unique natural sites and stunningly wonderful locations which are impossible to watch with normal strolling. There is nothing better than the experience you will have while rushing down in the tumultuous river while remarkable panoramas of nature are there. Below mentions are the top 5 best destinations to experience whitewater rafting.

Colorado River, Arizona

Colorado River is the paradise for rafting in Arizona. It is more than 227 miles long. The iconic grand canyon can be observed from closely through this rafting. A big expedition, big canyon, big holes, big fun and big waves making it the biggest classic and standard for all whitewater. An adventurous person can spend his one day running the small rapids here, but to get the big rapids you need more than one day. This is the perfect whitewater rafting encounter which should be on the checklist on every adventuress lover.

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

Africa's best whitewater destination named as Slam-bezi is the best rafting place in Zimbabwe. It started from 110 meters Victoria Falls with 23 rapids within 24 km stretch making it one of the biggest whitewater rafting in the world. But you are at a high risk of predators such as alligators, water hippos, and crocodiles. Are you brave enough to visit this place?

Futaleufu River, Chile

There are only a few places on the planet that are as stunningly gorgeous as Patagonia region in the south of Chile, one of the best places on the earth to explore the panoramic landscapes by rafting in the Futaleufu River. The Andes Mountains along the Futaleufu's deep waters creates a spellbinding time at sunrise and sunset. It offers Class type III to V rapids which include some dangerous whirlpools.

North Johnstone River, Australia

This place is only accessible by helicopter. Johnstone River of It is Australia's North passes through volcanic canyons and some of the unblemished rainforests of the National Park of Palmerston in northern Queensland. It provides tourists with type IV and V waters rapids. whitewater rafting list is incomplete without visiting North Johnstone River in Australia which is remotely challenging and wonderful.

Noce River in Italy

Italy isn't the first choice of whitewater rafting, but with the Deep River, this less known place is one of the best locations to take the rafting activity. The icy waters are filled from glaciers, releasing a downpour of water current below. Rafters have experienced rapids which as high as Class IV and V levels rapids. Explore some of the rarely visited places in Europe.

Most of the river rafting destinations provide guests with a high quality expertise, but not all are the same, at some places you need proper license, which allows you to perform such activities. These are the 5 river rafting spots in the world which assured you some memories that will ever lasting. 

5 of the Best Whitewater Rafting Trips in the World

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A friend in need is a friend indeed. Almost each and every moment of our life we need friends. Everything seems to be more energetic, vigorous and pleasant when we are with our friends, even the boring classroom or meetings get interesting when we are in their company.

When you are traveling with your buddies, an unlimited quantity of excitement and pleasure are always sure, no matter what the location it is or whatever the time of year. Read the article and get to know 5 places in India to travel with your friends.

Manali-Leh Road Trip

The King of all the road trips of India, the Manali-Leh Motorway has constantly been the favorite one. Either you travel solo or in a group, this place always welcomes you. All you need to get ready up for some adventurous journey, just hit the bike get on the road to drive on a long stretch of highway and explore the magnificent views of the incredible Leh and Manali. Passing numbers of villages and mountains, appreciate the simplicity of nature and your friends. Here, you can do hundreds of fun activity like Trekking, Paragliding, visit Hidimba Devi Temple, River Rafting, Head to Rohtang pass, Visit Tibetan Monastery, Hike to The Beas Kund, Visit Vashist Temple & Water Springs, Hampta Pass Trek, Zorbing, Take a Sulphur Water Bath at Manikaran etc.


Known as the vivid city of Uttarakhand, Rishikesh was also known as the Yoganagari is the place which offers you a lot of things in its heart. The Yoga Capital of the Country is known for its plentiful elegance, sanctification, adventure sports options and the spectacular places to check out in Rishikesh.

Also called as The gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas, is blessed with the holy Ganges. It is one of the historical places in the country. Rishikesh offers a plethora and exciting collection of activities to its tourists. River Rafting in Rishikesh is the best highlights of the place. Jotted with evergreen forests, tranquil ashrams, pious ghats, and sacred temples this peaceful city has one thing for everyone. Best things to do in Rishikesh are Bungee Jumping, river rafting, Flying Fox, Giant Swing, Camping, Kayaking, Cliff Jumping, Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat etc


If you are out for some experience refreshing outing then Jaipur is the a place for you. Genially referred to as the Pink City because of the pink partitioning and buildings of the city, its former period draws visitors attention with its stunning mementos of a past. The most popular Jaipur destinations and locations to check out are the ancient royal fortifications and residences, with a complex an architectural structure that acts as a glowing evidence of their illustrious heritage. Visit the Birla Mandir, Albert Hall Museum, Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jantar Mantar, City royal residence, Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort etc.


With its attractive beaches, exotic vibrations, and night parties make this the most liked location of all. Whether you are preparing for some romantic vacations with your beloved or some fascinating activities Goa is the place for you. Enjoy colonial architectural mastery, scrumptious cuisine, and try some yoga classes or take a long walk on the beach. Visit Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Grand Island, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Tito's Street, Fort Aguada, Bom Jesus Basilica, Casino Cruise, The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Anjuna Flea A market, Chapora Fort etc.

Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

It is one of the most remote areas in India with the longest coastal line Named as the biggest salt desert in the world, in October the famous Rann of Kutch comes to life otherwise properly watered territory begins to dry up. Visit Black Hill (Kala Dungar) and encounter a spectacular panoramic view. The Great Rann of Kutch is located in the Thar Wasteland of Gujarat is one of the biggest salt marshes of India. Visit Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, Mandvi Beach, Bhuj, Dholavira, Kutch Museum and much more.

Make a stronger bond of friendship - Visit top 5 destinations in India with friends

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Hong Kong is a prime destination consists of nearly situated islands in the South China Sea. It is a vivid place with magnificent cityscarapers and luxurious lifestyle. It has always been a pleasure for shopaholics, the nature enthusiasts, and newlywed couples. Although it is underrated yet it is an amazing experience to spend your honeymoon in Hong Kong. Make a checklist to explore all these places to visit on your Hong Kong Honeymoon Packages from India.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Bring out the child in you and step into the homeland of mickey mouse. The Disney land is just like a fairytale, it is the dream of most of the kids to visit Disney land once in a lifetime. You will get into the magical spell bounding time. Hop an MTR train and get to the doorstep of this place. Not only for kids but also it is a place for the young one. Hong Kong Honeymoon Package is incomplete without this.

Take a ride in Cruise

Nothing is more romantic than spending a day on a cruise with your lover on your honeymoon. Hong Kong Cruise ride takes you on a tour of the city while you can have a delicious seafood evening meal under the open sky, the Victoria Harbour and the vibrantly lighted skyscrapers make the vicinity more enchanting.

Explore the city in the Big Ferris Wheel

The 60 meter tall situated on the Central and Wan Chai Reclamation, Hong Kong Observation Wheel provides vacationers an unforgettable experience. Feel the beauty of Hong Kong by the panoramic views and ambiance of the cityscape of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor.

Check out Convention and Exhibition Center

In every month, some of the main exhibition and events are held in the Convention and Exhibition Center of Hong Kong. Art lover doesn’t miss the opportunity to get there. You can online check their event schedule. This aluminum roofed structure is one of the most remarkable structures in Hong Kong.

Vintage transport tram

The legendary tram bus which is obsolete nowadays can be found in the central area of the Hong Kong Explore the city like never before in one of the greatest antique transportation. Returning back in time and ride the vintage and traditional tram.

Visit a Temple

One of the best ways to enjoy the cultural heritage of Hong Kong is by checking out ancient temples. Man Mo Temple is one of the greatest destinations which has magnificent decorations and impressive clinging altars. Sha Tin’s Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is another religious place in HongKong, two wishing trees are famous among tourists in Tin Hau Temple.

Beaches selfies

If you are on your honeymoon then beach visit is a must thing to do, Hong Kong has some of the greatest beaches with clear water and panoramic view. Some of the beaches are Tai Long Wan Beach, Turtle Beach, Kwun Yam Wan Beach, Shek O Beach and Big Wave Bay. A great place to click some selfies.

Symphony of Lights at Victoria’s Harbour

The Symphony of Lights at the Victoria’s Harbour of Hong Kong World’s biggest Light Show. The main attractive highlight of Hong Kong tourism. kaleidoscopic lights reaching the sky out of the Hong Kong's skyscrapers in pure sync.

8 Most Romantic Honeymoon Getaways in Hong Kong

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There are some obstacles to travel, time and money are the biggest hindrances to traveling. These obstacles can be conquered, only if you genuinely desire to defeat them. When you made the decision to create travel your priority, all the explanations will stop and your travel dreams will become a real thing. Here are some of the best ways which may help you to start your traveling and explore your dream places like Bali, Mauritius, The Maldives, Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand Italy, Paris etc. Holiday travel can make your soul and body relaxed.

Choose your priorities

If you make something your priority or something is valued to you, no matter what it takes and how much time it will take, things will happen one day. If traveling is your passion, then make it your priority, it will bring delight and enjoyment to you. If you don’t get inner satisfaction from things you do then you have to change your priorities.

Get an inspiration

Photographs are the great way to inspire you to give traveling a chance. Discover many new places while sitting in one place through the internet. Explore the place’s beauty through photos. Pinterest is a great way to create a vision board to organize your travel inspiration. Reading blogs about traveling and asked your friends and family to share their experiences of traveling will help you for sure.

Start your saving from the day one

After you decided that the most important thing to you is traveling, you need to save a lot. Forget Zara shopping, Starbucks coffee, and all those extravagant things. Cutting your daily expenses is an easy way to save you money. Walking rather than taking a car or bike. Use a bicycle for shorter trips, carpool whenever it is possible, avoid high priced expensive coffee, beverages etc. You can rent a movie instead of watching in a theater. After all, this puts your money in a high-interest bank account and watch your travel fund to grow.

Grab the Deals 

Sign up all the different travel apps or website on social media and wait for the right deal for you. Sometimes the great deal is right waiting for you. It is a good idea to follow your favorite destination on social media. Some time they offer you limited time offers.

Stay close first

Traveling doesn't mean you are going to the other end of the planet. Traveling means to visit a new place and explore its beauty and know its culture. Spend your weekend by exploring your nearby places is a good way to start your traveling expertise. Don't wait until you save enough so that you can afford your expensive dream destination. Any tour is traveling either you travel the nearest town or visit thousands of far lands.

Get a consultant

Sometimes it is good to have the help of the professional, they can help you choose from thousands of customized plans for your itinerary. Always consult more than one agent to get the best deal. They arrange all the necessary requirements for ticket booking, accommodation, rental cab etc. You can enjoy the trip as there is someone to take care of your itinerary.

How We Make Our Dream of Traveling the World a Reality

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Malaysia is an ideal place to enjoy both peaceful beaches and to explore the city’s huge sky scrappers. Moreover, it is famous for its pristine beaches. It is located near the south China sea. Malaysia has a lot to offer. Read the article to get to know why you should book any of the Malaysia Holiday Packages from India

Tioman Island

Perched like a dragon protecting the clean waters of the South China Sea, Tioman Island is a paradise on earth. There are precipitating cataracts, extensive rainforest hikes under an evergreen natural umbrella, and a wide range of pleasant greens, blues beaches. This island has plenty of hotels to stay like Japamala Resorts, Minang Cove Resort, Melina Beach Resort, Tioman Santai Bistro Resort, Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort, Bungkil Place. These resorts have all the facilities as a 5-star hotel. They provide you with many eating options, almost all the resorts have their personal outdoor pool and nowadays free Wi-Fi is a common thing. Majority of them are the wooden floor, fully air condition rooms with a private balcony and a complimentary tea/coffee maker. Berjaya Tioman Resort has a great 18-hole golf course, it is a paradise for a golf lover.

Mabul Island

Here you can treat your eyes with the flowery elegance of the lavender garden. Mabul Island is one of that island which has crystal clear blue water. This hidden island is most suitable for spending your holiday or to spend some alone time with your lover on your honeymoon. The lacking of visitor gives this place an absolute level of privacy and what else you need on your honeymoon. There are many things to do like Ocean kayaking, Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsies) village, Snorkeling, scuba diving, enjoy the Sunrise and sunset, explore the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, There are so many small islands located nearly such that Island hopping is a special attraction among the tourists.

Cameron Highlands

Located on the west side of Malaysia’s Pahang, this place is a clean and flourishing lush green destination loaded with plethora features to explore. Most important terraced tea plantations and vivid floral fields, some of the coolest museums and spiritual places. Many places of curiosity are located along the road. Mossy Forest, Cameron Bharat Tea Estate, Gunung Irau (Mount Irau) are some of the major attraction of the place. Strawberry farm is a place where you can pick your own berries, also you can enjoy some different type of strawberry-flavored skates, ice cream, jams, pies, and cakes. Also, prices are very realistic, particularly in comparison to similar areas in the location. 

Malaysia is a place with a wide range of entertainment, not just these three places, there is much more to explore in your Malaysia Honeymoon Packages. Nothing is better than relaxing in a peaceful atmosphere, with the only calmness that connects two people together. This is why the couple chooses Malaysia for there honeymoon. 

Top 3 Places To Visit On A honeymoon Trip To Malaysia

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Bali is the best destination for newlywed couple, looking for a honeymoon. It is truly a paradise with lush greenery, magnificent white sand beaches, cascading down paddy field etc. The sea-coast is covered in smooth golden white fine sand and the seaside is flanked by a long viewpoint marked with bars and plethora eateries. Read below to know the lesser known places of Bali and book Bali honeymoon package from India to explore these lesser known places.

Warung Murah’s mouth-watering lunch

Bali is packed with numbers of restaurants, they may be a little heavy on your pocket. So, you can have your lunch at warung murah. This place offers some of the best mouth-watering cuisines of Bali. It is a place where you can get traditional Indonesian food at a cheaper price. In local language word, warung murah is known as a cheap cafe. Some hot off the barbeque grilled seafood served with brown rice or you can have piping hot chicken satay.

DMZ The Dream Museum Zone

Dream Museum Zone is a place also called as DMZ sometimes. It is another exciting interior fascination in Bali that gives you a wide range of wall artwork which is created to appears real interactive. Most of the paintings make to create three-dimensional physical objects rather than just a normal painting. It took 1 month for a painter to create such a magnificent piece of art. Here you can click thousands of pictures of these three-dimensional artworks that defy real logic. Some of these paintings include things like frightening great white sharks, flora and fauna of the tropical rainforests and some holy temple gardens. Many people book their Bali honeymoon package just to visit this unusual place.


Kuta is known for its Waterbom water park one of the oldest parks not to be missed, particularly when you are traveling with kids. This is the largest water parks in Indonesia where you would find a large number of water rides like Superbowl and Boomerang and take sheer drop slides if you are an adventurous person. There are children’s pools for the younger kids.

Upside Down World Bali

As its name suggested, it is a place built as an upside down, really a fun attraction. It is a place where you can go on a rainy day to utilize the full time in Bali. There are total seven rooms in the upside down world, where the interior is created in such a way that it defies gravity. It is a great place for a long photo session. It is a must visit place on your Bali holiday packages. It has a great attraction among youngsters.

Sea Turtle Society

Turtle hatchery-based in Bali’s Kuka sea turtle society works to protect the newborn turtle right from when they are in eggs. They hatch them and then release them in the open waters. You can join the activity from April to October, this is the best time for their hatching. Green olive Riddle turtles are the main attraction of the place.

Bali lesser known places to visit during Honeymoon

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We know Thailand for its mouth-watering cuisines, pristine beaches and vacillating adult entertainment, the first-time traveler to this place will get some new unusual experience to remember their tropical holiday.  One of the best place for honeymoon couple to visits for their honeymoon. Thailand provides you a wide range of places to visits, so book your Thailand Honeymoon Packages from India and witness the mesmerizing beauty of Thailand. Here are the 10 Essential Thailand Travel Tips For The first-Time Vacationers that may help you in your journey.

Be open to learning new things

If you are first time visitor then you must be open to learning new thing, as there are much to explore. Thailand is an interesting country which offers you plenty of opportunities to get surprised. Here you discover some new things which are unusual to you, sometimes you found them useful and sometimes you took them as a useless thing, but remember you are not in your home, so get used to this fact.

Don’t expect their things as they are at home

When you are away from your native country on your one of the Thailand Honeymoon Packages, things may be different due to variation in culture, tradition and mainly language. With different traditions and customs, you’ll find some differences between your country to theirs. sometimes a visitor finds its difficult to get through but with some patience and practice you can enjoy the tour of Thailand.

Thailand is a left-hand drive country

As most of the countries drive on the right-hand side of the road, but Thailand comes under the few countries that drive the left-hand side of the road. So, if you are from a right-hand side driving country then you need to get used to the fact, that it is a left-hand side drive. To avoid this problem, you can take tuk-tuk or hire a cab instead of driving by yourself.

Manners are universal, use them

One must respect others. As some manners are universal, they are cosmopolitan, belong to the whole world. Bowing down your head is a universal symbol for greeting someone. Just like that, you can learn some of their local gestures. It will help you in your whole tour.

Learn the fundamentals of the local language

You must learn some of the fundamentals of the local language. You can use them frequently when there is a need. It is the greatest way to show some respect for the local people also break down the hindrances and begin interactions. You must need to know some basic words like water, washroom, cab, hotel, restaurant etc.

Try different local dishes

When you visit some new place, you should try their different local food, get ready to explore the new cuisines, take your taste buds for some ride. Explore the different texture, taste, color, and essence of the food you eat. You will get some lifetime memories with you. So, try their local food to get the flavor of Thailand.

Guard your passport

When you are in a new place, the only thing which is as precious as you is your passport. This little document is your international identity. You must keep it with you all the time. Whether you are in a hotel or on the beach. Local police can ask you any time to show your identity, which might end up getting yourself into trouble if you are unable to provide it so.

Learn how to toilet squat

No, it's not a joke. In Thailand, toilets are in Indian style, so you need to practice a little bit too adept yourself for using this type of toilets. It may help you to take the loo easily.

Take tuk-tuks instead of taxis

No doubt taxis are comfier, but tuk-tuks provide you a much better view. Taxis sometimes can be costly, especially at night. You can always book your tuk-tuk form their local app or at the reception of your hotel. Tuk-tuks are cheaper than taxis, also they are the most common mode of transport for locals also.

Check yourself before entering the temples

Cover up your knees and elbows and while visiting palaces, monasteries, wats and temples etc. It is highly advised to bring along a cardigan or jacket to cover-up your elbows and you must avoid Capri, shorts, mini skirts etc when you are visiting a temple or any sacred place. You can wear a long skirt or full-length trouser while visiting these places to relish the beauty of those places without any restrictions.

Considering these mentioned points will help you in your tour, Thailand is the land of smile, so smile whenever you asked for something. It is a great place to visit for your honeymoon. Thailand people are very kind and generous. You will end up making many friends there.

10 Essential Thailand Travel Tips For The first-Time Vacationers

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