5 of the Best Whitewater Rafting Trips in the World

Maybe you endure for relishing life on the edge. Leave your comfort zone and indulge yourself in an adventurous activity like Whitewater rafting. It is one of the most preferred sports which provide you an Adrenalin rush. It allows tourists to check out unique natural sites and stunningly wonderful locations which are impossible to watch with normal strolling. There is nothing better than the experience you will have while rushing down in the tumultuous river while remarkable panoramas of nature are there. Below mentions are the top 5 best destinations to experience whitewater rafting.

Colorado River, Arizona

Colorado River is the paradise for rafting in Arizona. It is more than 227 miles long. The iconic grand canyon can be observed from closely through this rafting. A big expedition, big canyon, big holes, big fun and big waves making it the biggest classic and standard for all whitewater. An adventurous person can spend his one day running the small rapids here, but to get the big rapids you need more than one day. This is the perfect whitewater rafting encounter which should be on the checklist on every adventuress lover.

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

Africa's best whitewater destination named as Slam-bezi is the best rafting place in Zimbabwe. It started from 110 meters Victoria Falls with 23 rapids within 24 km stretch making it one of the biggest whitewater rafting in the world. But you are at a high risk of predators such as alligators, water hippos, and crocodiles. Are you brave enough to visit this place?

Futaleufu River, Chile

There are only a few places on the planet that are as stunningly gorgeous as Patagonia region in the south of Chile, one of the best places on the earth to explore the panoramic landscapes by rafting in the Futaleufu River. The Andes Mountains along the Futaleufu's deep waters creates a spellbinding time at sunrise and sunset. It offers Class type III to V rapids which include some dangerous whirlpools.

North Johnstone River, Australia

This place is only accessible by helicopter. Johnstone River of It is Australia's North passes through volcanic canyons and some of the unblemished rainforests of the National Park of Palmerston in northern Queensland. It provides tourists with type IV and V waters rapids. whitewater rafting list is incomplete without visiting North Johnstone River in Australia which is remotely challenging and wonderful.

Noce River in Italy

Italy isn't the first choice of whitewater rafting, but with the Deep River, this less known place is one of the best locations to take the rafting activity. The icy waters are filled from glaciers, releasing a downpour of water current below. Rafters have experienced rapids which as high as Class IV and V levels rapids. Explore some of the rarely visited places in Europe.

Most of the river rafting destinations provide guests with a high quality expertise, but not all are the same, at some places you need proper license, which allows you to perform such activities. These are the 5 river rafting spots in the world which assured you some memories that will ever lasting. 


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