Some of the unique types of luxury accommodation you have to experience when in Sri Lanka

In recent years, a lot of little hotels, exclusive guesthouses, and eco-friendly resorts have leaped up to accommodate guests in some of the craziest offbeat track destinations. They offer an amazing choice for lodging in the most fantastic natural surroundings of Sri Lanka and very often offer regional possibilities for ecological, nature-friendly and sustainable development. However, these resorts may not be for every tourists and traveler. They are all specified by the basic fact that they are completely unique. Usually, these eco-resorts provide a very high-class service. Read the article to get to know the five most unique types of luxury accommodation in Sri Lanka.


Back Of Beyond Kahandamodera is a beautiful and specially designed villa situated near Tengalle which is one of the best areas of the nation for mixing the beach visit and discovering the natural wealth of nature. This villa is exclusive and secured. It split into two individual eco-friendly parts and a three bedroom with ample room space in the Bungalow and a one living space bungalow. This accommodation has spectacular views of the encircling coastline. All rooms have modern bathrooms with hot and cold water, verandas, mosquito nets, comfortable beds, and ceiling fans.


Ahas Ponkuna Bush Walks Camp, Belihuloya is located in the deep jungles in the south of the hilly country. It is a lake surrounded by the lush green jungle of Sri Lankan. This place has some amazing history. Around 200 years ago, the lake protected an agreement right here which is secretly close guarded against the British rulers prior to running and hiding in the jungle. The walking safari is a unique concept to explore the various sites in Sri Lanka but in some areas like wildlife centuries, it is necessary to keep tourists in covered jeeps. There are large cave systems and grasslands, secret waterfalls and channels and dense jungle with an unbelievably wide range of vegetation. You can observe some of the amazing animals such as elephants, sloth, leopards etc. Holiday accommodation is in ample and fully air-conditioned, luxury canvases, these tents are once and for all pitched on a huge timber patio. This is your private space.


Bar Reef Resort is an eco-friendly and unique destination which offers an absolutely soothing and calming getaway located on the on the western side of Sri Lanka. Located at the 2km from the pristine beach of Kalpitiya coast, this hotel has a relaxing and soothing environment which is ideal for rejuvenating after a tiring site seeing the tour of Sri Lanka.

There is a wide range of daub villas that are built with durability and conventional style characteristics. These villas include a large lounge area with ample of space with a king size beds and equipped with convertible sofas. Each villa has a huge exclusive lawn with luxurious washrooms designed from the natural fence and high-pressure showers integrated into consolidated palm trees.


Gal Oya Lodge is located in the center of the national park. It is very near to the Senanayake Samudraya lake which is an incredibly tranquil body of water encircled by lush green jungles filled with colorful wildlife. Its open-plan design and structure offer the amazing panoramic mountain views. With its polished cement floors and high ceilings, the villa is relaxed and tranquil. Tourists can relax by the pool and observe the mesmerizing sunset. This place has got nine ample villa to make the most of the amazing landscapes and surroundings. Private living rooms characteristic a private veranda and luxury en-suite bathroom. Book the villa with the highest point to watch the sunset from your bedroom. 

For those who are looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway in the soul of the new world without having compromise with your comfort then Sri Lanka is a great option. There are lots of activities to indulge in, such as watching an amazing coral formation which is perfect for kayaking, kite surfing, fishing, diving, and more.


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