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Gone are the days when Ferris wheels used to be just a part of amusement parks- these giant observatory wheels are now considered as famous landmarks in many cities with global exposure. With more and more tourists taking to go for rides of the ferris wheels, we bring to the 7 tallest ferris wheels in the world that would take you for the best spin of your life.

Ferris Wheel Pacific Park

Dubai Eye

As the project sees the light of the day, Dubai will have another reason to stand tall above all. The Dubai Eye ferris wheel which is being erected in the Bluewaters Island (a man-made island by Meraas Holding) is a 689-feet tall ferris wheel, costing ar around 1 billion AED (US $270 million).

High Roller -Vegas Nevada

The tallest standing ferris wheel in the world as of today is the High Roller which stands at 520-feet in the Last Vegas Strip area in Nevada , US. Announced as the centerpiece of Caesars Entertainment Corp., the High Roller has 28 spherical glass cabins which has the capacity to accommodate 40 passengers each and with maximum capacity of 1,120 passengers in one round. Illuminated by a 2,000-LED system at night, the wheel completes each rotation in 30 minutes.

Singapore Flyer

A ride not to be missed when you are in Singapore, the Singapore Flyer is one of the best attractions in the city. Standing at 541-feet, it took two and half years to complete this giant wheel for a whooping US $180 million. It also boasts of a reputation of being the tallest ferris wheel until March 2014. 28 air-conditioned capsules, each accommodating 28 passengers makes for a maximum capacity of 784 passengers at one go.

Star of Nanchang - China

Star of Nanchang was completed in 2006 in Nanchang, China. The 525-feet tall ferris wheel was built at the cost of US $8.93 million. As many as 60 enclosed air-conditioned gondolas, each carrying eight passengers with maximum of 480 passengers in total makes for the capacity of this ferris wheel. It takes 30 minutes to complete one rotation, giving passengers a chance to embark and disembark without the need for the wheel to stop.

London Eye

Clearly, one of the top attractions in London is the London Eye ferris wheel which is also known as the Coca-Cola London Eye. This giant ferris wheel stands at 443 feet as boasts of a diameter of 394-feet. With 32 sealed capsules able to carry 25 people each, the London Eye that cost US $106 million has the capacity to carry as many as 800 passengers; each capsule represents a London borough.

Melbourne Star

Opened in 2008, the Melbourne Star which built at the cost of US $72.37 million is a 394-feet tall ferris wheel which happens to be the only giant observation wheel of the Southern Hemisphere. Each of the glass cabins of the wheel offers 360-degree views of the city and surrounding area to its 20 passengers.

Pacific Wheel, California, US

Pacific Wheel

Pacific Park houses a one-of-a-kind solar-paneled Ferris wheel offering a view of the Pacific Ocean. It stands at a height of more than 130-feet. The wheel has 20 gondolas.

7 Tallest Ferris Wheels in the World

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Angkor Wat - Combodia
Known to the world as the famous Tomb Raider temple, this 12th century architectural marvel in Cambodia, an Asian continent, attracts as much as 50% of the tourists to the country. The Angkor Wat which once used to be a Hindu temple has been converted to a Buddhist place of worship, and with all the sculpted oddities and eye-catching claystone build proves to be an attraction not to be missed. An insight into this architectural wonder is what this blog is intended for. Let's have a look.
Tomb Raider Temple
  • As stated earlier, as many as 50% of the entire tourists to Cambodia come to the country solely for the purpose of visiting the Angkor Wat.
  • The Angkor Wat is printed in the national flag of Cambodia. The Cambodians take pride in the fact that they have such an wonderful heritage to give to the world.
  • Want to see Khmer architecture? Nothing else can be a better example than the Angkor Wat which is a classical style monument of the same.
  • The temple has been built to represent Mount Meru, the home of the Hindu Mythology lord of Brahma and the demi-god devtas.
  • As opposed to other temples in the region, the Angkor Wat is aligned to the west, contrary to the traditional process of east-alignment. The Angkor Wat faces sunset instead of sunrise, and the sun reciprocated by adding to its beauty in the evening.
Angkor Wat Temple
  • Angkor Wat was known as Pisnulok until the 16th century and was later renamed to its present name. Pisnulok was the official title of Khmer king Suryavarman II, who posthumously enjoys the reputation of building it.
  • The temple was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1992 to mark its recognition of playing an important part in both Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • The decorations on the walls of the temple have a uniquely Hindu story telling characteristics. They have fables and myths pictures that tell of the temple's origin in Hindu religion.
  • The site receives more than 2 million visitors annually for a reason - It ebbs an aura of divinity that can only be found in Incan and Mayan holy shrines.
Angkor Wat-UNESCO World Heritage Site

Angkor Wat- Things That You Should Know About This Iconic Temple

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Sunburn Festival - Goa
December marks the end of the year, but not sans the air of festivity it deserves. There is a lot more to the chilling winter than just bonfire and snow; the utopia of this winter month draws a long list of fests and fairs for the avid traveler and otherwise, making room from all. This blog will take you across some of the many festivals this month has to offer, from every nook and corner of the country. Here we go!


Feast of St Francis Xavier (Old Goa)

Feast of St Francis Xavier - Old Goa

The feast of saint Francis Xavier is held on 3rd December every year at Velha Goa or Old Goa which is about 10kms east of Panaji. The mummified body of St. Francis Xavier is enshrined in a silver casket in one of the chapels of Basilica of Born Jesus built in 1605 by the Jesuits. The body of the Saint is exposed to public once every ten years and pilgrims from all over the world came to pay homage.

Cochin Carnival (Kochi)

Cochin Carnival

Cochin Carnival is a merry making feast observed to welcome New year during the last week of December every year at Fort Kochi. During the carnival days, different forms of cultural activities and sportsevents like Kalam Vara (floor drawing), tug-of-war, bicycle race, swimming in the sea, beach volleyball etc. are held. The major highlight of the carnival is the massive procession held on the New Years Day. A decorated elephant leads the procession accompanied by 'Panchavadyam', music bands, fancy dress, spectacular floats, folk arts forms of Kerala etc.

Malallapuran Dance Festival (Mamallapuram, TN)

Malallapuran Dance Festival - Tamil Nadu

A four-week, weekend-only dance festival showcasing classical and folk dances from all over India, with many performances on an open-air stage against the imposing backdrop of Arjuna’s Penance.
Dances include bharatanatyam (Tamil Nadu), Kuchipudi (Andhra Pradesh) tribal dance, and Kathakali (Kerala drama).

Hornbill Festival (Kisama)

Hornbill Festival

This festival derives its name from the name of the bird that goes by the same name. It is celebrated in the North Eastern state of Nagaland (a village called Kisama to be precise) near to the capital city Kohima. One of the largest festivals of the state, it is celebrated with traditional music dance and games that are played. There is also a sale of locally made handicrafts.

Sunburn Festival (Vagator,Goa) 

Sunburn Festival - Vagator, Goa

Sunburn is the Goan festival of synergy of music, entertainment, sports, food, shopping and lifestyle that has attracted audiences from every nook and corner of the globe. Now in its sixth year, Sunburn has become the hottest dance music property in Asia! The dates for this year are 27th to 30th December, 2015.

Paragliding Festival (Saputara)

Paragliding Festival-Saputara

The ideal festival for the adventure enthusiasts, the Paragliding Festival in Satpura, Gujrat is the best thing to attend if a shot of adrenaline rush is what you are looking for during the month of December. Promoted by the tourism department of Gujrat, this festival is a 26-day long ventrue that starts in the middle of the month. With more than 5000 entries, the festival is a great catch for the Indian adventure holiday seekers.

Christmas (all over India)

Christmas Celebration in Church

Christmas is celebrated all over the country with great pomp and show, especially in Goa, spreading to the entire south where Christians contribute to a major portion of the population. Apart from the midnight mass that is held on the 24th December across all churches in the country the following day is marked by celebrations, fetes, parties and exchange of gifts.

Ten Festivals Not to Miss

7 Best Festivals & Fairs in India- December

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Singapore City
Singapore, the Garden City, is one of the hottest holiday destinations in Asia. From newly-weds to college kids, from families to the solo traveler, Singapore has something enthralling for everyone.

Singapore Attractions

We make an arduous attempt of bringing out the best from the best, the result of which is the list below. Let's get to know Singapore a little more.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

The opulent Marina Bay Sands resort complex includes a hotel, high-end luxury brands, a mall with a canal running through it, the Art Science Museum, and the Marina Bay Sands Skypark- a vantage point for taking in the entire city. While up there on top of the city, guests can grab a snack or a coffee at the rooftop restaurant or pick up some keepsakes from the souvenir stand. The luxury and elegance of the Marina Bay Sands exemplify Singapore's taste, and help designate a major international city in Southeast Asia.

Double Helix Bridge

Double Helix Bridge - Singapore

This bridge is proof that, sometimes, a bridge is not just a bridge. More of an architectural wonder, this is certainly one spot for many touristy snaps -- and wedding photos too, we imagine. Located next to the floating platform at Marina Bay and the new Youth Olympic Park -- and connecting to Marina Bay Sands -- the bridge is made up of a major and minor steel helix that wind around each other. There’s a night lighting feature built into the bridge, which can be programmed to create various moods for different events.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios - Singapore

Singapore’s first theme park features rides and attractions that are guaranteed to give you a thrilling time. Meet Shrek and company, take a walk down Hollywood Boulevard or have an amazing encounter with dinosaurs at Jurassic Park. Make a day out of it and check out all the rides, while taking breaks for food and drink at the various F&B outlets. Just make sure you have your meals after the roller-coaster rides.

Night Safari

Night Safari - Singapore

The Night Safari is the world’s first wildlife park for nocturnal animals and has won the Singapore Tourism Board’s Best Visitor Attraction Experience not once, not twice, but eight times! The 40-hectare park is home to over 1,000 animals from 115 species, of which almost 30 percent are threatened. Catch them before they’re gone. Explore the park either on foot via three walking trails or by tram. Either way, you’ll be coming back for more.

St. James Power Station

St. James Power Station

What used to be a real, functioning power station is now a hot spot for night birds, who want more from their clubbing experience. With venues like Dragonfly, Movida, Peppermint Park and Bellini Room providing very different experiences, this is kind of like the clubber’s version of going around the world in one night. Perfect for club hopping without having to queue for taxis numerous times in a night!

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

It’s the world’s largest observation wheel and it’s still standing after two years, unlike the wheel in Melbourne, Australia. It stands at a stunning 165 metres and is the height of a 42-storey building. As the wheel turns and you get views of landmarks such as the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Marina Bay, Empress Place and the Padang.

Raffles Amrita Spa

Raffles Amrita Spa

Possibly the most well-known luxury spa in Singapore, Raffles Amrita Spa at Raffles The Plaza is pure indulgence for the body and soul. The treatments offered here are for both men and women and it really doesn’t matter what age you are. Try the Nirvana Body Treatment, an Ayurvedic-inspired treatment that includes a body wrap, a foot massage and application of body moisturizer.


Singapore Cruise

Cruising is catching up in a very big way in Asia with Singapore becoming a big hub. The popular cruise season from Singapore is from November to March and at this time the weather is cool and not too humid. It is also holiday season in December and during Chinese New Year so ships go full and prices on the higher side during this time. The shoulder seasons are in November and March.

Reasons to Visit Singapore this Holiday Season

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HongkongBoth Hong Kong and Macau are hubs of popular attractions and sightseeing opportunities, and you will find endless things to see and do here. Most of these activities here that you will go for are totally free of cost which adds icing to the cake.

Hotel Okura - Macau

These are places and sights that give Hong Kong its unique local colour and make Hong Kong memorable. The other things to do are moderately priced. Below are hand picked ten places are where old and young, the wealthy tourists, and the backpackers tend to go in Hong Kong.


1. See the Avenue of Stars Skyline

Avenue of Stars Skyline - Hongkong

Simply walk out on the Avenue of Stars on the shore. The skyline around the harbor ranks as the tallest in the world, and at 8 pm most evenings, it lights up for the Symphony of Lights, in the above photo. By day or by night, Hong Kong's skyline against Victoria Peak and the blue backdrop of Victoria Harbor is the favorite tourist attraction. 

2. Ride the Star Ferry

Star Ferry - Hongkong

This little ship does a lot of work and is internationally known and ranks high in international tourist esteem. But it is just a humble little ferry ship that gets it acclaim due to its neighbors. By day or night, you'll see memorable and beautiful scenery like this. A ride across Victoria Harbor costs 25 cents US. At 8 pm, see the light show from the ship. 

3. Ascend for the Victoria Peak View

Victoria Peak View - Hongkong

The best sightseeing point on Hong Kong Island and probably all of Hong Kong is Victoria Peak that looks down on Central. Walking paths, a mall, and parks on the peak are places you can explore. The Peak Tram is a tourist favorite, but you could walk up Old Peak Road in an hour.

Tian Tan Buddha - HK

Get away to this large island for relaxation, sightseeing and outdoor adventures. It is still a sparsely populated island of natural parkland, beaches, mountains, and hiking and biking trails. Mui Wo and Pui O are known for scenery and seafood restaurants.

Ocean Park - Hongkong

Hong Kong's biggest and most popular theme park is Ocean Park. Along with acrobatic sea mammals, there are exhibits of other sea creatures. The Amazing Asian Animals section has pandas. You can ride the sky tram to see the scenery. There is a roller coaster and many other big rides. 


1.Casino Hopping

Macau Casino

Every year, countless Chinese and Hong Kong gamblers visit the “Las Vegas of the Far East”. There are thirty-three casinos in Macau, of which the biggest is “The Venetian Macao”. It is also the biggest casino in the world! An evening or two at a couple of these mind-boggling casinos is a must for any Macau tourist.

2. Food Hunting

Macau Food

There are lots of good food in Macau! From Portuguese egg tarts to almond cookies to durian ice-cream to Pork Chop buns to dim sum to Crab Congee, Macau will definitely have something to satisfy your taste buds. 

Kun Iam Statue - Macau

The Kun Iam Statue is a bronze statue of the Goddess of Mercy that stands at 20 metres tall. It is built on top of a dome shaped like a lotus flower, and faces Macau to protect it (symbolically). Best visited during the day, the Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre is comprises of a souvenir centre and a contemplation room, among others. It shuts down by 6 pm, by the way.

Macau Tower

Standing at 338 metres tall, the Macau Tower is another popular attraction in Macau. It boasts amenities such as an observation deck, a revolving restaurant, and even a cinema. For the adventurous, you can also try the world’s second highest bungee jump at 233 metres. Why anybody would want to stand at the top of a towering structure amidst strong winds, and choose to jump headfirst downwards (albeit with a piece of rope tied to your leg), totally blows my mind. 

5. Take a trip to Zhuhai

Yeli Island - Zhuhai

Last but not least, if you are spending at least two days in Macau, you can also plan for a day trip to the neighboring city of Zhuhai, in China. Singaporeans can visit Zhuhai for up to 15 days without a visa for sightseeing. Once you clear the Zhuhai customs, you will reach a huge underground mall. Basically, it’s a giant multi-level flea market that sells anything from mobile accessories to winter clothing. If you are a fan of such places, you will enjoy shopping here.

10 Best Things to Do in Hong Kong & Macau this Year

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Indian Wedding
Taken the bow, popped the question, and go and 'yes'? Time it is now, to take a step further. Tieing the knot in one of the most exotic locations in the country would be a dream come true, no?

Wedding Couple

We feel the same way too, which is why we have come up today with some of the best wedding destinations in the country for a marriage that would be remember in the years to come.
Here we go!


Wedding in Udaipur

Udaipur, probably, is the hottest wedding destination in India, with Indians and foreigners alike admiring the magnificence of the lakes and palaces the city has to offer. Those grand palace buildings in Udaipur give it a sort of charisma that only few cities can rival. They say, weddings in Udaipur seem like an extraordinary fairy-tale.  


Wedding in Jaipur

Jaipur offers a blend of heritage and exquisiteness and as a matter of fact, is quite popular for grandiose marriage celebrations which usually take place in authentic flamboyant palaces or erstwhile mansions. The ‘pink city’ showcases a complete variety of festive ideas and venue options that extend from palaces like the Raj and Rambagh Palace to Havelis or traditional settings in the Samode Palace built into the Aravali Ranges. This is a destination wedding in India with a touch of royalty where the ambiance adds to the Indian wedding decorations. 

New Delhi

Wedding in New Delhi

New Delhi, undoubtedly, is the most favored wedding destinations in India. One can find top class hotels like The Tivoli Grand Resort Hotel, The Taj Mahal Hotel, The Imperial Hotel, The Park Hotel and many more. One of the One of the most famous Sainik Farms is also the most luxurious areas where wedding ceremonies are often organized. If you looking for atraditional yet unconventional wedding, you can choose the very popular ‘The Manor’, a perfect venue in the New Delhi that is known for its elegance and luxury.

The Backwaters of Kerala

Wedding in Kerala

This gentle and agreeable destination is for those who desire one of those quiet and picturesque ceremonies instead of opting for a huge and jam-packed event. The backwaters are serene, pretty and put forth a view that dwells in one’s eyes probably forever. The perfect getaway for a Destination Wedding in India. Just envisage the beaches covered with coconut palm trees, the backwaters and the lovely houseboats. Heavenly!

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Wedding in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

What this Indian destination wedding brings about is the prospect of entering in a new realm, away from the mainland, in the midst of white sand beaches, possibly in an astonishing private resort. It’s no less than a coastal paradise residing in the Bay of Bengal comprising of idyllic beaches and lush green forests. The Havelock or the Ross Islands are one of paramount islands of the Andaman for one’s perfect day. One of the most charming places to tie the knot.


Wedding in Shimla

The splendid Himalayas cuddle up this delightful city that’s both conventional and contemporary. It’s more likegetting married amidst the hills or taking an extraordinary leap by planning the ceremonies inforest guest houses or camps by the river. Shimla allures those who love the mountains and the snow and fantasize of having a Destination wedding in the Himalayas. Doesn’t it sound romantic? 


Wedding in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the city of nizams & pearls. It’s a striking place to organize wedding as there are some famous palaces like Taj Falaknuma Palace and Chowmallah Palace, The city of Pearls, etc., which can make your dream wedding destination a real and the romantic one.

Assorted Honeymoon Ideas For The Newly-Weds

7 Best Exotic Wedding Destinations in India

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