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You’re preparing to plan 4 or 5 days itinerary in Greece? Take a look at our article to get the best things to include in your Greece holiday packages from India. In order to assist you to plan your stay, we have planned this 4-5 day Greece itinerary for you to get the best experience in a limited time. 

Day 1: Athens

If you’re seeking a 4-5 days itinerary to spend your holiday in Greece, you have to invest at least 1 day in Athens, the most beautiful and the capital.  It is located in the center of Greece; it’s really easy to explore the capital city on foot. You should begin your trip by visiting the Acropolis Museum. 
Visit the top floor terrace to enjoy the perfect view of the Parthenon. The museums are open all most every day. 

We suggest you don't waste your time and go for an online ticket. Acropolis is the best-preserved monument of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here the Parthenon is dedicated to the goddess Athena. After visiting the Acropolis, have lunch at Liondi Traditional Greek Restaurant, which serves typical Greek cuisine and then head to Plaka, one of Athens’ oldest neighborhoods to get the picturesque beauty and the best place to buy some souvenir for your loved ones.

Where to stay in Athens: Electra Metropolis, Amalia Hotel, Wyndham Grand Athens, Evripides Hote, Bedbox Hostel

Day 2: Day trip to the iconic Saronic Islands

For the 2nd day of your trip it’s time to discover the Saronic Islands (the closest one Islands to Athens). Either you can take a bus and a ferry ride to reach the island.  Take the bus from Athens to the Port of Piraeus and then a 1-hour ferry ride to reach the destination. Plan your visit accordingly as there are only three ferries per day. 

Everything is incorporated into this visit: transport will take you to the port of Piraeus straightforwardly from your lodging, and you'll sail to the islands from that point. Amid this voyage, you will find not one but rather a few islands. Must visit 3Islands are: Aegina, for the ancient Byzantine village. Hydra, and Poros.

Day 3: Visit Peloponnese

Discover Peloponnese on your 3rd day of the journey. It is advisable to rent a car in Athens for comfort traveling in Peloponnese. You will need a car for the rest of your itinerary so rent you can for the next 3 days. It is also possible to visit Peloponnese as a day trip from Athens without renting a car instead you can take a bus. Must visit 3 castles in Nafplio are: The Palamidi Fortress, The Acronafplia Fortress, The Bourtzi Castle

Day 4: Delphi

On your 4th day visit Delphi. It usually takes 2.5 hrs to reach Delphi from Athens. Visit Arachova just 10 minutes before Delphi, a place with a charming mountain village built on the hillside. Spend some time and capture the pretty stone houses and charming alleys with your camera. In winter, Arachova is famous for being Greece's biggest ski resort, with 22 ski slants. Individuals are originating from everywhere throughout the nation to go skiing and gathering throughout the night in this sumptuous town. A must choose place to plan the Best Holiday Packages from India

On the off chance that you would prefer not to return to Athens at night, you can go through the night in Delphi and drive back to Athens the following morning. It just relies upon your flight's season of takeoff. You will discover a rundown of the best places to remain in Delphi somewhat later in this article.  In case you're remaining in Delphi throughout the evening, you should attempt the Taverna Vakhos. The menu is very extraordinary and more upscale than in different eateries, at an indistinguishable cost. The dishes were overflowing and delightful! As it's very well known, it's smarter to book ahead of time.

Day 5: Head back to Athens

If you spent the last night in Delphi, take your return flights from Athens. It will take 1 hr to reach the airport. if you have plenty of time before your departure then you can visit these following places which are near the airport such as Mount Lycabettus, Athens National Archaeological Museum, Ermou street, if you want to go shopping a bit, Syntagma Square, to see the changing of the Presidential Guard, Zappeion Park and the National Garden, if you want to relax a bit, The Temple of Olympian Zeus, The Arch of Hadrian, and The Panathenaic Stadium.

How to Spend 4/5 Days in Greece: Where to Stay and What to Explore

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When you picture Europe then this picture in incomplete without Greece. It is the most preferred destination in honeymooners always choose in their Europe honeymoon packages. Snow covered mountains with lush greenery, friendly people, delicious cuisines makes it a perfect place to spend your honeymoon at Greece.

Visit the monasteries of Meteora

Meteora is recognized for its monasteries that is on the top of massive rock formations. The monks that reside in the region are Eastern Orthodox and then left to Meteora this is due to the outcome of the intrusion of the Turkish armed forces. There are total 6 monasteries in Meteora, despite the fact that at one point there were 20, and as a consequence of the military forces now its only 6 are remaining. This is one of the most magnificent and popular religious and spiritual sites in Greece. That must be included in your itinerary while you are on your Greece honeymoon packages. Meteora is packed with historical monolithic pillars and big chunks of rock and this is also mentioned under the UNESCO World Heritage Site as the stone structures offer one of the most stunning and haunting panoramas in all of Europe. 

Go spelunking at Melissani Cave

Situated near to Karavomilo is this amazing Melissani Cave which is one of the main reason tourists plan their trip to Greece. It is a rugged cave recognized for its attractiveness. The cave is nearly 4 km lengthy and was created when water drastically changed the soft stones over the hundreds of years. Inside the cave is the similarly popular Melissani Lake, a subterranean body of water that was uncovered in 1951. In historical times the cave was devoted to the Nymph Melissani and they how it got its name by the Nymph. You can go straight down right into the cave by the actual means of a tunnel and then came out on the lakeside to enjoy the picturesque scenery and proceed across the aqua blue waters on a vessel.

Admire Hephaestus Temple

Situated in the charming Thissio community of the capital city of Greece, (Athens) is the Hephaestus Temple. As with all wats or temples in Greece, this one is also devoted to their gods, in this case, it is dedicated to Hephaestus who was regaded as the god of fire and this temple is also devoted to Athena, who is known as the goddess of ancient crafts and pottery. The temple was constructed in the late 450 BC and Hephaestus Temple is nested on the top of Agoreao Koronos Hill. It is fashioned by the same architect who designed the magnificient Pantheon. This temple is mainly popular for its high columns, Parian marble decorations, and its Pentelic. You will also discover sculptures and some friezes dotting all over the building which is great to mentioned to be one of the most traditionally important and popular in all of Greece. Include this temple in your Greece holiday packages.

Marvel at the Corinth Canal

One of the most awesome achievements of technological innovation in Greece is the Corinth Canal. It took hundreds of years to construct and was started off by Nero, the historical Roman emperor, just before eventually being completed under the French region in the late 19th century. The channel is cut into a segment of rock and covers 6 kms with edges that increase up to 90 meters. The channel is however still in working condition and you can capture ships journeying if you occur to be at the right place and at the right time. One of the other major points of interest on the canal is the Bungy Jump which is definitely not for those individuals who don’t have a fear of heights. 

Greece is an amazing place to spend your honeymoon and start your new life in the most romantic place in Europe.

Greece a perfect honeymoon destination with unlimited fun

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