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In very minimal need for an intro, there are thousands of good reasons to plan your Greece honeymoon package. The cradle of European culture, fantastic weather, and ambrosial food are only some of the elements that make this European nation a fantastic destination around all year. Read on and get motivated to plan your holiday in Greece this year.

This particular time is the best time to visit Greece and get your Europe Honeymoon package, a nation that is rich in heritage & enclosed by the picturesque beauty of the Mediterranean and beyond. The natural elegance of Greece is more amazing with the biggest shoreline in Europe is quite irresistible and the ancient past you will experience in the historical archaeological sites of Athens will absolutely keep with you busy for a long time. If you are an art lover, vintage monuments lover or just shopping lover, Greece is the best place for you. 

Versatility in food and drink

Greece is popular for its huge production of green olives and making olive oil, widely used in preparing salads, food preparation, and dressing. Whether you are a vegetarian or a nonvegetarian lover, Greece has a lot to offer you on your honeymoon. Spend an entire day at tzatziki with your partner is the best thing you can do. Eat mouth-watering favorite fast food, with the finest wine, is an experience beyond words. Besides food and wine, you must try local raki, ouzo, and beers. Greece also offers an outstanding choice of sweets and desserts. It is a paradise for a Sweet lover.

Appealing beaches

Greece is popular for its aqua blue waters and spectacular sandy beaches. No matter if you are seeking for an organized beach with tavernas, beach bars, umbrellas, and sunbeds where you can relax all day long with your lover or more quiet beach locations with a relaxing surrounding to read your book or sunbathe and get some tan, Greece has it all. It hosts some of the best beach locations in the world and features amazing activities like kite surfing, diving, snorkeling and boat leasing appropriate for all age groups. Book your Greece Honeymoon packages now to experience all this.

Greece is really affordable in Pricing

If you are seeking for a lovely holiday at an affordable price under your budget, Greece is the perfect vacation destination for you. The cost of accommodation and cost of living in Greece is significantly less expensive in comparison with the rest of the European countries. Whether you are searching for a high-quality Greece holiday package or an affordable family vacation, Greece has something for everyone.

Perfect weather

The weather conditions in Greece are awesome most of the year with cozy temperatures during the winter season and soothing warm temperature in summer and most of the days the sun shining brightly. The ideal time to check out Ancient Greece is from September to October and April to June, when both weather conditions and pricing are good. You will tremendously appreciate the natural beauty of Greece all year round.

Top Breathtaking Reasons to Visit Magnificent Greece

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Explore world like never before and plan your romantic honeymoon to some exotic places around the world. A honeymoon is a special time for both husband and wife, embark your lover at some amazing and unique destinations to build a long lasting relationship with your partner. Choose your destination from following destinations to get the most out of your honeymoon tour.

Krabi, Thailand

Krabi is well linked to all major places in Thailand like Bangkok and Phuket by trains, buses, flights, and waterways. Travelers can book direct flights to Bangkok or Phuket. Krabi is one of the prime destinations in Thailand to plan your romantic honeymoon. The resort town of is the best honeymoon spots one can visit in Krabi. It attracts a large number of married couples and honeymooners to observe its mangrove forest, limestone karsts, architectural marvels, and palm-lined beaches. It also allows the partners to take pleasure in some of the prime adventurous activities. Dine out at unique theme restaurants and cafes to feast your taste buds. Book your Thailand honeymoon packages from India to experience all these in your honeymoon.

Male, Maldives

Flights are the best and most effective options to get to this floating heaven. Male is the bustling capital of Maldives and one of the popular honeymoon vacation spots. With white sand beaches, a peppy island culture, busy markets, narrow streets, colorful buildings, and Male provides a popular honeymoon vacation hotspot amongst the couples. Hulhumale, National Museum, Islamic Centre, Friday Mosque, are some of the few highlights of this place. Book your Maldives honeymoon packages from India and indulge in plenty of water sports. Indulge in activities like island hopping, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling and much more.

Da Lat Valley, Vietnam

Da Lat Valley located in Vietnam is also known as the ‘Valley of Love’, it is one of the greatest holiday locations in the world where young couples can really feel romantic vibes in every single part of the city. Situated among lush green mountains studded with high pine trees, with a peaceful and picturesque landscape, this area is a suitable vacation destination for the couples. 17°C is the average temperature of the location. Must visit Valley of Love, Doi Thong Hai Mo, Xuan Huong Lake, and Langbiang Mountain.

Abisko, Sweden

Explore the winter chill on your honeymoon with your companion in far northern in the amazing town of Abisko. Abisko is one of the ideal vacation places for winter lovers where they can take pleasure in the relaxed atmosphere of the Swedish Lapland and capture the enchanting moments with your partner. Must plan your visit to Mount Nuolja, Silverfallet, Abisko National Park etc. Indulge in winter activities like hiking, trekking, dog sledding, ice climbing, and spectate the glass igloo.

Athens, Greece

The capital city of Greece, Athens is rich in culture and have plenty of beautiful landscapes and it is one of the prime locations for lovebirds to cherish their new life on their honeymoon. Plan your honeymoon trip to Greece in Athens among the mystical temples, lush green gardens, bustling markets, hidden villages, and ancient relics for one of the most passionate experiences. Parthenon, Temple Of Olympian Zeus, Acropolis Of Athens are some of the main highlights of the city.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is famous for its thermal baths, grand spas, peppy nightlife, and architectural masterpieces. Budapest is one of the best vacation places with a minimal crowd that allows you to visit the city in a really hustle free manner. Visit Parliament Building, Fisherman’s Bastion, Buda Castle. Taste some quality wine.

The world is full of surprises, take some time and start to travel and explore the new places.

Visit Prime Destination To Embark On A Romantic Vacation

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Need support picking out the best Traditional Greek islands for young couples, honeymoon vacations, family holidays, late night celebrations or chilling out on the beach with your friends? We got you all covered. Read out the guide to the most stunning islands in Greece.


Santorini is one of the most beautiful Greek Island can visit to spend one's holiday. You need not to worry for a single topic, Santorini covered all for you. Explore some of the major legendary spots of domed white-washed residences, they are the iconic symbol of Santorini. It set against the vibrant blue sea. Well, it’s even much better to visit in person and you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that not all the beach locations are breathtaking swathes of glowing sands, but some are in reality black. Yes, Santorini Island has black sand some of the rare places on earth. The most southern island of Santorini is made of old volcanic rock formation, hence the out of the ordinary black color of their dunes. The best place to choose in your Europe honeymoon packages.


Mykonos can be the ideal place for honeymooners to plan their honeymoon trip to Greece. Mykonos is the ideal spot for canoodling devotees, Mykonos is the place to go for a late night party. It’s a preferred location for exotic isle hoppers, searching for the best time with their loved one. Head to Mykonos beach to some amazing late night parties at some of the best bars and nightclubs, enjoy some of the classy cocktails and mocktails in Caprice region, to dance at rocking music at Argo Bar. Mykonos is best spot one can choose in Greece honeymoon packages.


The biggest Greek island in entire Greece, Crete is residence to the famous Structure of Knossos. The ancient Age monument is regarded as one of the oldest city in Europe. This is the best place for history lovers or fossil lovers. Some of the structures are dating back to 7000BC. Today, there are plenty of beach locations for you to spend your time and get tan, a lot of fun in a social gathering in Malia, and conventional tavernas concealed away in hillside neighborhoods all over the aisle. Get the best resort in your Greece honeymoon packages from India.


To get the genuine experience of a Greek island lifestyle, plan your honeymoon packages for Greece in Folegandros. It is the best place where you can roam around some amazing beach destinations like Ano Meria village, Karavostasi Port, Chora Town, and Angali Beach. This tiny-known island evade is an excellent location to go camping, but in spite of being a little calmer and less noisy than its neighbors, Folegandros gets pretty hectic and crowded in peak season. So make sure you book everything in advance in your Europe honeymoon packages from India.

Plan your honeymoon at one of the most romantic places in Europe. Greece is the prime Europe honeymoon destinations one can visit on their honeymoon. 

A complete guide to gorgeous islands of Greece

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When you picture Europe then this picture in incomplete without Greece. It is the most preferred destination in honeymooners always choose in their Europe honeymoon packages. Snow covered mountains with lush greenery, friendly people, delicious cuisines makes it a perfect place to spend your honeymoon at Greece.

Visit the monasteries of Meteora

Meteora is recognized for its monasteries that is on the top of massive rock formations. The monks that reside in the region are Eastern Orthodox and then left to Meteora this is due to the outcome of the intrusion of the Turkish armed forces. There are total 6 monasteries in Meteora, despite the fact that at one point there were 20, and as a consequence of the military forces now its only 6 are remaining. This is one of the most magnificent and popular religious and spiritual sites in Greece. That must be included in your itinerary while you are on your Greece honeymoon packages. Meteora is packed with historical monolithic pillars and big chunks of rock and this is also mentioned under the UNESCO World Heritage Site as the stone structures offer one of the most stunning and haunting panoramas in all of Europe. 

Go spelunking at Melissani Cave

Situated near to Karavomilo is this amazing Melissani Cave which is one of the main reason tourists plan their trip to Greece. It is a rugged cave recognized for its attractiveness. The cave is nearly 4 km lengthy and was created when water drastically changed the soft stones over the hundreds of years. Inside the cave is the similarly popular Melissani Lake, a subterranean body of water that was uncovered in 1951. In historical times the cave was devoted to the Nymph Melissani and they how it got its name by the Nymph. You can go straight down right into the cave by the actual means of a tunnel and then came out on the lakeside to enjoy the picturesque scenery and proceed across the aqua blue waters on a vessel.

Admire Hephaestus Temple

Situated in the charming Thissio community of the capital city of Greece, (Athens) is the Hephaestus Temple. As with all wats or temples in Greece, this one is also devoted to their gods, in this case, it is dedicated to Hephaestus who was regaded as the god of fire and this temple is also devoted to Athena, who is known as the goddess of ancient crafts and pottery. The temple was constructed in the late 450 BC and Hephaestus Temple is nested on the top of Agoreao Koronos Hill. It is fashioned by the same architect who designed the magnificient Pantheon. This temple is mainly popular for its high columns, Parian marble decorations, and its Pentelic. You will also discover sculptures and some friezes dotting all over the building which is great to mentioned to be one of the most traditionally important and popular in all of Greece. Include this temple in your Greece holiday packages.

Marvel at the Corinth Canal

One of the most awesome achievements of technological innovation in Greece is the Corinth Canal. It took hundreds of years to construct and was started off by Nero, the historical Roman emperor, just before eventually being completed under the French region in the late 19th century. The channel is cut into a segment of rock and covers 6 kms with edges that increase up to 90 meters. The channel is however still in working condition and you can capture ships journeying if you occur to be at the right place and at the right time. One of the other major points of interest on the canal is the Bungy Jump which is definitely not for those individuals who don’t have a fear of heights. 

Greece is an amazing place to spend your honeymoon and start your new life in the most romantic place in Europe.

Greece a perfect honeymoon destination with unlimited fun

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Without any doubt, marriages are a pleasant and significant event for anybody who gets their better half to rejoice, and to get to know that they will spend the rest of their life with each other. But every good thing comes with a baggage, in this case, it is a heavy financial toll of the wedding and after that the honeymoon, which is expected to be a lifetime experience. It is special and sometimes it is extravagant. But there are numerous of honeymoon package you can choose from. Read the article and get to know the best places in Europe to spend your honeymoon.

Venice, Italy

Elegant beyond thoughts with its awesome views, exceptional environment and architectural mastery and rich ethical history, Venice is a desired spot for honeymooners from all over the world. Get ready to be captivated by the glorious beauty of the city take the gondola ride and enjoy the luxurious boat ride. The gondola moves through the labyrinth of more than 150 canals of the city. Take a walk on the paved streets and explore the local side of the city. There are plenty of small and cozy restaurants to dine in. The Canale Grande from the Ponte di Rialto bridge offers some spectacular visit The Piazza San Marco is a must place to be added in your Italy Honeymoon Packages.


The biggest island of Greece is a captivating place where tourists can take pleasure in the beauty of the magnificent place. In Greece, civilizations have eventually left an everlasting impact, along with a rich cultural heritage. There are numbers of the old town which are well-known, enchanting, and providing you a picture-perfect environment with an ambiance nostalgic of times gone by. Wander around the narrow walkways and streets, have a coffee at a local cafe, take a delicious meal in the traditional restaurants. Greece Honeymoon Packages are incomplete without tasting their local food.


Switzerland is the paradise of Europe. It offers magnificent views of the snow covered mountains and amazing aura in the air. It contains numbers of Archeological Sites, a great place to visit for the art lovers. The ancient Roman houses have the largest antique silver treasure in the world. This place offers some of the great museums with lots of artifacts. Switzerland Honeymoon Packages allow you to explore all these things in one itinerary.

Vienna, Austria

If you want to get a genuine feel of Europe then Vienna is the place you need to opt for spending your honeymoon. Its avenues and architectural mastery call you for wandering around and observe the beauty of the wonderful landscapes. The City Hall’s Square features an awesome perspective in the night and it is suggested to make your plan to visit Vienna in winter. The Christmas celebrations in winter will leave you everlasting memories. Stop by a small cafe and have coffee in the cold weather with your partner. You can also try their traditional wiener schnitzels. Enjoy the Vienna Philharmonics performance.

It is impossible to explore whole of Europe in one journey. Choose your destinations according to your interests and requirements.

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

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