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Sunburn Festival - Goa
December marks the end of the year, but not sans the air of festivity it deserves. There is a lot more to the chilling winter than just bonfire and snow; the utopia of this winter month draws a long list of fests and fairs for the avid traveler and otherwise, making room from all. This blog will take you across some of the many festivals this month has to offer, from every nook and corner of the country. Here we go!


Feast of St Francis Xavier (Old Goa)

Feast of St Francis Xavier - Old Goa

The feast of saint Francis Xavier is held on 3rd December every year at Velha Goa or Old Goa which is about 10kms east of Panaji. The mummified body of St. Francis Xavier is enshrined in a silver casket in one of the chapels of Basilica of Born Jesus built in 1605 by the Jesuits. The body of the Saint is exposed to public once every ten years and pilgrims from all over the world came to pay homage.

Cochin Carnival (Kochi)

Cochin Carnival

Cochin Carnival is a merry making feast observed to welcome New year during the last week of December every year at Fort Kochi. During the carnival days, different forms of cultural activities and sportsevents like Kalam Vara (floor drawing), tug-of-war, bicycle race, swimming in the sea, beach volleyball etc. are held. The major highlight of the carnival is the massive procession held on the New Years Day. A decorated elephant leads the procession accompanied by 'Panchavadyam', music bands, fancy dress, spectacular floats, folk arts forms of Kerala etc.

Malallapuran Dance Festival (Mamallapuram, TN)

Malallapuran Dance Festival - Tamil Nadu

A four-week, weekend-only dance festival showcasing classical and folk dances from all over India, with many performances on an open-air stage against the imposing backdrop of Arjuna’s Penance.
Dances include bharatanatyam (Tamil Nadu), Kuchipudi (Andhra Pradesh) tribal dance, and Kathakali (Kerala drama).

Hornbill Festival (Kisama)

Hornbill Festival

This festival derives its name from the name of the bird that goes by the same name. It is celebrated in the North Eastern state of Nagaland (a village called Kisama to be precise) near to the capital city Kohima. One of the largest festivals of the state, it is celebrated with traditional music dance and games that are played. There is also a sale of locally made handicrafts.

Sunburn Festival (Vagator,Goa) 

Sunburn Festival - Vagator, Goa

Sunburn is the Goan festival of synergy of music, entertainment, sports, food, shopping and lifestyle that has attracted audiences from every nook and corner of the globe. Now in its sixth year, Sunburn has become the hottest dance music property in Asia! The dates for this year are 27th to 30th December, 2015.

Paragliding Festival (Saputara)

Paragliding Festival-Saputara

The ideal festival for the adventure enthusiasts, the Paragliding Festival in Satpura, Gujrat is the best thing to attend if a shot of adrenaline rush is what you are looking for during the month of December. Promoted by the tourism department of Gujrat, this festival is a 26-day long ventrue that starts in the middle of the month. With more than 5000 entries, the festival is a great catch for the Indian adventure holiday seekers.

Christmas (all over India)

Christmas Celebration in Church

Christmas is celebrated all over the country with great pomp and show, especially in Goa, spreading to the entire south where Christians contribute to a major portion of the population. Apart from the midnight mass that is held on the 24th December across all churches in the country the following day is marked by celebrations, fetes, parties and exchange of gifts.

Ten Festivals Not to Miss

7 Best Festivals & Fairs in India- December

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Indian Wedding
Taken the bow, popped the question, and go and 'yes'? Time it is now, to take a step further. Tieing the knot in one of the most exotic locations in the country would be a dream come true, no?

Wedding Couple

We feel the same way too, which is why we have come up today with some of the best wedding destinations in the country for a marriage that would be remember in the years to come.
Here we go!


Wedding in Udaipur

Udaipur, probably, is the hottest wedding destination in India, with Indians and foreigners alike admiring the magnificence of the lakes and palaces the city has to offer. Those grand palace buildings in Udaipur give it a sort of charisma that only few cities can rival. They say, weddings in Udaipur seem like an extraordinary fairy-tale.  


Wedding in Jaipur

Jaipur offers a blend of heritage and exquisiteness and as a matter of fact, is quite popular for grandiose marriage celebrations which usually take place in authentic flamboyant palaces or erstwhile mansions. The ‘pink city’ showcases a complete variety of festive ideas and venue options that extend from palaces like the Raj and Rambagh Palace to Havelis or traditional settings in the Samode Palace built into the Aravali Ranges. This is a destination wedding in India with a touch of royalty where the ambiance adds to the Indian wedding decorations. 

New Delhi

Wedding in New Delhi

New Delhi, undoubtedly, is the most favored wedding destinations in India. One can find top class hotels like The Tivoli Grand Resort Hotel, The Taj Mahal Hotel, The Imperial Hotel, The Park Hotel and many more. One of the One of the most famous Sainik Farms is also the most luxurious areas where wedding ceremonies are often organized. If you looking for atraditional yet unconventional wedding, you can choose the very popular ‘The Manor’, a perfect venue in the New Delhi that is known for its elegance and luxury.

The Backwaters of Kerala

Wedding in Kerala

This gentle and agreeable destination is for those who desire one of those quiet and picturesque ceremonies instead of opting for a huge and jam-packed event. The backwaters are serene, pretty and put forth a view that dwells in one’s eyes probably forever. The perfect getaway for a Destination Wedding in India. Just envisage the beaches covered with coconut palm trees, the backwaters and the lovely houseboats. Heavenly!

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Wedding in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

What this Indian destination wedding brings about is the prospect of entering in a new realm, away from the mainland, in the midst of white sand beaches, possibly in an astonishing private resort. It’s no less than a coastal paradise residing in the Bay of Bengal comprising of idyllic beaches and lush green forests. The Havelock or the Ross Islands are one of paramount islands of the Andaman for one’s perfect day. One of the most charming places to tie the knot.


Wedding in Shimla

The splendid Himalayas cuddle up this delightful city that’s both conventional and contemporary. It’s more likegetting married amidst the hills or taking an extraordinary leap by planning the ceremonies inforest guest houses or camps by the river. Shimla allures those who love the mountains and the snow and fantasize of having a Destination wedding in the Himalayas. Doesn’t it sound romantic? 


Wedding in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the city of nizams & pearls. It’s a striking place to organize wedding as there are some famous palaces like Taj Falaknuma Palace and Chowmallah Palace, The city of Pearls, etc., which can make your dream wedding destination a real and the romantic one.

Assorted Honeymoon Ideas For The Newly-Weds

7 Best Exotic Wedding Destinations in India

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Father Days
“That was when the world wasn't so big and I could see everywhere. It was when my father was a hero and not a human.”
In absolute truth to these words, the father has always proven to be his child’s ultimate hero; a girl’s first love and a boy’s best buddy. There is nothing that your father can’t fix, no harm will befall you when you dad is around... he is the only one you can look forward to when everyone else turn deaf ears to your woes. And just because you would love to show your sincerest gratitude to this selfless superhuman entity your life has been blessed with, the 21st of June is celebrated as the universal Father’s Day, just so daddy dearest gets all the appreciation he deserves for all the sacrifices he made.

Father Day

Now, there is nothing better than taking your old man on a vacation; you father can never be too old to travel. Based on the different types of dads’ holiday preferences, we have made an arduous attempt in drawing a list of some of the best holiday options that will make for the best gift for your old man this Father’s Day. Here we go.



Pristine white sands, clear blue waters, palm-fringed coastlines and some amazing seafood... sounds like a plan, eh? For those dads whose idea of a perfect vacation is sipping his day off into his favorite Piña Colada in a hammock by the sea, and doing nothing much except watching the waves, then a trip to the Andamans will prove to be his dream holiday. This Father’s Day, travel with your dad by taking him to one of the best beach destinations in the world.



If your dad’s is big on relaxing at some luxury resort with unending views of the clear, blue ocean along with some awesome seafood dinner on a private beach, then Maldives is your thing. Head over to this island paradise with your dad this Father’s Day and indulge in a sojourn in something as exquisite as can be.
As many as 100 islands in the Maldives archipelago are resorts; no wonder Maldives has always been a favorite destination for beach bums. Each of these resorts occupy single islands, and such are the standards they’ve set that the Maldives have become the benchmark for luxury hotels the world over.



For the foodie dad, there is no better place to eat than at Thailand which is the hub for some of the best street-food in the world. Relive your childhood memories with your foodie dad; take him on an extraordinary culinary journey where you both can savor delicious food. Thai cuisine is nothing short of sheer brilliance and is the perfect balance of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. A delicious combination of five key flavors; hot, sweet, sour, salty and bitter, Thai food is rich in flavor and texture, appealing to everyone who tastes it.

Ladakh Trip


If a wink sports on your father’s face as soon as you talk about a road trip, the just know he a die-hard adventure lover and is all charged up for a ride down some of the most bizarre terrains in the world. A Ladakh trip serves the purpose just fine. Take 10 days off and ride across the mind-boggling Himalayan Expressway; this will be the best gift for your adventure-seeking dad this Father’s day. As they say, your old timer is never too old to hit the road!



There is no better place for your wildlife-loving father than Kenya. Home to some of the most exotic and exciting wildlife, a safari in Kenya is one of the travel experiences you can gift your dad this Father’s Day. Kenya boasts of the most picturesque wildlife sanctuaries in the world with a plethora of wild animals that will get him all charged up. Your dad is going to love this trip for sure!

Holiday Ideas for Your Old Man on Father’s Day

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Nagaland Hornbill Festival
With a view to encourage inter-tribal cultural interaction and to bring together the festivals of the various tribes under one umbrella, the Government of Nagaland has introduced this one-of-a-kind festival that goes by the name the Hornbill festival, where one can see a mélange of Naga cultural displays at one place. Organized by the State Directorate of Tourism every year between December 1 and 5 in the capital city of Kohima, the festival is intended to revive, protect and preserve the richness and uniqueness of the Naga heritage and attract tourists. The festival, in a way, is also a tribute to the hornbill, a local bird most admired by the Naga people for its qualities of alertness and grandeur.

Hornbill Festival Nagaland

There are as many as 16 major tribes and many sub-tribes in the State that have their own ways of maintaining their distinctive cultural traditions and customs. The tribes try to popularize their cultures through various forms of performing arts, which are an integral part of all Naga festivals, as much as it is during the Hornbill Festival. Each of the tribal communities that dwell in the hills can be distinguished by the colorful and intricately designed costumes, jewellery and beads that its members wear. The traditional ceremonial attire of each tribe is different from that of the other. There are the multi-coloured spears and daos decorated with dyed goat's hair, the headgear made of finely woven bamboo interlaced with orchid stems and adorned with boar's teeth and hornbill's feathers, and ivory armlets.

Flying Zeliangs

Nagamese Traditional Attire

The Nagas are admired for their rich repertory of folk dances and songs which is quite evident from the way the festival is celebrated. In spite of the tremendous advance of modernity into their lives, the Naga people have a penchant for vibrant dances and songs praising the brave deeds of ancient warriors and folk heroes, love songs that immortalize tragic love stories, gospel songs and folk tunes.

Hornbill Festival

Culture in Nagaland

The Hornbill festival mainly revolves around agriculture, it being the mainstay of the economy. Over 85 per cent of the population of Nagaland is directly dependent on agriculture and lives in the 1,000-odd villages situated on hilltops or slopes overlooking verdant valleys. In this blissful setting, Nagas enjoy nature with a rare gusto that visitors to the State look at with awe and admiration. In most of these places agriculture consists of a single crop. Although some religious and spiritual sentiments are inter-woven into secular rites and rituals, the predominant theme of the festivals is the offering of prayers to a supreme being, which has different names in different Naga dialects.

Nagamese Warriors dance

At these festivals, the gods are propitiated with sacrifices by the head of the village, for a bountiful harvest, either before sowing or on the eve of the harvest. In fact, agricultural work and religion are so interwoven in Naga society that it is difficult to describe the festivals independent of the processes of agriculture.

The Hornbill Festival- Get to Know the Nagamese Culture in a Better Way

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Dance like mad, splash colors or play with fire, festivals are great way to know about any country’s culture, tradition and custom. The thrill and excitement associated with festival’s can transform any person into free minded spirit. Quite different from routine travels, festival travel is a life changing experience which let you to come out of your cocoons and helps you to discover a new person in you.

Happy People

They are always meant to rejoice your souls, creativity and look beyond your prejudice.

Snow & Ice Festival- Harbin, China

Harbin Ice Festival

If you can tolerate the bone chilling cold, then you should definitely head to the Harbin Snow & Ice festival.

Snow Sculptures

Feast your eyes with exquisite ice and snow moulded into the fine masterpieces decorated with lights and lasers, carving towering over 20 feet in height.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival 2015

Contestants all across the world come here to exhibit the craft of making beautiful sculpture out of ice and snow.

Ice Festival 2015

Organized every year from 5 January to 5 February, it has become the china’s one of the most sought out festival.

Holi- Festival of colors, India

Vrindavan Holi 2015

Whether you’re a kid, teenager or a grown up, I can bet that you will definitely gonna love this festive; such is the charm of Holi.

Holi Festival India

Splash color, beat drums, shake a leg with friends, get drenched and sing songs, celebrating Holi is pure fun.

Holi Festival Dog

Mostly celebrated in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and other Hindu regions, it usually falls in the month of March and April.

Cascamorras- Baza, Spain

Cascamorras Baza Spain

Get dirty! Take off your expensive clothes and cover yourself in grease... To accompany hundreds of Spaniards to reenact the stealing of a famous statue of the “Virgen de la Piedad,” which took place over 500 years ago.


Lasting for three days, Cascamorras takes place in the towns of Guadix and Baza in the province of Granada, Spain, annually on September 6.

Carnival- Venice, Italy

Venice Carnival

Forget your identity for a day and hide yourself behind the elaborated masks.

Venice Carnival Italy

Indeed, one of its kinds, this Carnival has been a Venice tradition since the 13th century and people in different disguises from all over the world gather every year in Venice to ensure their participation in the masked celebration.

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival- Lerwick, Scotland

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival

Fire! Fire! Fire! Don’t be panic! We are talking about the Up Helly Aa fire festival held in Shetland, Scotland. Celebrated annually in the middle of winter to mark the end of the Yule season, it is Europe’s largest fire festival.

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival - Lerwick Scotland

Every year thousand of guizers take a torchlight procession throughout the town which culminated with the burning of a full-scale Viking ship.

La Tomatina- Buñol, Spain

La-Tomatina - Spain

Fight with tomatoes, lot’s of overripe tomatoes. What? Sound crazy, But La Tomatina is all about tomatoes and every year thousands of tourists landed in Spain especially to attend this crazy festival.

La Tomatina- Buñol, Spain

Featured in many films, this festival is pure fun to attend. It is one of the largest food fight festival held on the last Wednesday of August each year in the town of Bunol near to Valencia in Spain.

Carnival- Rio deJaneiro, Brazil

Rio Carnival Costumes

Colorful costumes, Giant parades and Samba Music, made Rio De Janerio Carnival, the most famous Carnival festival of the Brazil held before lent every year. Once you landed in the Carnival Capital of the world, it’s difficult for you to run away from its charm.

Carnival - Rio deJaneiro, Brazil

Its nonstop party here and every day 2 million people hit the streets, making it the biggest Carnival.

Pamplona Bull Running, Spain

Pamplona Bull Running

How it feels when a bull gone mad is chasing you? Might be it make you scared and excited, but for the people of Spain it is a time honored tradition enough to challenge them and raise their adrenaline level.

Pamplona Bull Running Spain

Held every year from July 6th to 14th, this festival is for brave hearted people only.

Lantern Festival- Pingxi, Taiwan

Lantern Festival- Pingxi, Taiwan

Imagine a sky with thousand of floating ablaze Lanterns that light up the sky. Celebrated annual as a mark of the beginning of the Chinese New year in Pingxi, Taiwan it is one of the world’s largest lantern festival.

Yi Peng Festival

It’s amazing to see the sky in ablaze of the luminous glory of thousand Lanterns.

Oktoberfest- Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest Munich

Oktoberfest is all about beer, beer and beer.

German Oktoberfest

Held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It is the world’s largest beer festival that runs for 16 days from late September to the first weekend in October.

Oktober Fest

Beautiful waitresses serving huge glasses of beer for free would definitely a perk.

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